Victory Parade

1885 Diary of Edmund C. Hill


Edmund C. Hill

Trenton, N.J.

11 North Greene St.


January, Thursday 1.  1885.

Begin today the second year of the three years arrangement with Father.  Terms $15 per week and one per cent of gross sales.  Attended wedding of Jennie Hutchinson to Mr. Mellon.  Large party.  Everything very nice.


Friday 2.

At home.  Made out bills most all day.  Mashed my thumb a little with a hammer.


January, Saturday 3.  1885.

At home.  Made out bills.  Went out to the rink a little while in the afternoon.  Saw Jennie Houghton skate.


Sunday 4.

 Went to Clinton Ave. at morning and to 1st Pres. at night.  Rev. Walker took supper with us. 


January, Monday 5.  1885.

Went to Mendelssohu at night.  Was obliged to cut Rev. Walker today for first time in regard to salary.  I have advanced all I am willing to.


Tuesday 6.


January, Wednesday 7.  1885.


Thursday 8.

At home.  Jennie and I went to Christmas treat at C.A. Faltier was old Kris.  Big time, and lots of fun.


January, Friday 9.  1885.

At home.  Rec letter from Harry who says Lyman is sick and abed with a sore lump growing in his side.


Saturday 10.

At home.  Mary Compton went to Phila.  She is to be married in a few days to Harry Grieshaber, our confectioner.  Mary Booth who has been sick about six weeks went to Laura Dawes for few days. 


January, Sunday 11.  1885.

Went to Clinton Ave. in morning and with Jennie to 1st Pres at night.  Young Mr. Green preached at night.  Trenton last night had the electric light for the first time.

Monday 12.

George Wright State Treas.  was buried today. 


January, Tuesday 13.  1885.


Wednesday 14.

At home.  Went to Miss Parlous lesson on game and its sauces:  Beef stew and Dumplings Cafe Parfait.


January, Thursday 15.  1885.

At home.  Sent goods to Lambertv.  for wedding of Miss Skillman and Mr. Studdiford.  Served a supper at our house for the Trenton Cruising Club.


Friday 16.

At home.  Went before John Temple as guardian ad litem for mother and acknowledged a paper.


January, Saturday 17.  1885.

At home.


Sunday 18.

Went to CAB in morning and with Jennie at night to 1st Pres.  Read Hogames Wonz or rather looked at the pictures and read the descriptions. 


January, Monday 19.  1885.

At home.  Had a big tooth drawn by Dippolr.


Tuesday 20.

At home.   Went to meeting Young Mens Rep Club.  Election of officers.  I was elected on membership com.


January, Wednesday 21.  1885.

At home.  Attended Miss Parlou’s lecture on “Fillets of Bass.  Tartar sauce; Baked Fish.  Hollandaise sauce.  Ginger bread and vegetables.  A very good lesson and very instructive to me at least. 


Thursday 22.

At home.  Went up in the Gazette office at night and talked awhile.


January, Friday 23.  1885.

At home.  At prayer meeting Rev. O.J. Walker present his resignation and letters were granted from him and his wife.  Superintended a supper at Royal Arcanum Rooms on West State St.


Saturday 24.

At home.


January, Sunday 25.  1885.

Went to Clinton Ave. twice.  Rev. Walker preached his last sermon for us.


Monday 26.

At home.  Went at night with Jennie to church sociable at Nichols.  Walker present.  We had speaking, singing, and gave Walker a purse of $10.  I had charge of the speaking and engaging.


January, Tuesday 27.  1885.


Wednesday 28.

At home in morning.  Went on 4.50 train to Lambertville to superintend supper at Rev. P.A. Studdifords.  225 people.  Stopped at night at hotel.


January, Thursday 20.  1885.

Returned home on 8.20 train.  Grand Lodge of Masons met at Opera House.  I went in a little while.


Friday 30.

At home.  At night Jennie and I went to Hall.  Heard “The Private Secretary” by the Madison Square Co.  Only fair.


January, Saturday 31.  1885.

Quite unwell slept all the afternoon.  Went to bed early.



February, Sunday 1

Stayed home all day.  Rev. Mr. Tomlinson of Rutgers College preached.

February, Monday 2.  1885.

At home.  Went to Mendelssohm at night.  Also went to church bus. meeting.


Tuesday 3.


February, Wednesday 4.  1885.

Miss Parlous last lesson.  I made a statement to the class showing our expenses and receipts.  We took in $463 and paid out $505.  A loss of $42 but a great success in all ways except financially.


Thursday 5.


February, Friday 6.  1885.

At home.  Went with Jennie to Opera House to


Saturday 7.

At home.


February, Sunday 8.  1885.

At home.  Went to Clinton Ave. in morning.  Dr. Miner preached.  Went to 1st Pres at night.  Dr. Miner is staying with us.


Monday 9.

At home.  Very stormy.


Februrary, Tuesday 10.  1885.

Went to Princeton to serve dinner at Episcopal rectory (Rev. A.B. Baker) for the 40 clergy of this diocese.  Returned at 5.50.  Went to Nat. His. Soc.


Wednesday 11.

At home.


February, Thursday 12.  1885.

At home.  Went to Board of Trade dinner at American House.  50 present.  Good time.


Friday 13.

At home.  Served a tea for 150 at D.P Fonts from 5 to 7 and a dance party at 11.


February, Saturday 14.  1885.

At home.


Sunday 15.

Went to Clinton Ave. at night.  After dinner drove out to Richard’s with Jennie who will remain there till Wednesday.


February, Monday 16.  18855.

At home.  Saw Schumann about the ice gorge now in river.  He thinks a boulevard park would be a great protection against floods.


Tuesday 17.


February, Wednesday 18.  1885.

Went to wedding of Jas B. Baker to Wilhelmina Richards.  60 persons present.


Thursday 19.

Went to Phila on business.


Washington, D.C.

February, Friday 20.  1885.

Went to Washington on 10.41 train.  Reached there 5.30.  Went to Cap Belvedere Hotel after 6 o’clock dinner went to Capitol with the others, saw Representatives, then visited Columbia Com 1702 banquet at 10 o’clock.  700 sat down.


Saturday 21.

Took part in dedication  Washington Monument speech by Arthur.  Corcoran and others.  Large parade followed.  Banqueted by Grand Lodge D.C.  Visited Capitol again.  Heard addresses, saw fireworks at 8 and Presidents reception at 9 in White House.


February, Sunday 22.  1885.

Visited new Patent office, called on Morgan Mount, returned by 4 P.M. train to Trenton.  Came in special car with St. Johns Lodge No. 1 N.Y. City who gave us a fine lunch at Wilmington.


Monday 23.

Lyman is home on visit.  Is getting into bad habits.  At midnight was not home.  I managed supper of Fraternal Lodge of Masons tonight.


February, Tuesday 24.  1885.

At home.  Lyman ret to W.  Furnished supper for “The Knights of the Golden Eagle”  just started in this city.


Wednesday 25.

At home.


February, Thursday 26.  1883.

At home.  Went around to Pub. Library to attend the opening services.  Place crowded.  Could not get in.  Went to a concert at Trinty M.E. Church and head Mrs. Wood Read. 


Friday 27.

At home.  Put electric light in our store for first.  Jennie and I went out for a walk after tea.  Strolled out to the new public library building.


February, Saturday 28.  1885.

At home.  Had the electric light running for first time.




March, Sunday 1.

Went to CAB with Jennie in morning.  Rev. Vanderburg preached.  Jennie not feeling well we stayed home at night.  I read Hurlow Weed’s autobiography (1st vol)


March, Monday 2.  1885.

Went in morning to funeral of Mrs. J. Howard Murray.  About 15 members of the Commandery attended in body in citizens dress.  Went to Trenton Lodge of Masons.  Put Lyman’s application in.  Afterward went to Mindelmohn and then to private sociable in Turner Hall.


Tuesday 3.

At home.  Jennie and I went to the ball or sociable of the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society at Opera House.  Jennie’s first ball.  Good time.


March, Wednesday 4.  1885.

At home.  Mr. & Mrs. Will Font called and spent the evening with Jennie and me.  Cleveland inaugurated at Washington.


Thursday 5.

Went at 2 P.M. to Lawrencev. wedding of Miss Allen to Mr. Walter Ivins.  Jennie and I were invited but J. did not go.  Gave a dollar to buy a Past Eminent Commanders jewel for J. McCain.  Quite an unnecessary matter.


March, Friday 6.  1885.

At home.  Heard that D.P. Font and Wm Dolton are candidates for council.  Lyman writes he is discouraged generally at Waterbury.  Lizzie Richards came to visit us over Sunday.


Saturday 7.

Heard that my name passed the Executive Com of Board of Trade for membership.


March, Sunday 8.  1885.

Went to Clinton Avenue morning.  Went at night with Jennie and Lizzie to 1st church.  Am reading Homer’s Odyssey.


Monday 9. 

Went Phila on business after dinner.  At home morning.  Went to Mendelsohm at night but previously went to spec. church meeting decided to extend call to Rev. Judson Conkling.  Rec confidential letter from Dr. Gregory concerning Lyman whose troubles have been very severe.


March, Tuesday 10.  1885.

At home.  Rec. notification of election as member of board of trade.  Went to 3x3 Chapter and from there to Nat. His. Society.  Had long talk with Dr. Stevens about politics.  The doctor gave me good points.


Wednesday 11.

At home.  Father went to W. to see Lyman.  Went to Opera House at night to a meeting of Auxilliary Drill Corps of the Commandery.  Hand in my resignation.  Congressman Brewer assured me of support for council nomination.


March, Thursday 12.  1885.

At home.  Wm Gordon tells me the slate is likely to be Coxon for Freeholder.  Seaman for short term council and myself for long term.  Furnished supper at card party at Edward V.D.Skillman.  Attended Bd of Trade in early part of evening. 


Friday 13.

At home.  Furnished supper for Royal Arcanum at night.  Irving W. Kelly is sick.  Took cold at a funeral at Lambertville.


March, Saturday 14.  1885.

Was on coroners jury in case of Ben Aston found frozen yesterday morning.  Verdict, accidental.


Sunday 15.

Went alone in morning to C.A.B.C. and at night with Jennie to 1st Pres.  Finished reading Homer’s Odyssey.


March, Monday 16.  1885.

At home.  Went to Mendelsohm at night.


Tuesday 17.

At home.  Went to annual meeting of Palestin Com.  Jos Ashton elected Em. Com.  The new element carried the election, ousting almost all the old conservative members.  Harry Blake promised me second choice after Wood.


March, Wednesday 18.  1885.

At home.


Thursday 19.

At home.  Jennie and I went to supper at Clint Ave. Church tonight.  Good feed but only about $20 profit fro last night and tonight.


March, Friday 20.  1885.

At home.  Furnished a dinner for Daughters of St. George at George Pirn Lodge Room.  50 women $50.  Also a supper at A.L. Worthington’s for the whist or see due club.  Congressman Brewer gave me some good advice and encouragement.


Saturday 21.

At home.  Serious fire at State House.  Burned out the front of the building.  Wrote a guide book description of Trenton for Appleton’s General Guide Book of U.S. and Canada.


March, Sunday 22.  1885.

Went to C.A.B.C. in morning and to First Pres. Church at night.


Monday 23.

At home.  Went to Mendelsohm with Jennie and afterward went up to the Legislation. 


March, Tuesday 24.  1885.

At home.  Paid Provident Insurance premium.  Went to Mrs. Samuel Mentz funeral.  At knight went to meeting of the Y.M. Rep. Club.  Decided to push Dr. Leavitt for Mayor and George MacPherson for School Supt.


Wednesday 25.

At home.  Went to Legislation a little while after dinner.  Scheure on foot to move Nate House to Newark.


March, Thursday 26.  1885.


Friday 27.

At home.  Had charge refreshments at cuchire party at A.F. Stolls.


March, Saturday 28.  1885.

At home.  Samuel Roberts an old Presbyterian friend was buried today.  Jennie and I will miss him today.


Sunday 29.

Went to C.A.B. in morning and to First Pres. at night.


March, Monday 30.  1885.

At home.  Went to special church meeting about 25 names were dropped from the roll.  Also went to rehearsal at Mendelsohm afterward.


Tuesday 31.

At home.  Went in evening to meeting of the Young Men’s Republican Club.  Nothing done but talk. 


April, Wednesday 1.  1885.

At home.  Jennie and Mother Richards went to Philadelphia to visit Tim and Willie.  Furnished lunch at Ex Congressman Brewer’s for Progressive Euchre Club.


Thursday 2.

At home.  Got a hint from one of Hancock’s old workmen about making ice cream using 6½ lb granulated sugar to 15 qt cream.


April, Friday 3.  1885.

At home.  Went with Palestine Com to Good Fri. service at St. Pauls P.E. church.  Dr. Martin (Church of the Epiphany of Phila) preached.  Banquet when we got back.


Saturday 4.

At home.  Easter business quick.  Dr. Miner came on today to stay over Sunday with us.



April, Sunday 5.  1885.

Went to Phila on 7.45 train to visit Jim Baker who has moved into a new house.  We all went to Grace Baptist Church.  had a good dinner when we got back.  J and I came back at 6.30


Monday 6.

At home.  Went to Mendelssohm at night.  Went previously however to Trenton Lodge.  Lyman’s application was not acted on.


April, Tuesday 7.  1885.

At home.  Went at night to Y. Mens Rep Club.  Decided to run A. A. Skirm for Mayor.  My chances for council are fair but by no means sure.


Wednesday 8.

At home.  Rec mail from Dr. Miner, a gold plated match box.  Jennie and I went to a concert a lecritial M.E. Church.


April, Thursday 9.  1885.

Had our primary Coxon nominated for Freeholder.  Kulp for Council and Josiah Jones for Council vacancy.  Kulp and Jones helped each other and the saloons gave them solid support.  My support was a strong mark of confidence of the best man.  Kulp 87.  Jones 77.  Hill 66.  Hutchinson 34.  Seaman 22.  Muirkin 57.


Friday 10.

Have been congratulated all around on my good showing against strong odds.  Received a note from Congressman Buchanan expressing regret at not being there last night.  Rev. Judson Conkling is here and will be over Sunday.


April, Saturday 11.  1885.

At home.


Sunday 12.

Went to Clinton Ave. Church twice.  Conkling suits very well and our folks like him and hope he will come here.  He took with us and we had a long talk over European travel.



April, Monday 13.  1885.

Went on noon train to Princeton with Conkling.  Met C.E. Green on train who sent a spec. police to show us through all the buildings.  Today is spring election.  Donelly reelected mayor.  MacKenzie school supt our Rep 1st ward ticket is carried.  Went to Mendelssohm.


Tuesday 14.

At home.  Went to Nat. His. Soc. at night.  Saw some fine German books on Nat. History.  Dr. Wetherill read paper on cholera and Dr. Stokes on water animalcules. 


April, Wednesday 15.  1885.

At home.  At 2 P.M. went over to Court House and bought some of Father’s Mercer St. property at Sheriff’s sale.  Pd. $1200 value $9000.  Mortgages and charges are about $1600.  The purchase is a family matter.  Necessary from mother’s condition done to sell with a clear title.


Thursday 16.

At home.  Palestine last night decided to have a big time in dedicating the new Asylum on June 24th.  Katzenbach & Co had a big fire this evening.


April, Friday 17.  1885.

Paid $50 for Alpaugh and Thompson’s fire proof safe and paid $5 for moving it into the store.  It is my own individual purchase.


Saturday 18.

At home.  A man named Snyder is talking of going into Lyman.  I red letter from Lyman today.  He seems much discouraged.


April, Sunday 19.  1885.

Went to C.A.B. in morning and 1st Pres. at night.


Monday 20. 

At home.  Went to rehearsal of Mendelssohm at night.  Last one and went off very well.  In morning went with Abbott, Stokes, Volk, and other to dig up an Indian grave but did not find it.


April, Tuesday 21.  1885.

Busy in store.  Our oratorio of “Creation” was given at Opera House to big house.  Evan led splendidly.  The rendered seemed to give satisfaction.  I was elected Secretary of the Youn Mes Rep Ass tonight during my absence – in place of Conover, resinged.


Wednesday 22.

Went to Ervinna, Pa. served fine table at wedding of Mr. Stacy B. Pursell to Miss Josephine K. Williams.  Returned at night.


April, Thursday 23.  1885.

At home.  Jennie and I called on Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Forst at Hotel Windsor.  Sent check to New York fro my insurance in Northwestern Mutual Life.


Friday 24.


April, Saturday 25.  1885.


Sunday 26.

At home.  Went to C.A.B. in morning.  Mr. & Miss McCain and 4 girls took tea at our house.


April, Monday 27.  1885.

At home.  Busy getting ready Wed. order.  Moody spoke in Opera House.  First visit to Trenton.  I was one of the ushers.  Thos C. Hill began business April 28, 1860 making 25 years record today.


Tuesday 28.

Went to New York visited Miss Parlou.  Dined at Morettis Do not like Italian cooking.  Bought goods at REgenhard’s, Morris, and Tyler & Finch.  Came home on 4 P.M. train.  Went to Global Council served refreshments.  Council now has new robes. 


April, Wednesday 29.  1885.

Served table at Christian Fells.  His daughter Nora was married to C.H. Baker.  Nice table.  Nice music and flowers.


Thursday 30.

At home.  Helped sham carpet and scrape paper from wall in Mother’s room.  Mr. Conover gave me the secy’s books of the Young Mens  Republican Assocation.



May, Friday 1.  1885.

At home.  Still house cleaning.  Helped put down carpet in Lida’s and our rooms.


Saturday 2.

At home.  Made out monthly bills dated May 1st.  Lida’s room was papered today.


May, Sunday 3.  1885.

Went to C.A.B. in morning.  Titus preached.  Went with Jennie to First Pres at night.


Monday 4.

At home.  Helped clean house a little.  Went to Mendelsohm at night.


May, Tuesday 5.  1885.

At home in morning.  Went to Princeton on 5.10 train to meet Wm R. Wilder in regard to Class of ’79 dinner.  Mr. Snyder decides not to go to W. therefore Father and I think we had better sell out.

Wednesday 6.

At home.  Took out a policy of $1000 on clothing, household, goods, cabinet, of mineral, etc which would cover any loss Jennie and I might meet by fire.


May, Thursday 7.  1885.

At home.  Had little trouble with Tantum.  Told him we want things better or a change of workman.


Friday 8.

At home.  Sent out bills of the Y.M. Rep Ass.  about 150 in number for the present quarter.


May, Saturday 9.  1885.


Sunday 10.

Went to Clinton Ave. in morning and to 1st Pres at night.


May, Monday 11.  1885.

30 years old.  Jennie and I signed a quit claim to Mr. Douglass for his house on Mercer St.


New York and Waterbury

Tuesday 12.

Jennie & I went to N.Y. on 9.10 train.  shopped called on Eugene Blackford, lunched at the “Alderney,” took 2 P.M. train to Bridgeton, saw Seaside Park and Barnum’s house, also the leading caterers, and went at 5.46 to Waterbury.


May, Wednesday 13.  1885.

Look about W. Investigated Lyman’s affairs not very encouraging.  Took drive after dinner with Jennie and Mame, also had a walk in evening. 


Thursday 14.

Saw Briggs who wanted to go in partnership with L.  Nothing in him.  Also wrote to Chas M. Smith.  New Haven to induce to buy L. out or go in shares.


May, Friday 15.  1885.

Took 8.00 train by N.Y. & N.E. Road to New York.  Pretty sight, trees just budding.  dined at Delmonicos called at Schall’s, Dr. Miners and Regenhards, also rec. order from Wm R. Wilder for the Princeton Class of 79 dinner on Jun. 15.


Saturday 16.

Jennie and I signed a deed for house no. 132 Mercer to Kate S. Bennett.  This house was sold by father to her and paid for but clear title could not be given before.  Had a racket with W.H. Skirm.  He afterward apologized.


May, Sunday 17.  1885.

Went to C.A.B. in morning.  Mr. Barvis preached.  We took up a collection to meet deficiency.  Raised about 130 dollars.  Dr. Miner is at our house over Sunday.  Remained at home with him.


Monday 18.

Sent out notices of Y.M.R.A. for tomorrows meeting.


May, Tuesday 19.  1885.

At home.  Went to neg. meeting Y.M.R.A. not much done.  Afterward went to Pal. Commandery.  we are getting ready to move.

Wednesday 20.

Barnum’s Circus in town.  Busy in store as usual.


May, Thursday 21.  1885.

At home.  Went at 6 P.M. to Charley Dawes.  Jennie and Lydian were there.  We all took tea there and came back at 9 P.M.


Friday 22.

At home.  Served Central M.E. Choir sociable in Assunpink block.  Very nice time.  Bought “Le Brun’s Telemaque.” 


May, Saturday 23. 1885.

At home.  Victor Hugo died last night.  Bought book “British Song and Talking Birds”


Sunday 24. 

Went to Clinton Ave. in morning.


May, Monday 25.  1885.

At home.  Frank English’s stable burned down.  Everything saved, our horse and all.  Went to annual meeting of Clinton Ave. Bap. Church.  was reelected Clerk and Treas.


Tuesday 26.

At home.  Hurt my knee last night going to the fire.  Father went to Saratoga to attend the annual national Baptist meeting.


May, Wednesday 27.  1885.


Thursday 28.


May, Friday 29.  1885.


Paterson – New York

Saturday 30.

Went to Paterson to help Uncle Clark.  He had order for dinner for 600 troops. Big parade (today Decoration Day).  Afterward went to New York to see Horton about ice cream bricks.  Father and Lyman both came home today. 


May, Sunday 31.  1885.

Went to C.A.B.  in morning and 1st Pres. at night.



June, Monday 1.

Put in a bid to the Mas. Hall Com. for dinner for 800 Templars.  55¢  per head.


June, Tuesday 2.  1885.

At home.  Went to Pal. Com. drill getting ready for dedication.


Wednesday 3.

At home.  Father and I went over to Chambersburg to see Mttacks new ovens.



June, Thursday 4.  1885.

Went to Flemington by wagon to serve refreshments for reception at Mr. Kelinis.  Had nice ride and goods suited nicely.


Friday 5.

Returned by wagon leaving at 6 AM.  Was usher at the Rutgers College Glee Club Concert – the first entertainment in the new Masonic Temple. 


June, Saturday 6.  1885.

At home.


Sunday 7.

Went to C.A. Baptist in morning with Jennie at night to 1st Pres.  Father also went with us at night. 


June, Monday 8.  1885.

At home.  Went to Mendelssohm at night.


New York Brooklyn

Tuesday 9.

Went to New York to Regenhards.  dined at Astor House.  arragned with W.R. Wilder for the Class dinner on 15th.  looke up bakeovens.  went to Brooklyn.  saw Schulz bakery etc etc.


June, Wednesday 10.  1885.

Went to Deutzville this evening with wedding order.  Mr. Fred Aren married Miss Snyder.


Thursday 11.

Went to Lawrenceville with wedding refreshments.  Mr. Hillyer married Miss White.  Mr. Geo Pearson fainted after ceremony raising big stir.



June, Friday 12.  1885.

Went to Phila to buy finger bowls and fruit.



Saturday 18.

Went to Bordentown to see Miss Mickle about wedding refreshments.


June, Sunday 14.  1885.

Did not go to church in morning.  Jennie and I went to Clinton Avenue at night.  Rev. Bromley preached. 



Monday 15.

Went to Princeton with dinner for Class of 1879.  Order for 50 - 42 sat down.  Nassau Hotel big time.  Too much drunkenness.  We also furnished refreshments at Mendelssohm choral sociable.


June, Tuesday 16.  1885.

Got home this morning at 6 o’clock.  Did my marketing and went to bed.  Went to meeting of Young Mens Rep. Ass.  Afterward to Palestine Com.


Wednesday 17.



June, Thursday 18.  1885.

Went to Bordentown with wedding refreshments.  Mr. R.C. Hutchinson married Miss Mickle.  Church wedding.  Reception at house.


Friday 19.

At home.  Lyman arrived home last tonight at 7 o’clock by wagon from Waterbury.  His business has not been a success.


June, Saturday 20.  1885.

Jennie and I gave a mortgage on No. 134 Mercer St. for $1500 to Hannah Thorn.  This is on property are holding for father.


Sunday 21.

Went to Clint Ave. twice.  Rev. Perkins preached.


June Monday 22. 1885.

Heard that Mrs. Perdicaris is dead.


Tuesday 23.

At home.  At night went with commandery to depot to receive Columbia Commandery from Washington, D.C. Used the Asylum in the New Temple first time tonight.


June, Wednesday 24.  1885.

Dedication Masonic Temple.  I paraded with Palestine.  Had 18 Commanders. (750 men and 18 bands (350 men) in line.  Dinner at Washington Hall.  Reception at new building at night.  Jennie and I were in the grand mark.  Mattie went with us.


Thursday 25.

At home.  Furnished supper at Dr. Sheppard’s B. Class of High School gave reception to graduating class.


June, Friday 26.  1885.

Went with Natural History Society out to Dr. Steven farm.  First time.  Lots of fun.  big dinner.  went out in the band wagon.


Saturday 27.

At home.  Am kept busy in store.


June, Sunday 28.  1885.

Went to Clint Ave. in morn.  Watkinson preached.  Small congregation.  Went at night with Jennie to 1st Pres.


Monday 29.

At home. 


June, Tuesday 30.  1885.

At home




July, Wednesday 1.

At home.


 July, Thursday 2.  1885.


Friday 3.

Helped make ice cream.


July, Saturday 4.  1885.

Not very busy.  Weather cool and many excursions out of town.


Sunday 5.

Went to Clinton Ave. in morning stayed home with Jennie at night.


July, Monday 6.  1885.

At home in morning.  Took Jennie out to Father Richard’s.  Was interested in watching the blacksmithing.


Tuesday 7.

At home.


July, Wednesday 8.  1885.

At home.  Finished arrangements for using Grays bakery.


Thursday 9.

Began to tear down our bake oven preparation to building bigger.  I helped break mortar off the bricks.  Lyman and Raymond also worked at it.


July, Friday 10.  1885.

At home.  Worked part of the time at the oven.


Saturday 11.

Got the oven nearly down.  Jennie came home.


July, Sunday 12.  1885.

Did not go to church in morning.  Went at night to Clinton Ave.


Monday 13. 

At home. 


July, Tuesday 14.  1885.

At home.  The masons began tot build our new oven.


Coney Island

Wednesday 15.

Jennie and I went to Coney Island with 1st Baptist Excursion.  Had good time.  Saw also Brighton and Manhattan.


Dined at Manhattan.  Heard Gilmores band.



July, Thursday 16.  1885.

Went to Phila at 2:35 PM to buy goods.  Returned early.


Friday 17.

The Clinton Ave. and Central too 1000 people on an excursion to Neshaminy Falls.


July, Saturday 18.  1885.


Sunday 19. 

Went to church in morning.  Rev. Freas preached.


July, Monday 20.  1885.

At home.  Went to meeting of Young Mens Rep Association. 


Tuesday 21.

At home.  Went to meeting of Young Mens Republican Association.  No quorum.  Our new oven reached the floor today.


July, Wednesday 22.  1885.

At home.


Thursday 23.

At home.


July, Friday 24.  1885.

At home.  Special meeting of the Young Mens Rep. Asso. To take action regarding death of Gen Grand appointed committee.


Saturday 25.

At home.


July, Sunday 26.  1885.

Went to C. Ave. in morning.  Rev. Watkinson preached.


Monday 27.

At home.  Rec. from Hon. John Hart Brown several valuable government books on scientific subjects.


July, Tuesday 28. 1885.


Wednesday 29.


July, Thursday 30.  1885.

At home.


Friday 31.

At home.  I sometimes think Mother’s mind is improving.  She puts ideas together better.  She frequently comes down for her meals.



August, Saturday 1.  1885.

At home.  Went to a chatlet mortgage sale of Krones candy store.  Bought some machinery very low.


Sunday 2.

Went to church in morning.  Rev. Freas preached.  During August we will have no evening service.


August, Monday 3.  1885.

At home.  Bought “History of U.S. Grant” by David and Wilson.  Our bakeshop is getting into fair shape.  Will be finished this week. 


Tuesday 4.

At home.


New York.

August, Wednesday 5.  1885.

Went to New York.  Saw the funeral procession bring Grants body from the Grand Central Depot to the City Hall.


Thursday 6.

At home.


August, Friday 7.  1885.

At home.


Saturday 8.

At home.  Closed up the store from 10 to 5 because today is Grants funeral.


August, Sunday 9.  1885.

Went to Hamilton Square to Uncle Samuel Flocks funeral was much impressed by the services.  Came home, Jennie and I then went out to Richards to supper.


Monday 10.  At home. Have been a good deal worried over matters.  Father spends so much money “fixing up” that it sometimes seems useless to try to save any. 


August, Tuesday 11.  1885.

Helped make ice cream fro Ewing Harvest Home tomorrow.  Read a paper before the Nat. His. Soc. on saccharomyces or Yeast Plants.


Wednesday 12.

Sent 300 qt cream to Ewing Harvest Home.  Brought all the tools and troughs down from Grays bakery to begin work tonight in our new oven.  Went up to the Harvest Home and took supper.


August, Thursday 13.  1885.

Oven seemed to bake all night.  The drafts might draw a little better but they may improve as the oven dries out.


Friday 14.


August, Saturday 15.  1885.


Sunday 16.

Went to church in morning.  Rev. Freas preached.  No service at night.  Some of the church women (without any money) want to buy new carpet!  Father as Pres of Trust forbid the sexton to allow old one removed. 


August, Monday 17.  1885.

At home. Rec. from Hon. John Hart Brown several valuable government books on scientific subjects.


Tuesday 18.

Subscribed and paid for 2 shares of the Cooperation Store Stock.


August, Wednesday 19.  1885.

At home.


Thursday 20.

At home.  Had a large party at our home tonight to see our new oven.  People seemed much pleased and interested.  Jennie and I gave Father a nice woolen shirt for mountain ues.


August, Friday 21.  1885.

The papers contained very nice notes about our new oven.  Sent an adv. to the “Century” for one month advertising caramels by mail.

Saturday 22.


At home.  Father went to Canadenses, Monroe Co. Pa to stay a few days.  Benj F. Chambers died this morning after a sickness of only a week. He was Vice President of the Y.M. Repub. Club. 


August, Sunday 23.  1885.

Went to C.A.B.  in morning.  Rev. Freas preached.


Monday 24.

At home.


August, Tuesday 25.  1885.

At home.  The Poor Childrens Picnic went away today.  About 900 went.


Wednesday 26.

At home.  Went to Benj F. Chambers funeral.  Large attendance.  Legislature, military, church members, Republicans and friends.  At my suggestion a beautiful broken column of flowers was sent by the Rep. Club. 


August, Thursday 27.  1885.

At home.  Went at night to small Board of Trade meeting in references to sewers.


Friday 28.

At home.


August, Saturday 29.  1885.

At home.


Sunday 30.

Went to C.A.B. twice.  Rev. C B. Perkins preached.


August, Monday 31.  1885.

At home.  Isaac Sedan left us suddenly.  Went to Ladies Aid meeting at Bonneys to make arrangements for sociable on Thursday night.



September, Tuesday 1.

At home.


September, Wednesday 2.  1885.

At home.  Busy sending out monthly bills.


Thursday 3.

At home.  Went to a sociable at Mrs. Simmons to introduce and welcome Rev. Judson Conklin the new pastor who arrived today.


Phila & Germantown

September, Friday 4.  1885.

Went to Phila.  Bot goods at Clad’s: French, Richards & Co.  Deughers.  Then went to Germantown with Max Goettner, who I engages as second hand on bread.


Saturday 5.


September, Sunday 5.  1885.

Church twice.  Conklin preachedhis opening sermon.  Very well received.


Monday 7.


September, Tuesday 8.  1885.

At home.  Made chicken croquettes for tomorrow.  This is my second attempt at them for sale.  Very successful.



Wednesday 9.

Went to Lambertville with wedding order.  Miss Corwin, (granddaughter of Ashbel Welsh) married to Dr. Oliphant.


September, Thursday 10.  1885.

Jennie and I went out to Father Richard’s to stay a day or two.


Friday 11.

Drove up to Warner’s Creamery and also to the Lawrenceville School.

September, Saturday 12.  1885.

Returned home.


Sunday 13.

Church twice.


September, Monday 14.  1885.

Church meeting afterward went to the opening meeting of the Mendelsohm Choral Union.


Tuesday 15.

At home.  Went to monthly meeting of the Y.M.R.A.



September, Wednesday 16.  1885.


Went by rail to Flemingotn to wedding of Miss Annie Kline to Rev. George Burns.  The American yacht Puritan beat the genesta today the second time and saved the American cup. 


Thursday 17.

At home.  Father, Jennie and I made Daniel a present of pair solid gold sheer buttons. 


September, Friday 18.  1885.

At home.


Saturday 19.


September, Sunday 20.  1885.

Went to Clinton Ave. twice.  Have been reading Catily Combes Moral Philosophy and Wayland Moral Philosophy and comparing the two.  Like Combes better than Wayland. 


Monday 21.

At home.  Went to Opera House to see “Mikado” a new opera.  It was indifferently played by Corinne.


September, Tuesday 22.  1885.

At home.  Took an order of $200 for Flemington one of $105 for Mr. Holly, one of $150 for Trenton and hand one paid for $125 a very good mornings work.


Wednesday 23.

At home.  Father is serving on United States Jury.  Celebrated trotter Goldensmith Maid died today at Fashion Farm. 


September, Thursday 24.  1885.

At home.  Bot 2 second hand books.  Life Napoleon 3rd and Waylands Political Economy. 


Friday 25.

At home.  Finished reading Banks of New York.



September, Saturday 26.  1885.

At home in morning.  Went to Phila after dinner.  Bought a new epergne, silver nut bowl, also some white china.


Sunday 27.

Clinton Ave. twice.  Am reading Life of Napoleon III by Smucker.  Quite interested.


September, Monday 28.  1885.

Paid my tax bill $8.45


Tuesday 29.

At home.  Went to New York.  Visited Regenhard’s, Schall’s, Produce Exchaner, Sylvester, Hilton & Co. and Macy’s.  Father and Lyman took Mother out riding.  For the first time since she has been sick.


September, Wednesday 30.  1885.

At home.



October, Thursday 1.

Went to Flemington to Big party at Mr. Paul A. Queen’s new house.  Queene Anne.  Fine spread.  Stayed over night at hotel.


October, Friday 2.  1885.

Served a party at Judge Yard’s.  His son George has been getting married.


Saturday 3. 

Slept till 11 AM


October, Sunday 4.  1885.

Went to church in morning.  Stayed at home at night.  Read, “Farm Ballads.”



Monday 5.

At home in morning.  Went to Phila after dinner to buy fruit.  Rev. Conklin went along.  We visited Pub. loc., the City Hall, Leary’s, the Hotel Bellevue, and after supper went to the Novelties Exposition of the Franklin Institute.


October, Tuesday 6.  1885.

Furnished wedding of George Fitzgeorge and Lucy Ward.


Mt. Holly

Wednesday 7.

Furnished table at Mt. Holly for wedding of Miss Keeler to Mr. Rev. Percy Perinchief. 


October, Thursday 8.  1885.

At home.  Went to Mercer County Fair at BaseBall grounds.  A very good display for the first attempt.


Friday 9. 

At home.


October, Saturday 10.  1885.

This morning at 4 o’clock a boy was born to Jennie.  Weighs 9 lbs.  Green we will call him Fred.


Sunday 11.

Did not go to church.


October, Monday 12.  1885.

At home.  Sent out quarterly bills of Y.M.R.A.  At night Mr. Conklin and I went down to see Mr. Parkers big library (6000 vols) after which I went to the first meeting help in the blue room of new temple.


Tuesday 13.

Went to meeting of Nat His Society at night.


October, Wednesday 14.  1885.


Thursday 15.

Went to Walnford with dinner for wedding.  Miss Abbott to Mr. Rudolph J. Black.


October, Friday 16.  1885.

Busy at home.  Bot 5 volumes “The Spectator”.  Father went to consult with Harry whore business is not very good.



Saturday 17.

Went to Phila after dinner to buy goods.  Also bought one volume of Young America Abrod.


October, Sunday 18.  1885.

Went to church in morning.  Remained home afternoon and evening.


Monday 19.

At home.  Sent out monthly postals of the Y.M.R.Ass.  Went to Mendelsohm.


October, Tuesday 20.  1885.

At home.  Went to regular meeting of Y.M. Rep. Asso.


New York.  Wednesday 21.

Went to New York  to attend dinner of Ichttiyophagous Club at Buckingham Hotel good dinner well cooked.  Winkles, squids, sea robbins, etc etc, Remaind over night at same hotel.



October, Thursday 22.  1885.

Shopped about N. York.  Bought goods at Regenhard’s at Barvo & Dotta’s and other places. Returned on 2 PM train.  Father rec’d very bad letter from Harry who needs help.


Friday 23.

At home.  Father wrote Harry advising him to make assignments.  It is too bad but cannot be avoided.  Cause, careless and extravagant living.


October, Saturday 24.  1885.


At home.  Made 90 lbs of mince meat, the first I ever made.  It turned out very fair.


Sunday 25.

Went to church in morning.  Conkling preached for state bonadition.  Took up collection $50.  Stayed with Jennie after dinner.  Read Seneca’s Morals. 


October, Monday 26.  1885.

At home.


Tuesday 27.

Father went to Paterson today to State Convention and from there goes tomorrow to Waterbury.  Harry telegraphs today that “store closed.  Sale next Tuesday.”



October, Wednesday 28.  1885.

Went to Fallsington Pa with refreshments .  Dr. C.B. Leavin married Mamie Headley.  Good time.  All pleased.  Harry writes store was closed from 3 to 6 P.M. yesterday.  He and his clerk were appointed deputy sheriffs to sell perishable goods. 


Thursday 29.

At home.  Last registry day was busy getting 1st Ward list complete.  Made affidavit that several were legal voters.


October, Friday 30.  1885.

Paid the nurse.  His I think was the only bill I owed anyone.  I Stayed with Mother last night.  Jennie was alone, she had a chill, which is very bad.


Saturday 31. 

Jennie is better.  Made out bills for October. 



November, Sunday 1.  1885.

Did not go to church.  Read Seneca’s Morals.  Jennie is getting better.  Rec. letter from Father saying Henry’s bills are $5000 and he will not set him up agian.


Monday 2.

At home busy getting ready for orders tomorrow and Wednesday.  Gen Mclelellan buried today.


Mt. Holly

November, Tuesday 3.  1885.

Went to Mt. Holly to wedding of Miss Keeler to Mr. Walters.  Annie Tremple went away from here this morning before we were up.


Wednesday 4.

At home.  Went to wedding of Miss Mellie Stryker to John D. Faussell assistant State Librarian. 


November, Thursday 5.  1885.

At home.  Busy most of day with desk work.


Friday 6.

Father sent an offer today to Harry assignee to buy the property at the appraised value.


November, Saturday 7.  1885.


Sunday 8.

Went to church in morning.  Remained at home at night.  Read Robinson Crusoe.


November, Monday 9.  1885.

At home.  Bougth Paley’s sermons.  Paleys Philosophy and Tuppers Proverbal Philosophy.  Also orders a Pepys Memoirs.  Went to theater first night of “Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire.”


Tuesday 10.

At home.  Went to monthly meeting of Nat. Hist. Society.  Harry’s place was sold yesterday.  Father bought it in for H.


November, Wednesday 11.  1885.

At home.  Wedding of Al L. Eccles to Abbie L. Hutchinson.  I acted as usher or Master of ceremony.  Very nice dinner for 20.  It had been expected to have a big wedding but bride’s father was sick.


Thursday 12.

At hoem.  Went to wedding at Judye Yard’s.  Miss Isabella Hamilton married Dr. Hugh Hamilton.


November, Friday 13.  1885.

At home.


Saturday 14.

At home.


November, Sunday 15.  1885.

Church in morning.  Conklin told me he preached old sermon.  No one discovered it.  Charley and Annie Levy called on us today to see the baby.  Had pleasant evening.


Monday 16.

At home.  Went to Mendelsohm rehearsal.  Getting ready for concert on 25th.


November, Tuesday 17.  1885.

At home.  Went to Repub rooms.  No quorums and no meeting.  Afterward went to Palestine Com.  called attention to the bad facilities of the kitchen.


Wednesday 18.

At home.



November, Thursday 19.  1885.

Went to Phila after dinner.  Bot goods at Wanamakers, Whitmans, Clad’s, Reiffs, and Deugler’s.


Friday 20.

At home.



November, Saturday 21.  1885.

Went to Princeton to take order of Prof. Green for reception.  Afterward visited Museum, Library, University Hotel for dinner and the Episcopal Church.


Sunday 22.

Went to church in morning with Jennie.  First time she has been to church in months.


November, Monday 23.  1885.

At home.  Made croquettes for tomorrow.


Tuesday 24.

At home.  The Global Council of Royal and Select Masters of which I am a member had a nice banquet at our house tonight.  The Mendelsohm gave The Lobgesang and the 95th Psalm tonight at Opera House.  Excellent 140 voices.  Myself in the tenor.


November, Wednesday 25.  1885.

Busy getting ready for tomorrow.  Made Croquettes.


Thursday 26.

Went to Keyport with order for Marnie W. Seabrooks.  She married Mr. Schenck, a young farmer.  Her bother Tom and her sister’s husband had both imbibed to freely.  Told Mrs. Seabrook we have decided to name our boy Frederick Seabrook


November, Friday 27.  1885.

The Royal Arcanum, a benficial insurance society, had banquet at our place tonight.


Saturday 28.

At home.


November, Sunday 29.  1885.

Jennie and I went to church in morning.  Remained at home at night.  Am reading Pepy’s Memoirs. 


Monday 30.

At home.  Went to quarterly church business metting.  Discussed finances and about giving Rev. Conklin a reception.  He went today to Easton, Conn to be married to Miss Mary E. Gillett.



December, Tuesday 1.  1885.

At home.  Went at night with Father and Jennie to a reception at the Masonic Temple, simply to examine the new rooms and furniture.


Wednesday 2.

At home.  Went to reception of Mr. & Mrs. Chas B. Leavitt in their new home which was giver her all furnished by Mr. Howell.  Two hundred guests.


December, Thursday 3.  1885.

At home.  Father and I went to look through Gen Stryker’s new house on West State St., which is very convenient.  Do not admire the style.


Friday 4.

At home.  Went to a concert of the New York Philharmonic Club at Library Hall.  Wrote up the critical report for the Gazette.


December, Saturday 5.  1885.

At home.  False repot of Hewy Ward Beecher’s death.


Sunday 6.

Jennie and I went to 1st Pres.  Mr. Dixon preached from “He that winneth souls is wise”  He preached as though it read “He that winneth souls to Christ is wise”  Did Solomon mean that.  I wonder.


December, Monday 7.  1885.

At home.  Went to Mendelsohm at night.  The second rehearsal of “Elijah”.  which seems to suit the society very well.  There was a business meeting afterward for which I was elected secretary proterm , with a little flattering applause.


Tuesday 8.

Went to Nat. History meeting.  Showed specimen of a cows hoof badly eaten by the buffalo  beetle.  E. A. Apgav gave the address of the evening sketching on the black board various curious ways of training fruit trees.   

Nm H. Vanderbilt wont $175,000,000.

December, Wednesday 9. 1885.

Went to Pennington to wedding of Mr. Enoch Blackwell to Miss Anna Lee of this city.  The groom was a wealthy batchelor of 65 years.  Jennie, Father, and I went to Rev. Conklin’s reception in Judge Buchanan’s house which he rented.


Thursday 10.

Father has lost so much  money this last year with Lyman and Harry and other expenses that he is pressed for ready money.  His credit though is high and there is no danger of his failing at all.  His health is not very good.


December, Friday 11.  1885.

Edward L. Anderson of Comptroller Anderson sent me a copy of the little souvenir book about the dedication of the Freehold monument last Fall.  I had charge of the great dinner, and therefore was remembered.


Saturday 12.

Father much troubled with quinzy poltices his neck but suffers great pain.  Was examined by Dr. Green to see about joining the Order of United Workmen, a mutual assessment insurance col with $2000 benefits. 


December, Sunday 13.  1885.

At home.  Went to church in morning.  Rev. Conklin preached after dinner read Pepy’s Memoirs and finished it then read Abbots “Charles II” and began Roscoes “Life of Benevito Cellini.”


Monday 14.

Talked with W.H. Skirm about City Hope R.R. bonds.  Do not think there very prudent investment as no returns are expected for several years.  Finished reading all I wish to of Bellini; who was one of the most conceited men I heard of. 


December, Tuesday 15.  1885.

Jennie and I to Phila visited mint (new to her) Wanamakers, Laurents, Porter & Coates, Learys, Baileys, and went out to see her sister Mrs. Baker and the 2 weeks old baby.  Home at 6 P.M. Went to reg. monthly meeting of Y.M. Rep. Asso. and the church sociable at Clinton Ave.


Wednesday 16.

Yesterday I bought a 15 vol. set of Dickens in Philadelphia Price $9 Cloth well bound and gilt top.  Jennie bought a black fur shoulder cape also at Wanamakers for $6.


December, Thursday 17.  1885.

Busy with order work and getting ready for holiday trade.  Went at night with Henry Buchanan to the rink to se the Women’s Walking Match” 6 days from 11 AM to 11 PM.  Miss Kilbury was ahead.  Not a very pleasant spectacle.


Friday 18.

Attended Concert of New York Philharmonic Club at Library Hall.  Wrote up the review very short for tomorrows gazette.  Mr. Schnecks violincello music pleased me most. 


December, Saturday 19.  1885.

Mother today was very quiet and almost as rational as ever.  She seems to have such days more frequently than formerly.  Father is troubled with quinsey sore throat.


Sunday 20.

With Jennie in morning to 1st Pres.  After dinner read and wrote.  Harry wrote us the day that his eyes trouble him very greatly.  An oculist told him he must wear glasses the rest of his life.


December, Monday 21.  1885.

At home.  Went to Mendelsohm rehearsal at night.  The proposition came up to tax the ladies.  I made a set speech against it and then every lady voted for it, turning the laugh on me completely.


Tuesday 22.

Consulted W.M. Lanning about giving Father a bill of sale for the Mercer Street property.  There are great difficulties owing to Mother’s state and dower rights in the case.


December, Wednesday 23.  1885.

Busy in store.  Father is sick not able to leave his room. Quinzy and age attack of something like rheumatism.


Thursday 24.

Busy in store.  Took in $282.90 cash and sales about $50 more.  Father not so well.  Quite weak and hardly able to sit up.  Father gave all the married men a turkey and all the other boys a dollar.



December, Friday 25.  1885.

Father not near so well in morning but better after noon.  Gave all a holiday after dinner but stayed in store myself to sell candy only.  Jennie fell down stairs and cut her chin.  Father gave us $5 and we had gifts from several others. 


Saturday 25.

Aunt Sue Hart came to spend a few days with us. 


December, Sunday 27.  1885.

To Clinton Ave. in the morning.  At home at night.  Read Oliver Twist.


Monday 28.

To Fraternal Lodge at night with lunch.  Trenton Lodge No 5. made F. Lodge a gift of one of the old chairs from the old room.


December, Tuesday 29.  1885.


Wednesday 30.

To Lambertville with dinner for wedding of Miss Jewell to Mr Jos E. Baldwin of Palatka, Florida.  Returned at 8:38 PM.  Trenton Cruising Club had its 3rd Annual dinner at our place tonight.


December, Thursday 31.  1885.

Busy at home making croquettes etc for orders tomorrow.  Provided refreshments for John Hart Brewer’s card party.  Jennie and I went to Corinne Opera Co. at Opera House to see “Clunier of Normandy.”


Transcribed 2006

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