Victory Parade

1881 Diary of Edmund C. Hill


Saturday Jan. 1st, 1881

Father put me in charge of his business today at salary of $10 per week and 5% on all over $15,000 sales.  Took dinner at Miners Addieltubband(?).  Called at OHs, Buchanans.  Brewers, Titus’ and young Ms. Buchanan.

Sunday Jan. 2nd

Church morning and evening.  Read in afternoon.  Mother is unwell; she has not left her room for nearly two weeks.  Read Les Miserables.

Monday Jan. 3rd

At home. 

Went to see “My Pardner” at the Opera House with John Selkirk, Our head confectioner.

Sent to N.Y. for eel(?) 15 vol. Chambers Encyclopedia, cloth binding new $11; Book Exchange price.

Tuesday Jan. 4th

At home.

Ella Bower and Charley Wardell were married today at Central Baptist Church.

Ray Austin married today.

Wednesday Jan. 5th

At home.

Prayer meeting at night; Clinton Avenue.

Roof leaked at night.  Had to get up at 3AM and take tubs up in the garret to catch drips.

Thursday Jan. 6th

At home.

Wrote to Ella Murray.

Victoria Broomie was married to Mr. Will Thorn.

Friday Jan. 7th

At home.

Harry came(?) on today from Waterbury.

Saturday Jan. 8th

At home.

Have been making some changes quietly in the business.  Engaged John Selkirk today for the year at $10 per week.

Sunday Jan. 9th

Church in morning.

Read in afternoon.

Bad weather.  Took a nap in evening.

Monday Jan. 10th

At home.

Received letter from Pres. Hayes in his own handwriting, thanking us for the big pitcher and regretting that he cannot accept my invitation to visit the Trenton potteries.

Tuesday Jan. 11th

At home.
At night took the Mark Mastin Mason (rest of entry illegible)

Had long talk last night with “Honest” John Weill(?), the congressman from Paterson.

Wednesday Jan. 12th

At home.

Directed(?) about two hundred circulars ready for mailing.

Thursday Jan. 13th

At home.

Letter fr. Ella Murray.

Anniversary of Harry and Maure’s wedding.

Our family took dinner at Dr. Miners.  There was a sociable in the evening but I did not attend.


Friday Jan. 14th

At home.

Tried to make a batch of angel food, a new cake, but did not get the right proportions.

Went to prayer meeting at Clinton Avenue.


Saturday Jan. 15th

At home.

Dr. + Mrs. Miner, Kalin Harry and Maure and Louis Decker took tea at our house.


Sunday Jan. 16th

Went home in a sleigh with Jennie Richards.  Returned towards evening.

Church at night.


Monday Jan. 17th

At home.

Went skating in the afternoon on the river.  The river is in finer condition than I ever knew it to be.


Tuesday Jan. 18th

At home.

Inauguration Gov. Ludlow.  Assemblyman Donnelly gave me complimentary ticket.  Could not go.  Busy at home.  Gave my ticket to Mr. Bacon of Illinois, friend of Dr. Miner.

Read Les Miserables at night.


Wednesday Jan. 19th

At home.

Grand Lodge Masons met today.  Busy at home.

Went to Opera House and heard John T. Raymond as Colonel Mulberry Sellers.  Very good.  Learning(?) went with me.


Thursday Jan. 20th

At home.

Attended Grand Lodge Masons in afternoon and saw the new officers installed and the closing
ceremonies.  Met Mr. Chas Riess(?) of Elizabeth.

Went to a sociable at Taylors, in Morrisville.


Friday Jan. 21st

At home.

Lyman and I were vaccinated today.  There is a little small pox about and people are being vaccinated by the thousand.


Saturday Jan. 22nd

At home.

Sunday Jan. 23rd

Church morning and evening.

Read “Les Miserables” in afternoon.


Monday Jan. 24th

At home.


Tuesday Jan.25th

At home.

Lang(Doug?) Johnson is at work for mother making lambrequis(?) for the windows.


Wednesday Jan. 26th

At home.

Made an augments(?) for order tomorrow.


Thursday Jan. 27th  - Creau(?) Ridge

Went to Creau(?) Ridge to attend wedding of L.B. Meir’s daughter.  200 guests.  $164.  Everything satisfactory. 

Slept in parlor on sofa with Lang Johnson.  Bad roads heavy with snow.

Friday Jan. 28th

Returned from Creau(?) Ridge.  Cold ride 18 miles.

Bought three volumes of Macauleys Essays also Homer’s Odyssey and Homer’s Iliad.  (lost word) volumes Russia’s leather gill top(?).  American Book Exchange $3.90.


Saturday Jan. 29th

At home.  Busy in store(?).

Father was sick at night after he went to bed, with stomach troubles.  I did not go to bed till 2 A.M.


Sunday Jan. 30th

Church morning and evening.

Read Les Miserables and Macauleys Essays in afternoon.


Monday Jan. 31st

At home.

Practised music at night.

The month just closed has been very good  We took in $1650.  More than any month last year.




Tuesday Feb. 1st

At home.

Read papers and wrote letters at night.


Wednesday Feb. 2nd

At home.

Went to prayer meeting at night.


Thursday Feb. 3rd

Went to New York.

Stopped on way to see Chas Riess, Elizabeth.

Bought bill of Easter Eggs and other things at Regeuhard(?), Shevill + Co.’s.  Dined at Astor House Restaurant.

Called at American Book Exchange.


Friday Feb. 4th

At home.


Saturday Feb. 5th

At home.


Sunday Feb. 6th

Church morning and evening.

Took dinner and tea with Dr. Miner.


Monday Feb. 7th

At home.

Father gave me a due bill today for one hundred dollars, the balance of last years wages.

Went to Opera House.  “Widow Bedon(?)”


Tuesday Feb. 8th

At home.

Busy preparing for wedding order tomorrow.


Wednesday Feb. 9th  - Flemington, NJ

Went with three colored waiters to Flemington to attend wedding of Miss Annie Voorhees(?) to Mr. Am(?). A. Cotter of Cincinnati  43 guests sat down.  Finest spread ever in Flemington.  Compliments (word illegible)

Stopped at Lambertville on way home.


Thursday Feb. 10th

At home.

Attended centennial celebration of Trenton Academy.


Friday Feb. 11th

Rec. letter from Ella Murray.  Her old beau Tom Conover is dead.  I wrote her a note.

At home.

Attended sociable of Tres Jolie at A.V. Mannings on Greenwood Avenue.  Took Miss Boeman of Flemington who is visiting (illegible).

Close coach, a bit of style, and fine time.  Home 2 A.M.


Saturday Feb. 12th

At home.

Gave Will Balduff notice that I wish to make a change in Bakers.


Sunday Feb. 13th

Church morning and evening.

Read and played the organ in the afternoon.


Monday Feb. 14th

At home.


Tuesday Feb. 15th

At home.

Spent the evening together with Mr. Taylor, Lately of New York at Miss Setphins(?), on Warren et.


Wednesday Feb. 16th

At home.


Thursday Feb. 17th

At home. [Hamilton Square]

Mother went down to give Mrs. Tillon a dozen small bottles champagne .

Gave a book Homers Odyssey to the Book Entertainment(?) of the Grand Aurrey(?) of the Republic.


Friday Feb. 18th  - Phila

Went to Phila.  Engaged Henry S. Leach as baker to come on Monday. 

Made the aequaintance of Mr. Herbert the finest workman in our business in America.

Took two degrees in Royal Arch(?) Masonry.


Saturday Feb. 19th

Father went to Waterbury.  Harry has to move.

W.S. Balduff closed up work here.


Sunday Feb. 20th

Went to church in morning, but not at night.

Finished Les Miserables.

Lyman and I visited St. Francis Hospital.  Enquired about taking Mrs. Tillon.


Monday Feb. 21st

At home.

Henry S. Leach began work here as baker.

Went to church business meeting.  Afterward went to a variety(?) wedding at Mr. + Mrs. Hatfields  No 40 Grant Ave.


Tuesday Feb. 22nd

At home.

Called on Miss Setphins(?) in the evening.


Wednesday Feb. 23rd

At home.

Reviewed(?) letter for Ella Murray, and afterward sent her a wreath of flowers for Tom Conover’s funeral.


Thursday Feb. 24th

At home.

There is a book sale going on in Trenton and I have purchased several volumes, a prize with every book.


Friday Feb. 25th

At home.


Saturday Feb. 26th

At home.


Sunday Feb. 27th

Church morning and evening.  Dr. Miner is unwell, and unable to preach.  Dr. Clark, author of Clarks Commentaries preached at night.


Monday Feb. 28th

At home.

Church meeting at night for business.  Not much accomplished.




Tuesday Mar. 1st

At home.

Lyman and I went to the Opera House to see Sol Smith Russell in Edgewood Folks.  Fun.


Wednesday Mar. 2nd

At home.

Had a supper for Pabuolie Sons of America at home.  35 sat down.

Bought four books at a book sale and drew a cameo ring.


Thursday Mar. 3rd

At home.


Friday Mar. 4th

At home.

Went to a sociable at Ed Grant’s on Hanover st.  50 present.  Very good time.  I took Miss Annie Voorhees(?).


Saturday Mar. 5th

At home.

Took Mrs. Tillon to St. Francis Hospital.  She will have very good care, and is satisfied with the change.


Sunday Mar. 6th

Church morning and evening.  Rev W.W. Case preached.  I took dinner with Dr. Miner.

Mr. Taylor took tea with us.


Monday Mar. 7th

Wrote letter to Ella Murray.


Tuesday Mar. 8th

At home.

Took Royal Arch Mason degree in 3x3 Chapter.  Mr. Robbins and Mr. Richard Brown were my associates.

Bought a silk hab. (illegible) one.


Wednesday Mar. 9th

(No Entry)


Thursday Mar. 10th

At home.

Attended a lecture at Model School Hall with Katie Miner.  Subject “Woman by the Fireside”.  Speaker, Edward T. Green.  Afterward went to a church sociable at J. Wesley Horsfelts(?).


Friday Mar. 11th

At home. 

Lee, Davison & Dye were robbed of $1000 worth of silks about 5 o’clock this morning.


Saturday Mar. 12th

At home.

Mrs. Welling says many are excited over discoveries of coal near their farm.  I explained to her how no coal could be found.


Sunday Mar. 13th

At home.

Attended Clinton Ave. church in morning, visited St. Francis hospital in the afternoon with Mr. Taylor, took tea with Taylor, and went to 4th Pres. Church at night.


Monday Mar. 14th

At home.

Taylor and I visited at Slakeman’s(?) and heard Mrs S play the piano.  Afterward called at Mr. Duncan’s on Mereu(?) st.


Tuesday Mar. 15th

At home.

Father went down to Hamilton Square Rec. Center for Ella Murray.  They have lost all their property and will probably have to leave the old farm.

Took horse back ride to Hospital + Perdican’s(?)


Wednesday Mar. 16th – Philadelphia

Went to Philadelphia

Bought fruit for wedding tomorrow also assortment of fine Easter Eggs.

Called last evening with Beu Phillips on Carrie Tunis(?)


Thursday Mar. 17th

Went to wedding at Mrs DeCou’s(?), on Brunswick Road

80 guests, bill $116.


Friday Mar. 18th

At home.


Saturday Mar. 19th

At home.

Have a wretched bad cold.


Sunday Mar. 20th

Went to church at Clinton Avenue in morning and evening.

Took a nap in afternoon.


Monday Mar. 21st

At home

Called on Miss (following crossed out) Carrie Tunis in the evening


Tuesday Mar. 22nd

At home

Wrote to Ella Murray


Wednesday Mar. 23rd

(No Entry)


Thursday Mar. 24th

(No Entry)


Friday Mar. 25th

At home

Attended “Tres Jolie” sociable at Mr Whitehead’s, on Greenwood Ave.

It was a masquerade and I wore a Knight Templar(?) uniform.


Saturday Mar. 26th

At home.

Discharged Henry Leach, to take effect tonight.  As compensation for no notice, I gave him a half week’s pay.


Sunday Mar. 27th

Went to church at Clinton Avenue morning and evening.

Read book in afternoon.


Monday Mar. 28th

At home

New baker went to work, by name Mr. Davis.

Letter fr. Selkirk.  He will not likely be back to work again

Went to Lineu(?) Wedding at Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Nicolli on Wall st. 22nd anniversary.


Tuesday Mar. 29th

At home.

In the bakeroom, helping new baker

Letter from Ella Murray


Wednesday Mar. 30th

In the bakeroom

Thursday Mar. 31st

Went to Phila.  Ordered a big mirror $37.50.

Saw Selkirk.  Dined at Hotel Bellevue, just opened.  Very fine.

Came home in time to go with Lyman to the Opera House to hear Mrs. Scott-Siddons as Rosalind in “As you like it”.  Perfectly grand.




Friday Apr. 1st

At home, in bakeroom.

Paid S.L. Bailey my insurance money.


Saturday Apr. 2nd

In the bakeroom


Sunday Apr. 3rd

Church morning and evening. Rev T.S. Griffith preached


Monday Apr. 4th

In the bakeroom

Went to church meeting at night.  About a dozen members were excluded for misconduct.  Jos Millingteri(?) was one


Tuesday Apr. 5th

In the bakeroom


Wednesday Apr. 6th

In the bakeroom

Went to prayer meeting


Thursday Apr. 7th

In the bakeroom.


Friday Apr. 8th

In the bakeroom

Wrote to Ella Murray.

Lyman and I had a fine horse back ride about town.  Lyman had Furman’s(?) little gray mare and I had Mr. Ivins new black pony Daudy(?)


Saturday Apr. 9th

In the bakeroom.

Mrs Tillon died this morning


Sunday Apr. 10th

Went to church morning and evening.


Monday Apr. 11th

In the bakeroom.

New confectioner John Campbell went to work.

Lang Johnson, Lyman, and I went to Opera House to see Janauschek play Mary Queen of Scots.


Tuesday Apr. 12th

In bakeroom

Went to chapter meeting.  Mr Davis’ father came up from Germantown(?) to vouch for him.  The examination was excellent.


Wednesday Apr. 13th

In the bakeroom

Called on Mrs Buchanan in the evening, and afterward at Miner’s to see the baby.


Thursday Apr. 14th

At home.

Went to a meeting of Methodist (word illegible) to welcome the new presiding Elder Rev M Shock.


Friday Apr. 15th

Went to Philadelphia

Bought an assortment of moulds for bonbons

Attended to some other business and then remained to see Sarah Bernhardt in “Jole Etraugere(?)” at the Chestnut St Theater.  Very good.


Saturday Apr. 16th

At home

Our stock of Easter Eggs was very good but no profit.  We just cleared ourselves, and have enough fine eggs for next year.  The card trade spoils our sales.


Sunday Apr. 17th

Went to church morning and evening. 

Read David Copperfield in afternoon


Monday Apr. 18th

In the bakeroom.

Went to Trenton Lodge No 5 to assist Mr Davis in passing examination


Tuesday Apr. 19th

At home


Wednesday Apr. 20th

At home

Rec. Letter fr. Ella Murray.

Went to wedding of Mr Chas Damon and Miss White.


Thursday Apr. 21st

At home.

Went to Penns Valley(?) to attend wedding at Chas A. Parson’s.  Perfectly satisfied.

Came home and went to Ashlan(?) Lodge to see Adolph Beers’ “raised.”


Friday Apr. 22nd

At home


Saturday Apr. 23rd

At home

Yesterday and today we have had carpenters busy in the bakeroom fitting for benches, hot room for bonbons

Mr Davis left off work today


Sunday Apr. 24th

Church morning and evening.

Took carriage in afternoon with Maggie Stonaker.  Drove to Yardley ville and back.


Monday Apr. 25th

At home

A new man named Samuel Kugler went to work today as baker.

Called on Carrie Tunis and heard some good music.


Tuesday Apr. 26th

At home

Mother and Father went to Frenchtown for a visit.


Wednesday Apr. 27th

At home


Thursday Apr. 28th

At home.

Furnished Julia Rulon’s wedding.  Sitting table – great bother(?) bus(?) folks were pleased.


Friday Apr. 29th

At home

Took degree of Knight of Red Cross.  Several big members were present from other Commanderies.  Banquet afterward


Saturday Apr. 30th

At home.




Sunday May 1st

At home.

Went to church morning and evening.  Took a nap after dinner.


Monday May 2nd

At home

Am devoting at present a good deal of spare time to German


Tuesday May 3rd

At home

Rec. letter fr. Ella Murray


Wednesday May 4th

At home

Went to prayer meeting at night with Addie Hubband who is visiting again at Miner’s.


Thursday May 5th

At home


Friday May 6th

At home

Wrote letter to Ella Murray.  The last one probably


Saturday May 7th – Frenchtown

At home.

Went to Frenchtown on a visit.  Met Mother at Aunt Sue Hart’s.  Had pleasant evening


Sunday May 8th – Frenchtown

Went to Presbyterian Church in Morning and to Methodist church at night with Mame Hart and Eva Reading.  Afterward Mame and I walked up on the hill to Eva’s home.


Monday May 9th

Returned home with Mother.


Tuesday May 10th

At home


Wednesday May 11th

My birthday

Recd a pretty brush and holder from cousin Lydia Nonlori(?) also a witty card from the girls at Frenchtown

Addie Hubbard, Katie Miner + Mr. Taylor took tea with us.


Thursday May 12th

At home.

Went to a church supper at Clinton Avenue with Addie Hubbard.


Friday May 13th

At home.


Saturday May 14th

At home.


Sunday May 15th

At home.

Church morning and evening.


Monday May 16th

At home

Made an arrangement with Kugler to teach me more about baking

Worked in the bakeroom in the afternoon.


Tuesday May 17th

Worked in the bakeroom


Wednesday May 18th – Princeton

Went with refreshments to Mr. John S. Gulick’s(?) at Princeton.


Thursday May 19th

At home

Went to a sociable the last of the season of the Tres Jolie at Mr. Havens on West State St.  Very good time.


Friday May 20th

At home

Wrote to Ella Murray.

The revised edition of the New Testament was issued today


Saturday May 21st

At home


Sunday May 22nd

Church morning and evening.

Read a little in my Greek Testament comparing it with it the new version.


Monday May 23rd

At home

Worked in the bakeroom.

Attended Professor Cromwell’s Art Entertainment.  Tonight he illustrated Germany and the Rhine.


Tuesday May 24th

At home


Wednesday May 25th

At home


Thursday May 26th

At home.


Friday May 27th

Took tea at Dr. Miner’s.

Uncle Seinon(?) Dilleutash’s(?) horse ran away.  Uncle Seinon(?) was hurt.


Saturday May 28th

At home

Worked in ice cream yard.  Lyman went to picnic

Letter from Ella Murray.


Sunday May 29th

At home.

Church morning and evening.  Mr. Buchanan preached.


Monday May 30th

At home.

Have received my Knight Templar equipments.  Cost 56 dollars.  Regular price 82.  two or three of us ordered together


Tuesday May 31st

At home

Expected to receive the Knight Templar degree tonight but was disappointed.

Wrote to Ella Murray.




Wednesday Jun. 1st – Yardleyville

Went to Yardleyville to attend wedding at Mr. Vangandt’s(?).


Thursday Jun. 2nd

At home.


Friday Jun. 3rd

At home.

Went up to State House to search the records for Miss Sarah A. Gallagher of Lambertville for matters of history to make a family tree.


Saturday Jun. 4th

(No Entry)


Sunday Jun. 5th

Church morning and evening

Took a long walk in afternoon over the (word illegible) bridge and then down to Morrisville returning over the lower bridge


Monday Jun. 6th

At home


Tuesday Jun. 7th

At home.

Tried to make some chicken croquettes and succeeded splendidly.  Expect hereafter to make our own and not use Augustin’s or McKenney’s.


Wednesday Jun. 8th – Hightstown

Went to Hightown to furnish wedding of Rev. Dr. Davis daughter

A special train was run from Camden to Hightstown

Afterward went to Blacks Mills to Mr. C.H. Vansant’s.


Thursday Jun. 9th – Blacks Mills

Furnished wedding of Miss Vansant to Mr. Ely Cashier of Red Bank Bank.  One hundred and seventy five guests.  Everything very fine.  Order, $225.  Very generous people.  All Baptists.


Friday Jun. 10th

Returned to Trenton by wagon

Called on Sallie Martindell in the evening.


Saturday Jun. 11th

At home.

Mothers health is very wretched.

Father applied for $5000 additional insurance, but was refused for health.


Sunday Jun. 12th

Church morning and evening.

Took tea at Dr. Miner’s.  Mr. Pendleton took tea with us.


Monday Jun. 13th

At home.

Tuesday Jun. 14th

(No Entry)


Wednesday Jun. 15th

(No Entry)


Thursday Jun. 16th

(No Entry)


Friday Jun. 17th

Took the Knight Templar and Knight of Malta in Palestine Commandery No 4 with Mr. Robbins.  Robbins and I had a treat ready for the Knights


Saturday Jun. 18th

At home.


Sunday Jun. 19th

Wrote letter to Ella Murray in (word illegible)

Went to church in evening.  No preaching.


Monday Jun. 20th

(No Entry)


Tuesday Jun. 21st

Went to meeting of Commandery.


Wednesday Jun. 22nd

At home

Had a fine horseback ride on the little grey of Furman’s.

Made application for $4000 insurance in Mutual Benefits Life Insurance Co.


Thursday Jun. 23rd

Judson S. Hill is home on a visit fr. Tennessee.  He is pastor of a M.E. church and Editor of a paper.


Friday Jun 24th

Mother went home with Mrs Hart who has been visiting here.  She will stay some time.


Saturday Jun. 25th

At home


Sunday Jun. 26th

Church morning and evening.

Lyman and I took dinner at Dr Miners.


Monday Jun. 27th

At home

Furnished an order the Normal Hall.  The Bryant society had a sociable.


Tuesday Jun. 28th

At home

Letter from Ella Murray.


Wednesday Jun. 29th – Cranbury

Went to Cranbury to furnish wedding.  Miss Anna D. Voorhees was married to Mr. John S. Bergen of Brooklyn.


Thursday Jun. 30th

At home

Furnished sociable of the graduating class of the High School.

We have taken in $834 more this half year than the same last year.




Friday July 1st

At home

Nine of us wrote postals to Mother.

Subscribed to the “Familien(?) Journal” a German paper published in Philadelphia.


Saturday July 2nd

At home

President Garfield shot, perhaps fatally wounded.


Sunday July 3rd

Church morning, but not at evening.

Walked down to Dr Turner’s at Pine Grove.

Garfield worse


Monday July 4th

Garfield better.

Busy in store.  Sold 325 qts cream

Took in $170.45


Tuesday July 5th – Philadelphia

Went to Philadelphia on business.  Bought some goods.  Took dinner at Lauber’s restaurant.  Inquired price of Weber and Chickening pianos.


Wednesday July 6th

At home

Took a dancing lesson of Al (last name illegible)

Lizzie Reeves dined with us.


Thursday July 7th – Frenchtown

At home in morning

Went to Frenchtown with Dr Phillips to see mother


Friday July 8th

At home.

Took dancing lesson


Saturday July 9th

At home


Sunday July 10th

Church morning and evening

Mr Banvis(?) preached and Mr Cain.


Monday July 11th

At home.


Tuesday July 12th

At home


Wednesday July 13th

At home

Lyman sprained his back.

I finished his work.


Thursday July 14th

Worked in ice cream yard


Friday July 15th

Worked in ice cream yard

Rec. policy of $4000 in Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.

30 year endowment plan.


Saturday July 16th

Worked in ice cream yard


Sunday July 17th

Church morning and evening

Wrote letter to Ella Murray.


Monday July 18th

In the cream yard.

Father returned from Frenchtown


Tuesday July 19th

In cream yard.

Lyman’s back is nearly well


Wednesday July 20th – Up the Hudson

Ray + I went on a trip up the Hudson by Regular train to Jersey City(P.R.R.) and Richard Stockton.  Spent 2 ½ hours at West Point.  Good weather.  Fine time.


Thursday July 21st

At home.


Friday July 22nd

At home.

Lida, Tom, Lyman and Jennie went to the Zoological Garden at Phila today.


Saturday July 23rd

At home


Sunday July 24th

Church morning and evening.  Dr. Miner preached his third anniversary sermon.  He settled in Trenton while I was in Europe.


Monday July 25th

At home.


Tuesday July 26th

Father went to Ocean Grove on an excursion.

Today I paid Mr Clemmen(?) $122.12 the first premium on a 30 year endowment policy of $4000.  Mutual Benefit Ins. Co. of Newark, N.J.


Wednesday July 27th

At home.

Asbury Park is having a Bazaar copied after ours.  Father reports matters a little flat(?), and that members do not work well together


Thursday July 28th

At home.


Friday July 29th

At home

Spent evening at Ada Sulgers.

Kugler showed me some wrinkles on biscuit.


Saturday July 30th

At home.

Father went to Frenchtown to see Mother who is not well.


Sunday July 31st

Church in morning.  Dr. Miner is sick.  Barvis preached.

Wrote to Ella Murray.

Early to bed




Monday Aug 1st

At home.

Lida has bought Aunt Sue Hart’s organ for $100, and is going to send it to Harry for a present.


Tuesday Aug 2nd

At home.

Set the sponge(?) for tomorrow


Wednesday Aug 3rd

At home

Worked in bake room.  Kugler went to Chester to see to moving furniture to Trenton.

Letter fr. Father.  He and Mother have gone to water gap + Pocono.  She is not well.


Thursday Aug 4th

At home


Friday Aug 5th

At home

Called on Miss Sulger.


Saturday Aug 6th

At home

Busy in store  Sold out of cream

Lyman went away for a week or so at Ocean Grove


Sunday Aug 7th

Church in evening but not in morning

Read George Eliot’s Romola(?).


Monday Aug 8th

This week I expect to make ice cream for Lyman.

Had several money checks and a note to meet today

Paid all and had five cents in bank.


Tuesday Aug 9th

In cream yard.

Letter from Ella Murray.

Father writes us most every day.  Mother better


Wednesday Aug 10th

At home, and at work.

Started an account again in the savings bank.  Put in eight dollars.


Thursday Aug 11th

At home.  Make most of my cream by hand.  I like it better than machine made.

Ray, Edgar Hancock and I went boating on the Delaware and swimming.


Friday Aug 12th

In cream yard

Went to Commandery in evening to see about attending Orrin B. Faussetts funeral tomorrow.  Decided not to go.


Saturday Aug 13th

At home, at work in cream yard.

Sold out of cream.


Sunday Aug 14th

Went to church in morning.  Mr Barvis preached.

Am reading Romola. 


Monday Aug 15th

Worked in cream yard.

Called at Mr Knowles(?) on Monmouth st in evening.  Ada Knowles had a small oil painting to give me.  Her own work.  The family move away this week.


Tuesday Aug 16th

At home in cream yard

Annie Broome (illegible) a clerk in store and Lydia Norton from Kitchen are at Ocean Grove this week.


Wednesday Aug 17th – Phila

At home in cream yard.

Went to Philadelphia in afternoon on business

Lyman returned from Ocean Grove


Thursday Aug 18th

At home.

Jennie Richards is not well.

The Bazaar at Asbury Park, copied from ours, was a decided failure.


Friday Aug 19th

At home

Bought copy of Buckles History of Civilization in England.


Saturday Aug 20th

At home

Father returned after a 3 weeks absence.  Mother is at Frenchtown and better.


Sunday Aug 21st

Went to church in morning.  Played organ.

Read considerable German today.


Monday Aug 22nd

(No Entry)


Tuesday Aug 23rd

(No Entry)


Wednesday Aug 24th

Kugler was sick and I did the baking.


Thursday Aug 25th

(No Entry)


Friday Aug 26th

At home

Went to Commandery.  Stacey Pfein was given the Templar degree.  Our Commandery decided to entertain Cyrene Commandery of Camden on the 13th of September


Saturday Aug 27th

At home.


Sunday Aug 28th

Church in morning.  I played the organ.  Read Buckles “Civilization” and some German papers


Monday Aug 29th

At home

Called at Miss Sulgers.

Put up some crystallized fruit.

Bought a copy of Mendelsohn’s Songs without words.


Tuesday Aug 30th

Mother came home today.  Looks much better.


Wednesday Aug 31st

At home.

Attended Knight Templar drill at the asylum




Thursday Sep 1st

At home


Friday Sep 2nd

At home.


Saturday Sep 3rd

At home.

Mother has become so nervous that today we sent her to Aunt Dinah’s at Hamilton Square


Sunday Sep 4th

Church twice

Played the organ.  Had a fair choir in the morning but at night I played and sang alone.

Sent a little birthday present to Ella Murray.


Monday Sep 5th

At home

8.10 P.M called on Jennie Hutchinson, but found the entire family had retired.


Tuesday Sep 6th

At home.

Father went to Hamilton Square

Garfield was moved to Long Branch


Wednesday Sep 7th

At home

Went to Commandery drill

Letter from Ella Murray.


Thursday Sep 8th

At home

Father came home from Hamilton Square.


Friday Sep 9th

At home.

Kugler was sick and I had to do the baking.

Lyman sprained his ankle

Dr. Miner came home


Saturday Sep 10th

At home

Joe Jefferson the actor, took some oysters at our place tonight after his performance at the Opera House.


Sunday Sep 11th

Church morning and evening.  Played the organ.  Read Buckle’s History of Civilization.

Father and I stopped at Miner’s at night on our way home, and saw a young couple, married.


Monday Sep 12th

At home

Busy preparing for tomorrows banquet.

Went to a drill at the commandery


Tuesday Sep 13th

Grand Commandery Knights Templay met today.  Cyrene Com. of Camden gave escort to Grand Commander.  Palestine tendered reception and banquet to Cyrene and to Gr. Commandery.  We got up banquet.  Fine day.  Everything superb.


Wednesday Sep 14th

At home busy clearing up from yesterdays orders.  Went to the theatre.

Last night our commandery visited Chas Bechtel and Jos. Stokes, who had been reselected grand officers.


Thursday Sep 15th – Switchback

Went on an excursion up to Mauch(?) Church, (illegible) Onoko and the Switchback railroad.  Had a clear, cool day, and enjoyed myself very much.  On the way home, our conductor fell in the canal.  I helped pull him out.


Friday Sep 16th

At home.

I have been really tired out lately but now that cool weather has returned, I begin to feel all right again


Saturday Sep 17th

At home.


Sunday Sep 18th

Church twice.  Played the organ.  Played Mozarts Gloria in morning and Prayer from Moses in Egypt at night.

Read in afternoon.


Monday Sep 19th

At home

Recd my gold Knight Templar charm from Stakeman, price 25.00.  Also bought a chain for $4.25.

Father has bad attack of dysentery.


Tuesday Sep 20th

Was awakened last night by tolling of bells at 2 oclock.  Garfield died at 10.35.  news came slow.

Draped our store in morning.

Took buck board ride with father


Wednesday Sep 21st

At home

Garfields body was taken to Washington by special train.  I saw the train pass Clinton St. depot.  The store was closed, like all others in New Jersey from 10 to 12.


Thursday Sep 22nd

At home

Mother came home today from Aunt Moll’s but returned again before night.  She looks better.  Father, Lida, Tom + Mrs Miner had driven down to Aunt Moll’s but missed (rest illegible)


Friday Sep 23rd

Father and I went to Phila today to order some goods and see about cost of wagon.  Bought 6 doz new knives, 2 porcelain cans and confectionary supplies.  Visited Academy of Natural Sciences.


Saturday Sep 24th

At home

The only talk is of Garfield.  The city is draped from one end to the other in mourning.


Sunday Sep 25th

Church morning and evening.  Finished reading Buckles History of Civilization.

Rev. Grinelle of Penn’s Neck preached


Monday Sep 26th

Quieter than Sunday

In respect to Garfield whose funeral took place today at Cleveland.

every store was closed.  bells tolled and memorial services held.  I attended State St Methodist

Went canoeing with Lyman at (illegible)


Tuesday Sep 27th

At home.

Wrote yesterday to Ella Murray.


Wednesday Sep 28th

At home.


Thursday Sep 29th

At home

Had charge of a wedding dinner at Mayor Mill’s.  His daughter was married to Mr. Lawton.

Called at Miss Sulgers.  Met and was introduced to Miss Webster, a teacher


Friday Sep 30th

At home




Saturday Oct 1st

At home.


Sunday Oct 2nd

At home.

Went to church

Played the organ


Monday Oct 3rd – Friday Oct 7th

(No entries)


Saturday Oct 8th

At home

Am much interested in Buckles History of Civilization.


Sunday Oct 9th

Church morning and evening.  I played.  Rev. Mr Dunsford preached.

Dr. Miner is becoming somewhat discouraged over his work.


Monday Oct 10th – Tuesday Oct 11th

(No entries)


Wednesday Oct 12th

At home.

Went to Opera House to see Mestayer’s play “Tourists in a Pullman Palace Car.”  Fair.


Thursday Oct 13th

Went to Imlaystown with two colored waiters to attend a wedding at Mrs Jas Giveson’s.


Friday Oct 14th

Did not get up till 8 oclock.

Busy in store all day getting ready to send out Fall circular.

Am reading Huths Life of Buckle.


Saturday Oct 15th

At home.

Jennie Evernham died today.

Harry came on today from Waterbury

He has trouble with his workmen.


Sunday Oct 16th

Went to church in morning.  Rev. Mr. Dunsford preached.

Took a carriage ride out to Jennie Richards with Maggie Stonaker.


Monday Oct 17th

(No entry)


Tuesday Oct 18th – Allentown

Went to Allentown by wagon to Jennie Evernham’s funeral.


Wednesday Oct 19th – Edgewood, Pa.

Went to Edgewood, near Yardleyville Pa to attend wedding of Miss Janniey(?) to Mr Satterthwait(?).  Order amounted to $96

Went to prayer meeting.

Wrote to Adrian. Wis. to learn about Dunsford, who is singular


Thursday Oct 20th – New York

Went to New York to buy goods.  Bought at Thurber’s(?) and at Regenhard, Shevill Ho’s(?).

Visited the 50th Exhibition of the American Institute.  Dined at Vienna Café. 

Went on evening train to Keyport, N.J.


Friday Oct 21st – Keyport

At Mrs. T.W. Seabrook’s.  Had a fine carriage ride with Mrs S. and her daughter Marta.

Last night Mrs S. gave me a history of my ancestors from Penelope Stout (1640) down to the present.


Saturday Oct 22nd – Red Bank

Went from Keyport to Red Bank to call on the Murray family, who I learn are also descendants of Penelope Stout.

Returned to Trenton in evening.


Sunday Oct 23rd

Went to church morning and evening.  Dr. Miner preached.

Read Life of Buckle and my German newspaper.


Monday Oct 24th

Jennie Richards came back much improved in health after four weeks absence.

Annie Broome left today.


Tuesday Oct 25th

At home and at work.

Read letter from Adrian. Wis. stating that Dunsford was excluded for beastly(?) conduct.  He is a fraud


Wednesday Oct 26th

On duty.

Called on Miss Sulger.

Bought a copy of Dr C.C. Abbott’s “Primitive Industry.”


Thursday Oct 27th

At home

Father came home from a four days ramble in the Lehigh Valley.  Pocono Mountains (illegible).


Friday Oct 28th

At home


Saturday Oct 29th

At home


Sunday Oct 30th

Church morning and evening.

Dined at Miner’s.  Mr. and Mrs. Acton(?) are visiting there

Finished Huth’s Life of Buckle.


Monday Oct 31st

At home.

Father + Mother went to Flemington to funeral of Will Hill, my cousin.

Bought a dressing case, (word illegible) complete for traveling

Went to (rest illegible)



Tuesday Nov 1st

At home

Kugler and Campbell got drunk yesterday afternoon.  Nothing done in bakeroom today


Wednesday Nov 2nd

Kugler not able to cook.  I did the baking.  Campbell made a half day.

Went to concert and tableaux at Central Baptist Church.  Excellent


Thursday Nov 3rd

Kugler back again.

Am reading Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.”

Mother talks of going to Florida for the winter


Friday Nov 4th

At home

Called at Miss Sulger’s and spent an evening practising duets on the piano.

Usually study a little French after closing store


Saturday Nov 5th

At home

Had a long talk with Mr Bonney and Mr Vauhon(?) in regard to an Indian Encampment to raise money for Clinton Ave.  I gave them advice, but declined to take (rest illegible).


Sunday Nov 6th

Went to church morning and evening.  Dr Miner preached.

Went to Hattie(?) Gordons funeral at 2 P.M.


Monday Nov 7th

At home.

Gave directions about painting our new wagon.  black, maroon and gold.

Found an interesting account of Penelope Stout, one of my ancestors in State Gazette for Dec. 13th, 1842.


Tuesday Nov 8th

At home

Wrote long letter to Ella Murray, narrating our mutual family history from Penelope Stout which is obtained from best sources.  She came to America from Holland in 1620.


Wednesday Nov 9th

At home.

Called at Miss Sulger’s.  Was led into a profitless discussion.

Saw Bishop O’Farrel installed at the Cathedral.  Big parade too.  He made good speech.


Thursday Nov 10th

At home

Wrote to Gov. Wm A. Newell of Olympia, Washington asking for pamphlets and information.  Am acquainted with him.


Friday Nov 11th

At home

Busy at night filling boxes of candy for tomorrows sales.


Saturday Nov 12th

At home.

Had consultation with Father regarding plans for next year.  He also talked with me about the terms of his will, but I told him he had better suit himself and declined making any suggestions


Sunday Nov 13th

At home.  Went to church twice.  Mr Pendleton preached.

Read a French book.


Monday Nov 14th

At home.


Tuesday Nov 15th

(No entry)


Wednesday Nov 16th

Furnished a wedding at Robt. S. Johnstons.  His daughter Mary was married to Mr Stokes.

Practised music with Ada Sulger.


Thursday Nov 17th – Bordentown – Phila

Went to Bordentown and took an order for a stylish Thanksgiving dinner.  Then went to Phila, ordered goods at Whitman’s, Knoppels, and Crofts, and came home at 5.45


Friday Nov 18th

The Clinton Ave. church is preparing for a church fair

An Indian Encampment.  I am not doing much for this – too much work – besides I do not wish

Bought Smiths “Wealth of Nations”


Saturday Nov 19th

At home

The Indian Encampment (church fair) opened tonight.  Wet weather.  Fair success.


Sunday Nov 20th

Church morning and evening.

Rev. Mr. Watkinson preached.

Studied Fasquellis French Grammar.


Monday Nov 21st

At home.

The Encampment opened on Sat with wet weather.  600 tickets sold.  Bids fair to be a success.


Tuesday Nov 22nd

At home.

Had change of wedding table at Rulon’s, Brunswick Ave.  Allie R. married Will Hall.

Ada Sulger and I went to Opera House to see Burgess in “Widow Bedolt.”  Lots of fun.


Wednesday Nov 23rd

At home.

Made a couple of dozen chicken croquettes.


Thursday Nov 24th – Thanksgiving

Busy sending out orders till noon.  Dined at 2.30 Decker took dinner with us.

Went up into the Encampment a few minutes, afterward visited Mercer, No 50.  Eastburn W. Taylor was entered.


Friday Nov 25th

At home


Saturday Nov 26th

At home.


Sunday Nov 27th

Church morning and evening.  Mr. Watkinson preached in morning and Dr. Luther at night.

Read awhile and practiced duet music with Katie Miner.


Monday Nov 28th

At home.

Worked in bakeroom nearly all day

Wrote up accounts at night.


Tuesday Nov 29th

At home.  Busy in store.

Spent the evening at Miss Sulger’s.

Wrote to Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. for information


Wednesday Nov 30th

At home

Saw the trophy won for best drilling(?) by the New Jersey Battallion at the Yorktown Centennial Celebration



Thursday Dec 1st

At home

Furnished wedding of Susie Parker and Mr Ashmole.

Went to Indian Encampment.  Last night.  Made about thirty five cheap presents


Friday Dec 2nd

At home.

Our new wagon is progressing nicely


Saturday Dec 3rd

At home.

Stacey Pfein had stroke of paralysis


Sunday Dec 4th

Church morning and evening.  Mr Watkinson preached.

Read a German paper in the afternoon.


Monday Dec 5th

Went to Philadelphia to buy goods.

At night went to Coleman(?) Lodge to see Henry D. Scudder take his third degree.


Tuesday Dec 6th

At home.

Went to a high tones(?) first class operatic concert with Ada Sulger.  Carreno(?) played.  Donaldi sang soprano, Stantini sang tenor


Wednesday Dec 7th

At home

Wrote to Ella Murray


Thursday Dec 8th

At home

Worked in bakeroom all day.


Friday Dec 9th

At home, and on duty.


Saturday Dec 10th

At home


Sunday Dec 11th

Church morning and evening.  Rev Mr Watkinson preached.

Read and studied in afternoon.


Monday Dec 12th

At home.

Went to the Opera House with Ada Sulger to see “Patience” The new opera.  We thought it silly


Tuesday Dec 13th

Kulger, our baker was drunk and I had to do the baking.

Rec. a mournful letter from Ella C. Murray.


Wednesday Dec 14th

Kugler was not not back and I had to work in bakeroom again.

Thursday Dec 15th

At home

Busy in bakeroom all the morning, and in store all the afternoon.


Friday Dec 16th

At home – in store


Saturday Dec 17th

At home.  Busy in store

Paid Kugler five dollars for teaching me points in baking.


Sunday Dec 18th

Church in morning.  Read and studied after dinner.

Went to bed early


Monday Dec 19th

At home.

Busy in store.


Tuesday Dec 20th

At home

Busy in store


Wednesday Dec 21st

At home


Thursday Dec 22nd

At home


Friday Dec 23rd

At home


Saturday Dec 24th

At home

Took in

Sold $230.26 worth of candies today



Sunday Dec 25th

At home.  Unwell.  Laid all day lounge

Dr Miner gave me an (word illegible) he brought from Washington.  Mother gave me a hair brush.

Had a good turkey dinner.


Monday Dec 26th

Busy in store.

Mother, Father, Jennie and I took tea at Doctor Miner’s.  Mr and Mrs Jas. Buchanan also dined with them

Closed store at 3 P.M.


Tuesday Dec 27th

At home.

Mother, Lydia and I went to a Masonie(?) supper and reunion.

Dr Miner and Father went to Hartford, Conn on business


Wednesday Dec 28th

At home

Wrote to Ella Murray


Thursday Dec 29th

At home.

Furnished wedding of Jimmy Lie and Miss Thorn on Jackson st.


Friday Dec 30th

At home

Called at Sulger’s.

Lang Johnson made a handsome garnet lambrequin for my room window.


Saturday Dec 31st

At home.

Finished up accounts in store.  We took in $18146.60, against $15294.40 last year.  Very satisfactory all around.  My percentage this year is $157.33 which with $520. wages makes $677.33.  Of this I have saved in cash and in endowment insurance about $380 besides investing $50 in books $26 and more to Father’s church and paying $15 for Mrs Tilton’s Hospital expenses.

Transcribed 2006

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