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Trenton Makes, The World Takes Bridge (Youtube clip)
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A History of Trenton 1679 - 1929
List of Illustrations and Maps
The Colonial Period
Trenton and Trentonians in the Revolutionary Era
The Two Battles of Trenton
Some Notable Events of Post-Revolutionary Times
Landmarks, Taverns, Markets and Fairs
Municipal and Corporate History from the Charter of 1792
Churches and Religious Institutions
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Trenton in the Mexican, Civil and Spanish-American Wars
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Trenton Citizens of Foreign Origin
Appendix A: Early Trenton Imprints and Maps
Appendix B: Chronology of Important Events
Appendix C: Borough and City Officials
Appendix D: Statistics of Population
Trenton, Old and New by Harry J. Podemore
Edmund C. Hill's Diaries
1870 Diary
1871 Diary
1873 Diary
1876 Diary
1878 Diary (European Trip)
1880 Diary
1881 Diary
1882 Diary
1883 Diary
1885 Diary
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Index of 1856 Events
Index of 1857 Events
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Index of 1871 Events
Index of 1882 Events
Index of 1899 Events
Index of 1901 Events
Index of 1902 Events
Index of 1904 Events
Index of 1906 Events
Index of 1913 Events
Index of 1914 Events
Index of 1916 Events
Index of 1918 Events
Index of 1919 Events
Trenton Made
Trenton Transit - Terminal Cab Company Records, 1937-1945
John A. Roebling and Sons, Department #50 Personnel Records
Blue Center Index (Roebling Employee Magazine) Nov. 1925 - April 1928
Roebling Employees Long Service Photo Index
Roebling On-line Archives Website (external site)
Trenton Pottery Marks from "Marks of American Potters", 1904
Potteries of Trenton Society Website (external site)
Trenton Stoneware Pottery
Trenton Textiles and the Eagle Factory
1901 Directory of Trenton Industries
1931 Directory of Trenton Industries
1931 Wm. R. Thropp & Sons Rubber Mill Machinery Catalog
Tepeco All-Clay Plumbing Fixtures Catalog
1958 Winner Fiberglass Boat Catalog
Trenton Manuscripts from the 1700s and Earlier
Trenton Manuscripts from 1800 -1850
Trenton Manuscripts from 1851 -1899
Trenton Manuscripts from 1900 and Later
Trenton Manuscripts with Unknown Date
Archaeological Investigations Within the Dunhams Block
Life and Incidents of Carrel C. Ivins 1833 to 1898
Trenton in 1775 Mapping Project (pdf)
Trenton Ephemera
Trade Cards
North Greene Street Businesses
South Greene Street Businesses
Broad Street Businesses
Dodson Gents' Furnishings
Thomas S. Sands, Grocer
  April 15, 1811 Patronage Letter
December 10, 1836 Family Gossip Letter
January 20, 1837 Food Purchase Letter
April 28, 1838 Note
May 23, 1839 Business Letter
February 13, 1840 Letter with Abolitionist Reference
March 27, 1840 Farm Rental Letter
May 5, 1842 Death Notice
November 19, 1842 Letter to Brother
April 9, 1844 Real Estate Letter
June 21, 1844 Lawyer's Bill
April 5, 1849 Letter to Son
April 12, 1850 Letter about Carpet
Walter Patykula's Letters (external site)
Historic Sites / Monuments
New Jersey State House
Government Buildings
Street Scenes
Aerial Views
Religious Structures
Cadwalader Park
Educational Institutions
Stacy Trent Hotel Postcards (external site)
Financial Ephemera
Miscellaneous Ephemera
Trenton, One Hundred Years Ago by William Stryker, 1878
Battles of Trenton Brochure (pdf)
A Historical Account and Archaeological Analysis of the Eagle Tavern
The Assunpink Creek in Mill Hill, A History and Consideration
Trenton Textiles and the Eagle Factory
Trenton Ferry National Register of Historic Places District Nomination (DRAFT)
Bylaws of the Trenton Historical Society
2002 Annual Report (pdf)
2003 Annual Report (pdf)
2004 Annual Report (pdf)
2005 Annual Report (pdf)
2006 Annual Report (pdf)
2007 Annual Report (pdf)
2009 Annual Report (pdf)
Trenton Tours
Revolutionary Battles of Trenton
First Battle Audio Tour (MP3 file)
Second Battle Audio Tour (MP3 file)
Guide Map (pdf)
Readable Tour Script (pdf)
On This Site in 1784
Benjamin Yard's Home (pdf)
Conrad Knott's Home & Tailor Shop (pdf)
First Methodist Church (pdf)
French Arms Tavern (pdf)
Hunterdon County Courthouse and Jail (pdf)
Micajah How's Home (pdf)
Moore Furman's Home (pdf)
Moore Furman's Store (pdf)
Stacy Potts' House (pdf)
William Churchill Houston's Home (pdf)
Trenton 1784 (external site)
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Trenton Obituaries
Microfilm Numbers for Mormon Films of 1800-1900 Newspaper Index
1770-1899 Index Letter 'A'
Partial Index of Obituaries from 1883 Through 1889, Letters A to G
Partial Index of Obituaries from 1883 Through 1889, Letters H to P
Partial Index of Obituaries from 1883 Through 1889, Letters Q to Z
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Trenton City Directories
1844 Business Directory
1859 Directory
1877 Directory (Partial)
1881 Directory
1882 Directory
1900 Directory
1920 Directory
Trenton High School Yearbooks
1923 Bobashela
1924 Bobashela
1926 Bobashela
1927 Bobashela
1928 Bobashela
1929 Bobashela
1930 Bobashela
1931 Bobashela
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1948 Bobashela
1949 Bobashela
1950 Bobashela
1951 Bobashela
1953 Bobashela
1956 Bobashela
1958 Bobashela
1966 Bobashela
1969 Bobashela
1973 Bobashela
1979 Bobashela
1931 Cathedral
1932 Cathedral
1937 Cathedral
1942 Cathedral
1945 Cathedral
1946 Cathedral
1947 Cathedral
1948 Cathedral
1949 Cathedral
1954 Cathedral
1955 Cathedral
1956 Cathedral
1957 Cathedral
1958 Cathedral
1959 Cathedral
1961 Cathedral
1970 Cathedral
1971 Cathedral
1972 Cathedral
1930 Immaculata
1931 Immaculata
1932 Immaculata
1933 Immaculata
1934 Immaculata
1935 Immaculata
1936 Immaculata
1940 Immaculata
1941 Immaculata
1942 Immaculata
1943 Immaculata
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1958 Immaculata
1959 Immaculata
1960 Immaculata
1961 Immaculata
1962 Immaculata
1950 Crucible
1952 Crucible
1933 Argus
1934 Argus
1935 Argus
1936 Argus
1937 Argus
1939 Argus
1942 Argus
1947 Argus
1957 Argus
1958 Argus
1966 Argus
Trenton Cemeteries / Churchyards / Burialgrounds
First Baptist Churchyard
First Presbyterian Churchyard
Friends Graveyard
Mercer Cemetery 1846-1852 (June)
Mercer Cemetery 1880-1920
Mercer Cemetery 1895-1973
Riverview Cemetery Tombstone Transcriptions of Persons Born Before 1820
Saint Michael's Churchyard
Marriage Records
1770s-1899 Marriages, Letter 'A' from Trenton Newspapers
Colonial NJ Marriages (external site)
Index to NJ Marriages 1848-1867 (external site)
Census Records
1840 Trenton Map
1850 Trenton Map
1860 Trenton Map
1870-80 Trenton Map
1890 Trenton Map
1900 Trenton Map
1880 Census, Trenton Ward 3, District 1
1880 Census, Trenton Ward 3, District 2
1920 Census, Trenton Ward 3, District 54
1920 Census, Trenton Ward 3, District 55
1920 Census, Trenton Ward 3, District 56 (Part)
Immigration and Naturalization Records
1838-1902 Index, Surnames starting with Letter 'A'
1903-1906 Naturalization Index
Criminal Records
Police Blotter, Oct. 14, 1892 - June 30, 1895
Police Blotter, 1903 (Second Precinct)
Police Blotter, Jan. - Dec. 1904
Police Blotter, Dec. 16, 1910 - Jan. 1, 1915
Employee Records
Roebling, Personnel Records Dept.#50, c. 1919-1930
Roebling Blue Center Index 1925-28
Roebling Employee Long Service Photos
Trenton Transit - Terminal Cab Co. Records, 1937-45
Educational Records
Trenton High, 1893-94 School Year
Trenton High, 1894-95 School Year
Trenton High, 1898-99 School Year
New Lincoln School Teachers' Files
When South Trenton Was a Township
Assunpink Block
Fire on Clay Street
Grant Chapel
Ropewalk War
Statue of George Washington
Old Mill Hill in Legend and Story
John Cleary, April 10, 1932
John Cleary, July 21, 1935
John Cleary, August 25, 1935
Land Records
1874 Clay Street Map
1881 Clay Street Map
1905 Clay Street Map
Deed Data, 200 Block of Jackson Street (Even)
Deed Data, 200 Block of Jackson Street (Odd)
Deed Data, 100 Block of Mercer Street
Deed Data, 200 Block of Mercer Street (Even)
Deed Data, 200 Block of Mercer Street (Odd)
Tax Photos, Clay Street [34 Photos]
Tax Photos, Jackson Street [71 Photos]
Tax Photos, Mercer Street [52 Photos]
The City
2007 Update on Endangered Buildings
Adams and Sickels Building (external webpage)
Bellevue Avenue Colored School [Lincoln School] (external webpage)
Berkeley Square Historic District (external webpage)
Charles Brearley House [Mount Carmel Guild] (external webpage)
Clay, Henry & Brock and Company Cigar Factory (external webpage)
General Philemon Dickinson House [Hermitage] (external webpage)
Douglass House (external webpage)
Higbee Street School [Nixon School] (external webpage)
Hog Island Cranes (external webpage)
House at 379 West State Street (external webpage)
In and Out Social Club (external webpage)
Rudolph V. Kuser Estate (external webpage)
Mansion House [Ellarslie] (external webpage)
Mercer Street Friends Center (external webpage)
Mill Hill Historic District (external webpage)
Mott School and Second Street School (external webpage)
Old Barracks (external webpage)
Old Eagle Tavern (external webpage)
Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge (external webpage)
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Freight Station (external webpage)
Roebling Machine Shop [Invention Factory] (external webpage)
Saint Michael's Episcopal Church (external webpage)
State House District (external webpage)
Stokely-Van Camp Industrial Complex (external webpage)
William Trent House (external webpage)
Trenton and Mercer County War Memorial (external webpage)
Trenton Battle Monument (external webpage)
Trenton City Hall (external webpage)
Trenton City/Calhoun Street Bridge (external webpage)
Trenton Ferry National Register of Historic Places District Nomination (DRAFT)
Trenton Historic Districts
Berkeley Square
Mill Hill
North Ward Historic Resource Survey
How Streets of Trenton Obtained Present Names
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The Trenton Historical Society, founded in 1919, is a non-profit, tax-exempt volunteer organization dedicated to studying and interpreting Trenton's history, preserving its historic buildings, and informing the general public about New Jersey's capital city and its illustrious past. Learn more about us through these pages. Our Preservation Committee, through efforts such as our Restore Trenton! grant program, is focused on protecting and supporting our historic neighborhoods as well as individual structures of merit. The Education Committee communicates information about Trenton's history to residents, visitors and students. Our Artifacts Committee seeks to save and make available to researchers the smaller pieces of our heritage. Your membership dollars allow us to continue and enhance the on-going committees and projects of the Society. Explore the pages of this website to learn more about us or contact us to learn more. The Trenton Historical Society has regular committee meetings, as well as, special informational or action events. Please join us.

Our city's history can be explored through this website's pages. Some of the sights and sounds that tell our story can be found here, as well as, written histories such as the 1929 History of Trenton and Trenton: Old and New. These narrative histories are supplemented with the first person accounts of prominent Trentonian Edmund Hill's diaries, the day-by-day event synopsis found in the Chronological Indexes, and information about some of the many Trenton made items. Various other documents about Trenton, its history and the historical society are also available through this website.

If you're seeking your Trenton ancestors try our research services or look for yourself through obituary indexes, city directories, high school yearbooks, and cemetery listings.

More information about the City of Trenton is available through pages on buildings, our historic districts, a detailed historic resources survey of the North Ward, and information on how Trenton streets got their names. Through our local links page, explore other websites that offer information about our area, its history, and interesting historic sites.