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According to Webster’s Dictionary, a document is, among other things, “a writing conveying information.”  Historians use documents to explore the past and create them as they attempt to tell the stories they uncover.  This page contains information about the documents themselves, some historical documents, more recent writings about the past and documents that tell some of the story of the Trenton Historical Society itself.


Manuscripts from the 1700s and Earlier
Manuscripts from the 1800 to 1850
Manuscripts from the 1851 to 1899
Manuscripts from the 1900 and Latter
Manuscripts with an Unknown Date

Archaeological Investigations Within the Dunhams Block
by Hunter Research Associates, 1989

Life and Incidents of Carrel C. Ivins 1833 to 1898 (Chapters 1 -9)

Trenton in 1775 Mapping Project

Trenton Ephemera

Trenton, One Hundred Years Ago
by William Stryker, 1878

Battles of Trenton Brochure

A Historical Account and Archaeological Analysis of the Eagle Tavern
by Rebecca White, Nadene Sergejeff, William Liebeknecht, & Richard Hunter, 2005

The Assunpink Creek in Mill Hill, A History and Consideration of Historic Intrepetive Opportunities
by Nadene Sergejeff, Damon Tvaryanas, Ian Burrow, & Richard Hunter, 2002

Trenton Textiles and the Eagle Factory: A First Taste of the Industrial Revolution
by Richard Hunter, Nadene Sergejeff, & Damon Tvaryanas, 2004

Trenton Ferry District National Register of Historic Places Nomination (DRAFT)

Trenton Historical Society (THS) By-Laws

2002 THS Annual Report

2003 THS Annual Report

2004 THS Annual Report

2005 THS Annual Report

2006 THS Annual Report

2007 THS Annual Report

2009 THS Annual Report

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