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In his book, “New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptons Locators: Mercer County” Edward Raser identifies 21 burial places that have existed in the city of Trenton.  Of that number, 3 are still active (Riverview, Har Sinai and Congregation Brothers of Israel); 6 are inactive (Locust Hill, St. Michael’s Episcopal, Friends, First Presbyterian, Mercer and St. Francis); 8 were relocated (City, Trenton, Mount Zion A.M.E., Ancient Negro, St. John’s, Second Presbyterian, Union Street Methodist Episcopal and Roman Catholic); 2 have been subsumed into Riverview (Lambert’s and Bainbridge) and 2 are classified as extinct (Orthodox Friends and First Baptist). 

For further information consult “New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptons Locators: Mercer County” by Edward Raser which is available from the Genealogical Society of New Jersey Bookstore.

Unfortunately little information is available for most of these burial places.  Published tombstone transcriptions exist for 3 (St. Michael’s Episcopal, First Presbyterian and Second Presbyterian).  For 6 others (Mount Zion A.M.E., Friends, Mercer, First Baptist, Riverview, and Bainbridge) there are unpublished transcriptions.  The scope and completeness of these transcriptions vary widely and in several cases there are multiple sources available.  The transcriptions presented here are as they were compiled, some are chronological, others are alphabetized or their order is unclear:

First Baptist Churchyard
First Presbyterian Churchyard
Friends Graveyard
Mercer Cemetery 1846-1852 (June 8)
Mercer Cemetery 1880-1920
Mercer Cemetery 1895-1973
Riverview Cemetery
Saint Michael's Churchyard

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