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Annual Chronological Events in Trenton.


 1 Fine sleighing.

2 Meeting of citizens in regard to new charter.

3 Funeral of George Dill.  Sam’l Johnson killed near Roebling’s mill by a freight train.  Peter F. Woodruff died.

5 Sleighing very fine.

6 Mercer Courts opened.

7 Grand Jury presented 13 bills of indictment, and the condition of the county jail as a great public evil.

8 Thermometer 10 degrees above zero.

9 Sunday School exhibition at the Greene street Church.  Francis Watkins addressed a large meeting at Temperance Hall, on the subject of slavery.

10 John Bullow died, aged 56.

12 Meeting of citizens to make arrangements for the inauguration of Governor Newell.

13 Examination at the Model School.  Fire at the gas house.  Legislature met.  Mrs. Louisa T. Wilcox died.

14 Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons met.

15 New Jersey Historical Society met at City Hall.  Joseph Blackwell Livingston died.

17 Mary, wife of W. A. Cook died.

18 Snow storm.  4 degrees above zero.

19 Ann, wife of Wm. Tyrrell, died.  Every street blocked up by snow drifts.

20 Governor Newell inaugurated.  United States District Court met.  Governor Newell compelled to walk from Allentown to attend his inauguration, assisted by John Van Dyke, Esq.  All the trains detained.  Joseph D. Mount died.

21 Weather very mild.

22 United States Circuit Court met.  E. R. Borden appointed private secretary to the Governor.

23 Thermometer 9 degrees below zero.  Trains yet able to make regular trips.

24 Thermometer 11 degrees below zero at 8 A. M. and at 1 o’clock 19 above zero.  Workmen at Trenton Iron Works presented a gold watch to Mr. Charles Hewitt, the Superintendent.

27 Thermometer 30 degrees above zero.  United Slates Court met to try the case of mutiny by the crew of the ship New York.  Hotels filled.

28 Annual meeting of the New Jersey Medical Society. Public schools visited by a large number of citizens.  Captain George W. Estilow died, aged 47.  Patrick Mulheren died, aged 65.

29 Politicians greatly agitated upon the Senatorial question.

30 Mary, wife of Thomas Francis, died, aged 36. Corporation dined at Tremont House.

31 Charles Hewitt gave an entertainment to the workmen of Trenton Iron Works.

  Number of arrests for the month of December, 1856, 23; and for January, 1857, 21.


1 Weather very mild; prospects of a thaw.  Dr. Hall preached to Young Men’s Christian Association.

2 City filled with strangers. Animated discussions on the Senatorial question.  John P. Stockton becomes a prominent candidate.

3 Court of Chancery met, with 57 cases. E. H. Grandin nominated as prosecutor for Mercer county.

4 State Agricultural Society. Printers’ and Publishers’ Convention, and Know Nothing State Council met to-day.

5 Major Mulford resigned his commission as major of 2d battalion.  Water in pipes frozen.

6 Several false alarms of fire.  Ice on sidewalks removed by a thaw.

7 Charles Chamberlain died suddenly.

8 Great freshet on the Delaware; ice broken up; great excitement; fears entertained for the Delaware bridge; part of Vancleve & McKean’s foundry destroyed; water raised six feet in ten hours; streets flooded, and water up as high as Washington street; street pedestrians reduced to the necessity of traveling in flat bottomed boats; Reporter paid sixpence to get across Ferry street, near Warren -partly from necessity, and partly for the sake of the novelty.

9 “True American” contains full particulars of the flood.  The trains interrupted by a freshet.  A boy l2 years of age killed by a stone thrown by another boy.

10 Further particulars of the flood are published.  Great excitement among the audience in Temperance Hall from an alarm that the building was on fire; desperate rush to the street; nobody injured.  A Thomson supper at Watts’.

11 Delaware rose again; a panic among the inhabitants in the vicinity.  Railroad communication with Bordentown cut off.  Annual meeting of Trustees of Normal School.  Adjourned annual meeting of Editorial Convention held.  Nomination of E. H. Graudin confirmed.

12 Military Convention held. Mrs. Hannah Davison died.

14 Mayor and Marshal visit the people along the river who have suffered from the freshet.

15 Bishop Bailey preached at the Catholic Church; 180 persons confirmed.

16. The Know Nothings and republicans at loggerheads.  Charles W. Nutt died, aged 15 years.  John W. McPherson died, aged, 19. Communication between Trenton and Bordentown resumed.  Mercer Circuit held a special term.

17 Captain George L. Fuhrmann appointed Major of Mercer Brigade.

18 Democratic caucus held.  John R. Thomson nominated for State Senator without opposition.  River gradually falling and ice floating away.  Charles Riley died, aged 44.  Unusual number of handsomely dressed ladies in the streets.  Mrs. H. Lanning died. Catharine Higgins died, aged 59.

19 Joint meeting held. John R. Thomson elected Senator R. M. Smith State Treasurer; R. B. Stoll State Prison Keeper, and C. J. Ihrie Librarian.  River fell three feet. William L. Dayton nominated for Attorney General, and Charles Deshler for Clerk of Supreme Court.

20 General exodus of politicians from the city.  Elijah Mount died, aged 54.

21 Mrs. Sarah Rye died, aged 75.  Liberty Guards and Stockton Artillerists visited Rev. Mr. White’s church in full uniform.  Funeral of Elijah Mount took place.  William Heiser died, aged 42.

23 Stockton Artillerists and Trenton Rifles paraded in honor of Washington’s birthday.  The police of the city presented Mayor Wood with a silver cup.  Pupils of the Philadelphia Institution of the Blind gave a concert before the Legislature.  Germans gave a ball at City Hall.

24 Edward Rowley died, aged 54.  Supreme Court met with 23 cases.

25 Convention of Printers held at Trenton House.  Carr and Dodge had a foot race at Tyburn – won by Dodge.

26 Birthday of Reporter.  Nothing unusual occurred.

27 Dr. Joline negotiated for the American Hotel.  Wm. S. Snediker died, aged 28.

28 A slight snow storm.  Water pipes burst.

  Number of arrests this month, 33.


1 Judge Ryerson unable to attend court from ill health.  Snow.

2 Severe snow storm.  Know Nothings wrathy in consequence of Chas. D. Deschler as Clerk of the Supreme Court being rejected, regarded as a sign that “Americans don’t rule America” quite yet.  $30,000 house on the banks of the Delaware advertised for sale.  Belville, Fish and Whittaker return from a tour in the west.

3 Steamer “Joseph Ross,” lying in Cooper’s basin, robbed.

4 Trenton Atheneum opened. Suspension of the Geological survey by Governor Newell, reported to the Legislature.

5 Dr. Potts publishes an original dialogue between some persons who took his medicine and others who did not. Dayton nominated for Attorney General and Chas. P. Smith for Clerk of Supreme Court.

6 Animated discussion of the bank question in the Legislature. Elizabeth Cunningham died, aged 18. Two thieves arrested. Man unceremoniously knocked down in the street and robbed.

7 Gardening commenced by a number of citizens.

8 Elizabeth Schenck died, aged 87.

9 Gardening operations nipped by an untimely frost. Locomotive “Governor Southard” fell into the Hackensack, Trains detained. Friends of Sunday School held a meeting.

10 Edward N. Green died, aged 4 years. New York Quarantine Commissioners arrived.

11 Joseph Roney tendered his resignation as principal of public schools. Banks the special order of the day in Legislature. Arabella, daughter of Dr. Quick, died.

12 Special committee on the quarantine made a report. Navigation on the canal resumed.

13 Lutheran congregation bought the church edifice in Broad street. Nomination of Dayton and Smith confirmed. After a suspension of two months the water commenced running from the pipes. Mercer county 7 per cent bill defeated.

14 Contracts for building additions to markets given to D. S. Anderson for $2,075. Robert Wylie died, aged 47. Snow fell.

15 Weather very mild.

16 Court of Pardoms in session with a large number of cases before it. Protracted meetings at the Greene street church. Seventy converts joined the church.

17 Special term of United States Court.

18 Governor Newell nominated Judges of the Court of Errors, Prosecutors of the Pleas, and Trustees of Normal School.

19 Public meeting in the 4th Ward of water consumers.

20 Trial of crew of ship “New York” closed - prisoners found guilty. Front wall of Higbee street school tumbled down.

21 Emma A. Hutchinson died, aged 11. Legislature adjourned sine die.

22 Rev. Mr. Street preached on the observance of the Sabbath.

23 Good Will Fire Company had a benefit at the Atheneum.

24 United States Circuit Court met Gov. Newell awarded the publishing of the laws to the daily “Republican.”

25 Editor opens against the location of the fish market. Lieut. Mace fails to awaken an interest in the sword exercise. Boss Dean advertises niggers for sale.

26 Real estate of S. R. Hamilton, dec’d, sold. Wm. A. Benjamin re-appointed Postmaster.

27 Joseph Roney takes leave of the public schools. Measles prevailed throughout the city.

28 stalls in the city market sold.

29 Sunday School organized at Brookville. Lydia L. Long died, aged 18.

30 George B. Bodine died, aged 28. Farmers preparing their grounds for crops.

31 Ex-President Van Buren passed thro’ the city. The United States Grand Jury found a bill of indictment against Richard D. Vanarsdale, for Post Office robberies. Mrs. Prudence Updyke died, aged 60. Parties begin to move for the spring election. Number of arrests at Mayor’s office, 38. Whole loss by fire for the year, $600.


1 Report of conversions at Greene street church show one hundred and fifty to have taken place during the protracted meetings. Moving day, the town upside down.

2 Democratic meeting in the 4th Ward to nominate Ward officers. First shad caught in the Delaware.

3 Mayor Wood presents each police officer with a new suit of clothes.

4 Mrs. George Dill died, aged 82.

5 Rev. Mr. Street closed his pastoral relations with the Front street church.

6 Council met and granted twenty-seven tavern licenses. Democratic meeting of 6th Ward – Ward officers nominated. Ice and snow.

7 New Jersey Methodist Conference met. Scandalous and Detestable Clubs appeared. Democrats of the Sixth Ward held a meeting. The Mayor orders a special election for Councilmen of Fourth Ward.

8 Weather very moderate.

9 State Temperance Convention met. - Democrats of First, Third and Sixth Wards held a meeting. Col. Mace, the expert swordsman, evacuated the city between two days -owl line.

10 Democratic City Convention held.

12 Members of the Methodist Conference preached at the several churches of the city.

13 City election. Wood elected Mayor; Lodor, recorder; Mulford, Marshal; Fish, Treasurer; Yard, School Superintendent; Dickerson and Woolley, Freeholders, and Democrats returned for Council in all the Wards, excepting the First and part of the Fifth. Mrs. Jane Lennox died, aged 67. Remainder of Higbee street school fell down. John L: Wallace died, aged 40.

14 Eagle Fire Company have a benefit at the Atheneum. Stockholders of the Mechanics’ and Manufacturers’ Bank met.

15 Great rejoicing over the election of Alderman Watts. John Dickinson died, aged 56.

16 New Jersey Annual Conference adjourned. The Conference divided into two parts, viz: New Jersey and Newark Conferences - the first to meet at Camden and the other at Morristown, in April 185?.

17 A difficulty occurred at the circus, a negro injured in the head with a brick. In compliance with the rules of natural philosophy the brick was shattered in pieces. One of the circus company, named Horn, stabbed by a party of negroes. An atrocious assault committed on Dennis Kehoe at the depot, by a man named Ryan.

19 Margaret S., wife, and the infant of Dr. Phillips, died.

20 Snow.

21 United States District Court met.

22 A boy named Edward Douglas drowned. Numbers of rafts on the river. Henry and James Reynolds arrested for stealing a pair of horses. Intelligence of the death of Herbert Norcross received.

24 Thirteen persons in the county jail. New Council organized. H. M. Lewis elected president and. John O. Raum City clerk.

25 Boiler of the “Fanny Garner” burst, killing Captain Bird and four of the crew, and wounding five others.

26 Remains of Herbert Norcross arrived in the city.

27 Council met and appointed the Standing Committees for the year.

28 Mercer Courts met. Seventeen tavern licenses granted and each assessed at fifteen dollars. Matilda Ann Walker died, aged 19.

29 General mad dog annihilation.

30 Grand jury adjourned, having sent up twenty-two bills of indictment. Number arrests at the Mayor’s office, 21.



1 Stockton Artillerists on parade. Juveniles have a gala day. William Dennis died, aged 34.

2 Trenton Athenaeum closed for the season.

3 Dr. P. E. Vastine died, aged 45.

4 Wife and child of Patrick Connell died. Stockholders of Trenton Bridge Company met.

5 The Reynolds and Ryan sentenced to the State Prison. Pierson, city surveyor, died, aged -.

7 Phebe Ellen Thompson died, aged 6 years.

8 James Watson died, aged 27. Weather very mild. A son of Azariah Rowley rescued from drowning by Samuel McClurg. An attempt made to fire the barn of Geo. Sweet.

9 Marvel Wheeler’s pocket relieved of $200. Daughter of John Hogarty burned to death, aged 12 years. Two persons arrested for passing counterfeit bills on Bank of New Jersey.

10 Third Presbyterian session room entered by burglars and Sunday School funds stolen.

11 Very cold.

12 Board of Chosen Freeholders met. Stockholders of Delaware and Raritan Canal met at Princeton.

13 Charles Clark died, aged -.

14 Mercer County Court, adjourned for the term.

15 Change in editorial department of State Gazette. House of Azariah Rowley entered and robbed.

17 Weather mild. James F. Bond died, aged 63. A boy seven years old drank a pint of whiskey, which killed him.

19 Lots of Garret Schenck disposed.of by lottery. Charlotte Lovett died, aged 61. Raft came down the Delaware 200 feet long and 75 feet wide.

20 “Alpha” opens upon the Physicians, and vice versa.

22 Silver pitcher, bowl and two goblets presented to A. R. Harris by school children. Samuel Green, of Ewing, robbed of a large amount of clothing. Col. Frank Rupium made his appearance. Fire at John Link’s grocery, Hanover st.

23 John Adam Long died, aged 41. - Thermometer stood at 80.

24 Elizabeth Taylor died, ,aged 68.

25 Annual meeting of Trenton Water Works Company.

26 Mercer County Bible Society met.

27 Colored man killed on railroad, near Rancocas. Body of unknown man found in the canal at Morrisville. P. T. B. Waterhouse died, aged 6 years.

28 Fire at Carr’s foundry, Union st.

29 Fire on bank of water power in a frame house.

30 John Hewitt died, aged 81. Lime sheds of George James, in Jackson street, burned.

31 Anniversary of Sunday School Society at Greene street church. Arrests at Mayor’s office for the month, 18.


1 United States recruiting station opened. Attempt to fire mill of Sam’l K. Wilson by unknown person. Daniel Fell stabbed by an unknown assassin as he was getting into an omnibus.

2 Supreme Court opened. Locomotive of freight train fell into Rancocas.

3 Peter Corson drowned by falling off schooner Isaac Anderson.

4 Strawberries appeared in market. Reported expresses it is his unwavering belief that it is both dangerous and ungrateful for a living man to say an ill word against doctors. City Council presented annual estimates, showing $57,852 necessary for yearly expenses being $12,850 over the assessment of 70 cents to the $100.

5 A son of David Cowell run over by a wagon and severely injured.

8 Jasper Scott died, aged 68. Henry Pauck died, aged 50.

9 Barn of A. V. Manning struck by lightning. People expecting to be knocked into a cocked hat by the comet.

10 The old City Hotel, the headquarters of Col. Rahl at the taking of the Hessians, demolished. Annual meeting of Trenton Water Power Company. Commodore John C. Stevens died.

11 Sheds and trees in various parts of the city blown down by a high wind.

12 Strawberry festival at Temperance Hall.

13 Great comet due this day. Freeholders met and resolved to bridge Petty’s run in the rear of the American Hotel.

14 George Prunnell, steward on a canal boat drowned.

15 Jonathan Hughes had part of his hand blown off by accidental explosion of a pistol. A tragical event took place between two limbs of the law – no bones broken.

16 Examination at the Normal School. William S. Krewson found dead in his bed. Robert J. Liddell died, aged 66.

18 City election for the purpose of levying an extra assessment to raise $13,000. Vote for, 76 - against 1317.

19 Margaret Jane Murphy, died aged 33.

20 Daughter of James B. Glover run over by a pair of horses and wagon.

21 A man held forth on the doctrines of spiritualism at the depot. A terrific thunder storm, several houses struck by lightning.

22 Another heavy gale.

23 Commissioners on taxes at City Hall. Commencement at Princeton.

24 Anniversary of Young Men’s Christian Association.

25 Two of our city watchman saw a remarkable appearance in the heavens, in the shape of an immense trident. Annie Dickinson died, aged 81.

26 Col. Cook volunteers to read the Declaration of Independence in the mountains. Court of Pardons met - 12 persons pardoned.

27 Elizabeth L. Richards died, aged 20. Athenaeum re-opened.

29 Liberty Rifle Company disbanded, and reorganized under the name of Rifle Guards. Arrests at the Mayor’s office for the month, 46.


1 Third Ward market thrown open to all traders. The City Marshal give notice that all dogs will be killed that are found in the street.

2 Officers of the Hand-in-Hand Fire Co. elected.

3 John J. Hill died, aged 26.

4 The Fourth was celebrated in Trenton by the military, A. K. T. Society, Washington and Oregon Clubs. The Reporter and a number went to the Water Gap. Stockton Artillerists went to Hightstown. A man named Clarkin stabbed at depot.

5 Repentant folks, who celebrated the Fourth, go to church.

6 Reporter absent. No paper published.

8 Sunday School anniversary at Front Street Church.

9 Trenton Hose Company have a benefit at the Athenaeum.

10 Large fishing parties visit Duck Island.

11 Great conundrum competition at the Athenaeum. Boss Dean dragged before the public. Anthony Baldolph and John Oriel covered up by earth caving in at Moore’s mill.

12 Thermometer at 95.

13 Bridget Coday died, aged -. Thermometer continued at 95. Rev. E. F. Cooley resigned as pastor of the Ewing Church.

14. Joseph H. Janney died, aged 23. Man arrested for passing counterfeit money.

15 Anniversary of Pennington Seminary. Result of Odd Fellows’ election reported.

16 The dog killer is threatened by the mob. Perch fishing in the Delaware at its heighth. The Gazette and Republican united.

17 Theo. Howell, a boy ten years old, drowned in the Delaware. Thermometer at 85.

18 Number of rows reported.

19 Rev. Mr. Cooley preached a valedictory at the Ewing Church. Eleven boys upset on the Delaware - all saved.

20 Boat race on the Delaware between the Emily J. Owens and the Cooper and Hewitt -won by the latter. Sam’l W. Fox died, aged 45. Election of officers of the Good Will Fire Company.

21 Grand Council of Red Men met at Camden. John A. Lake died, aged 30.

22 Woman arrested for stealing baggage from Warren street depot.

23 John A. Lake buried with military honors.

24 Stacy B. Reed appointed to a clerkship at Washington.

25 Accident at depot. Two wagons came in contact – nobody hurt.

27 Workmen on school edifice adjoining Normal School treated to a handsome collation.

29 Abbey, wife of Isaac L. Pearson died. A petition in circulation for a State Convention to discuss the propriety of a division of the Union. Grand pic nic at Sand Hills.

30 Complaint is made against the Mormons for alleged violations of the Sabbath by playing on brass instruments.

31 Henry Hankinson died, aged 48. Number of arrests at the Mayor’s office for the month, 46.


1 Boy drowned in the canal at the Lamberton lock.

4 Albert, son of Luther Ward drowned in the Assanpink. C. D. Hineline shot at Camden.

5 Kenneth Hankinson, sen’r, died aged 87. Annual meeting of Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows. Unusually heavy rain – damage done to property and streets.

6 Son of Peter Furhman saved from drowning by John Stout.

7 Charles McCoy recovers two stolen mules and arrests the thief.

8 N. Keeler died, aged 45.B. Moorhouse’s connection with the “Republican,” as Reporter, ceases.

10 Another heavy rain. Bridge on Tucker street carried away, and other damage done. A child of Jacob Vanhorn drowned in the basin near the wire mill:

11 The Harmony Fire Engine taken home by the Good Will Company. Four boys arrested for stealing fruit.

12 George Peacock died, aged 65.

13 Thermometer at 90. Mrs. Emma Stephens died, aged 26.

14 Thermometer at 95.

15 Navigation on Pennsylvania canal, below New Hope suspended, in consequence of a break. Mrs. Ann Foster died, aged 67.

16 Thermometer to summer heat. Two convicts, Post and Williamson escaped from the State Prison.

17 George L. Dean appointed collector of unpaid taxes.

18 Two runaways – a child run over.

19 Harvest Home at Baker’s Basin.

20 Miss Mary Elizabeth Plank died, aged 24. Harvest Home at Titusville. – Grand pic nic of Sunday School scholars attached to Baptist Church at Morrisville.

21 A man arrested for attempting to kiss a pretty girl on Mill Hill.

22 A boy drowned in the feeder near Kafer’s store.

23 Bridge house on the feeder near McCall’s, burned down. Two children of Luke Fox, the occupant, perished in the flames. Mrs. Fox was also severely burned.

24 Stockholders of the Belvidere & Delaware R. R. met, and assented to an increase of the capital stock to the Flemington Railroad.

25 Son of Samuel R. Dickson drowned in the water power. Wm. B. McGill late of the True American died in Philadelphia.

26 Grand pic nic of Sunday School Scholars of Front street Church, at Moses’ wood. John McDerwit committed suicide by drowning ,body found in the basin near the wire mile. Trenton Iron Company met and elected managers for the ensuing year. A fluttering among the monied men. Count Updyke on the qui vive.

27 Mary Jane Potser died, aged 16. Grand Pic nic of the Moax Association. Hon. Wm. M. Collum appointed to a clerkship in Washington.

28 Joseph Decou died suddenly.

31 A session of the several townships met at the Court House. Son of James Murphy killed by accidental explosion of a gun. Camp meeting commenced at Titusville. Great shooting match took place near Watts’ hotel. Ellen Harris died aged 36. Number of arrests for the month, 32.


1 Council resolved to give Gov. Vroom a reception on his return from Berlin.

2 Thomas Jobs found dead on Duck Island.

3 Three accidents recorded by runaways and capsizing of vehicles between Trenton and the camp meeting at Titusville; attempt made to rob the Catholic church.

4 Monetary panic began to spread; a citizens meeting was held respecting the return of Gov. Vroom.

7 Man named Robert Johnson died in the cars as they were passing through this city.

8 Reception of Gov. Vroom at the City Hall; large crowd of people; Hon. Wm. L. Dayton delivered the address; West Jersey Baptist Association met.

9 Murder trials cornmenced at Freehold.

10 A child of Gov. Newell died; .Dr. Alfred Smith died at Yardleyville.

14 German Odd Fellows had a celebration; a Shawnee tribe of Red Men formed; Business men of Trenton refuse to take Spanish quarters.

15 Susan Kafer died, aged 61; trial of Donnelly for murder, commenced at Freehold; United States District Court opened.

16 Stockholders of Trenton and Allentown Turnpike held their annual meeting.

17 Anniversary of Sunday School attached to 2d Presbyterian Church; Democratic County Convention was called.

18 Charles Leidy, a colored man, killed on Belvidere railroad.

19 Owen O’Brien robbed on the highway between Trenton and Ewing; Dennis Kavanagh stabbed in the Fifth Ward.

20 Howell Willis died, aged 11.

21 News of the wreck of the Central America received.

22 Mercer Court and United States Circuit Court met.

23 Joseph Downie, a colored man killed his wife in Ewing Township.

24 Grand race of police officers in search of the audacious tobacco agent, who stamped his advertisement indelibly on the sidewalks in tar.

25 Grand Jury sent up thirty-one bill and were discharged.

26 Run on Trenton Banks.

27 Mrs Joseph McPherson died.

28 Run on Trenton Banks falling off; Directors resolve not to suspend; Jas Hamilton died, aged 70.

29 Rev. Mr. Hughes resigns as pastor of Front street M. E. Church.

30 Joseph Downie (colored) tried for murder of his wife and acquitted; Rev. C. S. Downs appointed pastor of the Front street M. E. Church; number of arrests at Mayor’s office for the month, 42.


1 New Jersey State Fair commenced at New Brunswick; Richard Killian tried for forgery and found guilty.

2 Moses R. Quigley tried for forgery and found guilty.

3 Killian and Quigley sentenced; Mr. Kimball residing in Fourth Ward, badly scalded.

4 Rev. C. S. Downs entered upon his duties as pastor of Front street M. E. Church; Sarah Kafer died, aged 19.

5 Joseph Moore died, aged 65; Twenty Indians arrived, and encamped near the depot; Delaware Fire Company attended Fremen’s parade at Philadelphia; Mary E. Davies died, aged -.

6 Democratic County Convention held; Elizabeth Taylor died, aged 79.

7 Stockton Artillieists paraded.

8 Republican and Know-Nothing County Convention held.

9 Mercer Courts adjourned for the term.

12 Sarah Higbee, died; Wm. Kimball died from the effect of his scald; Major Isaac R. Wilson appointed Brigade Quarter master of the Mercer Brigade.

14 Trenton banks suspend specie payments; festival at the Widow’s Home.

15 Canvass for county officers waxed strong; Donnelly sentenced to be hanged on the 8th of January.

18 Fire broke out in the planing establishment of E. W. Page & Co; Trustees of State Normal School met; lady’s pocket picked at the depot.

17 City Clerk reports the total number of deaths for the year ending June 1, 1,303; marriages, 218; births; 444. Decrease in number of marriages as compared with last year, 20; decrease in births, 77; increase of deaths, 186. John B. Lalor nominated for Legislature in 3d district.

20 Court of Chancery met, with 65 cases; Thos. Hutchinson died, aged 57.

21 Strike among the workmen at Vancleve & McKean’s locomotive works, in consequence of the decrease of wages; Mary Ann Carpenter died, aged 65.

22 Grand military parade of 3rd division of New Jersey militia; fifteen companies represented; three hundred and sixty-two men, including musicians and officers. J. S. Fish nominated for the Legislature from 2d Assembly District.

24 A. S. Livingston nominated by opposition for Legislature from 2d Assembly District;. Jeremiah Vandyke nominated for Legislature from 1st Assembly District.

27 Rev. Mr. Cuyler lectured on London at the Third Presbyterian church. Sarah, adopted daughter of Daniel A. Byles, died, aged 22.

28 Sabbath School Convention for the Trenton district held; fire at Bodine’s paper mill; Abigail Curry died, aged 62.

29 Wm. P. Sherman died, aged 50.

30 Sarah E. Sutton died, aged 43.

31 Trial of Fire Engines; an alarm of fire just as the companies were on their way to the place of trial.  Number of arrests, 32.


1 Funeral of Wm. P. Sherman, attended more largely than ever known in the city; Rev. Mr. Clements suspended his ministerial labor at the St. Michael’s Church.

3 County election Belville elected Clerk; Rogers, Surrogate; Martin, Vandyke and Fish, for Legislature; Carson, Warner and Downie, elected Coroners. Supreme Court met; Christian Kafer died, aged 68.

5 County canvassers met; result of election declared as above.

6 Papers contain the official vote of the county.

7 Meeting of the unemployed held in front of the Cottages.

8 Consecration of the new bell at the Catholic Church.

9 Adjourned meeting of workingmen at City Hall; S. P. Parham elected Chief Engineer of the fire department.

10 Board of Chosen Freeholders met; Ann Vanderveer died, age 78.

12 Supreme Court took up writ of error in case of Donnelly.

13 Fire occured at James S. Wilson’s in Greene street; Joseph Justice, Jr., resigned as ticket agent at the Trenton depot.

14 Meeting of Committee of Workingmen. Jas Rodgers appointed Notary Public; G, Lucas died, aged 63.

17 Professor Hope lectured before Young Men’s Christian Association; Supreme Court concluded case of Donnelly.

18 Another meeting of Workingmen’s Committee.

19 W. D. Barricklo died, aged 25; Samuel Houghtaling Sen’. died, aged 59; Annie Wright died; aged 23; Religious revivals at several churches.

20 First snow and ice of the Season.

21 Supreme Court confirmed sentence of Donnelly; Ward Committees held a meeting; a smart snow storm; L. B. Allen, a stranger, died.

25 Fire broke out in auction store of H. Atherton; another meeting of the unemployed at the City Hall.

26 Thanksgiving Day.

27 No paper published; distressing fire on Pennington road; fourteen families thrown out of a home.

28 Artisans Bank opened; boys skating.

29 Alarm of fire, caused by the burning of a chimney in Lamberton street; Henry A. Green died, aged 16;. Rev. Mr. Smith ceased his labors at Baptist Church.

30 John Kafer died, aged 40; Number of arrests for the month, 32.


1 Donnelly’s case taken up in the Court of Errors and Appeals.

6 Wm. B. Brittain died, aged 43.

8 Fire in the fourth ward; barn burned.

9 President’s message arrived.

10 Dr. Ewing died, aged 57.

11 Court of Errors affirmed decision of Supreme Court in case of Donnelly.

12 Special session of Court of Pardons called.

13 Canal boat took fire at Whittaker’s Basin; Funeral of Dr. Ewing.

14 Superintendent and School Trustees visited New Brunswick.

15 Male foundling picked up in Broad street.

16 A meeting of the unemployed held on the Commons; Margaret Vanderbeck died, aged 35.

17 Fire broke out in Chamber’s stable, Third Ward.

18 Fire at Morrisville, and Chamber’s barn; Meeting of the unemployed at the City Hall.

19 Robert Campbell arrested for forgery.

20 Joseph McCully died, aged 86.

21 Two stacks of grain burned on Moses’ Farm.

22 Court of Pardons met to consider the application of Donnelly for commutation of sentence; Abraham T. Reed died, aged 38; Sarah Jane Thorp died, aged 30 years.

23 Gov. Vroom is received by public demonstration at Belvidere; Donnelly’s application for commutation denied by Court of Pardons; Workingmen’s meeting at the City Hall.

24 Grand rush for turkeys which brought 12 ½ cents per lb.

25 Several Fire companies paraded in citizen’s dress; One thousand loaves of bread distributed by the Good Will Fire Company; Willis M. Stoll died, aged 13.

26 Friends of the iron interest met at the City Hall; An unusual number of persons before the Mayor for violations of city ordnances on Christmas day; John Williams discharged from the State Prison and re-arrested for attempting the life of one of the keepers; Third snow storm and first sleighing of the season.

27 Phoebe, wife of Caleb Coleman, died.

29 Mr. Samuel Backus, principal of the Trenton Academy died, aged 33; New Jersey Teachers’ Association held their anuual meeting; Trustees of Public Schools met and accepted the resignation of two teachers; Peter Sculley fell in State street, and had several ribs broken.

30 Concert for the benefit of poor at Normal School, very largely attended notwithstanding the inclement state of the weather.

31 Funeral of Samuel Backus, one of the largest ever in Trenton; Arrests of the month, 53; The weather, which for four or five days previous had been rainy and gloomy cleared up and the last day of the old year passed away beneath a clear blue sky and a bright and cheerful sun.


Improvements in the City of Trenton During the Year 1857.

We have compiled the following statement of improvements made in the city of Trenton, during the year 1857, with their estimated value.

Model School Building, Clinton st
Wittaker, James & Darrah, store house, Stockton st.
Luther Ward, Front st. house
Wm. I. Shreve, Clinton st., residence
Wm. G. Cook, Greene st., three stores
Patrick Denan, Perry st., house
John Cathhill, “ , “ 
James Yates, “ , shop
Thomas Barnett, Pike st., house
Luther Ward, Greene st., shop
Joseph Pierson, Washington st., two houses
Wm. Bamford, Greene st., store house
Jacob Warner, Greene st., store
Mr. Brearley, “ , “
Lanning & D#, State st., alterations
J. M. Davis, house, Clinton st.


I. L. Swayze, State st., house
Jacob Shaff, “ , two houses
J. C. T. Atterbury, State st., alterations
J. Harley, Higbee st., four houses
Charles Harley, Spring st., 1 house
Dr. Jacob Quick, Warren st.
Henry M. Lewis, Front st.
Wm. Hancock, “
J. Taylor, Taylor’s Alley
O. D. Blackfan, Barnes st., 4 houses
Wm. F. Pitcher, Bank st., “



D. Loder, Broad st., additions
Catholic Church, “
J. Redman, Jackson st., four new brick houses
A. Douglas, “ 
Stranger, “
Fords, “
A. Carlisle, “ , new front
H. M. Lee, “ 
“ , shop
H. White, Lewis st.
S. H. Wilson, Cooper st., warehouse and gas works
Makim, “ , barn
Moore’s Mill, “ , additions
Lamberton st., 3 houses above Cooper’s railroad
“ , 3 houses below “
Two bricks, Bragg, Centre st
Baptist school house, “
Three houses, unknown
Two opposite Prison wall, Second st.
Two near railroad
Two Martnett
Two frame houses, Furman
Eight bricks, A. H. Rowan, Bridge street
Eccles, addition, Market st
German, “ , Mercer st.
Bridge at foot of Market st.

J. Wood, (Fair st.) 3 brick houses,
Vancleve, McKean, & Co., foundry
L. R. Titus, Fair st., machine shop,
McGalliard, Union and Fall sts., store and residence,
Wm. Boswell, Decatur street, two houses
John Kane, Union st., house,
McDonough, Warren st., “ 
John Drummond, “ , “
A. W. Vanderveer, Bridge st., ;additions
Second Presbyterian Church, session room, Union St.

Danl. Belmont, (turnpike) house
Jas. Casiobur, Broad st., “  
John Chambers, “ , “
Samuel Kerr, Montgomery st.,. 2 houses
George Varnum, Montgomery st., house
Xavier Granett, Washington Asso., house
John Carnish, Washington Asso., house
McDonald, Washington Asso., house
J. Ringwood, Washington Asso., two houses
Geo. Freish, Washington Asso., one house
Bel. Del. R. R., stable
E. Wright & Co.; steam bow mill, feeder
Stephen Gilbert, Greene st.
Michael Meyers, “
Isaac C. Hutchinson, Hanover st.
Charles Meyers, Rose st 
James Skirm, Perry st
Trenton Academy, Academy st


Thos. D. Hutchinson, Lamberton st, two houses $800


First Ward 
Second “
Third “
Fourth “ 
Fifth “
Sixth “
- 154,900
Showing a falling off in  
improvements in consequence  
of the pressure, of 


The number of interments for the past year were as follows:


Of this number, there were 96 adults, 91 children; and 16 stillborn.

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