Victory Parade

1876 Diary of Edmund C. Hill

Saturday Jan 1, 1876

Happy New Year

Put in a pretty busy day in the bake-room where I am learning the trade and went to choir practice in the morning. Will Dillentash drove up to spend New Years with us. He brought Annie Yard along with him and also his young lady whose name is Pullen and who lives at Heightstown. John Dillatash, his brother his brother has been visiting here a few days and went home today. Lizzie Cubberly and Ella Rogers from Hamilton Square, are also here.

Sunday Jan 2,1876

Went to church morning and evening at the Central. Did not go to S.S. Will Yard and the young ladies went home today.

Monday Jan 3, 1876

Took a Flute lesson of Professor Petermann Paid him Six dollars, the tuition for the whole quarter. I have one more lesson to take. Since I have been taking lessons of Mr. Petermann, I have improved nicely.

Tuesday Jan 4, 1876

Went around to our debating club rooms. There was not a quorum of members present and no meeting was held. Our club has been a source of much good but I guess it is now on its last legs and will have to come to an end.

Wednesday Jan 5, 1876

Went to church in the evening. Our church has meetings every night this week. Mr. Howlett our pastor makes a splendid leader for such meetings Mr. Paige leads the singing very nicely but sometimes he makes speeches that would be much better unsaid.

Thursday Jan 6, 1876

Last night or rather early this morning (2 o'clock), the governor called our part of the 7th Reg to go to Hopewell quell a railroad riot there. In 2 1/2 hours, they were called together and on the train. I got up and saw them go and then went back to bed again. Mr. John C Titus, Mr. Woodruff and I went out to the Soldiers Childrens' Home and held a prayer meeting. I made a short address to the scholars, and had very good attention. Last night, Mr Benjamin Goodinge who is employed at the home got tipsy I was sorry for I spoke a good word for him when he got the place and am interested in how he conducts himself. Miss King the matron, says he cried when she talked to him about it, and did not want the boys and girls to learn of it. He likely will not do it again.

Friday Jan 7, 1876

Went to church in the evening. Lyman and one or two others rose for prayer. It was decided to continue the extra meetings next week. Mother told me the other day that she and father had decided to buy a piano. Harry and I are delighted with the idea It is what we have wanted for a long while We will not get it for a while yet. Harry did not go to work today. He is not feeling well.

Sat Jan 8, 1876

Went to choir practice Received five dollars tonight which is now to be my regular wages. The "Home Guard" marched proudly home from Hopewell the Pennsylvania R.R. was was  beaten The trouble was that a new Railroad called the "Delaware and Bound Brook" wanted to lay a "frog" to cross the P.R.R. which the later tried to prevent. The two companies had about a thousand men on the ground and bloodshed was feared. The sheriff called on the gov. and he ordered our troops who took charge of the place till the chancellor settled he matter.

Sunday Jan 9, 1876

Went to the church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon. Emma Darrah was away and I taught her class. The union week of the prayer service was held in our church at 3 ˝ P.M. there was a full church. Rev Mr. Howlett preached an able service. Our choir did its level best.

Monday Jan 10, 1876

Went to prayer meeting at our church. Five rose for prayers. After church I wrote a latter to Clara Pierson at Morristown.

Tuesday Jan 11, 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. had elections and installation of officers. C.T Sulphin was chosen Pres.E.G. Brearley vice. Pres. E.C. Hill Secy. C.I. Baumgartner Treas. And H.A. Martindell. Janitor. Harry was elected a member.

Wednesday Jan 12, 1876

A busy day. Father and Lida went to Yardleyville to supply a wedding Mr  J. T. Stapler marries Miss Martin.

Thursday Jan 13, 1876

Was very busy during the morning getting orders ready to go away. Father and I and a colored driver started at 1 ˝ P.M. and went to Collins Mears at Cream Ridge, distant 16 miles, to furnish a house warming with refreshments He had the table ready at 11P.M. There were 200 guests. He worked till 4 A.M. packing dishes and then went to bed and had a couple of hours sleep.

Friday Jan14, 1876

Went to prayer meeting

Saturday Jan 15, 1876

Sunday Jan 16, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon

Monday Jan 17 1876

A meeting of teachers of Fathers S.S. was held at our house tonight. A number of folks were also present. They seemed to have a nice time.

Tuesday Jan 18, 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. was on debate.

Wednesday January 19, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. There is a good deal of interest shown. Several rose for prayers tonight.

Thursday Jan 20, 1876

Rec a letter from Chas Horn, Villisco Iowa. Charley is working on a railroad, as brakesman I suppose. Went to church in the evening Mr Howlett was not present and Mr Sheppard led the meeting. Mr Bailey the noted conductor, a member of the 1st church made a speech. Some gentlemen from Chambersburg and also Mr Dean, known as "Pussy" Dean, also spoke. I made a little speech and told about how I was converted. Three went forward for prayers. [Mr Dean used to be a deacon in a Baptist church but got astray again. He appears to be very much in earnest]

Friday Jan 21, 1876

Went to church in the evening. Had a large room full. Seven rose for prayers and afterwards stayed in the inquiry meeting.

Saturday Jan 22, 1876

Went to choir practice. When we got up in the gallery we found that somebody had carpeted our floor and put eight armchairs there for our use. We were most tickled to death. The girls were nearly wild with joy. Mr Howlett and Mr Murphy were back of the pulpit watching us. Mr Murphy could not keep still and had to laugh out loud. Then we had a jolly time. It was a complete surprise to us all.

Sunday Jan 23, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon. Miss Darrah was away and I tough her class. "Aunt" Sue Hart was to our house to tea.

Monday Jan 24, 1876

Wrote a long letter to Ida Pierson, Lambertville.

Tuesday Jan 25, 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. was chosen to fill a vacancy on debate. Unfortunately our side was beaten. I think the arguments advanced not only by myself but especially by my associates were more and better than those of our opponents certain reasons make me think the debate was unfair by decided. However I may be mistaken. Harry was on debate also his first trial in our club.

Wednesday Jan 26, 1876

 Went to church in the evening. Had a most excellent meeting.

Thursday Jan 27, 1876

Attended prayer meeting. Several rose for prayer. Jane Ann Swargle was burned to death last night. She went to sleep sitting by the cook stove after taking her usual dose of laudanum and her filthy clothes caught fire. She was conscious to the last. Her last words were, " I am a great sinner: god have mercy on my soul." She was once a virtuous and respectable women, was crossed in love took to drink and opium, and for years has wandered around the streets a miserable, wretched old hag. Feared by children, and shunned a detested by everybody.

  Friday Jan, 28, 1876

Went to Taylor Opera House at night to the Children's Jubilee, under the management of Prof. Clemmer. Between four and five hundred children, mostly girls in white, were on the platform. The music and everything was superb. One of the most beautiful sights I ever saw. Lyman was in it. After the entertainment Prof. Clemmer brought about a dozen friends to father's place and had a nice oyster supper. The party were in high glee over their success and had a jolly time.

Saturday Jan 29, 1876

Went to choir practice. Harry was at prayer meeting last night. He said Mr. and Mrs Slim and Mr Frank Taylor spoke and said that they had found the Saviour.      

Sunday Jan 30, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Before church Father and I walked up to see old Mr Richardson, the brewer who is nearly dead with consumption. He expressed himself as believing that god was able and willing to forgive his sins and that he has a hope in Jesus Christ. Did not go to S.S.

Monday Jan 31, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. "Pussy" Dean is very ill. He was stricken on Saturday night with an apoplectic fit. Had another last night. What a mercy if he should die, that he repented when he did.


Tuesday Feb 1, 1876

Went around to the club rooms but no quorum being present no meeting was held. Rec. a letter from Clara Pierson.

Wednesday Feb 2, 1876

Went to prayer meeting in the evening. The meetings are kept up with spirit.


Thursday Feb 3, 1876

Harry and I undertook to skate to Lambertville. The ice was poor and we got in several times though we did not get very wet. When we got to Titusville we stopped and took the train to L. Went to Piersons' and were very cordially welcomed. Spent the evening at Alice Strykers, who lives next door to Pierson's. Eugene Galagher was there and stayed all night at Piersons.

Friday Feb, 4, 1876

I returned home in the 8:30 train but Harry did not. He has no work and thought he would stay there went to prayer meeting. Frank Taylor Charley Hardell, Mr Slim and a lady related their experience and were received for batism. Larrie Murray also gave in her experience.

Saturday Feb 5, 1876

Harry came home this morning. Harper has a magnificent Chickering piano Catalogue price $800. He will sell it I suppose for $600. Went Skating on the canal about an hour in the afternoon.

Sunday Feb 6, 1876

Went to church morning and evening also to Sunday school. Today is the first Sunday for some time that I have been in Mr Buchanan's class. I have been sort of a chinker filling the place of absent teachers. Frank Taylor, Carrie Murray, a lafy and Mr Slim were baptized this morning. Mr Taylor is a great good will fireman and many came to see him baptized. Some were there who had not been inside a church in five years. Charley Hardell was not baptized today.

Monday Feb 7, 1876

Went to prayer meeting in the evening Mr Tabram, who sings bass in our choir told in meeting tonight that he felt he ad been converted.

Tuesday Feb 8, 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. has on debate on the negative of the question "Should the U.S. celebrate its centennial on a large and expensive scale?" Our side was defeated.

Wednesday Feb 9, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. Harry and I have been talking lately about having our lives insured. Each for the benefit of the other. I think we will take out policies.

Thursday Feb 10, 1876

In the evening Mr Titus, Mr Weber, Mr Darrah and I went over to the Soldiers' Children's Home to attend the 6 oclock prayer meeting. We each one made a short address. Next Thursday evening will be held the last prayer meeting there for a while as the home breals up Mar 1st. We all received a cordial invitation to be there. Will Caldwell and I are going over there to take tea next Sunday. After meeting there we came back in time to go to the prayer meeting at the Central.

Friday Feb 11, 1876

Last night and tonight the ladies of the Clinton Avenue church have a reunion and supper in the chapel. I stayed home tonight so that the rest could go. Father said today that if the prospects for ice were no better by next Tuesday he thought he would go up the Lehigh make arrangements there for ice. The winter thus far has been very , very mild, a great blessing for poor people out of work.

Saturday Feb 12, 1876

Went to choir practice Harry played the organ. Miss Halton had to go  to Harrisburg, Pa, because her sister had been taken sick.

Sunday Feb 13, 1876

 Went  to church morning and evening and sunday school in the afternoon. Mr Forst gave me a class of small boys to teach. I like them first rate little Earnest Rawley, son of G.W Rowley, is a boyremarlably smart. I do not think I ever knew one of his age who knows so much. After S.S. Will Cauldwell and I walked out to the Soldiers Childrens Home, and took tea. We had a pleasant time after tea singing with the scholars. I took along with me a book for Willie Heutchinson(sp?), who on yesterday brought me a beautiful pen and ink sketch.

Monday Feb 14, 1876

Went to prayer meeting.

Tuesday Feb 15 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. was on debate and for the fourth time in succession was on the defeated side.

Wednesday Feb 16, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. A large quantity of minisink ice came down the river today. Father made arrangments to put in some ice tomorrow. He bought some ice of those who caught it along the shore. HM Dolton and Pat O'Neil bought almost all that lay upon the banks. Wrote a letter to Clara Pierson, Morristown.  

Thursday Feb 17, 1876

 Put in 11 loads of ice today. The ice is not of the nicest shape but it is a good bit better than none. Some men disappointed father. They got a higher bid and left him in the lurch. Tonight the last Thursday night mayer meeting was held at the Soldiers Childrens' Home. There were present a good many among whom were mr. J.C. Lities, F.E. Darrah, H.J. Weber, Mr Hoodruff, Mr Holli and Geo Shebbard I was called upon and made a short address. The meeting was about two hours long.

Friday Feb 18, 1876

Went to a party at Belle Brearley's, Sheriff Brealey's daughter. Had a very enjoyable time made the acquaintance of several young ladies and gentlemen living in the 6th ward.

Saturday Feb 19, 1876

Today we put in about thirty loads of Minisink ice gathers on the river bank. Would have put in more bit the sin was shining so fiercely that it was making the ice so porous that is was not worth storing away. This had been a funny winter. We have had such a scarcity of ice that it is now quite valuable. About all the ice gathered this last 3 or 4 days has been bought up by Dalton and O'Neil. Pat O'Neil tried to create a "croner" by buying ip all he could. He failed in his design because so much was pulled out all along the shore. A young lady, named Jennie L. Nassua who is a granddaughter of old Dr Nassau, and is now going to school in Lawrenceville, came in the store with some minerals for me. I became acquainted with her and her mother last Sept. I think, we had quite a talk about minerals and rocks. Her mother promised to send me some specimens when she sent some things to her daughter. This is the second time. Their home I think she said is at Hashoe or Warsaw in Western New York State.

Sunday Feb 20, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon. I like my new class first rate. 

Monday Feb 21, 1876

Will Cauldwell and I met tonight to practice music. He wanted Hoe Hulse to sing 11th tenor but he cannot, because of other engagements. I guess we will have to give it up. Our design was to get up a junior male quartette with Harry as pianist.

Tuesday Feb 22, 1876

Went around to the club room but no quorum being there no meeting was held.

Wednesday Feb 23, 1876

The new Clinton Avenue Baptist Church was dedicated today. A meeting was held in the afternoon and another in the evening. Rev. Dr. John Peddie pastor of the 4th Baptist Church of Philadelphia, preached in the afternoon and Mr Lucas spoke in the evening. A collection was taken up amounting to $2000. Of that sum father gave $1100. Making his whole subscription $2100.00. He ahs made by far the largest contributions yet and I guess he will have to give more. The people do not give as they ought to. The entire cost is $27000. And the indebtedness will be $16000. I subscribed $25 today making $36 altogether.

Thursday Feb 24, 1876

Reports came out today in the gazette and True American about the dedication yesterday. Mr Mills and Mr Gosson, the reporters for these papers could not be present and at their request I wrote up the items for them. Went to prayer meeting in the evening. The interest is not to great as it was but two persons stood up for the prayers tonight.

Friday Feb 25, 1876

I have quite a cold which has settled on my breast and makes me cough somewhat. I am taking a prescription of Dr. Rogers and that will set me all night again in a day or two.

Saturday Feb 26, 1876

Went to choir practice.

Sunday, Feb 27, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon. Three persons were baptized at our church tonight They were baptized wree Miss Lilton Miss Coleman and Mrs Lanning.

Monday Feb 28, 1876

Made up my accounts since last settlement of the envelope system and turned the money over to Foster Griffith  My commission this time amounted to $5.99. my intention is to pay back my commission to the church in ways that I may think best

Tuesday Feb 29, 1876

Went around to the club room. Played checkers a while and then went home. Our society seems to  be on its last legs. He had no quorum again tonight and therefore no meeting.


Wednesday March 1, 1876

Went to church in the evening.

Thursday March 2, 1876

I have saved an extra set of newspapers containing my notes of travel and today I bought a neat little scrap album and began to paste he pieces in it.

Friday March 3, 1876

Today we began to put in ice four carloads arrived by rail last night from White Haven, Pa. It is 12 inches thick and clear crystal He began packing at 9 oclock this morning and by midnight had three and a half carloads housed. Some gentlemen tried an experiment in our saloon this afternoon to test a new patent water pipe in which ice will not freese. The experiment seemed to satisfy all who witnessed it.

Saturday March 4, 1876

Today we stored away four carloads more of ice which arrived at the depot last night. There is yet about half a carload to put away on Monday.

Sunday March 5, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. and to Bible school in the afternoon. At communion eight persons received the hand of fellowship, most of whom had been received by baptism After Sunday school Harry and I and a friend attending the normal school took a walk up the river bank. Yesterday I made an offer to Miss Halton to make the choir a present of four or five new anthem books. She said she thought some of the others would like to help me pay for them. Tonight we concluded to buy half o dozen new books and each one pay for their own. I was going to pay for them out of my envelope system commission money.

Monday March 6, 1876

Harry and I spent the evening at Ella Bowers. I had my flute along. We had an excellent time. Today we put in the last of the ice, about half a carload. Father once covering the top at with sawdust. He thinks he has got enough to carry him through the season. We had a beautiful day. It seems as though Spring has begun in earnest I guess we have not got the ice in any too soon.

Tuesday March 7, 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. Was on the negative on debate upon the question. "Is nature alone sufficient to teach man his duty to god?" our side won George MacPherson was elected a member.

Wednesday March 8, 1876

Harry was quite sick when he awoke the morning. I guess he got cold pulling in the ice. The lay abed all day. I got through my work in the bake room at 3 oclock, and stayed with him. I got Dickens, "Great Expectations." From the Y.M.C.A. library and read that till eleven oclock and then went to bed. I have lately made eleven oclock my bed time. So if I have any spare time after the store closes, I read till eleven. I read a portion in my Greek testament each night before retiring unless t is after eleven when I omit it.

Thursday March 9, 1876

Harry is not much better I again spent the afternoon and evening, with him.

Friday March 10, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. Sam Jemison has got back from Florida, where he has spent the last two months. He called on me today and told me several amusing things about the trip. A Catholic priest took a notion to him on the outward passage and tried to convert him over, but did not succeed. Sam and the priest both got sick about the same time one afternoon. Next morning the priest called on Sam and said to him "What! You sick yet I am all well-yup!! He had not got the words out of his mouth before he began to vomit fearfully.

Saturday March 11, 1876

Went to choir practice in the evening.

Sunday March 12, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and sunday school in the afternoon. Stayed to prayer meeting after school. Five persons were baptized at the close of the service this morning, Charley Wardell and some girl.

Monday March 13, 1876

Tuesday March 14, 1876

Went around to the club room but as only six members were present no meeting was held. Harry was unable to go to the club although he had made arrangements to take some friends up.

Wednesday March 15, 1876

Went to prayer meeting in the evening.

Thursday March 16, 1876

Tonight I spent in my room making a scrap book. I had an extra set of the articles which I wrote for the Record a year or so ago about our Niagara trip. So I bought a pretty little scrap book and pasted them in. I embellished the book and made it much nicer by putting in it some pictures and males cut out of the guide books.

Friday March 17, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. A son of Dr. Quick (Presbyterian) gave in is experience. He will be baptized Sunday morning. Today is St. Patricks Day. He Catholic Temprance societies went to New Brunswick. Petemann's band furnished the music. A good deal of fun was made by laying "hold the fort," and "Pull for the Shore," two of the moody and Sankeys pieces.

Saturday March 18, 1876

Went to choir practice. We had our new books and sang out of them. They are called "Perkins Anthem Book." A man came in the store begging for some money to get a nightly lodging. He was tipsy. He said he had just got out of State Prison today and had spent the three dollars which was returned to him for liquor for himself and others. He said he had seen others  me with ladies come down and go through there He described vividly his feelings when they saw visitors and yet were so guarded themselves.

Sunday March 19, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon. Remained to prayer meeting after school. Earnest Rowley, one of my "boys is the best one in the Sunday school to answer questions. Today I was real proud of him. Mr Howlett was talking and Earnest answered everyone of his questions in a wonderfully correct manner. In fact the rest the rest of the schoolstopped answering and no one said anything save Mr Howlett and Earnest. In reply to the question, "what kind of a man was Joab?" he answered "Not a very good sort of a man," and made everybody laugh.

Monday March 20, 1876

Went around to Tom sutphins and practiced a while with him and his sister. About nine oclock I went to Dr G.W. Everetts and sang come for tomorrow night. Tomorrow I am going back into the store and Frank takes my place. Since I have been in the backroom I have learned how  most kids of cake are made but of course Mr. Gillbert did not trust me to make many entirely next fall or winter maybe I will go back in the backroom again.

Tuesday March 21, 1876

The girl's Mission Band of the Central Baptist Church had a concert tonight in the lecture room of our church. A large crowd was present. Some had to stand up. Our choir sang some. Mr. Howard Murray's little daughter was dressed as "grandma" and sand and spoke. Six colored children from the colored public school sang some colored songs. They made ever so much fun. They also sang "Pull for the shore" and when they came to the last they sang "leave the poor old stranded wretch!" (instead of wreck) Lyman was dressed up like a Burmese boy and looked awful sheepish. There were lots of mistakes but they made all the more fun. It was a tip top concert. The entrance fee was only 10 cents. I suppose they made forty or fifty dollars.

Wednesday March 22, 1876

Saw "Uncle Sammy" Flock today. He and I made an agreement to visit the Centennial Exposition together. Mother has a wretched cough. I presume Joanna Evernham and Al Hendrickson were married tonight at 7 oclock. Lida went down there last Saturday to help get ready for the wedding. It is to be very private. None of our folks are going except Lida. 

 Thursday March 23, 1876

Harry and I went to Philadelphia today, We did some little errands for father and then went to Croft, Wilbur and Co's new candy store, the largest in the world. Mr Croft took pains to show us the whole building. We were very much interested and I want to write an article for some newspaper about the place He went in the new building of the American Bible and Publication  Society. An immense concern. We called at Mr Fulton's wagon works, and then at his home. Mahlon took us out to the park and showed us the Centennial Buildings. They are grand even though they are not finished. They wanted us to stay to tea but we took the 5:30 train for home.

Friday March 24, 1876

Wrote a long letter to Clara Pierson at Morristown.

Saturday March 25, 1876

Made the acquaintance of "Aunt Polly Basset," who is going to give a concert here nest Thursday evening. Father's S.S. will assist her. Then in a month or two she is coming back and will give a concert on shares with the school. Went to choir practice. Found Carrie Murray, Mary Walker, and Miss Belle Foster in the lecture room treating the little colored children who sang last Tuesday night. Some had their feelings hurt because we laughed at them so much and therefor the girls got up a treat of oranges bananas, ice cream, and cake to put them in good humor again. 

Sunday March 26, 1876

Went to church morning and evening, Mr Sheppard preached, as Mr Howlett is away. Went to Sunday school. Had review lesson today. Mother has had a fearful cold and for some reason she did not seem to care whether it got well or not, In fact I think she wished it to turn to consumption. She would scarcely take any medicine and then not enough to amount to anything. I felt so bad that I did not eat any tea and so I sat and talked to her. Finally she said to me if I would go and get the cough syrup, she would take some. From her altered manner I think she will take it now and soon get well.  

Monday March 27, 1876

Mother took her medicine today for me nicely Went this afternoon out to the Clinton Avenue Baptist church to practice for the "Signing skewl (sp?)" on Thursday night. Had a cold and was not able to sing very much. Went to church business meeting. The roll was read Many names were dropped and some handed over to the deacons to look after. The old officers of the Sunday school were elected, viz D.P. Forst, Supt, W.H Lawton, Sec. + Treas, and Henry Robinson, Librarian not one of the deacons was present. Everything passes off very smoothly.

Tuesday March 28, 1876

Did not go to A.L.D.C. as I was not feeling well harry went. They had elected of officers. Harry was elected Secretary J. G. Brearley was chosen President. Yesterday Mr Wesby the book binder brought back my volumes of the portrait gallery. There were forty numbers at fifty cents apiece seven dollars and a half for binding so they cost one altogether twenty seven dollars and fifty cents. The cost is pretty high but then I have two elegant books

Wednesday March 29, 1876

Went to Clinton Avenue church to practice for the "Aunt Polly Basset" Concert. Received a portion of my suit dark brown velveteen knee breeches trimmed with lace. My vest is orange colored. Harry singes tenor in a quartette. I am suffering from such a cold that my singing does not amount to much. Made application today through S.L. Bailey & Son to the to the Provident Life Insurance Company. For Policy of $1,000.-Answered all questions in a satisfactory manner. Must go tomorrow and be examined by Doctor James Coleman. Received a letter purporting to come from Laura Roland a normal girl, asking me to attend a certain prayer meeting. A sell I guess.

Thursday March 30, 1876

Went and called upon Dr. Coleman at 8 ˝ A.M. Doctor not up yet. Girl said he never got up till a patient called. He ahs the best reputation of any doctor in the city both as physician and surgeon. Gave me a tip top certificate, which I took to Mr. Baily to sent to Philadelphia Rec. letter form Clara Pierson. Answered my normal letter. But very shortly, for it ay be a "sell." "Aunt Polly Bassett Signin Skewl" took place at Taylor Hall We all enjoyed it and the audience (about 400) laughed all the time. Aunt Polly's graceless son Jedidiah is a host in himself. I have my doubts whether it would pay again though.

Friday March 31, 1876

My cold is much better than it was. Wrote a letter to Charley Peters yesterday. When he comes back during the centennial Exposition. I hope he will bring me some minerals He has promised me some. A curious incident has happened in the house. Mary Knowles the cook has for a good many years supported herself and her child. Her husband never did anything for her support. He went away and finally was heard from in a military prison at  fort Leavenworth, Kansas. She saved all her money to get a divorce and then marry her husbands brother. In the meantime this brotherinlaw died. Now her (con. From last page) band has come back and Mary has taken a strong notion to him. I think it is likely she will be leaving and then we will he in want of a good cook again.


Saturday April 1, 1876

Went to choir practice but could not sing because of my cold. Harry is learning tenor nicely. He struck high I full and clear tonight.

Sunday April 2, 1876

Went to church in morning and Sunday school and prayer meeting in the afternoon. Went to bed after supper. Began reading gospel of mark in my Greek testament 

Monday April 3, 1876

Harry &  I spent the evening at Hattie Baldwins on Southard street. Hattie is a good player on the piano and we had a nice time. I received my policy today for life insurance.. The premium is twenty eight dollars and sixty seven cents yearly. If I live to be fifty the money is to be paid to me. If I die to my "legal representatives." 

Tuesday April 4, 1876

Went to meeting of A.L.D.C. new officers were installed in office. Harry takes my place as Secretary. I have no office.

Wednesday April 5, 1876

Our choir met at our house to practice for tomorrow night. I am afraid the choir music will not be extra as Mr Hancock will be away and Mr Tabram and Dr Everett are sick. They want Harry and I to play a duett or two but I do not want to.     

Thursday April 6, 1876

The Girls mission band of the Central Baptist church repeated their late concert. They cleared  about twelve dollars. The concert was not as good as the last one. Our choir was crippled badly. There was no bass and Harry was the only tenor. Mr Murrays little daughter broke down. A funny thing happened to the "farmer boys." They only knew three verses to sing but Miss Halton kept on playing. The boys all looked cheap and doubled up his fist and told her "hold on! We don't know any more!" making everyone laugh. I was sick myself and went to bed.

Friday April 7, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. The unusual interest in our church has died away. The Presbyterians all over New Jersey are having a big revival. John macNeely lately joined the Central Methodist Church everybody is surprised. He never seemed to care for religion but he got interested while hearing Mrs Lowry preach at the Central. Mother went down country to spend a few days with Aunt Dinah and Aunt Moll.

Saturday April 8, 1876

Went to choir practice.

Sunday April 9, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school in the afternoon.

Monday April 10, 1876

 Spent the evening in practicing on the organ and flute. Had two new pieces for the organ, "Gen Grants Grand March" and "Deer Park Galop."

Tuesday April 11, 1876

Went to A.L.D.C. had a long talk about keeping up the club. The most of the members would like the club to be kept up but do not see much prospect of it. It is more that likely that the club will be disbanded in a few weeks. Alexander L. Stewart New York's richest merchant died yesterday.

Wednesday April 12, 1876

Was very much interested in reading the account and looking over the pictures of  A.L. Stewat's death.

Thursday April 13, 1876

Attended a meeting at our church to make arrangements for a supper next Thursday night. We need money and since there is no other way to get it we are going to have a supper.  

Friday April 14, 1876

Wrote a letter to mother. Harry and I received invitations to sing in a concert to be given before long in Taylor Hall. The cantata of Esther is to be rendered. Went to prayer meeting in the evening Lately I have had a fit of the blues but am now gradually coming around again into a good humor.

Saturday April 15, 1876

Father went down country to spend a day or two with mother at Uncle Es. Received the "Newtown (Pa) Enterprise."  Containing my article on the "Manufacturers of Candy." I wrote for an extra copy or two so as to send one to Croft. Wilbur & Co My article mentioned their place of business. The editor of "Allentown Transcript" told me to send him a copy also and he would republish it in his paper.

Sunday April 16, 1876

 Attended church morning and evening and Sunday school in the afternoon. Took a walk in the afternoon after Sunday school. Called down at Rev. Mr. Shephard's after Tea

Monday April 17, 1876

Harry and I went to Taylor Opera house to the rehearsal. Prof R.W. Seager is director. About a hundred were present. The singing was spirited and good Mr. E.W. Murphy sang Haman's part. We are to practice every night for two weeks.

Tuesday April 18, 1876

Went to "Esther" rehearsal at Central Baptist Church. Afterward (9 P.M.) went to meeting of A.L.D.C. It was moved by C.L. Sutphin to adjourn sine die next Tuesday. I seconded the motion. It was carried 6 to 4 Oliver Sutphin and I were appointed to dispose of the effects.

Wednesday April 19, 1876

Father is sick. Lida and I went to Yardvile to attend a wedding at the house of Mr Jas A. Vanhorn. Has a very nice time. Everything passed of nicely. We were highly complimented upon the quality of what we had furnished. And the handsome appearance of the table. The ceremony was Episcopal. Arrived home just five minutes before midnight.

Thursday April 20, 1876

Our church held a supper and social entertainment in the church parlors and lecture room. I think about two hundred were present. The profit will be between fifty and seventy dollars. My portion of the work was to take up the tickets at the supper table. Mr. S.S. Bower. Had his piano there. Ella and Miss Halton both played instrumental solos. Ella Bowers and Lizzie Rhodes played a duett. Our choir sang: We had one piece, in one part of which the gentlemen whistled and the ladies hummed the accompaniment. Everybody present remarked what a good enjoyable time we had.

Friday April 21, 1876

In the evening I went to an Esther rehearsal Prof. Seager is a good trainer, He learned us to sing the choruses first with the books then without. He has us all marching tonight.

Saturday April 22, 1876

Went to choir practice.

Sunday April 23, 1876

Went to Church morning and evening. I sang solo parts in the anthems before both morning and evening. Got along pretty well. Went to Sunday school. Had only three in my class but had a good lesson. Lyman and I look took a walk after super out west state street as far as McCalls place.

Monday April 24, 1876

Went to Esther rehearsal at Dollon's block. We are getting along finely. The members do not memorize as well as they ought to but with the books they sing very well. Mr. E. Mercer Shreve the Landlord of the A.L.D.C. will not let or club off in its rent. He can legally hold us, so they say, for a year but he will let us off with six months rent. We don't want to raise fifty dollars more if we can help it. The committee have got bids to the amount of sixty dollars upon the furniture carpets. Ec 

Tuesday April 25, 1876

Went to Esther rehearsal. Our club held a meeting. The "sine Die" motion was reconsidered. The prospect now is that the club will hold together six months longer. We think the affair a little mean upon the heart of Mr. Shreve. Some are in favor of subrenting the room to somebody he wont want there. I suppose Delmonics Band (colored) would be glad of the chance.

Wednesday April 26, 1876

Went to rehearsal in the evening. Mr Seager has given me the part of Herald of Chamberlain. My part that I sing is not very hard. I sing once or twice in a quartette and in all the Persian choruses. Little Agnes Naar, four years old is Hamans daughter is Esther, John C. Goulding is King: Mr. Rarrik is Mondeai, Charley  Ask is Harbonah, Lizzie Lawton is Princess. The cast of characters, of which the above is not a full list is generally considered very good.

Thursday April 27, 1876

Went to Esther rehearsal but did not practice any. The "musicale" of  Mr Randall took place in Doltons block and as so many of our singers are in that we had no rehearsal.

Friday April 28, 1876

Had our first stage rehearsal. Some dresses. Everything went off nicely. We did not get through till Eleven oclock. I sand my part as "Herald" and did ever so much better than I expected to.

Saturday April 29, 1876

We had another stage rehearsal. Did not get along as wel as last night. This was owing in part to the fact that neither Esther nor Haman were present.

Sunday April 30, 1876

Went to church morning and evening Rev. Harry Jones Sr. preached in the morning. Went to Sunday school. Lizzi and Will Lawton were home with us to tea. At 8 A.M. I went around to St. Mary's Catholic church Bishop Corrigan officiated. About a hundred or more children were confirmed. The girls were dressed in white with white crowns and vails. Mass was also celebrated as also the sacrament. The Young Mens Catholic Association took the sacrament in a body.


Monday May 1, 1876

The first of our much talked of orato-rios came off tonight audience about 700 or 800. Certainly not very flattering. Everything went off splendidly. I sung my part tolerably well. Mrs Barnes as Zerish is probably entitled to the most credit. Little Agnes Naar was splendid. Harry's costume made him look like a fright Ella Bower looked like a I  white Indian princess. Lizzie's dress came just below her Knees. Miss Seager as Esther of course was good. King Goulding did very well Everybody praised the execution but Lida like some others thought it was not very good way to raise money for a church.

Tuesday May 2, 1876

The attendance at Esther was not so good tonight as last night. The papers today rung with praises of last night. A good many made fun of me because my face was so very white and pale and Charley Ash's just opposite me was red as a beet. Everybody is poking fun at the ministers. Esther was presenting in a highly dramatic form with elegant costumes, light, bras band and c. And yet the ministers preach against theatres and operas. Mr Lucas did not approve of it Some liked it and some did not care. Received a letter from Johnny Dillatush enclosing $2.25- for my old flute which I sold him some time ago.

Wednesday May 3, 1876

Went to church in the evening. Mr Forst led as Mr. Howlett was sick. Was awful sleepy. Yesterday the regular meeting of the board of Education of New Jersey baptists met at the Clinton Avenue church. Many went to the oratirio last night. Afterward four or five ministers came here to have some refeshmetns. Rev Mr Parmalee stayed all night with us.

Thursday May 4, 1876

Was talking with Louis Decker today about the Centennial. The Exposition opens next Wednesday. Gen. Grant will be there and lots of big men. Wagners Grand March will be played. The Emperor of Brazil may be there. I want to go if possible.

Friday May 5, 1876

Saturday May 6, 1876

Was very busy in the store, owing to the weather.being very warm. Sold over a hundred quarts of ice cream. Was so busy that I could not go to choir practice. Bought a new suit of  everyday spring cloths, at WM J. Owens for $12.50 the suit is very good. I was surprised when the clerk told me the price. I did not expect to get a good suit for less than twenty to twenty four dollars. Clothing has lowered in price this last year ever so much.

Sunday May 7, 1876

Went to morning prayer meeting also to church morning and evening. And Sunday school in afternoon. Before going to prayer meeting I walked over in Chambersburg to mayor Powers. He gave me a circular issued by Cook. Son and Jenkins of New York and London. This form issue tickets all over Europe and America. I have got the European hobby. I can save money Enough in two years o go on, I think. So at any rate I am going to economize all I can. I do not waste much money now, but I can save a little more by trying.

Monday May 8, 1876

Tuesday May 9, 1876

For the first time since I have been a member I attended a meeting of the Young Mens' Christian Association. It was the regular annual business meeting. I was elected one of the Vice Presidents. I tool notes fot the "Gazette". Mr. Lewis Parker the President read a good address upon "association work".


Wednesday may 10, 1876

Today Harry and I went to Philadelphia. To attend the opening of the Centennial International Exposition. We were licky enough to get seats about twenty feet in front of the speakers stan, just here we could see and hear splendidly. Wagners march was not loud enough to be heard very well outdoors. Bishop Simpsoms prayer was eloquent. Mr Welsh, (Finance Com) spoke so low I could not hear him. Gen. Hawley (Pres. Cen Commission) made a good speech. Gen. Grant read an address. Theodore Thomas led the orchestra and chorus of over a thousand who gave us magnificent music. We saw Pres. Grant, Dom Pettrs and wife. Emperor and Empress of Brazil, Vice Pres. Ferry. Senators Freling Huysen. Conkling (over)Heon, Wm. M Evarts, Gen. Sheridan Gen Sherman. Fred Douglass three or four Governors, Military and naval officers by the score. It was said that over two hundred and fifty thousand people were inside the grounds. We were surised and delighted. We visited Acriculural and horticultural halls, had a glimpse of the Art Gallery. Saw a great deal of machinery Hall and strolled around in the main Building about an hour. In short got a general view to be improved with other visits.

Thursday May 11, 1876

 Today I am 21 years of age.

Friday May 12, 1876

Saturday May 13, 1876

Was rather busy in the store during the day. Went to choir practice at night.

Sunday May 14, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school in the afternoon. A collection to buy new library books was taken up in Sunday school. It reached first one hundred dollars. The way of it, was this. The school raised nearly fifty dollars and Mr Forst gave the rest. My class raised eight dollars.

Monday May 15, 1876

Went to a meeting of the Executive Board of the Y.M.C.A. Was appointed upon two or three committees. On the committee on Room and Library, on the committee on Membership and on the Committee on Music. So far as I ca see there is not very mach work to do however what falls to my lot I will do to the best of my power. Wrote to Cook Son & Jenkins, 261 Broadway N.Y. for an estimate of expense of a European tour through Scotland, England, Ireland, France Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium.

Tuesday May 16, 1876

Went to a sociable of the Clinton Avenue Baptist Church. Invitations had been sent to all the Baptist S.S. officers and teachers and to all the Baptist choirs. About seventy or eighty persons were present and all seemed to have a god time. Addresses were made by several gentlemen. I was called upon for a speech but thought I had better keep quiet so I kept my seat. The Clinton Avenue folks treated us to ice cream Lemonade and cake. Many persons who had never been inside the church before were shown through and told us they were very much pleased.

Wednesday May 17, 1876

The Republican State Convention met here today to appoint delegates to the Cinncinnati  convention. I went down to the Opera House a few minutes. A fine intelligent set of men were gathered. Too often poor, unscrupulous are chosen for convention. Today was a notable exception to the general rule. We were quite busy in the store because many of the members came here to dinner.

Princeton N.J.

Thursday May 18, 1876

Went to Princeton to attend a wedding. The daughter of Rev Dr Mcgill, the Presbyterian minister was married. I had a colored waiter with me to dress the lobster salad, and help wait upon guests. We were complimented upon the table. Dr. Mcgill said, "The refreshments were very highly gratified Bridget, the hired girl ws a trump. The Doctor has a fine Library of twenty five hundred books as near as I could guess. He bears the reputation of being very close. As far as I could judge the family are haughty and aristocratic. We stopped at Mr. Richards the blacksmiths on the way home and I fooled his daughter nicely by asking for cold pieces.

Friday May 19, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. The meeting was dull and I was sleepy so I did not enjoy it very much.

Saturday May 20, 1876

We were right busy in the store. Sold 115 qts Ice cream. Did not go to choir practice. Now that the warm weather has come again, I will have to stay in the stor on Saturday evenings.

Sunday May 21, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Rev Mr Perkins preached in the morning. The music was awful. There was nobody at choir practice last night except Miss Halton and Mr labram, and some how or other, mr Perkins had not picked out very easy nor very pretty tunes. Went to Sunday school it seems to be partly understood that I am to play the organ in Sunday school. Ella Bowers has had orders from the doctor not to play because it makes her liable to the St. Vitus dance, a disease which she once had.

Monday May 22, 1876

A very complimentary article of nearly half a column, written by Squire Mills, and giving a brief description of my cabinet of minerals came out in todays Gazette. A young engineer (a German, I guess.) saw the above note is the Gazette and called on my. We looked over my cabinet together and I enjoyed his company very much. He is working for the Roeblings and is now employed on the East River Bridge at New York. We made arrangements to go down the river before long after some zircon. He is going to show me Mr. Washingtons Roeblings cabinet.

Tuesday May 23, 1876

Last nigh I went to a teachers meeting at he Central Church. The weather was so stormy that only fourteen officers and teachers were present. The propriety of a Union Baptist picnic was discussed. It was thought to be a good idea but some objected to it. Mr Forst treated us all to ice cream and cake. The Democratic State Convention was held in Trenton today. The delegates were not near so gentlemanly as the Republicans lost week. The meeting was quite disorderly. Ex-governor Parker has the sympathy of the delegates to go to St. Louis. He stands a good chance for Dem. Candidate for President. About 75 delegates got dinner at our store.


Wednesday May 24, 1876

Lyman and I went down to Centennial Exposition today. There was a "smash up" ahead of us and we were three hours and a half on the way. Then when we came home our train was delayed and we were two hours and a half coming up. The regular time is one hour and twenty minutes. We walked though the whole of the Art Gallery, visited the Government Building, the Womans Pavilion, and the N.J. Building, besides a good many little buildings We had a ride on the West End Pailroad and rambled around an hour or two in the main building where we herd Gilmores Band. Visited Cook Son & Jenkins Building and got some circulars. Elegant day big crowds delightful time.

Thursday May 25, 1876

Tonight there was a meeting of the Baptist S.S. superintendents at our house. A union picnic was proposed, but not agreed upon. A number of young ladies and gentlemen also met there. The Clinton Avenue Church want to have a concert and this was the first meeting. Nothing was accomplished however in that direction.    

Friday May 26, 1876

Went to prayer meeting. A stranger was present who has only been in this country about two months. He is Welsh, but speaks very good English. He spoke and prayer on invitation of Mr. Howlett. His name is Raymond and is a stone cutter or sculpture by trade. I brought him down to the store after meeting and treated him to cream. He seems a very sensible fellow but talks a great deal. Called on Mrs. Weaver. Mrs Weaver wants to go to the Centennial and wants me to go with her. She thinks I have a faculty of seeing a good but in a short time. Maybe we can go next week and Father and Mother with us.

Saturday May 27, 1876

A man calling himself  Professor Wyman magical or slight of hand concerts at Taylor Opera house. Everybody who goes in receives a deed for a building lot in East Hammonton, South Jersey. A man named Coughlin is establishing a town there in the same way that Vineland and Hammonton were started, that is, by laying out farms into building lots, giving away a portion of the lots to manufactures and mechanics, and reserving corner lots to sell. A gentleman who was there last night gave me his deed and I look it and have is acknowledged and sent it to be recorded. It cost me $2.75, which amount I can get for it anytime.

Sunday May 28, 1876

Went to church morning and night and to Sunday school in the afternoon. Willie Wardell brought a new scholar named Wilbur Rogers with him. He appears to be a good pleasant boy. I hope we may do him good.

Monday May 29, 1876

Father paid me fifty dollars today. Some time ago I let him have thirty dollars which I had saved up, and the other twenty dollars were back wages. I paid the premium on my insurance ($28.67) and put 20$ in the savings bank. In every way possible I mean to economize and save my money for a European trip. It will take me two years to save a necessary amount ($250.) and it seems foolish to work two years for the sale of six or eight  pleasure. I look at it is another light, viz. It is not everybody who can pay all there expenses on a small salary in two years to go to Europe on besides.

Tuesday May 30, 1876

Last night occurred the anniversary of the Y.M.C.A. The services were in the third Presbyterian Church. Chas H. Dolton and I were upon the music Committee. We got Mr. Thos J. MacPherson who leads the choir there to render an anthem. Then he received assistance from some other choirs. About twenty five singers were in the organ loft. Moody and Sankey hymns were sung. Mr Brooks and Mr. Baum, made speeches. It rained and not many were present. Yesterday I wrote a hlaf column note about our Central Baptist coir, which came out in todays "Emporium." There was considerable soft soap in it.

Wednesday May 31, 1876

Yesterday I went to the desk in the store to make some change for a customer and accidentally saw a paper lying there in fathers handwriting, beginning "In the name of god, Amen" I knew right away that it was a draft of his will. However much my curiosity may have prompted me to read it. I did not. Father was not feeling well today and that made him think of it. He had talked a good bit lately about making a will, though there is no danger of his getting seriously sick now. I presume from what he says that he may be worth from twenty to thirty thousand dollars and that would he would leave almost if not quite all to mother.


Thursday June 1, 1876

Father gave me a check note today for two hundred dollars, payable in one year. He gave to me in place of a note which he gave me a year or two ago on our load association account. The new note is dated My11th, 1876 the day on which I attained my majority. A member of musical friends met at our house tonight about getting up a concert for the benefit of the Clinton Avenue Sunday school who has the direction of the concert enters into it with considerable spirit.

Friday June 2, 1876

Saturday June 3, 1876

Mrs. Garwood who lives next door to us had a child this morning. It was stillborn.

Sunday June 4, 1876

Went to church in morning at Central Baptist and Sunday school in the afternoon. In the evening I went to the 9th anniversary of the Clinton Avenue Sunday school. The services were very good. Judge Scudder made the address. The weather was awful stormy and not near as many were there as would have been had the weather been clear.

Monday June 5,1876

Tuesday June 6, 1876

The Picnic Committee of our Sunday school have met and decided to go to Morrisville Grove tomorrow week after next. Tonight a meeting of the A.L.D.C. was held in the Club room probably for the last time. On auction was held and anybody who was willing to pay more for an article that the second hand dealer was willing to give had it knocked down to him. Some articles sold well. The Review brought $2.75. The chairs and desks were not much in demand when we get all settled up there will most likely be a little left over to divide up. Father and mother visited the Centennial today.

Wednesday June 7, 1876

Went to a strawberry festival at the lelinton Avenue Church. Father furnished the ice cream and I dipped it out. Not very many persons were there, but everybody seemed to have a good time.

Thursday June 8, 1876

Our Trenton Potters Association brought up from the Centennial today. All the Japanese and showed them around the various potteries. There were about a dozen of them and they appeared to be anxious to learn. Our method of making were is entirely knew to them and they used their notebooks very often. A collation was furnished them in Taylor's building Father furnished all except the champagne and claret which came from a Liquor dealers. The never deal in wines or liquors. Lida and Harry went to the Centennial today. Harry as usual does not talk much about it but Lida cannot keep her tongue still.

Friday June 9, 1876

Today I wrote a letter to Cook, Son & Jenkins, New York, to enquire the cost of a tour that I had sketched out. Such a trip as I would like to take I am afraid will be to expensive for my slender purse unless Father comes to the rescue. My idea is to go in 1878 when France has her Exposion. My sketch includes Liverpool, London, Paris, Marselles, Genoa, Rome Venice Florence, Mt Cenis, Genoa, Chamoury, Strasbourg, Badens, Frankfurt, down the Rhine, Cologne, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam Edinburg. Stirling, Losh Lomond, Glasgow, Dublin Wales, Back to Liverpool. Now such a trip could be made in three months very nicely[over [continued and cost I think not more than three hundred dollars. Were I to go I would spend a week in each place of the following places, London, Paris, Rome, Switzerland, and Scotland, and fill up the rest of the time intermediate points. I can go "intermediate" on the Philadelphia line for $40 each way while by cabin on the Cunard line it is 100$ each way. It seems a good bit like counting chickens before they are hatched but then it don't do any harm to talk about it at any rate. I learn History and Geography by it.

Saturday June 19, 1876  

Tuesday June 20, 1876

Our Sunday school went on a picnic today at Morrisville grove. Itthreatened to be cloudy but we had good weather all day long. In the morning I took care of the basket and kept the boys out of other folks baskets. In the afternoon I took up a collection quietly among the older members and got enough to treat all the scholars to ice cream and have something ($1.75) left over. We had a pleasant time. Had another rehearsal at our house tonight at our house tonight but decided not to have our concert this summer and postpone it till next fall.

Wednesday June 21, 1876

Went to lecture in the evening Rev Mr Howlett gave his last lecture for the present upon the Acts of the Apostles. At its conclusion young Mr Raymond said he hoped Mr Howlett would continue his lectures upon acts instead of following the course of the Sunday school lessons. Mr Sheppard thought it would be best to keep up the course according to the regular lessons. Mr Howlett said he guessed he would follow the lessons Will Lawton and I had some sport over a young man who attends the Model School and is very much in love with Mary Walker.

Thursday June 22, 1876

The commencements of the normal and Model Schools were held today in Taylor Hall  In the Model School, only three gentlemen  graduated, Charley Aitken, Satisfactory, Lewis Perrine, and Jas L Wardell, all friends of mine. We were very busy in the store.

Friday June 23, 1876

Saturday June 24, 1876

Sunday June 25, 1876

Went to church morning and  in the evening but not in the morning. I did not feel very brisk and did not get up until after breakfast. Went to Sunday school and tool tea at Mrs Jenkins. On the day of the picnic, Mrs Jenkins invited Mr Raymond and me to take tea at her house to night.  But for some reason or other he did not come. Mr. Jenkins and I spent an hour in the yard under the grape vine, talking about Welsh preachers He can quote long passages from the sermons of two of his former pastors, Rev Mr Evans and Rev. Mr Williams. It seemed funny to me but we all ate our Tea with our coats off.

Monday June 26, 1876

I was notified of a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Y.M.C.A. but could not be present. I have been appointed one of the delegates to the International Convention at Toronto but do not feel willing nor able to spend the fifteen dollars that are necessary.


Tuesday June 27, 1876

Today Mr. Perkins and I went to Princeton to attend the Commencement exercises. We had neither one ever been inside the buildings. Mr Perkins indeed had never been to Princeton Charley Steward who has just finished his Freshman year, happened to se us at the depot and under his guidence we saw nearly all there was of interest. We went through Nassau Hall, the Bormitories, Chapel, library, Dickerson Hall and some others. The Observatory we did not enter the new Gymnasium is splendid  We heard Rev Mr Duryea of Brooklyn deliver an address and saw many noted persons. There was a large military display also. Mr Perkins enjoyed himself hugely.        

Wednesday June 28, 1876

Thursday June 29, 1876

Friday June 30, 1876


Saturday July 1, 1876

Sunday July 2, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school in the afternoon. One hundred years ago today New Jersey declared her independence being two days in advance of the continental Congress at Philadelphia. Rev Mr Howlett preached a centennial sermon, from what I can learn most of the ministers throughout the city and state did the same.

Monday July 3, 1876

We were very busy in the store today. The celebration of the Centennial Fourth really began today. A procession took place tonight the town was ablaze with illuminations and displays of fireworks. We sold a great deal of ice cream. Father arranged his plans to have cream and ices for sale today and tomorrow. Wholesale orders he will not forth with.

Tuesday July 4, 1876

The Fourth of July is celebrated today very grandly. Bells began to ring at midnight and rang for half an hour. They rang at daybreak also. A great street parade of fireman, soldiers lodges, Catholics, potters, ec,ec, took place under the auspices of the Common Council and board of Trade. The display of fireworks took place on the sand bar in the middle of the river this giving a great semicircle for sight seers. They were not as good as was expected. We sold our ice cream and water ice at 7 oclock and went to see the fireworks. That was jolly. Gilberts and Handcocks sold out also.

Wednesday July 5, 1876

The first Brigade of the State militia went into Encampment today at on an open plot opposite Quintons Race track. The site is wretched, we furnished some refreshments today for the officers and most likely will send some out every day.   

Thursday July 6, 1876

News have been received announcing the massacre of the gallant and romantic young General Cuter and his entire charge of ever three hundred men by the Indians in Montana. A profound sensation is created and nothing but regrets are heard upon all sides. Most everybody that I have heard and seen, say that no doubt the white men deserve just such a punishing. And yet, with strange inconsistency everybody thinks the same set of Indians ought to be exterminated.   

Friday July 7, 1876

Saturday July 8, 1876

Oh My! How hot! I pity the soldiers at Camp Bedle. Some are sick and some have gone home. The dust is fearful. The sun is scorching hot and there is no place where the soldiers can bathe. The soldiers think the name of the camp should be changed from camp Bedle to camp Misery. General Lewis Perrine State Quartermaster, is to blame the men are very much dissatisfied. Only one half of the stated troops are now encamped next Tuesday, but the officers hold a meeting this afternoon to determine whether to go or not. I do not believe the men will go anyhow.   

Sunday July 9, 1876

Went to church at the Central in the morning. Mr Howlett said that on account of the warm weather no service would be held at our church tonight. So at night I went over to the English Luteran Church on Laylor Street with Sam Jemison. Sam and I are becoming inseparable friends. Rev. J. Croll Baum the pastor preached. He is young able, eloquent and somewhat egotistical. Went to Sunday school. None of my boys were there but Earnest Rowley. It was so intensely hot that no one could be blamed for staying home.

Monday July 10, 1876

Yesterday morning the soldiers broke camp at camp Bedle. A number of trains were at the depot to convey them home. The weather has been so wonderfully hot and then the place was a wretched one and the provisions were so scanty and so badly distributed that no one can blame them for wanting to leave there has been gross mismanagement and Camp Bedle was a failure. 

Tuesday July 11, 1876

Wednesday July 12, 1876

Thursday July 13, 1876

Friday July 14, 1876

 Lyman has got a new pet now in the shape of a little black dog. He neglects his rabbits somewhat to look after the dog.

Saturday, 15,1876

Sunday July 16,1876

Went to church morning and evening. A Rev. Mr Lanning preached. Rev Mr Howlett was away. Went to Sunday school. Took a walk up the river and saw the sunset before church time. Lately during the "hot spell" I have used Sunday as a reading day as much as I could. My way is to go up in my room take off collars, vest and shoes and tale things cool as possible.

Monday July 17, 1876

Tuesday July 18, 1876

Will Lawton had a gold headed cane given him by the American Mechanics tonight. He brought the whole band and all about forty or forty five down to the salon and treated them to ice cream. I may be mistaken but I think he would rather they had kept the cane so the he could have saved his money. Our folks had gone to bed, but according to my usual custom, I was reading a little in my Greek Testament and had not yet undressed. I came down and got the folks waited on and went back to bed again at half past eleven.


Wednesday July 19, 1876

Mother and I went to the Centennial today. Hannah and Cynthia Sheppard happened to go in the same train and we were together all day. We visited a number of the different buildings as this was the young ladies first visit. We went into the main building, machinery Hall, the Womens Pavilion, Horticulture Hall, Government building, and Shoe and Leather building. Had a very pleasant time. Mother did not get the head ache all day long. We took dinner at the American Restaurant and found things very nice and prices pretty high.

Thursday July 20,1876

Had a delightful rain tonight. Oh how long we have wished for it. The wind blew like a young tornado just before the shower. It was about half past eight in the evening. The lightning and thunder were grand. After the first shower was over I walked home with Hettie Baldwin on Southard st. who had taken refuge in the store just as I started to return home a second shower came I reached home I was drenched to the skin.

Friday July 21, 1876

Will Brearly who had charge of settling up the estate of the defunct Adelphian literary and debating club paid me today my share it amounted to a little less than two dollars. The new city house rail way. Which will run from Hetzels grove, Milham to the Broad street Canal Bridge is getting along nicely. The track was laid today in front of father's store Little Willie Hardell who is in my Sunday school class died today of Typhoid fever. Two smaller boys are also very low Willie was bright and active yet heard nothing except that he is dead.

Saturday July 22, 1876

Received from the Department of the Interior Washington D.C. two volumes of Prof Haydens Geological Reports. I wrote for them a few days ago. A little girl named Mary Platte who lives at Bordentown and who was once in the Soldiers Childrens Home wrote me a letter. When I addressed them for the last time I invited them to write to me. I intend to answer her letter in a day or two.

Sunday July 23, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Also to Sunday school in the afternoon. Little Willie Hardell's death cast a shadow and gloom over the whole school and especially over my class. I tried to use the opportunity to the best of my ability. I called down at the house before the morning service Willie hied of diphtheria and not of typhoid fever as I first heard/ The family want me to go with them tomorrow to attend to the tickets and transferring the corpse from one train to another.

Ocean County

Monday July 24, 1876

Went today with the Hardell family Willie was buried in the graveyard back of the church at Barrsville. Four miles and a half from Buickburg We went on the 7:30 A.M. train and had to change cars at Bordentown. Kinkora, New Lisbon and Whitings and were transferred to wagons at Bricksburg. The sermon was preached by an old baptist minister named Brown, whom Willie was named after. We came back by was of Bricksburg, Pemberton, Mt Holly and Burlington. I had some little trouble with the baggage masters but I did not let the family know it. I had to show a doctors certificate that the decease was non  contagious. On one road they wanted double fare. But I did not pay it. The two smaller sons were sick. When  we returned one was batter and the other worse.

Tuesday July 25, 1876

Wednesday July 26, 1876

Tonight I had a "night out." Since the Adelphian broke up I have been confined to the store pretty closely. I asked father if I could not have one night in a week and he said I might. I went roaming around feeling a satisfaction in having nothing to do. I went and got measured for a pair of shoes Was very extravagant they are to be seven dollars and a half.

Thursday July 27, 1876

Old Mrs. Gordan who has lived for many years with Mrs Lever , corner of Hanover and Stockton Streets died yesterday. She was one of the constituents of our church.

Friday July 28, 1876

Mother and I took some cake and biscuit up the Warren Street Childrens home after supper. The Children had just finished washing their feet. The matron gathered them all to the number of fifty upon the churc porch where they sang "He old the fort" and " In the Sweet By and Bye" and then said their prayers and trundled off to bed. I say several little youngsters that I used to see upon the streets. One little towheaded shaver was named Tom Hill.

Saturday July 29, 1876

Today I received from the Treasury Department Washington, two volumes of Prof. Raymonds Reports upon " The Minerals resources west of the rocky mountains" I received not long ago two of Prof  Haydens Reports and four Smithsonian reports which with the books given me by Senator Stockton make about twenty two volumes of Government books that I have.

Sunday July 30, 1876

It rained so very hard today that none of us went to church in the morning. I went to Sunday school. Very few present. In the evening I went to church. We held  service in the lecture room only twenty five persons were there.

Monday July 31, 1876


Tuesday August 1, 1876


Wednesday August 2, 1876

Went alone to the centennial. Went all around just where I felt like it and enjoyed myself hugely. Spent the morning in the machinery building. Saw the Nevada quartz mill. The Campbell Press Building, the Glass works, the Chili Amalgamation building all the different state buildings, the hunters camp. Algerian Bazaar and spent a short time in the art gallery annex and the Pennsylvania Education building. Also visited the Singer sowing machine works. There was a selfish sort of pleasure in going alone, especially as heretofore I have had charge of somebody or other.

Thursday August 3, 1876

A lady with two small children came to wait in the store for an hour or so today. She came from Mt. Holly and expected friends to meet her at the depot to take her out in the country. They did not come and then she made up her mind to go out in the Lawrenceville stage. She got left and had nothing else to do but hire a horse and carriage. I drove for her. She went to Mr. Slack's out at the brisk schoolhouse. Her little children were nice singers and the little one only three years old could sing most of Moody and Sankeys tunes.

Friday August 4, 1876

The new horse cars began to run on Wednesday. They were not ready for regular traffic however until yesterday and have done a large trade all the time. When matters got settled down a little they will not have so much to do.

Saturday August 5, 1876

Sunday August 6, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Rev. Mr Darrow a former pastor of the church preached. There was no organ or choir music as Miss Halton is taking her vacation as well as Mr. Howlett. Went to Sunday school and afterward went over to edgehill grove to a colored camp meeting. The stands seemed to be doing a good business and the preaching did not seem to have much effect. I was not very favorably struck with the looks of things.

Monday August 7, 1876

Tuesday August 8, 1876

Mother went down country to Uncle Ed Everhams last Tuesday I  think it was. Father today went also. There is to be a harvest home at the Square tomorrow and they want to be there.

Wednesday August 9, 1876

Thursday August 10, 1876

There are a couple of young misses from Bordentown staying at Mr. Sheppards. Harry and had an invitation down there tonight. We went and had a very nice time, leaving at about eleven  oclock. 

Friday August 11, 1876

Mr. Romine and his wife and child called to see us today. They look as though they are enjoying good health.

Saturday August 12, 1876

Aunt Lizzie Hill and little Harry arrived from Paterson on a visit mother was down t Uncle Eds. We hired a carriage and Aunt Lizzie Harry, Raymond and I went after mother had a splendid drive took tea at Uncle Eds. Uncle Ed gave me a numer of curious mineral specimens that he found in digging a new well Richey also had two Indian arrowheads for me. Uncle Ed gave us a whole lot of Apples nearly a bushel to bring home.

Sunday August 13, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Went to Sunday school. After Sunday school I took a walk out to charley Peters and some handsome specimens of gold and silver ore. Returned early Raymond fot sick during the night. I had to get up six or eight times with him.

Monday August 14, 1876

Tuesday August 15, 1876

The musquitoes are so very bad that it is almost impossible to sleep some nights.

Wednesday August 16, 1876

Thursday August 17, 1876

Aunt Lizzie and Mother went down to the Prison and to Riverview Cemetery. They called at Uncle Sam's and took dinner Raymond is an awful bother. His latest prank took place this afternoon he tied the black and white rabbits hind legs together. When Lida went out into the yard he pitched the rabbit back in a corner he is so very wild and reckless that it would not surprise us to have him brought home dead.

Friday August 18, 1876

Father and Mother and Aunt Lizzie went to the Centennial today. Little Harry is a nice happy little boy. His face at present is covered with boils but he is very good humored. He seems so different from Raymond who is as noisy as harry is quit.

Saturday August 19, 1876

Last night a trial came off at the city hall that made a little stir a man was complained of for selling liquor on Sunday H.N. Barton, an old schoolmate of mine that I do not esteem very highly conducted the case for the city and a lawyer named Wilson was for the defendant. The examination last night was as good as a circus. The counsel got mad at each other and called each other liars, thieves, etc. The case was adjourned till this afternoon. I heard the speeches. They were not much to brag on. Neither of the lawyers amount to much. The case made a great deal of fun.

Sunday August 20, 1876

Did not go to church in the morning. Remained at home and read Martin Chizzlewit which Will Whitehead loaned me yesterday. Went to Sunday school. Went to church in the evening at Clinton Avenue. Young Ames Cubberley. Preached. He and his father took tea at our house.

Monday August 21, 1876

Bought a coupe of tickets for Harry and I to go to Ocean Beach on Wednesday. There is to be an excursion there by the managers of ocean beach and an auction sale of lots. Some time ago one of these auction sales brought twelve thousand dollars the tickets are only one dollar and a free lunch is provided.

Tuesday August 23, 1876

 Harry and Lida went to the Centennial today. Mother told me today as a sort of a secret that father has made his will. She said nothing more about it but did not seem to be at all displeased. I imagine from conversation with father that he has left almost everything to mother and about five hundred apiece to each of us boys.

Ocean Grove Ocean Beach

Wednesday August 23, 1876

Went on an excursion with Harry to Ocean Beach. The train was divided on account of its size (32 cars) into two sections. We were delayed in starting. We reached the ground at 10 1/2 1 oclock instead of 10.30. Had a free lunch of crabs, sandwiches, coffee, cheese ec. Walked over to Ocean Grove. Took a bath. Had a jolly time. Made inquires for next summer concerning cost of tent Rode back to Ocean Beach and took the second section leaving at 7 oclock and reached Trenton at 11.15 Had a lively, good humored crowd in our car. Never had so much fun for a dollar

Thursday August 24, 1876

Father's Sunday school went on a picnic at Morrisville Grove today. Today is "Jersey Mans Day" at the Centennial. Nearly 2000 went  from Trenton. It is thought that 50000 people went from New Jersey. Governor Bedle gives a reception at the New Jersey Building. Hon Abrham Browning delivers an address in the judges hall.

Friday August 25, 1876

A gentlemen came in the store for his dinner today with his family. He said he was a government official in the navy department. He sometimes acts as chief clerk and has access to many very fine documents. I gave him my address and a small box of nice candies. He is going to send me some of the books on is return. I asked him especially for books on arctic exploration. Raymond made his first attempt at smoking today. He got awful sick. He labored under the impression that he would surely die and began to divide his effects. He told Lida that he wanted his rocking horse given to one, his "nursery" to another and thus throughout all his goods and chattels.

August 26, 1876

Sunday August 27, 1876

Read Martin chuzzlewit till church time. Made up my mind to go to Quaker meeting  but changed my mind and went to Baptist church. Rev Mr. Lucas preached. This was his first sermon after his vacation. Attended Clinton avenue Church at night Rev. Alfred Cauldwell, father of Will Cauldwell preached. Went to Sunday school.

Monday August 28, 1876

Went to a Republican primary meeing in my ward. The office was chose delegates to go to New Brunswick to nominate Presidential Electors. I was chosen Secretary of the meeting. I think of that Mr J.W. Bole was chosen Chairman. Five delegates were chosen. My only work was to keep a list of names of the officers of the meeting and the delegates, and take the list to the state Gazette office for publication tomorrow.

Tuesday August 29, 1876

Two young men Walter Dillatush and William McCain, who live in Ohio and are distant relatives of mothers, came on today to pay us a few days visit. Four or five years ago when father and mother were out west they were treated so handsomely that we will do our best to entertain then now. They came on by way of Buffalo and Niagra and down the Hudson and expect to return by way of Pittsburg.

Wednesday August 30, 1876

Father mother and our two visitors took a carriage ride down country today amongst their relations.

Thursday August 31, 1876

Father and mother took our friends to the Centennial today they were delighted with what they saw.


Centennial Philadelphia

Friday September 1, 1876

Walter and Billy and I took the 6.30 .M. train for Camden and had a stroll up Chestnut street. We saw Carpenters Hall and visited several stores and places of interest we put things through in a hurry and then took the steam cars at 16th & Market and reached the Centennial grounds at 10.45. We met Harry by appointment at the Corliss Engine as he did not want to go to Philadelphia First. He brought a lunch with him for us. We heard a Steinway piano concert recital visited Machinery Hall, Cook. Son & Jenkins Building, Government Building Horticulture Hall Agriculture Hall, Ohio Building, and the Art galleries. Walter got awful tired but I led them around a good long tramp. I think when he gets back to Ohio he will feel the better for it having seen more. We came home on a New York Express Train and were only one hour in coming thirty miles.

Saturday September 2, 1876

Mother and Father started for Ocean Grove the go by way of Long Branch. Walter and Billy bid us good by. They expect to see Long Branch and Ocean Grove today. Then take the cars tonight and reach Washington tomorrow morning spend Sunday there and then go on to Cincinnati. It seemed like parting from old friends. Father and Mother will not be home till next week.

Sunday September 3, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Rev Mr. Howlett preached for the first time since his vacation. Miss Halton has returned also and we had music by the choir. He organ has been closed for the last four Sundays. Went to Sunday school. Our lesson was upon the subject of temperance. I made an agreement with the boys that I would get some total abstainenee (sp?) pledges and they are to sign them. Lewis Decker was at our house to tea. A gentleman and and(?) lady came up came up today from Newtown to tell us of Joseph Yard's death. He died yesterday. The lower part of his face and jaws were eaten away by a cancer.

Monday September 4, 1876

Harry spent the evening at Mr Stakeman's on State st. Mrs Stakeman is one of the finest lady players in the city.

Tuesday September 5, 1876

Received a letter from father dated Asbury Park. He says mother is delighted, eats very hearty and is in excellent spirits They expect to visit one or two other places on the coast and then return home. Last evening and tonight I read vol.1 of daubignes History of the Reformation. Commenced again to read he Greek testament. The musquitoes have been so bad that during the last month I have not read any. I am reading in Luke. I have already read Mathew, Mark, and John.

Wednesday September 6, 1876

Thursday September 7, 1876

We were expecting father and mother home today. But instead of coming Father sent a letter stating that Mother was sick at Seabright with something like Cholera morbus. She caught cold going in the water. Father may not some home till next week though if he can he will return tomorrow or Saturday. Called in the evening a Colonel freese's residence on West State St. and borrowed a couple of European guide books. One is Murrays Handbook of Southern Germany and the other is Bradshaws Continental Guide.  

Friday September 8, 1876

 Father came today Mother is better than she was and will return to Trenton as soon as she is able. Tonight I joined the City Invincibles. I only joined as on ordinary member and do not propose to buy a suit or parade.

Saturday September 9,1876  

Sunday September 10, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to sunday school in the afternoon.

Monday September 11, 1876

Tuesday September 12, 1876

Wednesday September 13, 1876

Went to prayer meeting but was so sleepy that I slept almost all the time. Mr. Howlet spoke upon the sunday school lesson for next Sunday.

Thursday September 14, 1876

A terrible accident happened tonight. A little girl millie Fow aged thirteen who lives in Father's house No 3 Mercer street was burned so badly that she cannot recover. She was in the basement and started to go upstairs with a lamp in her hand. She stumbled. The lamp broke. The fluid caught fir and was thrown over her. Her clothing caught fire. And was burned to a cinder. She was horribly disfigured. Her little brother was badly burned also but saved himself by jumping over the back fence and kicking his feet in the water. The mothers hands were dreadfully burned and so were Mr Bennets who put a coat around Millie. Millie's body was burned to a crisp. They wrapped her in cotton and poured sweet oil and cream upon her.

Friday September 15, 1876

Millie Fow died about 3 oclock this morning. Perhaps it was better that she did since she was disfigured so. She died happy. Before her death she plead with her father and mother to become Christians and talked beautifully. Rev. Syman Wright of Binghampton came to visit us a few days.

Saturday September 16,1876

Mother came home today. She had got on the wrong train somehow, but finally arrived in Trenton. All right. Today I got some temperance certificates to give the boys in my Sunday school class. I hope that signing the pledge may be the means of keeping them from drunkards graves.

Sunday September 17, 1876

We had a great blow of wind and rain or more properly speaking a cyclone. A potery (Davis) was unroofed, the St. Pail church steeple blew over. Houses in course of building were uproofed by the score and much damage was done to signs awnings &c. The Hayes and Wheeler banner at the state Gazette office was torn to shreds. The damage was very great. Millie Fow was buried today. In spite of the rain there was a large funeral. Her head and hands were covered from sight. Had a small attendance at Sunday school Went to church in morning but not a night.

Monday September 18, 1876

Today Jennie and I washed all the glass candy jars. There are between eighty and ninety of them altogether and we washed them inside and outside both.

Tuesday September 19, 1876

Father went to New York the lady Invinciples (sp?) had a parade by torch light tonight. They were headed by Winklers Band. The Chambersburg Republican club and the 7th ward club also joined the procession. The Invincibles looked well and drilled extraordinarily well. After the parade was over they drilled for a while on greene street. I even saw prettier drilling. I am a member of the club but do not mean to drill with the members.

Wednesday September 20 ,1876

I practiced a little on the organ in the evening I do not get the chance to practice much. Uncle Clark Hill came on from Patterson to pay us a visit. He says business is very, very , very , dull. His daily sales only amount to fifteen to eighteen dollars and Twenty dollars seems like a good day! The locomotive works are doing very little. The silk mills are running on good time and good wages. But everything else is flat and quiet.

Thursday September 21, 1876

Uncle Clark and Harry went to the Centennial today. Harry and I had an invitation to go to the Clinton Avenue church to practice music. The church or Sunday school I don't know which want to have a course of lectures and have a little music to liven things up. He did not go. Harry was tired and I had to stay in the store.

Friday September 22, 1876

Uncle Clark went down Phila and the Centennial again.

Saturday September, 23, 1876

Uncle Clark spent today in visiting our relations in South Trenton.

Sunday September 24, 1876

Went to church in the morning and to Sunday school in the afternoon. I wrote to  had the temperance certificates ready for the boys in my class but as I had no pen or ink I dad not distribute them. The pledge with lead pencil and are to came to the store this week for the certificates. It rained very hard at night and I did not go to church.

Monday September 25, 1876

Tonight was the time for our regular church quarterly business meeting. I went at twenty five minutes past eight the fifteenth person came in and made up the quorum. Not one of the Trustees was present. The Treasurer was absent but had sent his report. The small number present was due to the rainy weather of the last two Sunday, not many hearing the notices. Those of us who were present helped Mr Howlett carry a stove from one room to another. The top part came off and hit Mr Hancock on the top of his head.

Tuesday September 26,1876

Harry and I went to the 1st Presbyterian church to practice some music for the Sunday school convention to be held there tomorrow and next day. Not many were there.

Wednesday September, 27, 1876

Went to centennial for the seventh and last time I think. I went alone. Most of the time I spent in the Agricultural Hall. Saw many things which pleased me. Spent a little time in the art gallery and a short time in the main building. Became acquainted with a man named Fisher who has a patent ice box or refrigerator For sale. We took dinner together in Lauber's German Restaurant. There must have been a thousand persons there at the time I was eating. Came home in the six oclock train. Went around to the mercer county S.S. convention at Dr. Halls church. Took a back seat but soon got sleepy and came out.

Thursday September 28, 1876

Workmen began today to put a partition in the south side of our saloon. It makes an awful muss. When we get all finished up the store will be much nicer. We will have a gentlemen's wash room with water closet washstand, blacking ec in it. The ladies toilet room will be large and Harry will have a small room for a workshop. The whole store is to be papered and new oilcloth out upon the arch way between the store and saloon also is to be lowered.

Friday September 29, 1876

Last night Harry and I went around to Mrs Stakemans to hear some good music. Mrs. Was not in. She has been sick for a day or two and Mr S had sent her out to take a walk. Then we went over in Broad street to call on Angie and Aggie Hutchinson. The young ladies had gone to a festival. Not to be disappointed altogether  we went to call on Laura Yard but she had gone to church. Then to wind up we went to Miss Waltons there we heard some music and made the acquaintance of three young ladies who happened to be there

Saturday, September 30, 1876


Sunday October 1, 1876

 Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school. After Sunday school took a walk down south Trenton and had tea at Uncle Gus'. Uncle Gus likes music and as I played on the organ and sang Moody and Sankey tunes they they(repeat) seemed very much pleased. Annie sings beautifully.

Monday October 2, 1876

Tuesday October 3, 1876

  Went to a teachers meeting at the church many things where talked over and we finally agreed to have a teachers meeting for the study of the lesson every Monday night.

Mr. First ordered ice cream and cake which we furnished.

Wednesday October 4, 1876

For some time past I have noticed that Lyman has been growing wild and really bad. This had its cause in Lyman being with Charley Allen so much. Today I made a bargain with him. I give him one dollar and he agrees to have "just as little to do with Charley Allen as possible for six months." I drew it up in writing and he signed it. Then I paid him the money. I afterward bought out Allen share of the rabbits and now Lyman and I own the rabbits between us.

Thursday October 5, 1876

Friday October 6, 1876

Louis Decjer  Harry and I spent the evening at Mrs. Stakeman's. She is a beautiful piano player.

Saturday, October 7, 1876

Today I went to Philadelphia on an errand for father. A trial comes off in court on Monday and he wanted Mr. Stuckert to be here with the plans. I got through with my business and came home early. Today I bought an overcoat at W.J. Owens & Co. It is a heavy nice quality rough one and I hope it will do me lots of good.

Sunday October 8, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school in the afternoon. Our Sunday school choir did not sing as well as usual today. We had more alto than heretofore and not so much soprano.

Monday October 9, 1876

The suit of Barney Eagan for the church spire was called today but Mr. Eagan was not ready and the trial was postponed three months. Mr. Eagan agreed to pay the additional expense and in case the suit should be decided in his favor, he argued to waive the 3 months interest. A gain for the Trustees. Went to a teachers meeting at about 8.15 in the evening. I could not go any sooner. We have a wedding order tomorrow and I had to get some things ready for that. I am slowly learning how to make chicken salad. After the teachers meeting. I went to a surprise party at Will Cauldwells in Perry st. company had all assembled at the time. I got there. We had a very nice time. I got home about once oclock in the morning. The ladies furnished the refreshments consisting of coffee, cake fruit, nuts and secrets.

Tuesday October, 10, 1876

Went to a wedding at Mr. Andrew Ege's near Marshalls corners, beyond Pennington. I had Jimmy a colored waiter with. We furnished oysters coffee, ice cream, salad fruit, cake Ec. Had an awful dark ride home left home at 9.30 A.M. and got back at 9 P.M.

Wednesday October 11, 1876

Took a dose of cathartic pills and stayed at home. I have not felt well lately. I took three and ought to have taken four. They did not operate to suit me.

Thursday October 12, 1876

Friday October 13, 1876

Saturday October 14, 1876

    Mr Heny Dilatush and his wife and Mrs kane, from Warren Co, Ohio arrived unexpectedly to pay us a visit. They will spend a few days mon with us and a few days with our folks down country.

Sunday October 15, 1876

Church morning and evening. Sunday school in the afternoon. Mrs. Dilatush gave me today a number of specimens of fossil shells from Warren count, Ohio. Most of them were gathered on their own farm. Walter got them and sent then to me. There are three beautiful specimens of Triobites. One of them is better preserved than most any I ever saw.

Monday October 16, 1876

Went to Layor Opera house and heard some good Republican speeches Dr. Pugh our Candidate for Congress made an address. I like him, he seems honest, straightforward, and manly! Ex governor Bross of Illinois spoke a short time after which Gen Kilpatrick made a long speech Kilpatrick was a celebrated Union Cavalry officer. He is a ready talker and some call him eloquent

Tuesday October 17, 1876

The workmen are progressing slowly in the store. I will be glad when they are done.

Wednesday October, 18, 1876

Went to prayer meeting with father at Clinton Avenue. I got drowsy. The room was warm. Mr Perkins went on with his lecture on next Sundays lesson and finally stopped saying, "well I guess I had better close, some of you are getting sleepy., but I haven't spoken very long though." We were all wide awake in an instant and everybody looked around to see who else was sleepy.

Thursday October 19, 1876

Went to a party at Judge Yard's in Hanover street. Most all the guests were of the Yard family. To whom mother is related. Spent a pleasant evening and made the acquaintance of some folks from Texas and a young lady from Maine. The Texas folks were Mr. Nahor Yard and his family. Both husband and wife were born North and yet they are rank rebels Mr. Yard was a Colonel in the Rebel army. Had a god little joke on Lizzie katenbach. We were talking politics and spoke of Joe Brearley. Lizzie said he was "a Democrate of the deepest dye." I told her he joined the Invincibiles yesterday (Republican) She was astonished and declared she was done with him. 

Friday October 20, 1876

Stayed at home in he evening and read "Ivanhoe." This makes the third reading. I like Sir Walter Scott very much. We have something to keep us busy during the day time but now that cool weather has set in we can spend the evenings in reading.

Saturday October 21, 1876

Sunday October 22, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school in afternoon. Mr Howlett preaches in the morning and Rev. Dr. Archer at night Mr Archer is Dr. G.W. Everetts fathreinlaw.

Monday October 23, 1876

 Attended teachers meeting at the Central and enjoyed it very much. I was strongly tempted to go down to Layor Opera house instead and hear ex Gov, Noyes. Of Ohio make a republican speech. But on conclusion I made up my mind to go to the meeting However I went down afterwards and heard a little of the speechmaking. Father went to the hall and was very much pleased with Mr Noyes. 

Tuesday October 24, 1876

Raymond was playing with some little boys on the of the Hanover street basin the afternoon when a little son of police officer Ferman fell backwards into the water Raymond at once seized a piece of iron on the bank with one hand and grasped the drowning boy with the other. He held on till somebody else came and then he pulled him out.

Wednesday October 25, 1876

Went to church at night. Afterward went down to Layor opera house mass meeting then were so many people there that an overflow meeting had to be held outside I happened to drop in just as Senator Trumbull was talking. I listened awhile but not very much interested I cam out. 

Thursday October 26, 1876

This morning father received a telegram from Walter Dilatush in Lebanon saying to tell his father that grandmother is "very low and cannot last many days "We telegraphed to Mr Dilatush who was at Newtown. Telling him about it. In the afternoon another dispatch came from Walter that "grandmother is dying." Father thought we had better send a carriage for them in order that they might return home as soon as possible. So I got a carriage and drive to Newtown for them I had not been gone ten minutes before they arrived at our house Uncle Jimmy Yard brought then up. I had my 16 miles ride in the cold for nothing

Friday October 27, 1876

Mr. & Mrs Dilatush and Mrs Kane went Home today. They took the newspaper fast train at 6.07 A.M. To connect a Philadelphia with the Western express. I got up early and borrowed Mr Rulons horse and wagon and depot. I am sorry that their visit is cut short for the reason it is. Mr Diltush told mother he intended to go to the Centennial again and take me with him. But his return home cuts me off from the visit. Tonight my throat began to get sore and my head ached very badly. I think I must have caught cold in riding yesterday.

Saturday October 28, 1876

Had a sort of a sick day. Was abed most of the time. I have not been so near sick in a long while. Everybody showed me the utmost attention and made things pleasant as possible under the circumstances.

Sunday October 29, 1876

Church morning and evening, Miss Halton Could not go to church on account of my cold. As I was unable to go to Sunday school I got Harry to teach my class and play the organ.

Monday October 30, 1876

Remained in the house all day. My head was better and my bones did not ache so bad. Father began to may the new oil cloth in the saloon today. It is a very pretty pattern quite gay and looks very much like Brussels carpet. The saloon is so large it required almost am entire piece so as he is afraid he may not be able to get anymore to patch it with when it begins to wear out, he has agreed too take it all and lay away the surplus.

Tuesday October 31, 1876

Had an invitation to a supper at Joseph Yards on East State St. Heard of it this morning. It had a wonderful effect on my cold. I got better right away. Bundled up well and went. It did me more good than medicine. Nellie Yard has a large number of choice minerals. She showed then to me and I invited her to come and take a look at mine.


Wednesday November 1, 1876

My neck was not near so sore today. In fact it was nearly well and I went back into the store to the relief and delight of harry who dislikes to tend store.

Thursday November 2, 1876

Today I borrowed Harpers guidebook of Europe from Mrs Captain Smith up West State Steet. She had told me I might have it by calling for it., so I went after it this evening. Mr nor Mrs Smith neither one were home but his eldest daughter was and she found it and gave it to me. Mr Smith was for awhile a clerk in the court of chancery, which office was worth about nineteen thousand dollars a year. He gave it up on account of poor health and visited Europe with his eldest daughter. He has a large library. It appears to contain between 2000 and 3000 volumes.

Friday November 3, 1876

The Republicans had their last grand demonstration tonight. There was a much larger turn out than I expected to see. I had several invitations to parade but refused all of them. I do not care to walk in a muddy street to make a show of myself. The men were very quiet and the parade was nicely conducted I did not see one drunken man in line.

Saturday November 4, 1876

The democrats had a big parade tonight and far eclipsed the Republicans in every respect. There were nore than twice as many as last night. A feature of tonights parade was the great number of men with new brooms "Cleansweep." A man named Kimball who bears a very bad reputation indeed had organized a brigade called Kimballs Legion. He gave every man a suit consisting of cap, belt, sash, and torch. He must have had six hundred out. It is a shame that such a bad man could get up such a company. Harry and Ludia are both suffering from very bad colds.

Sunday November 5, 1876

Went to Central in the morning with mother last Sunday was Miss Haltons Last day as organist at our church. The music committee could not pay her and would not take the responsibility of payment any longer so the engagement was ended last Sunday. I sat down stairs in our own pew and enjoyed the sermon far better than I could up in the gallery. Mr Darrah led the singing and we had no instrumental music at all. Went to Sunday school and in the evening attended Clinton Avenue with Father. Mr Perkins is giving a series of lectures on Pilgrims progress.

Monday November 6, 1876

Went to teachers meeting. The lesson was about Saul's conversion I do wish Mr. Darrah would get off the "Holy Ghost" hobby If the words Holy Ghost appear in the lesson he goes wild over it. It seems to me that the "perfectionists" overshoot the mark. They have one one way of getting over all things they do not understand that is to say they were brought about nothing but Holy Ghost-Holy Ghost- Holy Ghost- all the time in the teachers meeting.

Tuesday November 7, 1876

Today I cast my first vote. Whether it made me any happier I cannot say. I voted the straight Republican ticket for.  President Rutherford B. Hayes Vice President Wm A (sp?) Whuler Congress Dr. J. H. Pugh. Assembly Robert S Johnson. I was strongly tempted to vote for all republicans save mr Johnson but pt Judge Yards (Dem) name in his place. Nut two facts made me alter my mind after I had decided to vote that way. I took the motto of the Democratic arty "principles, not men." And the rule of Judge yard himself "Never to split and so voted a full Rep ticket. Went the rounds at night to hear the returns. The Democrats are jubilant and the Republicans are under a cloud. The Dems had a street parade.

Wednesday November, 8, 1876

The Democrats appear to have gained ground everywhere. The morning papers concede Tildons Election. Congress will be more evenly divided that heretofore. This afternoon the dispatches from distant and doubtful states are favorable to Gov. Hayes. There is a faint shadow that he may possibly be elected by 180 votes exactly enough to elect him in the Electoral College but Mr. Tildon has the brighter outlook at president. Raymond is quite sick with a heavy cold. I went to bed at seven oclock so as to get up about one to say with him. - Was disturbed about 9 oclock by a arty of republicans with a drum corps- crowning over Hayes election.

Thursday November 9, 1876

This morning all the newspapers differ. The republicans are hopeful but the Democrats profess courage there are three doubtful states and until full returns come in no one can know certainly. Raymond remains about as last night was up and down with him about a dozen times during the time I was with him mother called me to take her place.

Friday November 10, 1876

The Centennial closes today. Father went down to the Centennial yesterday and remained last night to see the fireworks. The London display was better than the Philadelphia one. Father reached home about half past two this morning. I was awake with Raymond when he came. President Grant has ordered troops into Louisiana and South Carolina and Florida the doubtful states to protect the state canvassers. He has asked several prominent republicans to go down into those states to see tht the count is honest and fair and also requested Mr Abram Hewitt. The chairman of the Democratic national Executive Committee to appoint leading Democrats for the same purpose He appears sincere in wishing for an honest election and is highly complimented.   

Saturday November 11, 1876

Excitement runs high on politics. All kinds of rumors are afloat. After the disappointment of sure, certain victory, the Democrats hardly know how to restrain themselves. Some even went so far as to declare that undoubtedly the elections show that Tilden is elected and that is he is counted out by any means whatever. There will be war. The Democrats relied upon a "solid south" and a "divided north," but were mistaken. Went up to the church and pumped the organ for Harry who is to play tomorrow at church.

Sunday November 12, 1876

Went to church in the morning Mr Howlett preached., though he had a very bad cold. Harry play the organ and we had about eight in the choir. Went to Sunday school and also to church at night. We only had a prayer meeting at night because mr Howletts cold was to bad too let him preach. Mr Forst led the meeting and two young ladies from the Normal school rose up for prayers. After Sunday school took a walk down to Riverview Cemetery.

Monday November 13, 1876

Went to Teachers meeting. Had a pretty god meeting. Mr White led it.

Tuesday November 14, 1876

Went around to the rooms of the Y.M.C.A. but no meeting was held. The president was not there and as there was no business that I could learn of. I did call the meeting to order, although by virtue of my office of vice president I was able to do so. It was suggested after it was too late that we might have had a prayer meeting but nobody thought of it in time.  

Wednesday November 15, 1876

It was rainy all day Mrs Sheppard came early in the morning and stayed all day. We had white fish for dinner in her honor. I practiced some in the evening. Since cold weather has been coming on I have had more time to practice.

Thursday November 16,1876

We have not yet go the complete election returns. The choice of president lays upon the ballot of Louisiana Florida and South Carolina.  There are Republicans returning boards in these states and the likelihood votes of these states will be cast for Mr. Hayes It seems to point that way. If the Democratic majorities should make the electoral votes Democratic enough "intimidated" parishes will be thrown out to count in Mr. Hayes I myself am in favor of a fair honest account. But if there are dishonest voting or if some counties or parishes were "intimidated, I want them thrown out. I will be satisfied with whatever is right.

Friday November 17, 1876

Harry makes quite a good deal of money with his jig saw. He had no regular work with "Phillips and Hill" and so he does what he can with his saw to earn money, but somehow he has no knack to save money. He is most always in debt to me. He earns money fast but spends it faster. However he has no bad habits like drinking, smoking, swearing. Or playing cards. So I think he will learn after a while how to save.

Saturday November 18, 1876

Tonight the ladies of the Clinton Avenue Baptist church have a supper at Washington Hal. I do not think from the rainy looks of the weather that they can make much money. In fact, it would not surprise me any if they lose money on the supper. The cost for the hall is 25$ for the band 10% so that they most do very well to meet expenses

Sunday November 19, 1876

Went to church in morning Attended Sunday school. It was so rainy that we only had one big class. At night we had a prayer meeting instead of church service on account of the rain. Harry played the organ in the morning. The normal school girls were not at church or school today Scarlet fever has broken out in the school and Prof Hasbrouck sent the girls home. 

Monday November 20, 1876

Went to teachers meeting. Had a good time. The meeting was much pleasanted because Mr. and Mrs Bradish, of Yonkers N.Y. were present. They are well posted on the Bible matters. Mr Bradish had a Greek testament with him which helped us clear up some disputed points. When I returned home. I read a little in my Greek testament for the first time in a month. Got a letter today from the "New York Graphic" an illustrated newspaper wanted a sketch of the Swamp Angel monument and its surrounding. I went out there this afternoon and made a rough sketch from Fred Walter's parlor window.

Tuesday November 21, 1876

Harry Darrah who was married some time ago to Bessie Fell, had a reception at his home tonight. Father furnished the refreshments. I was up at the house helping him for a while. Last night the Clinton Avenue folks had a supper in the church to use up what provisions they had left over. They took in thirty dollars. The profits of Saturday night and last night are between fifty and sixty dollars.

Wednesday November 22, 1876

Went to lecture at church tonight. Also went to sleep. The presidential contest is still undecided. It will not be known who is president until the official count is known in Florida Louisiana and South Carolina Today I sent my sketch of the Swamp Angel monument to the New York Graphic. There is a view of the model school on one side and Baptist Church on the other. I wrote "that if they thought it worth any compensation to travel around in the rain, get my feet wet hunting elevations and loose half a day from my work why, send me the Graphic for.

Thursday November 23, 1876

Spent the evening at Mrs Deckers No 80 West State St. Louis and I had fised our plans to have a good practise together but we were cheated out of it for Mrs. Decker Lulu Decker and a Scoth lady boarder came in the room and spend the evening with us. 

Friday November 24, 1876

Harry Robinson loaned me a copy of "Macauleys history of England" There is a rumor afloat that Will Forst the Deacon's son had forged a check or note and that is father had disowned him. I do not believe it until it is proven so.

Saturday November 25, 1876

There are several cases of small pox in the city. Scarlet fever is very prevalent. John Walter's little child died some time ago.

Sunday November 26, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. Harry played the organ. Went to Sunday school. Went up to the childrens home in the morning and took some cake to the children. Most of the children up there know me by this time. They seem very glad and the matron is very grateful for what we give them.

Monday November 27, 1876

Attended teachers meeting at night. Mr Darrah and Mr Weber do love to talk about the Holy Spirit. They take up most of the time giving their views on that subject.

Tuesday November 28, 1876

Wednesday November 29, 1876

Went to lecture at church tonight got very sleepy. Mother had to keep nudging me all the time to keep me awake. Mrs. Sheppard gave mother and father, Harry and I an invitation down to their house to dinner tomorrow at four oclock.

Thursday November 30, 1876

Today is thanksgiving. We closed store at about half past eleven after we had sent out all our orders. We had our own Turkey dinner at home at one oclock and then had another at half past four at Sheppards. Spent a pleasant afternoon and evening at S's In fact we always enjoy ourselves there for all the girls are getting along pretty well in years. My sketch of the Swamp Angel Monument came out in Yesterdays New York graphic. It is Butchered so badly that I am ashamed of it. To add to my chagrin my name is printed underneath it in good big letters. I have to laugh at it however.


Friday December 1, 1876

Spent the evening reading "the History of England" Yesterday Mr Bradish asked me of I knew any poor persons to who, he could give something. It always has been his custom to give away something on Thanksgiving to the poor. I mentioned the childrens home to him and he bought some bread and rolls and took them up there. 

Saturday December 2, 1876

Yesterday was a very cold day ad today is very cold also. Went to choir practice. There is an ugly rumor afloat that Willie Hallis who lives two doors from us. Has the small pox. I hope not but am afraid it is so. Father went in to Hallis' to see about it Mrs Hallis says Willie has the Scarlet fever.

 Sunday December 3, 1876

Went to church morning and evening and to Sunday school in the afternoon. We had communion today. Took some things up to the home. After Sunday school I felt like taking a walk and so I walked out to the Lunatic Asylum, got a drink out of the mineral spring and came down by the river bank. Altogether it was about six miles.

Monday December 4, 1876

Went skating at night on the lady pond. It was so cold and the ice was so poor that I only stayed about an hour. Some of the Yard boys were down there and so was Nellie Yard. I stopped on the way back and heard Clara Stelle play the piano. Harry and Louis Decker were there also. 

Tuesday December 4, 1876

Today I received a check for three dollars from the graphic company of New York for my swamp angel sketch. It is more then it was worth.

Wednesday December 6, 1876

Thursday December 7, 1876

The Brookly theatre was burned last night. "Note" Over two hundred and nintey persons were smothered and burned to death.

Friday December 8, 1876

 Am very much interested in a book of Harry Robinsons called "The Scottish Chiefs" In view of the fact that I want to go to Scotland in 1878 I am delighted with the book.

Saturday December 9, 1876

It was intensly cold today. We expect to harvest ice on Monday. Did not go to choir practice tonight. Business is very dull. The work has been the dullest of this year. The young ladies of the Clinton Avenue Church had a festival at Lalyor Hall Assembly Rooms tonight. Owing to the cold weather not a very large number of persons were present. The ladies will lose about six or eight dollars.

Sunday December 10, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. On account of the cold weather we had very small congregations wet to Sunday school today I asked my boys to draw a map of Palestine and have it ready next Sunday. Our pipes were frozen up this morning and we had a good deal of bother in thawing them out.  

 Monday December 11, 1876

Today we began to put in ice. The morning was used up in getting the ice slide ready. Fourteen loads were put in during the afternoon. The ice comes from the Hanover street basin and is of an average thickness of six and a quarter inches. My Dalton wanted to get five hundred loads of ice from the same basin and he and father had a little spree. It was all talk but father came out ahead. Did not go to teachers meeting but took my flute and spent the evening at Tom Sutphines.

Tuesday December 12, 1876

Was busy all day putting in ice. I was in the ice house most of the morning.

Wednesday December 13, 1876

Louis Decker slept with me at our house tonight. He is a first rate bed fellow and told me all about his "bum" travels.

Thursday December 14, 1876

Today I went to Philadelphia to buy goods for Chistmas. I left an order Kroppels and another at Croft Wilbur and CO's. At Whitmans I could not get an candies because my order was so late. I also want to see mr A Seale a lawyer on a church matter. Got dinner on market street, visited Wanamakers immense clothing store at 13th and market. Saw the inside of the Cathedral opposite Logan Square, though the bluff courtesy of a priest at the Bishops house, next door to the church. took a walk out to the Cathedral Cemetery, but did not find much when I got there from then I cut cross to the Centennial building. Looked around a while and then walked down town. Called at Hood, Bonbright and Co's wholesale cloth house and saw Lewis Woolman. Once of their traveling sale men. I guess I mist have walked altogether about ten miles. Took the Kensington train at 8.20 and reached home at about 10 oclock.

Friday December 15, 1876

Was a little stiff today from the effects of my long walk at Philadelphia yesterday.

Saturday December, 16, 1876

Helped the men putting in the ice Father has been lucky this year. He has not had to stop an hour this year since he began work on account of the weather. A half day on Monday will fill the house

Sunday December 17, 1876

Went to Church morning and evening. Also went to S.S. in the afternoon. None of my boys had drawn their map of Palestine. Some could not find a copy of the map, and one had not his map finished. I have not got mine ready either.

Monday December 18, 1876

Went around to church to attend teachers meeting. Mr. Forst, mr Rowley mr Paige, Dr Luick and myself were the only persons present. We did not go on with the lesson but talked over all sorts of matters. Next Sunday we will have a general review for the quarter. Four persons will make speeches, and Mr Paige and I are to pick out suitable music.

Yardleyville PA

Tuesday December 19, 1876

Father and I drove to Yardleyville to furnish a wedding at the house of Mr Jacob Taylor. We were very highly complemented  upon the looks of the table and the taste of the viands. It was the first time I eve saw a wedding by Quaker ceremony. It is very pretty and impressive but I like the Episcopal ceremony better than any other. We reached home about ten ocock.

Wednesday December 20, 1876

Thursday December 21, 1876

Our Christmas trade ill not be very heavy this year. Hard times make money scarce and people but cheaper candies and less of them too.

Friday December 22, 1876

Bought several presents for the folks at home. My presents this year are not very expensive. They will cost me between four and five dollars. We set our shoes tonight. I have not the slightest idea where anyone will give me. In fact there is nothing special that I want and so I cannot be disappointed. The sky was cloudy in the morning and about noon it began to rain finally settling down into a cold cheerless drizzle which completely spoiled our trade.

Saturday December 23, 1876

Woke up early and came down stairs to see what I got for Christmas. Old Kriss was good to me. Harry and Lida gave me "Jules verne's twenty thousand leagues Under the Sea" Jennie and Lida gave me "Whittiers Complete Poems." Raymond gave me a lead pencil! Lyman gave me a penwiper with a white goose on it. Mother gave me two pairs of very nice gloves. One pair of cloth and the other of skin Trimmed with fur and having the new patent spring tops. Most of Harrys presents he made himself with his jig saw. We where very busy in the store and sold more candy than expected to.

Sunday December 24, 1876

Went to church morning and evening. In the morning there was no one to sing in the choir but mr Labram (bass) and myslef. I took the air and did the best I could. Mr Stelle who sings very nicely, turned around and when he saw how few were the singers he came up at once and helped me out. We took the soprano. Ella Bower was there at night and we had no bother then. Mr Howlett preached a Christmas sermon at night but very small. I gave each of my Sunday school scholars a pere knife for a Christmas present. They were delighted.

Monday December 25, 1876

Christmas! We were a little bust in the store but we never expect much trade on Christmas day/. Walter Murphy, one of my Sunday school scholars., brought me a fine paper weight. It was made at the centennial at the glass works. It shows Lincolns head very clearly. Howard Poland who is cartoon artist on the New York daily Graphic called on me tonight. He wants me to help him get sketches of the sham battle tomorrow this is not his regular work but as he is at home on a visit. He wants to make some nice drawings of it. There was a slight fire at the Clinton ave church tonight during at the revival meetings. Damage about $100

Centennial Sham battle

Tuesday December 26, 1876

Today occurred the 100th anniversary of the battle of Trenton. I ran all over during the morning, saw a great deal and made about a dozen sketches. Howard and I met at Mr Polands at 12 oclock and compared notes. He liked some of my pictures very well and will put them into his full page engraving. He assured me I should receive some pay for my work but it I not sketch for that though. I sketched for Howard as a personnel favor. Harry nd I spent the evening at Rev Mr Lucie's (sp?) there was a small company of young people there It seemed funny to go to a party and have no refreshments.

Wednesday December 27, 1876

We had a wedding to furnish today at south Amboy. That seems running pretty close to New York. It was for 60 guests. Cost $100 We furnished fried oysters, chicken salad, coffee biscuit, fruit, cakes, ice cream, nuts, and candies. And sent a colored waiter along to take charges 

Thursday December 28, 1876

The four Misses Sheppard took dinner and tea at out house mother knew they were coming but supposed of course they would come in the afternoon Instead of that, they came in the morning the sitting room she had the carpet up and things looked awful. Things soon got straightened out though.

Friday December 29, 1876

Harry is somewhat exercised on the music question He wants the job of playing the organ for the Central church his music lessons and others expenses are over a hundred dollars a year.

Saturday December 30, 1876

Sunday December 31, 1876

Went to church at Central in morning and evening Attended Sunday school. We had a yearly Review. Several teachers made short speeches. Mr Forst called on me and I said a few words. After church at night Ella Bower and I went to watch meeting at the Clinton ave Baptist church Rev Mr Dewitt the evangelist had charge of the meeting there have been revival meetings held here for two or three years and I think about a dozen have professed conversion

Transcribed 2003 by Marcus Malmignati

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