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Trenton Manuscripts from the 1700s & earlier

The Trentoniana Room of the Trenton Public Library houses a fine collection of primary documents related to Trenton's history. The following list contains information and, in some cases, transcriptions of these materials that are dated prior to 1800.

Year Party of 1st Part Party of 2nd Part Description
1689 DeWilde, James Newbold, Michael Agreement
17?? Howell, Daniel Prouts, Ebenezer Deed
1701 Ewing, Maskell Jr. Trenton Soc. Improvemnt in Useful Knowl. Rules
1708 DeWilde, John Woodward, Anthony; Salter, Richard Last Will & Testament
1721 Trent, William Trent, James Letter
1724 Bustill, Samuel (Surrogate) Trent, James Attestation
1724 Trent, Mary Trent, William Disclaimer
1724 Bustill, Samuel Hunloke, Sarah Attestation
1725 Trent, James Bonham, Samuel Indenture
1726 Bustill, Samuel Trent, William Attestation
1729 Trent, James Dagworthy, John Indenture
1729 Trent, James Bainbridge, John Indenture
1731 Quicksall, Joshua Potts, Thomas Jr. Receipt
1732 Bainbridge, John Sr. Bainbridge, John Jr. Indenture
1735 Harrow, Isaac Ely, George Indenture
1735 Ely, George Jr. De Cou, Joseph Indenture
1737 Johnson, Samuel Clayton, Joseph Indenture
1738 Palmer, Thomas & Elizabeth Lawrence, Thomas Indenture
1738 Chambers, James Reed, Andrew Indenture
1739 Clayton, Joseph Mead, Joseph Indenture
1739 Chambers, James Reed, Andrew Indenture
1741 Freeholders of Hopewell, etc Commissioners of Hunterdon County Petition
1741 Mead, William De Cou, Joseph Indenture
1742 Sober, John Biles, Benjamin Indenture
1744 Kirkbride, Mahlon Beakes, Nathan Deed
1744 Livingston, Neil Jenney, Amos Indenture
1744 Biles, Elizabeth Biles, Benjamin Indenture
1745 Anderson, Joshua Bond, Elijah Indenture
1746 Burge, Samuel Bond, Elijah Indenture
1748 Inhabitants of of Trenton New Jersey House of Representatives Petition
1748 Howden, Catherine & Howden, Michael Allen, John Receipted Bill
1750 De Cou, Joseph Rose, Stephen Indenture
1750 De Cou, Joseph Worrell, Joseph Indenture
1751 Howell, Joshua & Rebecca Rutherford, James Indenture
1752 Anderson, John, et. al. Bond, Elijah Indenture
1753 Lloyd, John & the College of New Jersey Horton, M. (male) Lottery Ticket
1754 Biles, Benjamin Ely, William Indenture
1754 Potts, Stacy Potts, Sarah Bond
1754 Wills, Noah & Mary Green, Daniel Indenture
1755 Potts, Stacy Smith, Daniel Bond
1755 Potts, Stacy Smith, Daniel Bond
1756 Smith, Robert Reed, Andrew Indenture
1757 Hornor, Joseph Potts, Stacy Indenture
1758 Yard, William Allen, John Bill
1759 Rutherford, James Pidgeon, William Indenture
1761 Potts, Stacy Tucker, William Bond
1761 Beakes, Stacy Beakes, Nathan Deed
1762 Dickinson, General Philemon Lee, John Indenture
1763 Dennis, Philip Phillips, Joseph Indenture
1764 Ely, William Potts, Stacy Indenture
1764 Furman, Moore Livingston, Neil Indenture
1764 Howard, Michael Jr. Potts, Stacy Indenture
1764 Ely, William & Jemima Hunt, Abraham Indenture
1765 Coxe, William & Rebecca Jones, Stephen Indenture
1765 Bond, Elijah & Mary Beadles, Ruth Indenture
1766 Biles, Benjamin Potts, Stacy Indenture
1767 Potts, Stacy Coningham, Ann Bond
1768 Yard, Benjamin Tucker, Samuel Indenture
1768 Yard, Benjamin & Isaac Beakes, Nathan Deed
1768 Franklin, William (Royal Governor) Law enforcement officers of New Jersey Proclamation
1769 Potts, Stacy Unknown Letter
1769 Lawrence, Thomas & Mary et al. Potts, Stacy Indenture
1769 Dickinson, Philemon Dickinson(?), Sam Letter
1770 Rodman, Thomas Anderson, John Indenture
1770 Plaskett, John Beakes, Nathan Deed
1771 Green, Joseph Brearley, Elizabeth Indenture
1771 Yard, Benjamin Beakes, Nathan Deed
1771 Rozell, John Stevens, Thomas Indenture
1772 Pidgeon, William Esq. How, Micajah Deed
1772 Potts, Stacy Godley, Anne Bond
1773 Biles, Benjamin & Elizabeth Hooper, Robert Lettis Jr. & Margaret Indenture
1773 Hooper, Robert Lettis Jr. Potts, Stacy Indenture
1773 Frazer, William (Reverend) Rounsauell, Ann Sermon
1773 Allen, Issac Potts, Stacy Indenture
1774 Brearley, David Jr. Brearley, Joseph Indenture
1775 Township of Nottingham House of Assembly of the Province of NJ Petition
1775 Tucker, William (Librarian) Moore, Samuel Notice of Meeting
1775 Phillips, Joseph Franklin, William (Royal Governor) Petition
1776 Printed by Hall & Sellers Bearer Two Dollar Note
1776 Hart, John Ayars, Jonathan Certificate
1776 Meredith, Samuel Trent, Major William Letter
1776 Williams, Rensselaer Tucker, Samuel C. Receipt
1777 Brearley Family Brearly Family Family Roll
1777 Potts, Stacy Henderson, John Obligation
1777 Tucker, Samuel Treasurer's Report
1778 Continential Currency Bearer Dollar Notes
1778 Pinkerton, David Livingston, William (Governor) Petition
1778 Potts, Stacy Council & Gen. Assembly of State of N. J. Act of Exemption
1778 Watson, William & Sarah Quigley, Robert Indenture
1778 Yard, Benjamin Yard, Archibould William Indenture
1779 Collins, Isaac Marsh, Daniel Esq. Receipt
1779 Stanton, Daniel & Slide, William Tagert, Jacob Receipt
1779 Henry, Samuel Chapman, James Indenture
1779 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1780 Collins, Isaac Charmichael, Alexander, Comm. Receipt
1780 Collins, Isaac Lloyd, John & Scudder, Col. William Receipted Bill
1780 Potts, Stacy NJ Legislative Council & Gen. Assembly Petition
1780 Potts, Stacy Sr. Trappell, Michael Agreement
1780 Collins, Isaac Dumont, Peter Receipt
1780 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1780 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1780 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1780 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1780 Cox, John (Colonel) Unknown Friend Letter
1780 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1781 Collins, Isaac Arnold, Jacob (Captain) Receipt
1781 Cox, John (Colonel) Unknown party Letter
1781 Scudder, Nathan Manning, Benjamin Recommendations
1781 State of New Jersey & Collins, Isaac Bearer Notes
1781 Cox, John (Lieutenant Colonel) Pettit, Charles Letter
1781 Cox, John (Colonel) Green, Major General Letter
1782 Pemberton, John & Hannah Potts, Stacy Indenture
1783 Dixon, John Mans, Jacob Indenture
1783 Potts, Stacy Curtis, Joseph Bond
1783 Curtis, Joseph Potts, Stacy Indenture
1783 Lambert, Achsah Milnor, Joseph Indenture
1783 West, Jacob (Colonel) Downing, Potts V. Bond
1783 Downing, Potts V. King & Lowry Letter
1784 Dickinson, General Philemon NJ Legislative Council Certificate
1784 Lee, Richard Henry Governor of New Hampshire Letter
1784 Potts, Stacy Potts, John Indenture
1784 Clayton, Elizabeth Potts, Stacy Statement of Accounts
1784 Rose, Abraham Rose, Ebenezer Letter
1785 Beatty, George & Elizabeth Potts, John & Stacy Indenture
1785 Cadwalader, Lambert Mitchell, George Letter
1785 Collins, Isaac Mott, James Receipted Bill
1785 Curtis, Joseph Churchill, William Houfton Warrant
1785 Ellis, William Doyle, Silvester Indenture
1785 Ellis, William Doyle, Silvester Power of Attorney
1785 Potts, Stacy Bowers, John & Long, Frederick Indenture
1785 Potts, Stacy Rippon, William Indenture
1785 Beatty, George & Elizabeth Potts, John & Stacy Indenture
1786 Williams, Rensalear   Notes
1786 State of New Jersey Patterson, William Warrant
1786 Collins, Isaac Mott, James Receipted Bill
1786 Fitch, John NJ Legislature Petition
1786 Fitch, John NJ Legislature Petition
1786 Potts, John de Belleville, Nicholas (Doctor) Receipted Bill
1786 Potts, Stacy Dye, Joseph Indenture
1786 Sauerbeck, George Potts, Stacy Indenture
1786 Phillips, Elijah & John Potts, Stacy Bond
1787 Matlack, White Potts, Stacy Bond
1787 Doyle, Silvester de Belleville, Nicholas Bill (Ledger)
1787 Potts, Stacy Throckmorton, Richard Indenture
1788 Anderson, John Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1788 Beakes, Nathan Potts, John Indenture
1788 Downing, Samuel Foster, Phillip Indenture
1788 Potts, Stacy Moore, Gershom Indenture
1788 Potts, Stacy Moore, Nathaniel Indenture
1788 Rose, Ebenezer Trenton Weekley Mercury Receipt
1788 Smith, B. Any Constable in Hunterdon County Order of Payment
1788 Yard, Benjamin & Jane Trenton Academy Trustees Indenture
1789 Ewing, Jane Hunter, James Jr. Letter
1789 Fitch, John NJ Legislature Final Petition
1789 Potts, Richard Potts, Stacy & Frappel(?), Michael Bill & Lease
1789 Rutherford(sp), Samuel & Ruth Gouverneur, Nichalos & Kemble, Peter Indenture
1789 Rutherford, Samuel & Ruth Gouverneur, Nicholas & Kemble, Peter Indenture
1789 NJ Legislature Williamson, John (Assembly Member) Certificate
1790 Hunt, Abraham & Mary Hooper, Robert Lettis Indenture
1790 Van Cleve, Benjamin & State of N. J. Potts, John & Brearley, Elisabeth Marriage License
1790 Commrs Loan Office, Hunterdon Cty. Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1791 Cadwalader, Lambert McCulley, Joseph Indenture
1791 Trenton Academy Hunt, Robert Diploma
1792 Trent, John Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1792 Hewlings, Abraham Jr. Bell, William & Fromberger, John Indenture
1792 Sandaman, Prince & Judah See Names 1 Disposition
1793 Doyle, Silvester Morford, Lewis Partnership Agreement
1793 Howell, Arthur & Leah & Howell, Mary Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1793 Wright, David & Elizabeth Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1793 Thomson, Mark McNeely, Robert Indenture
1794 Anderson, John (Sheriff of Hunterdon) Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1794 Collins, Isaac Young, William Letter
1794 Corshon, Joshua Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1795 Axford, Charles Doyle, Silvester Indenture
1795 Beakes, Nathan & Mary Potts, John Indenture
1795 Patterson, William & Catherine Welsh, Stephen Indenture
1795 Yard, Benjamin Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1795 Potts, B. (Mrs.) None Fabric Swatches
1796 Armstrong, James F. (Reverend Doctor) Washington,  George (President) Application
1796 Collins, Isaac Mott, James Receipted Bill
1796 Doyle, Silvester Sunderland, John Bill
1796 Furman, Moore Vroom, Peter D. Letter
1796 Bell, William & Fromberger, John Hunt, Peter Indenture
1797 Dutith, Entienne & Stephens Neven, Jack Hugues Correspondence
1797 Dutith, Entienne & Stephens Neven, Jack Hugues Correspondence
1797 Gordon, Peter & Howell, Asher McNeely, Robert & Rebekah Indenture
1797 Green, Morris & Elizabeth Young, Hezekiah Indenture
1797 McNeely, Robert Haga, Godfrey Promissory Note
1797 Morris, Robert Davis, Thomas Letter
1797 Trenton Library Company Oram, James Laws & Regulations
1797 Anderson, John Smith, Jaspar Indenture
1798 White, Anthony W. Mott, James Request for Payment
1798 Doyle, Silvester (Innkeeper) Various patrons and vendors Account Book
1798 Council & Gen. Assembly State of NJ None Act to Incorporate
1799 Chambers, Alexander (deceased) Beakes, Nathan Indenture
1799 Doyle, Silvester Rosco, Jesse Receipted Bill
1799 Stevens, Israel Smith, Jaspar Indenture
1799 Trenton Banking Company Atkinson (first name unknown) Promissory Note
1799 Potts, Stacy Potts, Stacy Jr. Letter

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