Victory Parade








Trenton Evening Times

Monday, January 1, 1917



(First part of article is missing)

3---Frank Kaleto,___________, 744 Indiana Avenue, fatally shot himself through the heart.

4---Garage of S. E. Kaufman, 495 West State Street, destroyed by fire.

5---Watson H. Linburg died at his home, 225 West State Street.  Fire did $100,000 damage to plant of Belle Meade Sweets.

6---William F. Gordan, of 149 Walnut Avenue, died from being scalded in a wreck on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

7---Michael A. McCullough, proprietor of the ___marck Café, filed voluntary petition in bankruptcy.

9---Jacob S. Valentine, a former leading carriage and wagon manufacturer, died.

10---Thieves stole a cart load of booty valued at $500 Tip Taylor’s Men’s Furnishing Shop.

11---William Lair, an old soldier, dropped dead of heart disease.

12---The automobile of Victor B. Holcombe, of 264 Bellevue Avenue, was stolen while he was attending the “Billy” Sunday tabernacle.

13---State Bureau of Industrial Statistics, in a report to Governor Fielder, showed that Trenton stood first in the expenditure for new manufacturing plants in 1915.

14---Joseph R. French and Calvin S. Maple, escaped from the State Hospital to attend “Billy” Sunday services.

15---Joseph Raywood, known as the hermit of Escher Street, taken to Mercer Hospital, suffering from hunger and cold.

17---Charles B. Case purchased the Trent Tile Plant at a receiver’s sale.  Edward W. Dunham elected president of the Trenton Sunday School Superintendent’s Association.

18---John A. Campbell appointed foreman of the United States Grand Jury.

19---Mrs. Hannah M. Lukens, of 73 Lamberton Street, committed suicide by inhaling gas.

20---John Butterworth, a prominent business man, died.  Secretary of the Navy Daniels spoke at the annual dinner of the Engineer’s Club of Trenton.

21---Ludwig Kaessman, 51 years old, found burned to death in the ruins of a chicken coop.

22---General C. Edward Murray addressed midnight religious meeting.

23---Miss Belle McLaughlin, of 153 Passaic Street, overcome by escaping gas.

24---Joseph Ferrato placed on trial for the murder of John Augestino at State Prison.

25---Ferrato was acquitted and committed to the State Hospital.

26---Mrs. Louisa L. Bowman, wife of Oliver O. Bowman, died.

27---Tag sales netted Jewish War Sufferers $6,000.

28---Entire Roebling plant tied up by strike of 20 stokers.

29---Patrolman Joseph T. Foley, died after a brief illness.

30---Charles Weelans retires as resident manager of Monument Pottery.

31---Sister Mary Regis, of St. Francis Hospital, died at that institution.


1---Herman C. Mueller was elected president of the School Board for the third consecutive term.

2---Al G. Field, the minstrel king, filed a $10,000 damage suit against the Trent Theatre.

3---Alexander Yager, an ex-convict, committed suicide.

4---George Matthews, colored, found dead in canal at foot of Rose Street.

5---Harry Todd escaped after shooting Mrs. Carrie VanMarter on Livingston Street.  Todd committed suicide when police were about to arrest him.

6---Carl Rittenhouse, a book seller at the “Billy” Sunday tabernacle, stricken blind while eating.

7---Mercer Hospital Board of Directors dedicated tablet to the memory of William S. Hancock.

8---John Bronislaw, an escaped lunatic from the State Hospital, was captured near the tabernacle.

9---Newton A. K. Bugbee announced his candidacy as a delegate-at-large to the Republican National Convention.

10---About 100 students of the Old Trenton Academy held a re-union dinner.

11---Peter Schrieber, of 59 Paul Avenue, spirited with liquor, was prevented from murdering his wife by employees of the American Porcelain Company.

12---Many convicts at State Prison hit the trail at the meeting addressed by “Billy” Sunday.

14---City Commission fixed budget at $1,322,703.71.

15---Unitarians formed temporary organization.

16---Miss Ida Quimby Perrine, of Greenwood Avenue, was married to Lieutenant Charles Wolcott Ryder.  Emerson P. Goudy died at his home, 873 Stuyvesant Avenue.

18---James H. Baum died suddenly in McKinley Hospital, after being stricken with apoplexy.

19---“Billy” Sunday visited Times Plant.

20---“Billy” Sunday closed his Trenton campaign and received $32,358.03 as a free-will offering.

21---Madeline Lis, two and one-half years old, died after having fallen into a tub of boiling water.

22---Lillian Julian, negress, attempted suicide by hanging herself in Police Headquarters.

23---Samuel Ervin Loome, of 227 Pearl Street, committed suicide.

25---Joseph Cara, 75 Chase Street, found dead in bed.

26---Delaware River Transportation Company appealed the award of a jury that condemned its land.

27---Mrs. Adele R. Vasta, truant officer, declared that appalling conditions of vice and immorality exist in Trenton.

29---Dr. Ernest L. Dickinson placed on trial in Mercer Court to answer a serious charge.


1---General C. Edward Murray headed delegation that visited “Billy” Sunday at Baltimore to ask his return here for one more service.  Cadwalader Association directors adopted resolutions urging City Commission to aid them in enforcing the “No Seat No Fare” ordinance.

3---Three thousand persons attended evangelistic service conducted by local ministers at the tabernacle.

4---Observance of Baby Week informally opened in proclamation issued by Mayor Donnelly.

5---Fire did $5,000 damage at plant of Trenton Oil Cloth an Linoleum Company.

6---Senator Theodore E. Burton, of Ohio, addressed 1,000 Mercer County Republicans at banquet in Moore Hall.

7---Thomas B. Taylor, treasurer of the Trenton Theatre Company, celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday anniversary.

8---H. Otto Wittpenn indorsed for Governor by Mercer County Democrats at a luncheon given in his honor.
9---Michael Griguck confessed when arrested and charged with shooting two men and a woman at an evening gathering.

10---City files answer to bill of Trenton and Mercer County Traction Corporation providing for a discontinuance of the sale of strip tickets.

11---Henry S. Swing, a veteran printer and former police justice in this city, was stricken on a trolley car near Camden and died.

12---Theodore Teresa Hayden, 96 years old, died at the home of Mrs. Josephine Yard Breese, West State Street.

13---State Senator Austin Colgate, of Essex County, candidate for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination, was given an ovation by local Republicans at their semi-monthly meeting and luncheon.

14---Trenton’s first automobile show opened in the Armory by Governor Fielder, and attended by 5,000 persons.  City Clerk Frank Thompson tendered his resignation to Mayor Donnelly.  Holden Realty Company, of which James C. Tattersall is president, took possession of the Grand Theatre Building.

15---Boller, Hodge, & Baird, New York, consulting engineers, retained by the Times to investigate the Willow Street Bridge, reported it would be unwise to repair the structure.

16---Automobile show closed at the Armory with informal dancing.

17---Proprietor of Arcade Academy stopped a scheduled dance because Commissioner LaBarre refused to issue a permit.

18---Willow Street Bridge officially condemned by Professor Frank H. Constant, the Princeton University expert, engaged to investigate the defects.

19---Robert C. Manning slightly injured when his automobile skidded into a ditch on the Lawrenceville Road.

20---Mayor Donnelly announced he decided to name Leon C. Hirsh city clerk.

21---Edward Gurillo and John Kussock injured at the plant of the Eureka Flint and Spar Company.

22---Mercer County Poultry Association held annual banquet.

23---Several valuable jewels stolen from home of John Maddock, 330 Hamilton Avenue.

25---Iner-Church Federation takes steps to wipe out dance halls that make a specialty of selling liquor.

26---Louis Kuhnell, a Camden strike breaker, held in bail for threatening the life of Duncan Mackenzie Jr., and carrying concealed weapons.

27---Cornelius Turford, president and owner of National Linoleum Manufacturing Company, succumbs to grip.

28---Police state conditions at Hurley Hall not as bad as reported.

29---The Rev. “Billy” Sunday writes to the Rev. Dr. Henry Collin Minton declining to give another service in the local tabernacle.  Trenton and Mercer County Corporation appeals to Supreme Court from tax assessments levied by the Mercer County Board of Taxation. 

31---William C. Hirsch and Charles F. Hirsch were fined $1,000 each by Judge Marshall on charges of obstructing justice.


1---Daniel Lahey, of 1412 Brunswick Avenue, injured in automobile accident an died.

2---Theft by burglars discovered at the home of Supreme Court Justice Thomas W. Trenchard, 810 Riverside Avenue.

3---Benjamin Nitzberg committed suicide by hanging.  “Billy” Sunday tabernacle was sold.

5---Y. M. C. A. opened campaign to collect $10,000.

6---Thomas B. Madden, headkeeper at the State Prison, died of pneumonia.  Michael Catana, 217 Centre Street, stricken on street and died on front porch of doctor’s home.

7---Week of May1 selected as clean-up week.

8---Mercer Mortgage Security Company organized.

9---Dr. David Warman injured by fall down a flight of stairs.

10---Clifton Dilts, of 40 Fairview Avenue, attempted suicide by shooting, after dispute with sweetheart.

11---Resolution, demanding resignation of County Engineer Tobish, defeated by Board of Freeholders.

12---Miss Ida Plaag, 21 years old, dropped dead while bidding good-bye to sweetheart.

13---Case of Fred M. Francis, charged with embezzlement, submitted to jury for the third time.

15---Annie Skuria, 22 years old, of 55 Berg Avenue, fell into a well and was drowned.

16---Alexander Cummings Yard, former postmaster, died.

17---Miss Elizabeth Bennett, 16 years old, of 535 South Broad Street, attempted suicide by drinking carbolic acid.

18---Clifton Dilts died of self-inflicted wounds.

19---New Jersey Grand Lodge of Masons opened its 129th communication.

21---Morella Mofonta, 11 years old, of 470 North Clinton Avenue, injured in automobile accident.

22---F. W. Roebling, Sr., contributed $250 to the Baby Week Executive Committee.

23---Three men, wounded in revolver and knife duel on Southard Street, were Felice Novell, Mike Cagale, and James Novell.

25---Both plants of the Eureka Flint and Spar Company closed as result of strike.

26---Trustees of the School of Industrial Arts asked City Commission to purchase property on Quarry Alley for work shop.

28---Henry Neubeck, 12 years old, of 792 East State Street, run down by an automobile truck and painfully injured.

29---David K. Thorne, injured in rear-end collision between two cars on the Camden line of the Public Service Corporation.


1---Loyal Order of Moose held memorial services.

2---Mrs. Annie Nelson found dead in Delaware River.

3---Albert Matlack injured in explosion at Chandler Oil Cloth Works died in hospital.

4---Edward J. Pullen, Mercer Automobile driver, arrested by Sheriff Fleming for failure to support wife.

6---Mrs. Harry Hirsch drank carbolic acid, but recovered.

7---Mrs. Susanna Baumgartener attempted suicide by drinking poison.

8---The Rev. J. F. Sechrist, pastor of St. Paul Methodist Church, elected president, Methodist Preachers’ Association.

9---James Winder, six years old, killed by automobile driven by Ray Tower.

10---Miss Edith R. Harner and Dr. Frederick Collier, wed.

11---Charles Ehrlich honor guest at farewell dinner given by Progressive Club.

12---VanHorn Company, realty concern, filed bankruptcy petition.

13---Thomas Foster started $10,000 damage suit against David Crossley.

14---Michael Gelski, John Dekiski and John Yousko injured when run down by automobile driven by Edward Gillmore, a negro.

15---Michael Gelski, struck by automobile driven by Edward Gillmore, died from injuries.

16---Peter D. Antonie shot himself with suicidal intent.

18---Employees of Trenton and Mercer County Traction Corporation went on strike.

20---George Young Bouch, Chinese laundryman, arrested on charge of manufacturing opium.

22---About 350 men attended banquet in Moose Hall after which subscriptions amounting to $2,600 were received for fund for Jewish Community House.

23---Public School May festival opened in Armory.

25---Joseph H. West, well known writer, died at Hamilton Square.

26---Thomas _ Gore, hurt in 30 foot fall from roof of his house.

27---Samuel Nugent badly injured by being run down by a wagon.

28---Life of new-born babe of Mr. and Mrs. Vincenze Nucasso saved by pulmotor.

29---Conductor John S. Snyder killed by locomotive.

30---Alvah Williams, Boy Scout, killed by automobile of J. W. Ralle, of Philadelphia.

31---J. W. Ralle, of Philadelphia, charged with manslaughter, growing out of death of Alvah Williams.


1---The Rev. Dr. George Bates Wight died.

2---Samuel W. Thropp died.

3---Lightening tied up trolley traffic two hours during storm.

4---Lewis Bausman, Deaf School student, killed by train.

6---Peter T. Backes, former Councilman, died.

7---John Armstrong found body floating in Assanpink Creek.

9---Tablet, commemorating memory of Jacob Lawrence Swayze, unveiled at High School.

11---James Palmer smothered to death when 50 tons of coal fell on him at plant of United & Globe Rubber Company.

12---News received here of death of Richard Barlow, in East Liverpool, Ohio.

14---Mrs. Ida Buchanan and Mrs. Pearl Eton, colored, arrested on charge of stealing metal from Trenton Metal and Refining Company.

15---Holmes Dallas Fogg, State Prison deputy, dropped dead.

17---Mercer County Federation of Patriotic Fraternities held monster flag day demonstration.

20---Mrs. John Silverstein fell down stairs with baby in her arms.

21---Ernest Rogers, prisoner at Farm, made heir to $25,000 by woman whose life he saved.

23---Dr. Pierson W. Yard died.

24---Members of Crescent Temple of the Mystic Shrine dedicated new $100,000 mosque.

25---Daniel Shanahan shot and killed in Hill’s Brewery stable.

26---John Sundquist confessed to murder of Daniel Shanahan.

27---Edward Gillmore, indicted for manslaughter in connection with killing Michael Gelski, found guilty.

29---Members of Second Regiment, National Guard, took oath of allegiance.


2---William Ross rescued girl form drowning in Log Basin.

3---Walter T. Mooney drowned in Delaware River.

4---John Monte drowned in canal.

5---Emil Swentain electrocuted at New Jersey State Prison for murder. 

6---Counselor Eldon R. Walker died.

7---Edward Gillmore sentenced to from five to ten years for manslaughter.

9---John K. Barnhart, contractor, died.

11---Mrs. Argentina Torlina committed suicide.

12---Nicholas Labor drowned.

14---Leslie C. Pierson died suddenly.

15---“September __ Morns” barred from bathing at Log Basin.

17---Lawrence S. Swain, Public Service lineman, electrocuted on top of pole. Mrs. Charles Jones committed suicide.

20---Brooding because her mother, Mrs. Charles Jones, committed suicide, her daughter, Alice Hoffman, tried to end her life in canal.

22---Mayor Donnelly announced that his plan for a series of community parks would again be urged.

23---The body of Harold Cooper found in Log Basin.  Lewis Visi committed suicide.

24---John Bebhner, Asylum patient, rescued Miss Lelia Thomas from drowning in Log Basin.

25---Mrs. Stephen F. Reed and General Thomas S. Chambers wed.

27---Peter Bolby seriously injured when struck by automobile.

28---Mrs. Robert Zuccarello seriously hurt, when motorcycle on which she was riding with husband, was struck by automobile.

29---Hundred thousand dollar fire damaged Greenwood Pottery plant.

30---Joseph A. Arastibia, prison keeper, died in Immaculate Conception Church while attending services.

31---Trenton’s hottest day prostrated Garrison White, colored.


1---Mr. and Mrs. Milton Burgess saved from being swept over falls in Delaware River by Captain Frank Nelson.

2---City Commission authorized bond issue of $90,000 to increase efficiency of Fire Department.

3---John Berrian and Dominic Stumpo, children, buried in cave-in and seriously hurt.

5---Employees of Mercer County Workhouse were recommended for increase in pay.

6---Milton Russell severely hurt by falling against express train on Belvidere division of Pennsylvania system.

7---Quarantine of city as safeguard against infantile paralysis began.

9---Six cases of infantile paralysis reported here.

12---Body of Jacob Evans, colored, 99 years old, who drowned in Sanhican Creek, found.

13---John Olson, railroad brakeman, jolted from train, killed.

14---Thomas Peterson drank poison in suicide attempt.

16---Edmund Anderson, wire tester, electrocuted when he cut live wire at plant of Crescent Insulated Wire and Cable Company.

18---Carolina Toronto seriously burned while lighting stick of punk.

19---Attilio Cauclori painfully injured when run down by unidentified automobilist.

20---Mrs. Bridget McDonough drowned herself in canal after escaping from Asylum.

21---Miss May McGill narrowly escaped drowning when she ran automobile into canal at Baker’s Basin.

22---Herman Gebhard found dead on bank of Assanpink Creek.

23---Christian H. Dreschman resigns as general secretary of Y. M. C. A.

25---The Rev. William A. Sunday spoke in Armory, while enroute to shore.

26---Bull dog belonging to John A. Cobine towed the body of unidentified man floating in canal, to shore, leading to its discovery.

27---Edward C. Lanning, head of educational system at State Prison, died.

29---Because of religious differences it was necessary for police to escort body of infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Howarth to Greenwood Cemetery.

31---City buys additional land for Art School.


1---Dr. H. C. Phillips and Mrs. Sarah L. Reed, discharged by Judge Geraghty in Central Police Court, the former on two charges of violating the traffic laws and the latter on an assault and battery charge, following an alleged tossing of Patrolman Kohnfeld’s hat to the ground.  American Bridge Company launches first steel barge.  Harry Goodenough, former Freeholder, died.

2---Captain Richard Stockton, Jr., resigned from the New Jersey National Guards.

3---One man slightly injured and truck of Milbourne Storage Company of Philadelphia damaged when it was side swiped by an automobile on Princeton Avenue.

4---Holy Cross Polish Church celebrated its 25th anniversary.

5---Alfred L. Wilson died in Mercer Hospital.  Lusi Malas, 6 years old, died in McKinley Hospital of burns, sustained when her dress became ignited while playing with matches.  Walter Davis Nelson died suddenly.

6---Josephine K. Hoffman, 16years old, died of infantile paralysis.  Frank Cassey died of injuries sustained when he fell beneath a motor truck of the Newton Paving Company.  John Clark wounded accidentally by George Sabo, who was playing with a revolver.

7---Edward Wetstein of Yardley was killed by an electric shock while at work on an electric pole.  Peter F. Garba was killed and George Balko was injured in an automobile accident.  George Kelly, crushed in assisting to close Southard Street draw bridge, died.  James H. Thompson died of blood poison.

8---Mrs. George B. Hill stunned when lightning hit pole.

9---Shots fired at gangsters in Stacy Park by Police Farley.

11---Rev. M. Arthur Spotts, pastor of St. Mark’s Church, announced he would resign.  George Joslin died as result of auto accident.

12---Mrs. Caroline Shonnard died of heart failure when she saw William Johnson shoot his wife and then himself.  Amos Laudenberg committed suicide.

13---Lewis Moisak died as result of injuries sustained at work.  Robert Culliton died of infantile paralysis.

14---Solomon Iterloc injured gathering wood in house in course of construction.

15---Albert Hartough tried to end his life by slashing his throat with razor.

16---Hans Weissert and Florence Lokasay died of infantile paralysis.

17---Corner stone of Shiloh Baptist Church laid.

18---Tattersall coal truck and Kuser coal truck collided.

19---City calls off paralysis quarantine.  Harper Luck hurt when caught beneath falling wall.

20---David Johnson tried to commit suicide, as did Lottie Everingham.

21---Patrolman Green captured Pearl Rogers, escaped asylum inmate.

22---Joseph Zolkowski died suddenly while awaiting arrival of physician.

23---Mrs. Bertha Weber tried to commit suicide.

24---Charles Disbrow killed when he fell from Pennsylvania Railroad engine.

25---W. C. Paxon stricken with convulsions while at work, fell, lacerating scalp.

26---George Whittaker, a performer at the Fair, hurt.  Charles Connors died of heart disease.  Bayard L. Dunkle rescued three children from Sanhican Creek.

27---Stephen Kinzel slashed by Antonio Fogge, according to police.

28---Mrs. Edward Wegaree lost had bag containing $500 worth of jewelry in moving picture house.

29---Frank E. Willis, of Baltimore, struck by automobile.

30---G. A. R. veterans hold thirtieth anniversary celebration.  Paul Bellon and Michael Mazorki shot by Wascil Usupori.


1---Nicholas Lightfoot hit by trolley, scalp lacerated.

2---Boys fired A. King Aitkin’s garage, $300.

3---Republican and Democratic State Committees met for organization.

4---Anthony Knosky’s barn burned, killing horse and cow.

5---Austin H. Hawk died of injuries sustained at work.

6---Stephen Douglas was found dead in his room.  Two convicts slashed at prison in razor duel.

7---James C. Tattersall undergoes operation.

8---Peter Manzero found bleeding to death on street as result of stabbing affray.

9---Mrs. Addie Grandyke, Hightstown, leaped from wagon to escape injuries when horses ran away.

10---Frank Rudan, of Philadelphia, crushed to death in steel scoop on river dredger.

11---Mrs. Jane Quinn died suddenly of heart disease after eating breakfast.

12---Edwin M. Wilkes killed in accident at Lampart and Mantel plant.

13---James B. Tomlinson found dead in bed.

14---Former Prosecutor William J. Crossley died of apoplexy.

15---Counsellor James Buchanan died.

16---Mrs. Amelia Peterson, colored, attempted suicide.

17---Frederick Kirk and Joseph Pauline died suddenly.

18---Clifford A. Willever and John Uloke were burned by an explosion at the J. L. Mott plant.

19---Anna Richert, a convict, committed suicide.

20---Peter Bradley, and Fred Blatchford rescued two boys from drowning in canal basin.

21---John Kane fell into the canal and drowned.

22---John Ezilayi nearly choked to death after swallowing a whistle.

23---Edwin C. Scott found dead in bed.

24---Fire damaged Greenwood Pottery to extent of $5,000.  John Sunjquist sentenced to 20 to 30 for murder of Daniel Shanahan.

25---Frederick Jennings of Newtown, overcome by coal gas in Th___ Cracker bakery.

26---Mary King fractured arm in fall from bicycle.

27--- Anitnia Barbato and Salvator Verdi held in $1,000 bail and Mrs. Lillian Jackson under $500 bail on White Slave charges made by Mrs. Jackson.

28---John R. Thomas’s arm crushed while at work on freight train.

29---Fire damaged Edward Whitehouse’s barn to extent of $100.

30---William Greble had arm fractured when packing case fell upon it.

31---Attempt to rob home of Colonel Washington A. Roebling failed.


1---Edward Johnson was hurt in 60 foot plunge down elevator shaft.

2---Emma Farnley was stricken while on trolley car.

3---Minnie Paxon and William McLease when trolley car demolished rig.

4---Mrs. C. Sorento saved four from death in fire.

5---Samuel Spain was overcome by gas.

6---No trace of Robert Brace, missing since last Wednesday.

7---Republicans sweep State and county elections.

9---Announcement was made that $400,000 would be raised for support of aged and retired M. E. ministers and their widows.

10---General Wilbur Fisk Sadler died.

11---Christian Endeavor Societies of the county hold convention.  Joseph Freeman killed by trolley car.

12---William Swain, of Delanco, held under $1,000 bail for grand jury; he drove car which killed Freeman boy.

13---Samuel J. Sewer, manager and treasurer of bankrupt Capital City Cap Company, arrested for forgery.

14---Fire threatened to destroy Princess Theatre.

15---Michael Conike sustained crushed skull at work.

16---Electric Porcelain Manufacturing Company announced it would erect $70,000 addition to its plant.

17---Harry J. Wildblood sent to Atlanta Prison for forging money order.

18---John McCormack hurt in taxi-cab crash.

20---William Van Luppen hurt when struck by Samuel Levine’s auto.

21---Mrs. Thekla Antoniwicz killed by Newton Paving Company’s truck.

22---Fire in the home of Mrs. Mary E. Dalrymple caused damage of $100.

24---Grand Jury returned 222 true bills in report to Judge Marshall.

25---Vice Chancellor Leaming ordered Trenton Banking Company to turn over to Mrs. Alfred W. Lawshe $11,725 of a $20,000 mortgage on the Trent Tile Company.

26---Jacob Musterollo choked to death by a peanut.

27---Henry C. Moore assumed presidency of Broad Street National Bank.

28---Peter Devlin died of injuries sustained in runaway accident.  Charles Henry died of paralysis.

29---Morris Selzer, Yardley, killed by locomotive.

30---Fire damages the home of Edward Freeham.


1---Fire caused damage of $1,000 to Kosciusko’s Hall.  Electric show opened.

2---American Steel and Wire Company announced 10 per cent increase for employees.

3---The Rev. Grayson Z. Stup of Lafayette Hill Pa., called to pastorate of St. Mark’s Church.

4---Attempt to rob home of City Meat Inspector Dr. Frank Harker fails.

5---Mrs. Lavina Woodson died of injuries sustained when struck by a locomotive.

6---Bergen Post, Milton Brown and Thomas Davis burned, and $200 damage caused when air tank exploded in Joseph Stokes Rubber Co.  Morris Rudner, Hafel Cohen and Lewis Levin held in $1,000 bail on charge of conspiracy to defraud city by alleged “fixing” water meters.  Inspector Speck of department held under $200 on same charge.

7---Police pulmotor used to save life of baby born to Mr. and Mrs. George E. Sculthorpe.

9---Home of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Maguire robbed by daring burglar.

10---The home of Mrs. Jacob Sherine was robbed.

11---Fire caused slight damage to home of Morris Schulman.

12---John Stoltz severely injured in fall from wagon.

13---Robert Lake burned by heater explosion.

14---Stephen G. Cook sustained broken arm when he fell on Ewing Street.

15---Emil Winkler and Howard Whitecroft injured in fall.

16---Joseph Fabino charged with arson in police court by Frank Piralicist.

17---John Muck died of injuries sustained in barroom brawl when he is alleged to have been kicked in the stomach by Joseph Foder, who is held without bail.  Six witnesses were released under bail.

18---It was announced that Governor-elect Edge will occupy the residence of Mrs. Alexander C. Oliphant four months of each year during his term as Governor.  Traffic Officer Silverstein saves life of Paul Baskowski.

19---Professor Henry Worthington of the Junior School faculty announced that he will resign to accept a commission in the U. S. Army as a lieutenant.

20---Miss Mary Rake severely injured by fall through open door at Kresge’s 10-cent store.

21---Representing himself as a doctor, a stranger who rented a room in the home of Mrs. Louisa Widner, in her absence, robbed place of jewelry.  Charles Pagels, 30 years old, drank chloroform , with suicidal intent.

23---Alton Antrim, 12 years old, died of injuries received by being run over by auto truck of W______Convery & Son.

24---William R. _________committed suicide because___________spend Christmas___________.

25--- Twelve ________ Herman Baldau ____ to give aid in apartment ____ All recovered

26---                      (fragments only, unable to decipher)

28--- Body of ______ along tracks of railroad.

29--- Michaael K____ on coil of wire _________ wire plant.

30---Miss Inez L. Walker inherited fortune, including property in West Indies.


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