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Edmund C. Hill's Diaries
1905 photos of Edmund Hill

Edmund C. Hill lived a long and productive life, taking an active role as a businessman and civic leader. For almost 50 years he kept a diary of his daily activities. The Trenton Historical Society has begun the lengthy process of transcribing and posting this fascinating first-hand account of life in late 19th & early 20th century life in Trenton.-

Edmund C. Hill

Born - May 11, 1855

Died - April 16, 1936

Edmund C. Hill lived a diverse life, and was remembered upon his death as one of Trenton's most useful citizens.

Hill graduated from the Trenton Academy in 1873 at the age of 18, and while he was expecting to go to Yale, he was forced to stay behind and work in the family business (a restaurant and bakery shop) due to the poor condition of his father's health. He worked in this field for 32 years finally selling the business in 1905. Edmund severely disliked, even hated, working in the restaurant business and he focused much of his energies elsewhere, such as pursuing real estate and civic affair concerns throughout Trenton. Hill was responsible for sponsoring a city wide parks system, he served as both the President of the Board of Trade and as a City Councilman, he managed the Cadwalader estate and established Cadwalader Park, and he also established the notion that citywide zoning codes were needed. Hill was not only known to be a shrewd businessman, but an intellectual and a worldwide traveler. He traveled extensively and collected a great number of artifacts from many differing countries. Edmund Hill was also acquainted with key historical figures of his day, such as Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, and Woodrow Wilson. Despite all his achievements and successes, Hill died a depressed man, finishing off his autobiographical manuscript, entitled The Work of A Disappointed Youth (possibly a reference to his heartbreak over not being able to attend college), commenting that his life was "a failure" and that he would never want "to live my life over again."


Currently available:

1870 Diary

1871 Diary

1873 Diary

1876 Diary

1878 Diary (European Trip)

1880 Diary

1881 Diary

1882 Diary

1883 Diary

1885 Diary

The Hill diaries and the images that appear on these pages are the property of the Trenton Public Library and are resident in the Trentoniana Collection.

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