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Trenton Manuscripts with Unknown or Uncertain Dates

The Trentoniana Room of the Trenton Public Library houses a fine collection of primary documents related to Trenton's history. The following list contains information and, in some cases, transcriptions of these materials that have unknown or uncertain dates.

Year Party of 1st Part Party of 2nd Part Description
18?? Washington Avenue Market Association Unnamed bearer Stock Certificate
18?? Delaware Steam Fire Engine Company Unknown ladies Ladies' Invitations
18?? Good Will Steam Fire Engine Company Howard Steam Fire Engine Company #4 Ladies' Invitations
18?? Hand-in-Hand Fire Company Booth, Sophia Roll Ribbon
18?? Unknown sender Unknown receiver Valentines
18?3 Evans, Samuel Dauthaday, James & Van Marter, Theo. Marriage Certificate
c 1849 Young men of Danboro Bearer Invitation
Stryker, William S. Portrait Collection
Stryker, William S. Autograph Collection
Stryker, William S. Autograph Collection
Stryker, William S. Autograph Collection
Stryker, William S. Correspondence
Phares, Mary Ida Autograph Collection
Stannard, George Catalog
Broad Street Park Rusling, James F. Broadside
Cochran Drugan & Co.
McCormick, John Arena, The Program
Ruhlman, John S. Sheet Music
Ruhlman, John S. Sheet Music
Ruhlman, John S. Sheet Music
Ruhlman, John S. Sheet Music
Trent Theatre Thompson, Denman Program
Hill, Franz Record Book
Ruhlman, John S. Blank Form
Yard's Advertisement
Lenox Pottery Flyer
Abrahamson Coll. of Busn. & Shorthand Brochure
Arcade Club & Billiard Parlors Invitation
Arena Boxing Program Program
Association Symphony Orchestra Association Hall Admission Ticket
Auxiliary to Bayard Post No. 8, G.A.R. Silk Ribbon
Fisher & Norris Eagle Anvil Works Pamphlet
Hunt's State Theater Tickets
Kaplan's Letter
Ladies of Crosswicks, Burlington Co. Legislature of New Jersey Petition
Lochiel Club Weld, Clarence P. Sheet Music
Mechanic's National Bank Banker's Pocket File
Mercer Co. Medical Society Coleman, James B. Committee Report
Phares, Mary Ida Letter
Phares, Mary Ida Office of Adjutant General Record Book
Shaw, Dr. Jos. B. Stuckert's Prescription Drug Store Prescription
Trent Theatre A.L. G. Field's Greater Minstrels Program
Trenton Business College
Trenton Furnishings Company Advertisement
Trenton Horse Railroad Co. Green, Edward T Ticket
Trenton House Dinner Menu
Trenton Volunteer Firemen's Relief Assc. Blank Envelope
VanDyke's Grove Invitation
Connolly, Donald J. Trenton, City of Blank Certificates
Potts Family Stacy Family Accounts of Ancestry

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