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Daily True American


Franklin S. Mills, Reporter.

Index to the Year 1856.




1. President’s message published in Trenton papers.

2. Fine sleighing.  A. young girl attempted suicide in the Fourth Ward - Cause - disappointed love.

4. Norton charged before the Court on fourteen indictments.  Grand Jury presented 42 bills.

5. Snow fell to the depth of eighteen inches.

6. Trains all detained.

8. Legislature met. House did not organize until 10th.

14. Freight Train Belvidere Road thrown off.  Fireman and engineer saved by jumping off.

16. Norton sentenced 30 years to State Prison.

17. First train of coal direct from Mauch Chuck.

18. Benj. Searfoss died, aged 53

20. First Sunday for more than 4 months in which it has not either rained or snowed.

24. State Temperance Convention met.  John Carey, son of Thomas Carey killed. - Father arrested.

27. Philip Hart died, aged 38.

28. William Mailu escaped from State Prison.

29. Elizabeth Thoene died, aged 45.

30. Buchanan nominated at City Hall Meeting by Democratic Association.



1. Attorney General makes a division of the reward for the arrest of Norton.

2. William Aly died, aged 36.

3. A number of our military attend the funeral of Brigadier General Herbert, at Old Bridge.  A German discovered dead in his bed in Third Ward.

7. State Military Convention held.

8. Joint Meeting appointments made.

9. Corporation dinner at Trenton House.

11. Ralph V. Quick died, aged 44.

12. Highwood Guards, of Hoboken, visit Trenton.  One of the city physicians gets married.

13. Meeting respecting Trenton Mutual Insurance Company.

14. Annual meeting of New Jersey Colonization Society.  T.S. Allinson and Wm. M. Babbitt nominated by the Governor to the offices they now hold.  Meeting held to start a new democratic paper.  John: Ridley, colored, found dead at James’ lime kilns.

17. Sixty persons joined the Front street M.E. Church.

19. First Republican meeting held.  Robert S. Kennedy of Warren, in the chair.

20. A child of John Righter burned to death.

21. Bill to annex Nottingham to Trenton passed.  Levi Anderson died, aged 72 years.

22. Washington’s birth day celebrated.  Military out.  Six persons arrested for stealing coal.

23. Elizabeth Hammel, wife of James Hammel, died, aged 41.  A number of petty gamblers arrested, also three boys for stealing rags.

24. Disgraceful fight in Woodruff street.

25. Cornelia Naylor, wife of Benjamin Naylor, died; aged 45.

26. Musical convention held.  James Clements, assistant fireman, killed by fall from train.  Number of persons in Mercer jail 20.

28. David S: Goodwin died, aged 40.


2. Eight persons baptised in the Delaware. Mayor Tucker sick.

4. Homeopathic Society held a meeting.

8. Channel of the Delaware open.  Two new fire engines, for the Delaware and Union, arrive.

10. Shad make their appearance in market.

12. New engines tested. Mrs. Catharine Dignan died, aged 63.

14. Legislature adjourned.

16. Daughter of John Gribbin drowned.  George B. Ivens died, aged 26.  David Fairbrother had his leg broken.  Peter Briest run over by a fire engine.  Mayor Tucker resumes his duties.

17. Col. Babbitt, Clerk in Chancery, installed.

20. Henry Ward Beecher lectured on Patriotism.

24. Infant child found buried one foot below the surface, opposite cottages.

26 A daughter of Mr. Drum badly burned in the Fourth Ward, died a few hours afterwards.  Captain Sweeney badly hurt.

27. Maskell Mulford died, aged 76.  House of Joseph B. Wright, in Academy street, robbed.

28. Concert of public school children.

30. Verdict rendered in United Status Court in R. M. Price’s case.

31. Edward S. Wynkoop died, aged 35.


1. Mercy J., wife of J. A. Morris, died, aged 26.

2. Doctor Armor appointed Moral Instructor in State Prison.

7. Thirteen persons baptized in river Delaware by Rev. Wm. Smith.

8. City Democratic Convention, held and nominated democratic city ticket.  Col. Fremont visited Governor Price.

9. Hugh Murray died, aged 17 years.

14. City election held.  Lydia Carter died, aged 71.

17. Scarlet fever prevailing to considerable extent.  Garret Schenck’s pocket picked of $150 on Belvidere Railroad.

18. Stables and barn of Messrs. Whitehead burned.

19. Mayor Wood sworn into office.

20. Joseph Crashaw died, aged 48.

21. House of Mr. Hanley, between Cooper and. Lamberton steets, slightly injured by fire.

22. Presbytery of New Brunswick met.  Serious freshet in the Delaware river.

23. Edwin Forrest could not land in consequence of high water.

25. Mr. Buchanan passed through city and received at depot.  Two colored persons arrested for stealing clothing from vessel in Trenton basin.  Sarah Redman, wife of Woolston Redman, died.

26. William Doble badly hurt from a fall from a horse.

27. Carey discharged, no indictment found by grand jury.

29. Injunction against Melick, Quick & Lake dissolved.


2. Visit of Humane Hose Company of Easton.  Grand escort by firemen of city.

3. Caleb Vansickle badly hurt by a fall.

“ Humane Hose Company returned.

4. Ten persons baptized in River Delaware by Rev. Mr. Smith.

7. Wm. M. Conovor died, in his 49th year.

8. Robbery of $5000 from office of Belvidere R. R. Co.

10. John C. Imlay died, aged 31 years.

11. Aaron Carlile’s stable burned.

12. Visit of Liberty Guards, of Philadelphia.

13. Ann, wife of Charles Britton died, aged 25 years.

 Census of children taken showing 3807 in city between 5 and 18.

14. Board of Freeholders met in Court House.

16. Two convicts escaped from Sheriff of Essex at Railroad depot, and recaptured.

17. Mrs. Grandin, wife of E H. Grandin died.

21. United States Society of Cincinnati met to-day at Trenton House.

“ George H. Lee died; aged 28 years.

“ John Chapman committed for passing counterfeit money.

23. Board of Trustees of City Schools visit Normal School.

26. Trenton Rifles, Capt. Hutchinson, parade for target exercise.

“ Trenton Volunteers, Capt. John B. Gribben, visit Bristol, Pa.

“ X. J. Maynard died.

27. Foot race between Carr and Dodge.

28. Republican State Convention held.  Delegates to national convention nominated.

31. Entertainment by Delaware Fire Company to Hand-in-Hand Company.

 Whole number of arrests in Mayor's court, 38.


1. Seven members of Union street Methodist church baptized by immersion.

3. Supreme court commenced term.

“ House of Wm. C. Howell entered and robbed.

4. Know Nothing and Republican State convention met.  Newell nominated.

5. Joseph Kohler died, aged 77 years.

“ Indignation meeting held respecting water in cellars on Perry street.

6. William McDonald died.

“ Nomination of James Buchanan at Cincinnati received with great rejoicing by Democrats.

“ Democratic meeting held at Kay’s Hotel, Gov. Price presiding.

7. John B. Croft died, aged 56 years.

8. Mrs. Mary P. Davis died, aged 56 years.

“ Foundling picked up in Jackson street.

10. Know Nothing State Convention met to appoint delegates to Philadelphia Convention.

“ Bridget Murphy died.

“ Freeholders meet and agree to raise Assanpink bridge on Stockton st.

11. Ball at City Hall by Trenton Volunteers.

13. Mrs. Carlisle, died, aged 34 years.

18. City Marshal’s decree against dogs published.

“ Strawberry festival at City Hall

19. Cannon fired in honor of Dayton’s nomination. A man had his finger blown off.

20. Deshler Guards of New Brunswick visit the city.

22. Wm. Delany, killed at Tacony by falling off a hand car.

26. A number of burglars’ tools found under the Delaware bridge.

29. Ann Eliza, wife of Joseph B. Wiggins died, aged 25 years.

“ John Higgins drowned, aged 18 years.

“ House of Mr. Coleman, on Jackson st. entered and robbed.

 Arrests in Mayor’s Court for this month, 72.


1. Foot-race between David Carr and Henry Horten.  Railroad bridge across water power, near Union street, discovered on fire - extinguished without damage.

2. Man drowned at Baker’s basin, name unknown.

4. Celebrated by military, A. K. T. Society, and Good Will fire company.

7. William Whitaker died, aged 68.

13. Eileen Pordoe died, aged 79.

15. Grand council of Red men met.  Woman attempted to poison herself in Mercer county jail by taking laudanum.

16. Annual commencement of Trenton academy.

17. State Normal School dedicated.  John Gallagher was killed by caving of the earth in digging a cellar.  Thermometer ranging from 90 to 100.

19. William C. H. Brown, former editor of “Gazette” died, aged 38 years.

20. A young man, named Samuel Furman, fell from building adjoining City Hall and was badly hurt.  Trenton Cornet Band pic-nic Woodruff’sWoods.  Thomas Jennings killed by falling from tressle work at the coal depot.

28. Rachel, widow of Joseph Reed, died, aged 78.  Pic-nic of the “Turners” took place at Camp Washington.  Anne wife of Thomas Neal, died, aged 46 years.  Joseph White, died aged 43 years.  State Gazette changed proprietors, transferred from Edmund Morris to C. W. Tolles.

30. First public meeting of Fillmore party.

 Arrests in Mayor’s Court this month 55.


2. First Democratic pole raised.

3. Three burglaries committed.

4. Liberty Guards on parade.  Annual meeting of Trenton Iron company.

6. Democratic Electoral State Convention held.

9. A very heavy gale of wind, occasioned considerable destruction of property.

10. Mary Lanning died, aged 79.

11. Dr. John Howell died, aged 81 years.

13. Gen. Samuel R. Hamilton died, aged 66 years.

14. Dwellings of Joshua Jones and R. H. Shreve were entered by burglars, and robbed.

15: Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Ashmore died, aged 60 years.

16. Two White men and one colored man escaped from the Mercer county jail.  Anne G. wife of John D. Mershon, died, aged 39.  Funeral of General Hamilton, largely attended by members of the bar, city authorities, military and Odd Fellows.

19. Margaret Kennedy, died, aged 73.

21. Red men’s pic-nic at Baker’s woods.

22. William Briest died, aged 70 years.

27. Large number of persons went to New Brunswick to witness the execution of Fox, the murderer of Henry William Halsted, accidentally shot. Daniel Ferrell fell into a dye tub in Wilson’s factory, and died shortly after he was taken out.

28. One of the men who had escaped from the Mercer county prison re-arrested.

28. Four burglaries committed – stores of Hutchinson, Quintin, Brian and Hartzell.

20. Mrs. Elizabeth Ivens died aged 31 years.

 Arrests in the mayor's court this month 48.


1. Board of Assessors met, reported valuation of property in the county $17,135,882, and county tax $22,000.

3. Maria A. daughter of A. H. Vancleve died.

4. Stockton Artillerists encamped in Johnson’s woods, Lawrence township.

5. Margaret, wife of Daniel Walker, died, aged 63 years.

10. James B. Glover thrown into the Canal and his horse drowned.  Delaware fire Company visit Newark.

13. Store of Mr. Marks entered by burglars and robbed.  Emma C., wife of Dr. Woolverton, died.  C. Lupardus appointed toll keeper at the Delaware bridge.

15. Mrs. Elizabeth Still died.

17. Democratic Association of Trenton visit Philadelphia to attend anniversary of the formation of the U. S. Constitution.  Republican Convention held.

18. Christiana, wife of James Duer, died, aged 73 years.

22. Mr. Buchanan passed through the city on his way to Princeton.

23. Governor Price issues proclamation offering reward for the arrest of the murderer of an unknown man killed in Hudson county.

24. William Eldred died, aged 40.

25. Democratic Congressional Convention 2d district held, James W. Wall nominated.

26. Grand Jury came into Court with 16 bills.

27. Helen, wife of Samuel A. Farren, died, aged 28.

29. Visit of the Montgomery Guards of Philadelphia, and the Montgomery Guards of New York.  Political meetings innumerable.  Number of arrests in Mayor’s Court 61.


l. George Sweet died, aged 67.  Flouring mill of J. S. Fish burned.

2. Roof of state prison took fire from a flue.

3. Barn of Samuel Hill consumed by fire.

4. 150,000 colored and 25,000 white persons reported in this city to have gone to Langhorn’s Hill.

6. Wm. A. Brearley died, aged 35.

7. Presbytery of New Brunswick met at First Presbyterian Church.  Patrick Purcell died, aged 47.

10. A man named Stull was robbed in a boarding house near the railroad depot, of $100 in money.

11. Torch light procession by each of the political parties.

12. Mary McMonagel died, aged 89.

13. A man killed in the 6th Ward from the crumbling of earth while excavating a cellar.

14. Mercer County Democratic Convention held in the democration room.  Joseph C. Potts nominated for State Senator and Wm. Napton renominated for Sheriff.  George M. Cox died, aged 36.

15. Pamelia, wife of John Roe died.

17. Washington Club had their first parade.  Doritha, wife of Abram R. Harris, died, aged 48.

18. A son of Thomas Gandy, three fingers sawed off at Page’s planing mill.

21. B. D. Lalor died, aged 66 years.  A daughter of Amos Hutchinson was drowned in the water power.

22. Democracy of Trenton had a grand torch light procession and meeting at the riding school.

23. Governor Price issued  proclamation for Thanksgiving.  Frances Redman, wife of Jesse Redman, died, aged 80.

25. Legislative District Convention held in democratic association room.  Andrew Dutcher nominated.

26. A convict named Isaac Fallen attempted to escape from state prison, but was detected previous to effecting his purpose.

28. The Republicans and Americans met for the purpose of fusing.  A coal man killed on the Crosswicks turnpike by the running away of a mule team which he was driving.  Robert Aitken nominated for the Legislature.

30. Democratic County Convention held in the riding school.

31. Fire discovered in rear of building occupied by H. Atherton, but extinguished with a small lose.  Number of arrests at the Mayor’s office, 25.


1. Fire discovered in a house in Lamberton street, extinguished with small damage.

4. Edward Furman, died, aged 78.  Supreme Court met.

5. Joshua Rawnsley killed by accidental blow and fall.

6. Great Democratic rejoicings -Buchanan elected.  Died, Caroline, Wife of George West, aged 36.

8. Died, Mary, wife of Samuel F. Price, aged 36.

10. A counterfeiter arrested for passing Morris county Bank bills, named Albert Wilson.

11. Republicans met to re-organize, C. C. Haven, Chairman.

12. Seven occupants of the Brick Row arrested, all females.  John McGuire died, aged 67.

13. The Express train arrived in 70 minutes from Jersey City, with John Brougham and company, who engaged to perform in New York and Philadelphia the same evening.

15. James McDarmott killed at Davies’ brick yard.

17. Official vote of the State published.  “Brick Row” party discharged.

18. Gross assault upon Mrs. Scullion - Daniel Grady arrested.  Court of Pardons in session.  Also, Court of Errors and Appeals.

20. Thanksgiving day. Services in the Churches.

24. Evening school, organized at State Normal School.  Fire occurred at B. K. McClurg’s, damage trifling.

25. Died, Anna Mary Sutterley, aged 20.  State Canvassers met.  Break in the Canal at

illstone.  R. S. and H. Norcross start for the West.

26. Died, John F. Thomson.

27. Foot race between Carr and Shultz - did not come off.  Number of arrests at the Mayor's office 38.


3. State Electors met and voted for Buchanan and Breckinridge.  Democrats fire 174 guns.

7. Bell of the 3d Presbyterian Church cracked.

8. Margaret Jane, wife of John U. Horn, died, aged 19.  Shields and Thomas pardoned.

9. The Mayor called a public meeting of citizens to consider the alterations to city charter.

10. Meeting at City Hall in favor of electing state officers by the people, Isaac Prall died.

11. Samuel Stone and Napoleon Jarvis hurt at the locomotive machine works.

12. Mary, widow Thomas Oliver, died, aged 67.

13. Citizens meeting relative to city charter.

15. Ball of the Delaware Fire Co. took place.

16. Citizens charter meeting continued.

19. Controversy between the doctors begins. Citizens charter meeting continued.

21. Thomas Ryan died, aged 45.

23. Citizens charter meeting continued.

24. Good Will ball took place.

25. Christmas day. General rejoicing - arrival of military.  Mr. George McKelway thrown from a wagon. Not seriously hurt.

26. Grand sham fight - 1 company from Philadelphia, 1 from Camden, 1 from Princeton, 1 from Easton, 2 Continental companies and all the military companies in Trenton participated. A man’s pocket picked at the Trenton depot.

29. A fire broke out in a double frame house in Asbury street, Fourth Ward, - Damage $200. Citizens charter meeting continued.

30. Marshal Carman dispatched to Freehold for the persons who committed a mutiny on board the packet ship New York.

31. First sleighing of the season. The old year closes with the merry jingle of sleigh bells, the firing of guns, and the merriment of boys.


Mercer Cemetery
Catholic Ground
Baptist "
1st Presbyterian
2d "
Public Ground
Friends "
Methodist, Union street

Several deaths occurred during the year and the interments made out of the city, make the whole number of deaths in the city since the first of January, 1856, about 410.

Improvements in the City of Trenton for the Year 1856.

WE have compiled below a list of the new houses, additions and other improvements made in Trenton in the year 1856, with their estimated value, showing a much greater degree of prosperity than any one would suppose.  There is a large increase over last year.



S. & E. Roberts, Warren st                  
William Burdsall, Warren st 
Evan Evans, State st
E. R. Cook, Greene st 
John Barnet, Greene st
John C. Cook, Greene st
Trenton Agr. Works, State st
Engine, State st
Wm. Pierson, Clinton st 


Wm. M. Babbitt, State st
Dr. John L. Taylor, State st
John C. Cook, State st
John C. Stevens, State st
Thomas S. Allison, State st 
Charles Brearley, Warren st
Philip P. Dunn, Warren st
Public School House, Higbee st
Wm. F. Pitcher, Bank st
Barnard Downing, Willow st
John Moon, Willow st
Capt. Geo. Fuhrman, (factory)
D. Naar, True American building


Hancock estate, Broad st
Vancleve, McKean, Dripps & Co., Broad st
Lenox, store
Kelly, house and office
Hutchinson, (store)
Adjoining Hutchinson’s
Fronting Sandtown Road
?. K. Wilson, four houses, Cooper st
Jos. Yard, Lamberton st
Unknown, two houses
Carlisle & Bennett, two houses, Jackson st
John Conover, Jackson st
Mr. Hill, Mercer st
Unknown, two houses, Mercer st
?. S. Yard, two houses, Mercer st
?. M. Caulkens, two houses, Mercer st.
Charles Nutt, Clay st
Wm. Johnston, four houses, Clay st
?. M. Caulkens, two houses, Clay st
Mr. Nutt
Taylor & Speeler, Taylor st
?. M. Caulkins, Market st
Mr. Warner, Market st
Mr. Makin, Market st
Unknown, Market st
John Margarum, two houses, Centre st
Mr. Holmes, Centre st
Public School House, Centre st
Mr. Watkins, Centre st
Mr. Turpen, (alley)
Mr. Mather, (addition) Centre st
Unknown, Second st
Unknown, Second st
Unknown, Second st
Unknown, three houses, opposite Prison, Second st
Mr. Nutt, Ferry st
Mr. Page, alley from Market to Taylor
John Conover, alley from Market to Taylor
Mr. Hankins, two houses, ally from Market to Taylor
57 houses-approximate value
$59, 600

James Woolverton, two houses, Fall st
? S. Fish, Fall st
? W. Blackfan, four houses, New st
Benjamin Wilson, fourteen houses, Fall st
Joseph Wood, three houses, Ferry st
? W. Nutt, Fall st
Wm. M. McElee, Union st
Wm. Fagan, Warren st
Capt. Parker, Warren st
Capt. Mershon, Bridge st
? B. Stafford, Warren st
?m. A. Benjamin, Fair st
John Grant, New st
John Drummond, Fair st
?wood Pearson, New st


William C. Howell, Hanover st
?rael Hendrickson, Warren st
?aniel R. Bower, two houses, Greene st
John Nutt, Jr, Greene st
Theo. Hill, Greene st
?s. Hannum, Hanover st
?ennett & Vorhees, four house, Perry st
?ennett & Vorhees, Stockton st
?arper Crozer, Academy st
?muel Backus, Academy st
?vid Cole, Academy st
? W. Phillips, Academy st
?m. B. Britton, three houses, Academy st
?rael Stokes, Academy st
?mes Keeler, Academy st
Canal Basin Tressel work
?muel T. Furman, four houses
? Quinn, (factory) Bank st
The following are in the Washington Building Association:
?dward Foley
?rederick Reppard
?rederick J. Matthews
Philip Fredermaker
?ron Welgus
?cob Fox
?ichael Fox
?lis Decou, straight turnpike
Mr. Moon

?heodore Hill
?eo. Wilson
?mes Howell, (additions)
?hn Sherrad

First Ward - 7 houses
Second - 13 "
Third - 57 "
Fourth - 34 "
Fifth - 22 "
Sixth - 4 "
  - 137

In the year 1855 the number of houses and their valuation was:

First Ward 8 houses
Second 15 "
Third 42 "
Fourth 16 "
Fifth 20 "
Sixth ward (not annexed)

Showing an excess over 1855 of 36 houses and a valuation of $126,450

Deduct tressel work in fifth ward 60,000. Leaving $66,450 excess invested in buildings alone over the year 1855.

In this statement some small buildings may have been omitted, but generally the statement is very accurate. The valuation has been made within the mark in every case, as far as we could ascertain.

The statement shows a healthy and steady growth of the city, perhaps equal to that of any city in the state.

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