Victory Parade

1883 Diary of Edmund C. Hill


Edmund C. Hill

11 Greene St.

Trenton, NJ

January Monday 1 1883

At home busy with orders.  Made no calls except a short one at Sulger’s.  Received a plush colored book from Katie Meriver.  Received a letter from Mers G.A. Perdicaris, now in Taugier, Morrocco.


Tuesday 2.

At home.  Wrote to Ella Murray at Red Bank.  Received two more letters from Miss Perdicaris. 


January Wednesday 3. 1883

At home.  Not feeling very well.  Went to Opera House to hear Buffalo Bill.  Rather enjoyed it and forgot my (...) (mistaken, Buffalo Bill was last night.)


Thursday 4.

At home.

Had a talk with Lyman and gave him a little advice.  He has been going a little wild lately.


January Friday 5 1883

Went to work in bakeroom. Lyman has taken a few days vacation to visit Harry and Dr. Miner.  I am to work in the bakeroom till he comes back. 


Saturday 6.

At home.  Went to choir practice at Nichols. Nichols are living now in Meuier’s old house.  Had a jolly time. 


January Sunday 7. 1883.

Went to church morning and evening.  Dr. Swain preached.  Read Washington Irvings Sketch Book.


Monday 8.

At home.  Attended trustee meeting at Still’s by request.

Met Judge Buchanan and took steps toward making a will.


January.  Tuesday 9.  1883

At home.  Called on Miss Collen, who taught me a little about waltzing.  By chance a number called we had enough for Lancers. 


Wednesday 10.



January.  Thursday 11.  1883.

At home.  Went sleighing with our choir.  Met at Bonneys, went to Bordentown, had oysters and a Virginia Reel.  Got home 2 A.M. bold and clear.  My tongue stuck to cornet.  Glorious good time.


Friday 12.

At home.  Wrote up recipes in my new recipe books.


January.  Saturday 13.  1883.

At home.


Sunday 14.

Church twice.  Mr. Ashton studied at Peddie Institute preached.  Mr. Zelmer and child buried from our church.  Firemen and soldiers turned out.  Big crowd. 


January.  Monday 15.  1883.


Tuesday 16.

At home.  Went to Lena Dippolt’s wedding.


January, Wednesday 17.  1883.


Thursday 18.

Choir practice at Bonney.  Had a good time.


January, Friday 19.  1883.


Saturday 20.


January, Sunday 21.  1883.

Church twice.  Rev. F. S. Slater preached.  Mother fails rapidly.


Monday 22.

At home.  Went to Fraternal Lodge.  Visitors from Rahway and Newark.


Went for doctor last night at 2 o’clock for mother. 


January, Tuesday 23. 1883.

At home.  The Bethany Church council met today.  Refused to recognize the church.  Advised the folks to return to the Clinton Ave.  Was elected member of the National History Society.  Prof Ahgar President.  Dr. Abbot Secretary.


Wednesday 24.

At home.  Bethany people are mad over the newspaper reports. 


January.  Thursday 25.  1883.

At home.  Nellie Gordon and Al Heibbs were married.  I had a chaye of refreshments.  Father gave them a nice clock.



Friday 26.

At home in morning.  Went to Philadelphia in afternoon.  Bought some boxes candies and silverware.


 Mother wild and symptoms very serious.


January, Saturday 27. 1883.

Winkler’s Band commenced a Fair in the Opera House.  Modlled after our old Bazaar.


Sunday 28.

Church twice.  Rev. Mer Friar preached.  Redd my German and French papers after dinner.  Church meeting after service to consider other matters.  We do not care to send a committee. 


January, Monday 29.  1883.

At home.


Tuesday 30.

At home.  Church meeting tonight.  Decided to send committee to confer with Bethany Committee is Bonney, Hill, Dawers, Sliter, and Grainger.   (alternate Horsfelt).  It is only a formality.  Formally signed my will today.


January, Wednesday 31.  1883.

At home.


February, Thursday 1.


At home.  Had charge of table at wedding of Miss Maggie Hullfish to Mr. Mclardill.  Attended a conference of Clinton Ave. and Bethany with a com.  of five others at Rev. Luca.  Bethany was so obstinate that it helped us.  No results.


February, Friday 2.  1883.

Furnished a large party at State Treasurer Wrights at Bordentown.  Shipped a cake today to Tangier, Morocco.


Saturday 3.

Made application to join Fred D. Stuart Lodge of Odd Fellows through Mr. Jas S. Kigen.


February, Sunday 4.  1883.

Church twice.  Rev. E. Bouvis preached.  Read my French and German papers and stayed with mother in afternoon.


Monday 5.

At home.


February, Tuesday 6.  1883.

Went to Newark to State Convention.  The convention is to take title of our church and assist us $500 a year besides helping with debt.  Afteward went to New York.  Bought goods at Slausons, Regeuhards, Tyler & Frick’s and Wallaus


Wednesday 7.

At house.  Visited State House.  Met Mrs. Buchanan and Hellen Leauring.  Bought a nice scar pin-a gold buttercup with a birth diamond in it at Cook & Jacques.   $13


February, Thursday 8.  1883.

Father assigned the Northwestern policy to me today.  dating the assignments Jan 26th 1883.  Also gave me a note fro 117.56 dated Jan. 1, 83.  my percentage on last year’s sales.


Friday 9.

Went to choir practice at Nichols.


February, Saturday 10.  1883.

Not very well.  Stayed in house.


Sunday 11.

Stayed at home.  Am not very well.  Dysentery again.


February, Monday 12,  1883.

At home.


Tuesday 13.

At home.


February, Wednesday 14.  1883.

At home.  Have stayed in house since Saturday.


Thursday 15.

At home sick.  The Clinton Ave. church had a supper last night and tonight.  Cleared about $80.  Bonney represented Washington Ladies were all dressed old style.


February, Friday 16.  1883.

At home.  Went to work again.  Attended commander.


Saturday 17.

At home.


February, Sunday 18.  1883.

Went to church morning and evening.  Rev. Adam Chambers preached.  Read Prescott’s Conquest of Peru.


Monday 19.

At home.  Was initiatedinto Fred D. Stuart Lodge of Odd Fellows. 


February, Tuesday 20.  1883.

At home.


West Freehold.

Wednesday 21.

Went to West Freehold to furnish wedding of Miss Rena Solomon to Mr. Ward.  Large attendance.  Had five men with me.  Stayed all night.


February, Thursday 22.  1883.

Visited Mr. and Mrs. Denise.  Then came home.  Attended Stoddard’s lecture on Holland and Belgium.


Friday 23.


February, Saturday 24.  1883


Sunday 25.


February, Monday 26.  1883.

Went to church business meeting.  Furnished a super for the A.O.U.W. at night.  Began last night to make Vienna bread, rolls, etc.


Tuesday 27.

Our giver had a little evening compnay about 12 or 15.  Mr. and Mrs. Hibbs, Geo. Reading, Nellie Gordon, Mattie Gaukirk, and others.  Had a fine supper.  Furnished a Auich for 150 Odd Fellows at night. 


February, Wednesday 28.  1883.

Attended Chambers lecture at Clinton Ave.  Subject- Pilgrims Program I managed the music.



March, Tuesday 1.

Went to choir practice at Tom Moones.


March.  Friday 2.  1883.

Brought second hard set Coopers Novels 24 vols.  $1.60


Saturday 3.

At home.


March, Sunday 4.  1883.

Church twice.  Rev Benedict preached.


Monday 5.

Kugler on a drunk.  I worked in bakeroom.  Revival meetings at Clinton Ave. this week.  I played organ tonight.  Church decided not to call a pastor at present.


March, Tuesday 6.  1883,

worked in bake room.  Played organ at church.  Sat up last night with bread baker to watch Vienna Bread making.


Wednesday 7.

Worked in baker room.  Lida’s sister, Mrs Merrick, died today.  Played organ at church.


March, Thursday 8.  1883.

At home.  Kugler went to work again.  Went to choir practice at Mr. Nichols.  I paid for the refreshments.


Friday 9.

At home.  Went to Mr. Stoddard’s illustrated lecture on “French chateaus and their memories.”


March, Saturday 10.  1883.

At home.  Sold about 70 loaves of bread – pretty good for a new enterprize.  The day for Wiggins storm.  Humbug.


Sunday 11.

Went to church in morning.  Rev. Benedict preached.  Read Cooper’s Pilot.  Took tea at Sheppard’s.  Did not go to church at night. 


March, Monday 12.  1883.

At home.  Went to Opera House and heard Governor St. John of Kansas lecture on Temperance.


Tuesday 13.

At home.  Went to 3 x 3 Chap.  Lewis C. Novery was presented with a High Priests jewel a memento of four years faithfulness.



March, Wednesday 14. 1883.

At home.  morning Went to Philadelphia on private business after dinner.  Today the carpenters placed our new bread trough in the bakeroom.  Best in town.  We can now turn out 700 loaves a night.


Thursday 15.

At home.  Went to choir practice at Miss Collen’s on Monmouth St.  Bought a silver coffee urn for $5.  worth $25


March, Friday 16. 1883.

At home.  Went to Opera House and heard Mr. Stoddard’s lecture on “The Speridons of Switzerland”.


Saturday 17.

At home.  Busy in store.


March, Sunday 18.

Attended church morning and evening.


Henry Taylor who is half insane called to see me.  He has been Nert and saw the Dilutaitis at Lebanon, Ohio.


Monday 19.

Edward Fore went to work for father driving bread wagon.


March, Tuesday 20.  1883.

At home.  Went to Commandery meeting.  Annual election.  Wooley elected Commandery.


Wednesday 21.

At home.  Went to choir practice at Nichols.  Had a “muss”  with the neigbors Buchanan. 


March, Tuesday 22.  1883.

At home.  Went to Morrisville to superintend table for wedding at Howells.


Friday 23.

At home.  Had choir rehearsal at church.


March, Saturday 24.  1883.

At home.  Marked 400 choc. Easter eggs making 800 in all this week.  We sold them at 3 for 25 cts.


Sunday 25.

Went to church morning and evening.  Special Easter music.  I played at night.  Miss Tatler in morning.



March, Monday 26.  1883.

Went to Phila after dinner.  Bought good at Whitiuas.  apples, potatoes, strawberries, baskets, etc.


Coming back I saw a lot of very loving young folks on the cars. 


Tuesday 27.

At home.


March, Wednesday 28. 1883.

At home.  Went with Jennie Richards to choir practice at Mrs. Mounts.  Afterward went to golden wedding at Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aitkin.  60 people and a nice time.


Thursday 29.

At home.  Went to last lecture of the Stoddard course, “Mosaics of Europe,” with Father got acquainted with Stoddard’s photographer. 


March, Friday 30.  1883.

At home.


Saturday 31.

At home.  Made up Father’s accounts for last year.  He paid all expenses in business and family and cleared in addition $2521.56.  Sold a good lot of April Fool candy. 


April, Sunday 1.  1883.

Church twice.  Rev. Davies, student from Princeton, preached.


Monday 2.


April, Tuesday 3.  1883.


Wednesday 4.


April, Thursday 5.  1883.

Went to choir practice at Mr. Moones.


Friday 6.


April, Saturday 7. 1883.


Sunday 8.

Church twice.  Judson Conklin preached.  Mr. & Mrs. Bonney took tea with us to escape the bummers.  Read Coopers Wept of Wish ton Wish.


April, Monday 9.  1883.

Election today.  Mayor Broom re-elected.  Democrats carried most everything.  Bonney was defeated in Chambersburg for Mayor.  Visited Exton and Prison with Conklin. 


Tuesday 10.

At home.  Put in 15 ton of coal.  We use now 75 ton a year.  Attended meeting of Natural History Society at State House.  Am a member of Society.


April, Wednesday 11.  1883.

At h ome.


Thursday 12.

Went to choir practice at Mr. Stites.  I sent the refreshments. 


April, Friday 13.  1883.

At home.  The young Meus Gymnastics Society had a supper in our place this evening. 


Saturday 14.

At home.  Busy in store.


April, Sunday 15.  1883.

Went to church twice.  Rev. Conklin preached and made a good impression.  Read “Wept of Wish ton Wish” by Cooper. 


Monday 16.

At home.  Went to Opera House to hear John J. Raymond as Col. Belt “In Paradise”


April, Tuesday 17. 1883.

At home.


Wednesday 18.

At home.  Called on Col Manning in evening.  Made some Tutti Frutti.  first time.


April, Thursday 19.  1883.

At home.  Went to choir practice at Mr. Bonneys.


Friday 20.


April, Saturday 21.  1883.

At home.


Sunday 22.

Church morning and eve.  Rev. Barwis preached.


April, Monday 23.  1883.

At home.  Went to Fraternal Lodge.  3rd º We furnished lunch. 


Tuesday 24.

At home.  Worked on a list of creams and ices for our ice cream opening. 


April, Wednesday 25.  1883.

Father paid me 119.90 for last years percentage and I gave him the note.  Paid Northwestern insurance $181.75.


Thursday 26. 

Went to choir practice at Nichols.  Miss Polly Wordsworth was present and sang with us.


April, Friday 27.  1883.

At home.


Saturday 28.

At home at work.


April, Sunday 29.  1883.

Church morning and evening.  Rev E.J. Footi of Middletown preached.  Visited Mr. and Mrs. Will Baker in afternoon.


Monday 30.

At home.  Church social reunion at Clinton Ave.  200 persons there.  Also Rev.  Footi, Bassan Chappill, Slater, Chase, Haitinan, Lucas, and many others.  Good music and good refreshments. 


May Tuesday 1.  1883.

At house.  N.J. Bap. St. Convention met in Central Baptist Church.  Clinton Ave. was discussed.  Subscriptions to $1500 were raised.  Father has secured also a subscription of $1000.


Wednesday 2.


May, Thursday 3.  1883.

Choir practice at night at church.  Getting ready for a concert.  Had a row with Miss Tattler the organist.


Friday 4.

At home.  Miss Tattler sent me her resignation. 


May, Saturday 5.  1883.

Arranged witih Miss Tattler to keep on playing.


Sunday 6.

Church twice.  Hatkinson preached. 


May, Monday 7.  1883.

At home.  Went with Lyman to hear Mr. Lauglin in “Pygmalion and Galatea.”  Speculated with two tickets and paid for our tickets clear.  Received invitation to Will Conrad’s birthday party.


Tuesday 8.

Forebaugh circus was in town today.  Busy day in store.  Heavy square in afternoon.  Blew the teul into shreds. 


May, Wednesday 9.  1883.

Mansion Horin badly burned last night.


Thursday 10.

Attended concert of McPherson’s 8 o’clock club at Opera House.  Very good choruses.  Sat next to Lawyer Holt and we had a jolly good time.


May, Friday 11.  1883.

At home.  Went to choir meeting at Nichols.  Had Minnie Coxon to play piano.  She plays graudly.  28 years of age today.  Had 28 bananas given to me.


Saturday 12.

At home.  Bought two globes at auction for $2.75  They cost new 40 or 50 dollars.  They once belonged to Lawery Smyth.  One is geographical and the other astronomical. 


May, Sunday 13.  1883.

Went to church services.  Rev. Baur’s preached.


Monday 14.  Church meeting tonight.  Special Nanoway and Chambers handed in their letters.  We cannot get Conklin.  He has accepted a call in Connecticut.  Afterward heard Harry A. Donnelly as Horatio in “Hamlet” at Opera House.  Very good.


May, Tuesday 15.  1883.

At work.  Went to Commandery.


Wednesday 16.

Took horseback ride to Yardley called on Lloyd’s.  Had some horse once owned by Pierre Lorrilard, an old hurdle racer.  Very tired and stiff tonight.  Choir practice tonight.


May, Thursday 17. 1883.

Went to choir practice at Nichols. Error


Friday 18.

At home.  Went to rehearsal at Nichols Miss Tattler not present.  Got Mrs. Forst to play.  Choir grows.  Sings very well. 


May, Saturday 19.  1883.

Busy in store.  Letters from Harry show he is having a good trade.


Sunday 20.

At went to church twice.  Rev. Buchanan preached. 


May, Monday 21.  1883.

At home.  Went to William X. Conrad’s birthday party.  Danced till two o’clock in the morning.  Good time.  We also furnished refreshments. 


Tuesday 22.

At home.  At work.


May, Wednesday 23.  1883.

At home.  Went to concert rehearsal at church.


Thursday 24.

Our choir gave a concert in the church tonight.  300 present.  Cleared about $50.  Which we divide with Mr. Baker and Miss Collin. 


May, Friday 25.  1883.

At home.  A busy day of preparation.


Saturday 26.

Our “Summer Opening.”  Big time.  Well advertised.  Great crowds had to lock the doors a great success – the talk of the town.  Took in $324.25.  Gave away Shakespearean cards.  Had over a hundred varieties of creams and ices. 


May, Sunday 27.  1883.

Prison chapel dedicated today by Bishop O’Farrel.  I was invited and attended.  Afterward dined with the Bishop, about a dozen priests, and many prominent men. 


Monday 28.

At home.  Went to annual church meeting.  Was elected Treasurer and clerk for coming year. 

May, Tuesday 29.  1883.

At home.  Went to Thatcher, Primrose and Wests minstrels with Lang Johnson. 


Wednesday 30.

Decoration Day.  Good parade and fair weather.  Went over to Bonneys with Katie Meier for choir practice.  Mr. Bonney sick.  No practice.


May, Thursday 31.  1883.

Mame and Katie went home after a few days visit.


June, Friday 1.


June, Saturday 2.


Sunday 3.

Went to church twice. Rev. Bauvis preached. 


June, Monday 4.  1883.

At home.  Went out driving with Mr. Adams from New York.


Tuesday 5.


June, Wednesday 6.  1883.

At home.  Had choir practice at our house.


Thursday 7.

At home.  Went to party at night at Mr. Lannings.


June, Friday 8.  1883.


Saturday 9.


June, Sunday 10.  1883.

Went to church twice.  Rev. Philip Berry preached.  Stayed with mother in afternoon.


Monday 11.

At home.  Went to church business meeting afterward to Colinsan Lodge and managed refreshments.  

Atlantic Highlands

June, Tuesday 12. 1883.

Went to New York and from there to Atlantic Highlands to attend Trenton Baptist Association new church.  Stayed with Miss Phoebe Rogers.  Mr. & Mrs. Nanoway are also delegates.


Wednesday 13.

Went to Sandy Hook up to New York and back to kill time and then to Ocean grove.  Bought goods at Regenhards Shevill & Cos.  Mad friends with Pearce the steward on the St. Johns.



June, Thursday 14.  1883.

Walked from Ocean grove to Elberon wrote some letters & dined there.  rode back to grove.  Took 4:17 train to Keyport.  Stayed with Mrs. Sealwor and Martin.


Keyport & Red Bank

Friday 15.

Went from Keyport to Red Bank.  Met Ella Murray had a dicor and returned to Ocean grove.  Am stopping at Billy Bowers.  Mrs. Pearce and Miss Pearce from Huntington Pa are here. 


June, Saturday 16.  1883.

Rambled about Grove and Park.  Went to a hop at Sunset Hall with Nellie Wiseman.  Made acquaintance of Mr. Paugburn, Miss Ducklee, Miss Edna Segar, and other many Trentonians there. 


Sunday 17.

Went to Episcopal Church at Asbury Park.  Took supper at Earley’s Hotel.  Mayor, Priest, Hancock, Brearley, Hutchinson, Smith, Gilkison, Richey, and Bernell were there.


June, Monday 18. 1883.

Went to New York bought goods.  Saw J. W. Horton, called on Adams, dined at Astor House.  Returned to Trenton.  Had charge of a Lodge supper at Fraternal Lodge.  Home at 1 o’clock. 


Tuesday 19.

Busy around house. Business has been very good lately.  During the last six months we have had more party and wedding orders than Gilbert and Hancock together. 


June, Wednesday 20.  1883.

At home.  Went to choir practice at church.  Miss Minnie Coxon is to be our organist.


Thursday 21.

At home.


June, Friday 22.  1883.

At home.  Attended Commandery.  Kelly was knighted Red Cross.


Saturday 23.

At home.


June, Saturday 24.  1883.

Went to church morning and evening.  Rev. Graaf preached.  Took supper with Graaf at Sheppards.


Monday 25.

At home.  Went to Column Lodge with refreshments.


June, Tuesday 26.  1883.

At home.  Father went to Princeton with refreshments for reception at Dr. Werdens.


Wednesday 27.

Went to Hightstown to furnish reception at Norton’s, very rainy.  Refreshments all right.  Reached home at 2 A.M.  Met Miss Exton at Norton’s.


June. Thursday 28.  1883.

At home.  Commencement at Opera House.  Pennington graduates reunion and banquet at our house tonight.


Friday 29.

At home.  Choir practice at our house.


June, Saturday 30.  1883.

At home.  Father had a full page adv. In Trenton Times.  Also a published “interview” about the past season trade.



July, Sunday 1.

At home.  Church twice.  Rev. Selwfild of New York preached.



July, Monday 2. 1883.

Went to Phila to buy goods.



Tuesday 3.

Went to Phila to buy goods and make arrangements for tomorrow.  Clearley Tantum a deaf mute went to work for father.


July, Wednesday 4. 1883.

A very busy day.  Sent out sixty four oders.  Sold 650 qts ice cream.


Thursday 5.

At home.  Went to choir practice at church.



July, Friday 6.  1883.

Went to Princeton to see about a wedding order.


Saturday 7.

Lyman went away on a 15 days cruise to Cape May Ocean Grove, New York Hudson River and Newport with 19 other men.  “Trenton Cruising Club”


July, Sunday 8. 1883.

Went to church morning and evening.  Stayed with mother after dinner.


Monday 9.

While Lyman is away I expect to do his work in the yard, making ice cream.  Went to church business meeting.  Extended a call to C. H. Woolston of South River, NJ.


July, Tuesday 10.  1883.

Father went to Canadensis with Hill Fort who is very ill.


Wednesday 11.

At home.  Called at Bullus:



July, Thursday 12. 1883.

Furnished wedding table at Princeton.  Miss S. F. Furman was married to John Gosman of Doyleston.  Dr. McClean assisted at ceremony. 


Friday 13.


July, Saturday 14.  1883.


Sunday 15.

Went to church twice.  Rev. Bergfels preached.  Stayed with mother after dinner.


July, Monday 16. 1883.

At work.  Father was suddenly called to Hohokus or Paterson where Uncle Clark is very sick.


Tuesday 17.

Rec. letter from Ella Murray.


July, Wednesday 18. 1883.

The telegraphers strike is all the talk.


Thursday 19.

Went to a sociable at Mr. Moore’s on Hart Avenue.


July, Friday 20.  1883.


Saturday 21.

Lyman came home tonight with the Trenton Cruising Club.  Has had good time.  Cost him $35 though instead for $15.


July, Sunday 22.  1883.

Went to church in morning.  No minister.    Father being a deacon took charge.  No service at night.


Monday 23.

At home.  Took third degree in the Odd Fellows.


July, Tuesday 24.  1883.

At home.  Went to party at Nicols in honor of Lulu’s 19th birthday.  Reached home at 12.30.


Wednesday 25.


July, Tuesday 26.  1883.

Katie Stout and I had charge of a stand at Morrisville Grove.  It was the Central M.E. choir picnic.


Friday 27.


July, Saturday 28.  1883.


Sunday 29.

Attended Clinton Avenue in morning Rev. Barvis preached.  Visited Encampment of the G.A.R. at Lincoln Park in afternoon.  Went to Central M.E. Church at night.


July, Monday 30.  1883.

Father went to Forth Monmouth to see Rev. Mr. V. Wilson.


Tuesday 31.


August, Wednesday 1.  1883.

During the last two days I have made out a long scedule of  prices for wedding refreshments.


Thursday 2.

Dreadfully rainy.


August, Friday 3.  1883.

Clinton Ave. S.S. had excursion and picnic up the canal to Murnmon’s Woods.  250 went along.  I enjoyed myself immensely, manged the bag races.


Saturday 4.


August, Sunday 5.  1883.

Went to church in morning.  Mr. Baker preached.  Stayed with Ma after dinner.  Read Motley’s Dutch Republic and played piano.


Monday 6.

At home.  Governor Ludlow is one of my customers for chocolates.


August, Tuesday 7.  1883.


Wednesday 8.

At home morning.  At 2 P.M. went to Lincoln Park to the Ewing Harvest Home.  Saw lots of Trenton people there.  Had a good time.  We furnished 300 qts ice cream.  


August, Thursday 9.  1883.

At home.


Friday 10.

Ordered a set of decorated war at Fisk’s Potter 750 pieces.  Gave Berrien a handsome painted whiskey cup.


August, Saturday 11.  1883.


Sunday 12.

No service at church.  House cleaning.  I was at home all day.



August, Monday 13.  1883.

Went to Phila to buy fruit for order tomorrow.  Visited Tuller’s Refrigeration.  Dined at Hotel Bellevue.  Called at “Caterer” office.  Met Mr. Whitton, Editor.


Cream Ridge

Tuesday 14.

Went to Philadelphia Cream Ridge with refreshments for party at Joseph Holmes Jr. Large number (150) present All pleased.


August, Wednesday 15.  1883.

Edward Fort, our driver is quite sick.


Thursay 16.

Today I took Forts place on wagon.  Got up at 4.30 and delivered bread.  It rained awfully.  A terrible morning for my first experience. 


August, Friday 17.  1883.

Filled Edward’s place again.


Saturday 18.

Filled Edwards place.  Made 19 hours work today.


August, Sunday 19.  1883.

At home most all day.  Wrote a letter to Ella Murray.  Read the newspapers.


Monday 20.

At home.  Edward still sick and will be for several days likely I am getting quite used to the wagon work.


August, Tuesday 21.  1883.

At home.  Still on bread route.  Went to commandery at night


Wednesday 22.

Went to Princeton with Mr. McCain.  Saw Miss Evans and Mrs. Titus about refreshments.  Came home way by way of Hamilton Square Harvest Home in Hughes’ Woods


August, Thursday 23.  1883.

Went to Phila and bought 30 doz Havilands French china plates.


Friday 24.


August, Saturday 25.  1883.


Sunday 26.

Went to church in morning.  Rev Cubberley preached.  Drove down to Hamilton Square to take home Arteet Denah who has been staying with us a week or so.


August, Monday 27.  1883.


Tuesday 28.


August, Wednesday 29.  1883.


Thursday 30.


Put our exclusive job of decorating dishes in the hands of Mr. Nichols at the International Pottery.  656 pieces.  Went to Princeton and saw General John Ramsey. Sold him goods for next week.


August, Friday 31.  1883.

Went over the bread write first, then went to Lebanon, saw Clarkes Creamery, visited Bealtys organ factory at Washington, returned to Glese Gardner, had supper, and returned by way of Elizabeth.


September, Saturday 1.

Have been on the bread wagon two or three weeks.  It is hard work although rather pleasant.


September, Sunday 2. 1883.

Church twice.  Rev. O.J. Walker preached.  Called on Mr. King.  Very sick and near his end.


Monday 3.

At home.  Put Howard Labaw at work driving bread wagon.  Went to Princeton to G.A.R. Encampment.  Saw Ramsey and made several arrangements to ship goods to him. 


September, Tuesday 4.  1883.

At home.  Father went up in Connecticut on visit to Harry and to Miners.


Wednesday 5.

At home in morning.  Went to Princeton to encampment.  Saw sham battle.  Not so much of a sham.  About a dozen got hurt.


Septemebr, Thursday 6. 1883.

At home.  Palestine Commandery gave a reception and banquet to four members who have returned from the San Francisco Triennial Conclave.  I managed the banquet.


Friday 7.

At home.  Went to Princeton.  Mad Gen. Ramsey an offer for 200 piece of table ware on way home a colored man was crushed to death in the car wheel right under my seat in the car.


September, Saturday 8.  1883.

Went to Encampment after dinner.  General Ramsey paid our bill.  $110.00  Weather was cool, not much sold.


Sunday 9.

Went to church twice.  O.J. Walker preached.  Read Little Dorrit after dinner.  Mr. Walker took tea with us.  Jennie Richards went home to stay a week.  Kate Stout has been away three weeks.


September, Monday 10.  1883.

At home.


Princeton Junction

Tuesday 11.

Bought a lot of crockery ware at auction sale at Princeton Encampment about 400 pieces.  Grand commandery met today.  I went a little while.  Went to Opera House with Lyman to see “7-20-8.”


September, Wednesday 12.  1883.

At home.  Father took Raymond today to boarding school at Bridgeton, N.J.


Thursday 13.

At home.  Democrat gubernatorial convention in Opera House.  Nominated Leon Abbott.  Called on Miss Hattie Haines and her mother from Albany visiting Mr. Clias Moores.  Ashely Place.


September, Friday 14.  1883.


Saturday 15.


September, Sunday 16.  1883.

Went to church twice.  Rev. Walker preached.


Monday 17.


September, Tuesday 18.  1883.

Republican convention at Taylor Hall nominated Judge Dixon for governor.  We furnished over 200 meals.  Attended Nat. His. Soc. at State House.  Dr. Stokes exhibited small water animalculae under microscope.


Wednesday 19.

Father went to Frenchtown to visit Harts and see about wedding order for Miss Knight.


September, Thursday 20.  1883.


Friday 21.

Went to Lawrenceville in morning saw Mr. J.M. Cross and Mr. Jas L. Patterson.  Also Dr. MacKensie masters in the new school.  We are making arrangements to supply them with bread.  Also after dinner visited Phila.


September, Saturday 22.  1883.

At home.


Sunday 23.

Church twice.  Rev. Walker preached.  Miss Colin sang with us today for last time.  She goes to New York to live.


September, Monday 24.

At home.  Went to church meeting.  Extended a call to Rev. O.J. Walker.  Afterward went to Fraternal Lodge.  Furnished a supper.


Tuesday 25.

Sunday school Union met in our church.  40 delegates.  Robt Lowry was President.  Our choir sang at night.  Went to United States District court as petit juror.  Dismissed till next Tuesday. 


Wilmington, Del.

September, Wednesday 26.  1883.

Went to Wilmington, Del. to see about a Vienna Bread baker.  Did not get him stopped in Phila on way home. Bought a silver epergna $20.00.  Brought some grapes home for Mr. King.  Called on him at night.  He is very low.


Thursday 27.


September, Friday 28.  1883.

At home.  Went to Opera House at night a little while.  Heard Leno Abbet speak.  Bombastic.


Saturday 29.


September, Sunday 30.  1883.

Church morning and evening.  Rev. Walker preached.


October, Monday 1.

At home.


October, Tuesday 2.  1883.

At home.  Went to court and was discharged at noon until next Wednesday.  Call on Col. Manning.


Wednesday 3.

At home.  Received my policies of 8500 dollars in the Northwestern Masonic Insurance Company of Chicago.


October, Thursday 4.  1883.

At home.  Called at Stoll’s to see about wedding order.  Called at Bullus’ and went to choir practice.


Friday 5.

At home.


October, Saturday 6.  1883.


Sunday 7.

Went to church twice.  Rev. C.L. Williams preached.


October, Monday 8.  1883.


Tuesday 9.

Attended meeting of Nat. His. Society.  I read the leading paper, “Observations on Gold Fish.”  Interesting meeting.


October, Wednesday 10.  1883.

At home.  Went to a party at Mr. & Mrs. Moores East State Street.  Had a very nice time.


Princeton – Paterson

Thursday, 11.

Went to Princeton to superintend table at double wedding of the two Misses Evans.  Had charge of the music also.  Then went to Paterson to be present at a fine wedding in the Dunlap family.


Paterson New York

October, Friday 12. 1883.

Went down to New York after dinner.  Bought goods at Regenhard’s Shevill & Co.  and at Krafts.  Returned to P.  Uncle and Aunt had arranged a party for me.  Had a pleasant time. 


New York

Saturday 13.

Uncle Clark & I went to New York.  Bought goods at Thurbers, Nortons, Sehalls, Harts, and other places.  Returned to Trenton.


October, Sunday 14.  1883.

Went to church twice.  Rev. Williams preached.


Monday 15.

At home and at work.


October, Tuesday 16.  1883.

At home.  Sent $20 to Stoddard Insurance Agt. Chicago.  Rec. 200 new decorated plates for quit.


Wednesday 17.


October, Thursday 18.  1883.


Friday 19.

George Hortel and I went to Opera House to see “Fun on the Bristol”.


October, Saturday 20.  1883.


Sunday 21.

Church twice.  Rev. Walker preached also went to Mr. Krieg’s funeral in the church at 3 P.M.  Church full.  Choir sang.  Large attendance of veterans. 


October, Monday 22.  1883.

At home.  I had charge of lunch at Columnar Lodge tonight.  We also furnished a lunch at home for the Odd Fellows.


Tuesday 23.


October, Wednesday 24.  1883.

Busy all day getting ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will have a column and a half notice and history of our store in the Trenton Times and on Friday a column adv in Eruponium.


Thursday 25.

Today we begin our fall and winter opening.  Lots of novelties in dishes and goods.  Lots of visitors.  Elegant weather sales very good.  We have flowers made from bread dough for our curiosity. 


October, Friday 26.  1883.

Very rainy and not many visitor at our opening.  Uncle Clark Hill and Dr. Miner are visiting here now.  Last night Father gave complimentary lunch to the members of the city press.  I presided.  


Saturday 27.

A great many visitors.  More people and better sales than last year.


October, Sunday 28.  1883.

Went to church twice.  Mr. Williams preached.  Wrote Ella Murray.  Bethany Baptist Church opened a fair at Opera House last night.  I went down today to see their decorations.


Monday 29. 

Sent some goods today to I.H.  Perdicaris at Tangier, Morocco.  Visited the U.S. Court, saw Roscoe Conkling, Clarence Seward, Courtlandt Parker, and Exsecy Robeson engaged on a law case.  Lydia Norton went to Easton. 


October, Tuesday 30.  1883.

Lyman went to Easton.  I went to court – no  cases – jury discharged.  My pay was $8 for 4 days.


Wednesday 31.

Lyman and Lydia were married yes today at Easton. 


November, Thursday 1. 1883.

At home.  Visited James Mason Portery with Frank Closson.  Went to choir practice at Mr. Moons.  Wart Ave.


Friday 2.

At home.  Went to Opera House at night and heard Courtlandt Parker speak for Dixon. 


November, Saturday 3.  1883.

At home.  Visited Coxons (Eagle) and Cooks (New Jersey or Union) Portery.  Made out a list of desirable customers.


Sunday 4. 

Went to church twice.  Pastor Walker received hand of fellowship. 


November, Monday 5.  1883.

At home.  Went to Opera House with Irving Kelly and heard Maggie Mitchell play “Fanchon”.  Visited Greenwood China Works and Deans decorating shop.


Tuesday 6.

Election day.  Went to Phila in morning.  Bought goods at Whitman’s Douglass Herberts.


November, Wednesday 7.  1883.

Democratic victory yesterday in New Jersey.  Leon Abbett next governor.  Furnished sociable at Opera House.  75 couples expected.  20 there.  We were paid in full.


Thursday 8.

At home.  Went to choir practice at Bonneys. 


November, Friday 9.  1883.

At home.  Went to royal Arcanum, was in initiated and paid up my dues.  Afterward went down to a meeting of the Commandery’s. 


Saturday 10.

At home.  Went at night to concert at Opera House.  Emma Thursby sang.  Mr. Glover sang Chevalier Kontski played the piano very fine audience very fine entertainment. 


November, Sunday 11.  1883.

Went to church twice.  At the morning service Rev. Walker called on me to make a speech on church finances.  I did so.


Monday 12.

At home.  Had charge of refreshments at Column Lodge. 


November, Tuesday 13.  1883.

At home.  Attended a meeting of the Natural History society at the State House.  Dr. Stokes, Dr. Stevens, and Prof. McPharlaus read papers.  L.H. Eastburn gave a stylish supper at our place.  Three sat down.


Wednesday 14.

At home.  Lyman and Lydia came home tonight.  Lydia lost her teeth from car window. 


November, Thursday 15.  1883.

At home.  Went out to church for choir practice.  Nobody there.  Mother’s mind seemed clear today for a little while.


Friday 16.

At home.  Mother had a return to her former state.


November, Saturday 17.  1883.

At home.


Sunday 18.

Went to church twice.  Read Nicholas Nickelby and played on piano.


November, Monday 19.  1883.


Tuesday 20.

Furnished a dinner today for the Grand Encampment of Odd Fellows, uniformed degree.  80 present.  Also furnished a table for A.J. Rider’s fifth wedding anniversary 100 present. 


November, Wednesday 21.   1883.

Went to Princeton to furnish weddin gof Jeannie Titus to J. Warren Coleman Jr.  Lovely table.


Thursday 22.

Furnished a banquet for the grand lodge of Odd Fellows at home 110 present.


November, Friday 23.  1883.

At home.  Busy straightening up.  Went to Opera House with Geo W. Hortel and heard Rose Eytinge in “A Winter’s Tale” by Shakespeare.


Saturday 24.

At home.


November, Sunday 25.  1883.

Church twice.  In afternoon stayed with Mother and read “Nicholas Nickelby”.


Monday 26.

Went to church for business meeting.  No quorum.  Called afterward at Colonel Mannings.


November, Tuesday 27.  1883.

Went to Phila Shopped about town, dined at the Layfayette, and heard Henry Irving as Louis XI at the Chestnut St. Opera.  Early in morning heard Roscoe Conkling at U.S. Court.  Saw Campanini on the train.


Wednesday 28.  Ray came home from boarding school.


November, Thursday 29.  1883.

Busy in store with order work.  Had a good big dinner.


Friday 30.

At home.


December, Saturday 1.  1883.

At home.


Sunday 2.

Church twice.  Stayed with Mother after dinner.  Ready Nicholas Nickelby and the papers.


December, Monday 3.  1883.


Tuesday 4.


December, Wednesday 5.  1883.


Thursday 6.


December, Friday 7.  1883.


Saturday 8.

Went to church twice.


December, Sunday 9.  1883.

Went to church twice.  Stayed with Mother after dinner.


Monday 10.


December, Tuesday 11.  1883.

Went to a meeting of the Natural History Society.  Mr. Wood was elected and Mr. Ribsaw was blackballed to my astonishment.


Wednesday 12.


December, Thursday 13.  1883.

Went to Princeton to superintend a supper table at Philip Hendricksons. Very successful.  Got home 3 A.M.


Friday 14.

Did not get up untill 11 A.M.  Went to Phila.  Bought goods and went to Academy of Music and head Patti sing in Semiramide.  Lovely music.  Paid $2 and sat on step in aisle.


December, Saturday 15.  1883.

At home.


Sunday 16.

Went to church twice.


December, Monday 17.  1883.

Paid Yates clerk $68.11 for oysters.  He took the money and left for New York with it.


Tuesday 18.

Went to funeral of “Uncle” Amos Howell.  Masonic honors.  I was one of the escorts for the hearse.


December, Wednesday 19.  1883.

St John’s Commandery of Philadelphia visited our commandery tonight.  Banquet at Washington Hall.  We served a supper at our home for I.O.O.F. Concordia Lodge’s 50th anniversary.


Thursday 20.

Furnished wedding order at Atleris.


December, Friday 21.  1883.

Kugler on a drunk again.  Very bad for our business.  Busy in store this year we have sold about 1200 lbs candies for Sunday Schools.


Saturday 22.

Busy in store.  Business has been very good so far.


December, Sunday 23.  1883.

Church twice.  Finished reading Nicholas Nickelby.


 Monday 24.

Very busy in store Receipts 328.94.  Discharged Kugler.


December, Tuesday 25.  1883.

Received several nice presents, a pair of slippers, card, scarf pin, etc,, or,

Wednesday 26.


December, Thursday 27.  1883.

Went to Phila.  Engaged a baker named Ernest Boehm.


Friday 28.

Was busy fixing up our books for next year.  We have accounts on book with 93 persons, about $1300.


December, Saturday 29.  1883.

At home.  Discharged Boehm.


Sunday 30.


December, Monday 31.  1883.

Transcribed 2006

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