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Daily True American




Franklin S. Mills, Reporter.


Index to the Year 1870.




1. The New Year opened with beautiful weather, and the festivities of the day were generally enjoyed.  The body of Sally Campbell found in the feeder.

2. A Stormy day; the steeple of the Fourth Presbyterian Church blown down; the Saxony Mill and other property damaged.

4. George Francis Train attitudinizes at Taylor Hall.

5. Dedication of the Rose Street School House; address by Judge Reed.  Mrs. Mary Backus died suddenly.

6. The correspondent at the seat of war in Swamp reports active hostilities the police conclude an armistice.

8. Cold weather and skating at the Park.

9. Exhibition of the Sunday School of the Second Presbyterian Church.

10. Anniversary of the Children’s Home at Taylor Hall.  Skating still good.  Hotels filled with legislators and strangers.

11. Legislature met and organized; in the Senate Amos Robins elected President, John C. Rafferty Secretary, Charles Townsend Assistant Secretary, Alexander H. Rickey Engrossing Clerk; in the House Leon Abbott elected Speaker, Alexander M. Johnston Clerk, George R. Coleman Assistant Clerk, Josephus Shann Engrossing Clerk.

12. The grocery store of W. J. Stout, in West State street, entered by burglars and robbed.

14. A hail storm.

17. Weather very warm; thermometer at midday 67 degrees.

18. Meeting of Mercer Courts.  State Homeopathic Society met to take steps to obtain a charter.

19. Annual meeting of the Central Agricultural Society.  The Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons met and elected officers.  Tub race at the Skating Park; seven competitors for the tubatorial championship.

20. Annual meeting of the New Jersey Editorial Association.  New Jersey Historical Society met.

22. The new slaughter house goes into operation and 140 hogs are dispatched.

23. Another warm day; thermometer at 62 degrees.  First entertainment for the benefit of the Fireman’s Benefit Association by Mr. And Mrs. Howard Paul, at Taylor Hall.

24. The work of tearing down the buildings on the site of Washington Market commenced.

26. Semi-annual session of the Great Council of Red Men at the Wigwam of Moax Tribe.  Annual session of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance.  The engine house of the Good Will Fire Company entered and two silver horns stolen.

27. Commencement at the Normal School.

31. The weather having grown colder, the month goes out with a snow storm.  The thermometer during the month - highest, 16th, 67 degrees; lowest, 9th, 18 degrees.


1. The Musical Convention in session.  The Assembly rejects the 15th amendment.

2. Feast of the “Purification” observed by the Catholic churches.  Installation of Banner Lodge, No. 37, I.O.G.T. Strike among the potters against 20 per cent reduction of wages.  Convention of liquor dealers and hotel proprietors met.

3. Jonathan D. White, a workman in Agricultural Works, receives injuries from which he dies.

4. The Musical Convention comes to a close with a grand concert at Taylor Operal House.  Vancleve’s office, on Perry street, entered by burglars.

6. Store corner of Ferry and Lamberton streets robbed by burglars.  The dead body of Hannah Robinson found in the Assanpink.  The Delaware Fire Company entertain Reading guests and delegations from other city companies.  Ball of the Delaware S.F.E. Company at Bechtel Hall.  Inquest on the body of John Glathan, who died suddenly at Schindewolf’s saloon; verdict apoplexy.

8. Snow.  Complimentary dinner to the committee of the Liberty Fire Company of Reading by the Delaware and Good Will S.F.E. Companies and the Trenton and America Hose Companies.

9. Annual address to the Board of Trade by Mr. Cortland Parker.  Sleighing.  The house of Rev. Dr. Richardson entered by burglars.  End of the potters’ strike by an agreement of reduction of ten per cent in the wages.

10. Anniversary of the Sewing Circle of the ladies of St. Michael’s Church.  Meeting of ladies and gentlemen at the Young Men’s Christian Association Rooms to form a Musical Union.

14. Several attempts at burglary noted by the reporter, who recommends the people to keep their weather eye open.  Missionary meeting of the Sunday Scholars of the Central M.E. Church.  A boy names Lisco has his fingers crushed at Wilson’s mill - amputation necessary.

15. Fair of the State Street M.E. Church opens at the Assembly Rooms.

17. Inquest on the body of a child found buried near Clinton street, on the banks of the Assanpink, no clue to its identity.

18. A thunder and lightning storm and heavy rain.  Arrest of a  gang of burglars; they are committed for trial.

20. More thunder and lightning and rain; the river and creek very high.  Meeting in the Sixth Ward to promote the navigation of the Delaware.

21. Weather cold; thermometer at 6 A.M. 14 degrees.

22. Washington’s Birthday; parade of the National Guard.  Ball of the Harmony S. F. E. Company.  New Jersey Supreme Court met.

23. The icemen taking advantage of the cold snap and getting in a supply.  The old Poor House farm sold at $100 per acre.  The Co-operative Society celebrate their fifth anniversary.

27. The America Hose Company rang their new bell.

28. A boy named John McTammany accidentally killed at Brearley & Stephens’ pottery.  Thermometer during the month—highest, 18th, 60 degrees; lowest, 22d, 13 degrees.



2. Meeting in favor of new railroad.  Complimentary ball by members of the Legislature.

5. A snow storm, and sleighing.

8. The Trenton Hose celebrate their thirty-first anniversary.  Court of Errors and Appeals met.

9. The Soldiers’ Children’s Home visited by the Governor and Secretary of State.  Quarterly meeting of the Managers of the Asylum.

10. Navigation commenced on the canal and feeder.  Meeting of the Board of Freeholders.

13. Considerable excitement prevailing on the subject of mad dogs; several shot; the Marshal issues an edict against unmuzzled canines.

15. Presentation by Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of a testimonial to Grand Secretary Joseph H. Hough.  The hostilities against dogs actively prosecuted; several shot.

17. Adjournment of the Legislature, Saint Patrick’s Day; parade of the Emmett Guard.

20. Anniversary celebration of the Juvenile Missionary Society at the Central M.E. Church.  Celebration of the anniversary of the Sunday School Missionary Societies at the Greene Street M.E. Church.  The reporter discourseth on the advent of Spring, the weather being warm.  Burglaries at the shoe store of Charles Temple and the bakery of Ms. Shebbeard, in Greene street.  Commencement of Forty Hours’ Devotion in Saint John’s Church.

22. Fire at Furman & Kite’s carpenter shop, in State street; the building destroyed and adjoining property injured.  The Mansion House also on fire.  Another mad dog shot in the street.

23. Exhibition at the First Baptist Church for the benefit of Hamilton Square Sunday School.  Festival at the Children’s Home.

24. Annual dinner of the City Council.  Accident on the Belvidere Railroad, at the corner of Montgomery street; a son of Benjamin Meyer killed; Jesse Kerr injured.

26. Last market day in the old Greene Street Market.

27. Severe wind and rain storm.  Scarlet fever prevalent in the city.

29. Board of Prison Inspectors met and organized.  Sales of stands in the New Greene Street Market House.

31. The new Alms House occupied.  Thermometer during the month - highest, 20 and 30th, 58 degrees; lowest, 3rd, 29 degrees.



1. The dismantling of the old Market House begun.  Moving day, and general domestic upheaval.  Burning of passenger cars near the Camden and Amboy Railroad depot.

2. Heavy and continued rains; the river and creek very much swollen.

4. Council met to grant licenses.

5. Fire at the Rolling Mill; damage slight.  Opening of the new market on Green street.

6. “Sweet and Gentle Anna” Dickinson goes for the Mormons at Taylor Hall and calls them “Whited Sepulchres.”

7. Democratic City Convention held; William Napton nominated for Mayor, Robert S. Woodruff, junior, for Receiver of Taxes, and Cornelius Shepherd for Superintendent of Public Schools. Two burglars attempt to escape from Jail, but fail.

8. Two engines collide on the Belvedere road Calhoun street crossing; considerable damage done to the engines and trains; no one injured.  The river still high and large rafts passing down.

9. Fire at Smedley’s Knitting Factory; damage slight.  Another fire at Emerson’s Saw Factory; damage $500.

11. City election; William Napton elected Mayor, John G. Bigelow Receiver of Taxes, Cornelius Shepherd School Superintendant ; a tie in the Seventh Ward and a tie in Council.  A lady seized with a fit at Taylor Opera House during performance of the Morris Brothers.

12. Fireman’s Convention; Charles C. Yard elected Chief, William Wood Assistant South of the Creek, and James C. Hillman Assistant North of the Creek.

15. Good Friday; services at the Episcopal and Catholic Churches.

18. Meeting of the new Council; a tie, a lock and an adjournment without organization.

19. Judge Field suddenly attacked with illness in the United States District Court.  The Fleet Wing Hook and Ladder Company of Lambertville visit the city.

20. Another meeting of Council; the dead lock continues.

22. Shad plentiful and large catches reported.

23. An attempt to another meeting of Council fails for want of a quorum.  Large numbers of rafts passing down the Delaware.  Workmen engaged in digging for the bridge in Chancery street discover a number of old gold coins.

25. Saint Francis’ Fair open and attracting large numbers of visitors.  More gold coin found at the Chancery street bridge; crowds gather at the new El Dorado.

26. Fifty-first anniversary of the independent Order of Odd Fellows; grand parade of the Order in this city.  Fourteenth anniversary of The Young Men’s Christian Association celebrate the First Presbyterian church.  More gold found, and the reporter grows learned on numismatics.

27. Convocation of Episcopal Clergymen at Saint Michael’s.  A prisoner names McGregor escapes from the State Prison.  More gold discoveries - a workman finds a gold ring.

28. A thunder and rain storm.  The colored citizens jubilate over the Fifteenth Amendment and have a procesison and a meeting at Taylor hall.

29. Close of the Episcopal Convocation.  A stranger found drowned in the Canal.

30. Opening of the new market in Chancery street.  Arrival of VanAmburg’s Menagerie great excitement among the juveniles.  Themometer during the month - highest, 15th 80 Degrees, lowest, 4th, 36 degrees.


2. Eleventh annual ball of the Eagle Street Fire Engine Company.  The last of the Green Street Market sheds removed.  Visit of the Philadelphia Zouaves, and procession under the escort of Company A.

3. Another meeting of Council; no organization.

4. Concert at the First Baptist Church for the benefit of the Sixth Ward Mission School.  A boy has his leg crushed at the canal lock opposite Lamberton - amputation necessary.

6. Burglary in Quarry street; the store of Jack Sodman entered and robbed.  The chain makers on a strike.  Severe lightning and thunder storm.

8. Another burglary; Smith’s bakery a dwelling on Greene street entered; one of the inmates threatened by the thieves.  Fire in the stables of Henry M. Lee; the buildings destroyed.

10. Annual meeting of stockholders of the Camden and Amboy Railroad, and election of directors; election of directors of the Delaware and Raritan Canal.  Another severe thunder storm and heavy rain.  Kellogg concert at Taylor Opera House.  Last meeting of the outgoing Board Chosen Freeholders.  Meeting of the Mercer Court.

11. Meeting and organization of the new Board of Freeholders.

13. A little child of Philip Wentz fell from second story window and was badly injured.  Another thunder storm.

16. Discovery of coin and gold ornaments when digging for a main in Greene street.

17. Assistant Engineer James C. Hillman presented with a handsome badge by the Good Will.

18. Review and parade of the Second Brigade of the New Jersey National Guard.  The reporter finds a plate of the first strawberries of the season on his table.

20. Attempted burglary at the house of Mr. Syckle, corner of Warren and Washington streets.  Trial of the milk label case in the Mercer Courts attracts much attention; the defendant found guilty.

21. Severe lightning storm; trees struck in the city; heavy rain.

23. Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Editorial Association to arrange for the Summer excursion.  Picnic of the Junior Order of American Mechanics at Edge Hill.  Fire in the schoolroom of Saint John’s Catholic Church; damage slight.

24. Opening of the National Horse Fair.  Annual meeting of the State Medical Convention.  Judge Nixon takes his seat in the United States District Court.

25. Second day of the fair; large attendance.

26. Judge Richard S. Field died at Princeton.  Feast of the Ascension observed in the Catholic Churches.

27. Meeting of the Mercer Bar to the memory of Judge Field.  The Belvidere Railroad depot robbed.  Floral festival of the Trinity M.E. Church at Taylor Hall.  The boot and shore store of Longstreet & Howell, on Perry street, entered and robbed.

30. Meeting of the stockholders of the Mercer and Somerset Railway and election of directors.  Death of General C.K. Hall, Prosecutor of the Pleas.  Decoration of the graves of the soldiers.

31. Meeting of the Mercer Bar in memory of General Hall.  Thermometer during the month - highest, 15th, 84 degrees; lowest, 11th, 50 degrees.



1. Summer opens with a rainy day.  Floral and Strawberry festival for the benefit of the Hamilton Mission School.

2. Closing day of the National Horse Fair.

5. Twenty-third anniversary of the Third Presbyterian Church Sunday School. G.D.W. Vroom appointed Prosecutor of the plea.  A little son of Councilman Keegan drowned.  An ingenious individual hoaxes the police with a horse and wagon story.

6. The picnic season opened.  The Brickmakers’ Association go picnicking.  Officer Dean returns from an exciting pursuit of the myth black horses, with silver-mounted harness fall-top wagon.

7. Supreme Court commenced its June term.  The new workshops of the State Prison open for public inspection.  Another meeting of Council; no organization.

8. Weather warm; thermometer 85 degrees in shade.  Census takers commence operations.

13. Procession and picnic of the Iron Workers’ Beneficial Association.  Picnic of the America Hose.

14. The Council meets and elects Robert Belville President and Alexander M. Johnson Clerk.  Third annual meeting of the Odd Fellows Aid Association.

17. The Montgomery Guards of Boston visit the city and are entertained by the officers of Third Batallian.

18. Match between the Americans and English members of the Consolidated Trenton Cricket Club; the Americans the winners.  A little boy named William Hulse drowned in Phillips’ Basin at Millham.  Hot weather; the thermometer among the nineties.

20. Warm weather breaks up with a furious thunder and rain storm.  A mad dog epidemic several dogs shot. 

21. The Eagle Steam Fire Engine Company start on their annual excursion.  Weather clear and cool.  Thermometer down to 72 degrees.

22. Great procession and picnic of the Methodist School Union; 3,500 teachers and children came.  A negro named James Vansyckle drowned in Halstead’s Basin.  Meeting of Council and formation of committees.

23. An employee in the Rolling Mill; named Michael Kelly, has his foot crushed, rendering amputation necessary.  A prisoner named Kennedy escapes from State Prison, and is recaptured.  Concert of the Trenton Musical Union.

24. The body of Christian Bossart found in the canal.  Ball match between the Athletics of Philadelphia and the Trenton Club; the Athletics win – score, 48 to 11.  A court martial assembles to try Captain Lutz, but dissolves for want of jurisdiction.

28. Burglars about; attempts to enter Moses coal yard and Glenn’s hat store; the thieves interrupted by the police and make off.  Weather very warm again; mercury at 93 degrees.

29. Commencement at the Model School.

30. The Board of Trustees of the Normal school meet and elect William A. Whitehead President.  Normal School commencement.  Sunday School exhibition of Trinity M.E. Church.  Thermometer during the month – highest, 26th, 94 degrees; lowest,10th, 62 degrees.



1. Hon. H.C. Kelsey enters upon his duties as Secretary of State.

2. Members of the Order United American Mechanics of Philadelphia visit the city and are received by Trenton Council, No. 18; they have a procession and a banquet.  A stranger found drowned in the Feeder near Quarry street.

4. Independence Day.  Picnics by the Turners Association, the Saint Boniface Beneficial Society, the Delaware Steam Fire Engine Company, and the Catholic Societies. Exhibition at the Soldiers’ Children’s Home.  Several base ball matches; the TRUE AMERICAN typos encounter the typos of the Gazette in a ball match and are defeated.  A girl found drowned in Petty’s Run.

5. Gas explosion in the store of the American Tea Company; window blown out, but nobody hurt.

8. Heavy rains.  The city, like the weather, dull.

10. Fire at the Terra Cotta Works; loss estimated at $20,000; the building destroyed.  The base ball fever at its height.

13. A great game of base ball between picked nines of the fat and thin men; the weather very wam, and the fat men simmer and are beaten.

16. the Good Will Steam Fire Engine Company have an excursion to Cape may.  Hot; Thermometer 95 degrees; iron workers compelled to stop work; the Typos beat the Mutuals at base ball.

17. Hotter; thermometer 97 degrees; Business at a stand still and the city dull.

21. Rain and leetle cooler.

22. A threatened riot in South Trenton; Philadelphia picnickers disturb Trentonians, and get the worst of it.

25. Council meets and elects John O. Raum City Treasurer, and Albert S. Phillips Receiver of Taxes; thermometer marks 94 degrees; Emmet Guard have a picnic at Edge Hill; Match between the Trenton and Philadelphia base ball clubs; the Trentons the winners - score 27 to 20.

26. Annual meetings of the Stockholders of the Belvedere Railroad, and of the Flemington Railroad; Directors elected.

27. Picnic of the Sunday Schools of the First Baptist Church at Morrisville Grove.

29. The fancy store of Coleman & Carlt, on West State Street, entered by burglars and robbed; The saw mill of Taylor & Co., in Morrisville, burned.

31. Thermometer during the month; highest, 17th, 97 degrees; lowest, 4th, 62 degrees.


2. A burglar enters the house of T.W. Hill, in State street; A man named Ellis, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, knocked down and robbed in East State Street.  The Shad Hose Picnic at Morrisville Grove.

3. A slight tornado, followed by rain, and a fall in the thermometer, form 91 to 75 – to the great relief of everybody.

8. Weather hot again; mercury among the nineties and city dull.

10. A fearful thunder storm; the house of Thomas Braden, in Washington street, struck by lightning and Mr. Braden severely injured; the houses of Mr. Richey, on West State street, Mr. Myers, on Taylor street, Mr. Dye, on the Sandtown road also struck; numbers of trees destroyed by the lightning.   A young man named Tomlinson drowned in the Water Power.

11. A hand on the steamboat Franklin drowned in the Front street basin.  Peach festival of the Trinity M.E. Church at Assembly Rooms.  Another thunder storm.

14. The body of Andrew Henry found in the raceway, having fallen over the Warren street bridge.  Heavy rain.

15. Picnic of the Co-operative Potters at Edge Hill Grove.  Annual Picnic of St. Mary’s Parish at Bordentown.  Remarkable Suicide – Catharine Bannan jumps into the Delaware from the Rolling Mill pier and is drowned.

17. Excursion of the members of South Trenton Lodge No. 36, I. O. O. F. to Long Branch.  A little girl named Ann Malone struck in the eye with a stone at Chambersburg and blinded.

18. Excursion of Temperance societies to Red Bank.  Picnic of the Sunday School of the Central M. E.  church and the Mission school of Chambersburg at Morrisville Grove.

19. The new city officials sworn in.  Beautiful auroral display.

22. Annual picnic of St. Joseph’s Beneficial Society at Morrisville Grove.  Brearley’s hardware store entered an robbed.

23. Thomas Clarke, son of David A. Clarke, drowned in the Hanover street basin.

24. Excursion of the Central Baptist church to Holcombe’s woods, near Lambertville.

26. Excursion of the Knights’ Templars Commandery No. 4, to Atlantic City.

27. Wm Kugler has his thumb cut off at Moore’s saw mill.  Children of the Soldiers’ Children’s Home taken on a visit to the State House.

29. Fatal Accident on the railroad near Lawrence station; the Cincinnati Express Line jumps the track – one man killed and several wounded.  Work on the new bridge over the creek in Greene street commenced.  Picnic of St. Vincent de Paul’s Beneficial Society at Edge Hill.  Fire in the rear of Reuben Gibb’s premises in New street; damage slight.

30. Thieves detected in trying to enter White’s tin store; they are fired at and escape.  Young ladies go boating in the Delaware, are upset near the old Bridge, and escape drowning by being rescued by young men passing at the time.

31. Excursion of members of Trinity M.E. Church to long Branch.  Picnic of members and scholars of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to Morrisville.  Thermometer during the month – highest, 9th, 93 degrees; lowest, 14th and 27th, 62 degrees.


1. Attempted burglary at Mrs. Paxson’s, in West State street.  Picnic of the friends and scholars of the Lutheran Church at Morrisville Grove.

2. A little son of David Wildey run over by the cars at the Union street crossing and lost his arm.  Home and Home game for the championship of Trenton, between the Trenton Club and the Resort; won by Resort – score, 33 to 27.

3. A boy named Berkeley, In a fit of epilepsy, falls from a third story window of a house in Turpin street, but is uninjured.

5. Meeting of the County Board of Assessors; total amount of taxable property in the county reported at $29,288,202; amount of tax apportioned to Trenton, $51,140.88.

7. Democratic Convention of the Second Congressional District nominates S. C. Forker.  Installation and organization of Liberty Council, 18, Junior Order U.A.M. Meeting of German citizens to express sympathy for Prussia and raise a fund for the wounded and their families.

8. Highway robbery on Fair street; Abner Titus attacked and robbed by three men at one o’clock in the morning.  Festival of the friends of the Lutheran Church, at Temperance Hall.

13. Meeting of the State Board of Education; Remus Robinson elected Superintendent for Morris county.  Meeting of Grand Commandery of Knights Templars and election of officers.  Fire at John Eisenbach’s, at Chambersburg; destruction of out buildings.

14. Fourteenth annual Convocation of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Jersey met and elected officers for the year.  Mr. William Clark falls down stairs, and receives injuries from which he died.

17. The body of a newly born baby found in the Water Power, in the rear of the Gas Works.  Rain.

19. Col, Kurtz makes a survey of the Delaware, accompanied by a number of Trentonians.

20. First day of the Fall meeting of the Central Agricultural Society.

22. Two prisoners escape from the State Prison.  Last day of the Central Agricultural Society fair.

26. The dead body of a child found in the canal near the State street lock; inquest held, but no identification.

27. Meeting of the Methodist State Convention at Taylor opera House; Rev.  John S. Porter, D. D., elected to preside.  A prisoner, Wm. Gibbon escaped from the State Prison.

28. Second day of the Methodist Convention the Committee on Public Schools report.

29. Third day of the Methodist Convention excited discussion of the Temperance question.

30. Thermometer during the month – highest, 24th and 25th, 84 degrees; lowest, 10th, 50 degrees.


1. Radical County Convention met; Thomas Crozer nominated for Sheriff.

2. Dedication of Trinity M.E. Church in Perry street.

3. October term of Mercer Courts commenced.  Democratic primaries for the County Convention met and elected delegates.

4. Union S.F.E. Company make an excursion to New Brunswick.  Council appoints a committee to inquire into the expediency of a paid fire department.

5. The Union S.F.E. Company return from New Brunswick, are received by the Delaware and have a torchlight procession.

6. Return of the Harmony S.F.E. Company from Elizabeth and parade, under escort of the Eagle; ball in the evening at Freese Hall.

7. Semi-annual installation of officers in the Lodges I.O.O.F.

8. Mercer County Democratic Convention.  William Napton nominated for Sheriff.

9. Consecration of Saint Xavier’s burial ground; large procession.

10. Cricket match between the Manhattan, of New York, and the Trenton Club; the Manhattans the winners; score 133 to 125.

13. Second Assembly District Radical Convention; William H. Barton renominated.

15 The census returns of Trenton published population put down at 23,917; its correctness questioned.  Second Assembly District Democratic Convention; John O. Baum nominated.

16. Rev. Charles Keyser occupies the pulpit of the Central Baptist Church for the first time as its pastor.

19. Meeting of the State Council of the Order of United American Mechanics, and election of officers.

20. Recapture of Richard Terhune, who escaped from the State Prison 23d September.

21. The Taylor Zouaves, of Jersey City, visits Trenton.

24. Ball in aid of the sick an wounded German soldiers at Freese Hall.  William Roessler Is thrown down stairs at Freese Hall and fatally injured.

25. State Dental Convention met.

27. Inspection, parade and target excursion of the Third Battalion, National Guard; Sergeant Meredith, of Company B, Taylor Zonaves, wins the prize.

28. Exhibition of Sunday School scholars of the Warren Street M.E. Chapel at Temperance Hall.

30. An unknown man drowned in the canal near the freight depot.

31. First annual ball of Red Cloud Tribe, I. O. R. M.


1. State Supreme Court met.  Musical Convention in the State Street M.E. Church.

3. Great sale of circus animals and property.

6. Highway robbery in Ewing street; a man names Jones attacked, knocked down and robbed.  The house of Thomas Keniff, on the feeder, entered and robbed during the family’s absence.

8. Election day.  The radicals carry the State Legislature, and elect their ticket in Mercer county.  Another attempt at highway robbery.  John B. Wilson attacked in Washington street but drives off his assailants.  Fire at Chambersburg; the courthouses at Rusling’s farm burned.

9. A slight fire at the State Prison, in the cooking department, extinguished with very little damage.

10 Fire in the card room of Wilson’s Mill, damage about $100.

11. Accident on the Belvidere Railroad, near the Asylum; a wagon run into; the wagon and horse with driver, P.W. Davis, thrown into the feeder; Davis killed.  Board of County Canvassers met and declared official vote of Mercer county.

15. November term of the Court of Errors and Appeals commenced.  Thomas Crozer sworn in as Sheriff.  Meeting of the Grand Encampment I.O.O.F. of New Jersey.

17. The Directors and Shareholders of the National Air Line Railroad held a meeting at the American Hotel; proceedings not made public.  The Grand Encampment I.O.O.F. elect officers.

19. The first snow flakes.

22. A bar of iron falls upon Patrick Eagan, at the Rolling Mill, and fractures his leg.  Heavy rain and violent wind storm.  John B. Gough delivers a lecture at Taylor Hall, on “Eloquence and Orators.”

24. Thanksgiving Day; generally celebrated.

27. Destructive fire at Speeler’s pottery; two boys burned; one found dead in the ruins; the other dies three days after; damage to property $2,000.

28. First annual ball of the Resolute B. B. Club.

29. Meeting of the Board of State Canvassers at the State House.  Impaneling of the Special Grand Jury in the United States District Court enquire into the Camden election riots.

30. Parade and supper of Company A.  Thermometer during the month – highest, 9th, 74 degrees, lowest, 19th, 30 degrees.


3. The boy Hailey, who was burned at Speeler’s pottery, died.

5. Fifth annual ball of the Union S.F.E. Company No. 1, at Assembly Room.  Opinion delivered in the Court of Errors; the Vanderveer will case decided. Meeting of citizens and Council Committee to consider the sewerage question.

6. Murderous assault at Wilson’s mill; James Thompson, a workman, fires at Joseph Little, the loom manager; the shot misses.  Meeting of Common Council; the Committee on a paid fire department reports adversely to the scheme.  The party by the ladies of St. Michael’s Church, at Assembly Room.

8. Opening of St. Mary’s Fair at Assembly Room.

9. Special meeting of Council and resolution adopted authorizing the Street Commissioner, advertise for proposals for the grading of Green street.  The Japs astonish the natives at Taylor Hall.

12. Mr. Harvey Howell fell into the revolving wheel at Fisher & Norris’ Anvil Factory and had his leg crushed; the limp amputated.  Second annual ball of Company B, Taylor Zouaves, Freese Hall.

14. An earthquake felt by some of our citizens.  Sale of stalls in Washingotn Market.

15. A man named Scott Hibbs run over on the Belvidere road at Willow street crossing; his leg crushed and amputated.

17. Opening of Washington Hall; soiree by Temperance Division.

19. Institution of Fred D. Stuart Lodge, I.O.O.F., No. 154. Snow.

20. Fifteen persons respond to a call for a meeting at Temperance Hall to consider an amendment to the Constitution and appoint delegates to a General Convention.  Supper by the ladies of the Central Baptist Church.  Weston, the pedestrian, lectures at Taylor Hall, and walks a mile in eight and a half minutes.  Elizabeth Tindall run over by the cars at Lawrence Station and killed.

21. Close of St. Mary’s Fair.  Opening of the Central M. E. Church Fair at Washington Hall.  Cold Weather.

23. Skating at the Park and on the creek.

24. Closing of the Delaware and Raritan canal.  Opening of Washington Market; large numbers visit the building.  Weather very cold.

26. Christmas festivities celebrated.  Anniversary of the battle of Trenton; unveiling of Washington’s statue at Washington Market; addresses by Judge Reed, David Naar and C.C. Haven.  Annual ball of the Good Will Fire company.  Reunion of Banner Lodge G.T. at Freese Hall.

27. Sale of city property in Quarry street.  Close of the Central M.E. church fair.

28. Icegathers busy cutting and storing ice.  A snow storm.  Weather moderates.

30. Another snow storm.

31. A quiet day.  Weather mild.  No incidents or accident to disturb the quiet with which the Old Year passed away.  Thermometer during the month – highest, 5th, 58 degrees; lowest, 30th, 8 degrees.



List of Marriages and Deaths,

Published in the True American in 1870



5. By Rev. T. C. Carman, William Rue, junior, to Etta M. Dancer.

7. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, Charles H. Heald to Mary Hoffman.

9. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, Charles M. Bond to Mary J. Nolan.

16. By Rev. W. H. Swartz, (at Morrisville, Pa.,) W. H. Stradder to Charlotte Willis.

26. By Rev. G. W. Lasher, Jacob Hawk and Martha A. Martinet.


3. By Rev. I. D. King, Daniel Mitchell to Charlotte E. Plunkett.  By Rev. C. W. Knauff, Edward A. Phillips to Clara P. McKean.

5. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, Abdon L. Wilson to Sarah E. Ivins.

10. By Rev. I. D. King, Andrew Roebach to Georgiana Appleton.

17. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, J. V. Quintin to Mary E. Boyd.

22. By Rev. W. S. Galaway, John Hazleton to Josie B. C. Cox.  By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, Milton Hudson to Emma M. Glenn.


8. By Rev. A. B. Baker, Orrin B. Faussett to Corilla Cook.

15. By Rev John Hall, Barzilla Temple to Emma P. Reese.

17. By Rev. Dr. Richardson, John Butterworth, junior, to Elmira Van Nest.

23. By Rev. John Hall, John G. Stout to Emma S. Larison.


6. By Rev. John J. Brown, Jacob T. Glenn to Mansie A. Fainter.

13. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, Harry D. Gihon to Mary B. Page.

14 By Rev. W. E. Boyle, Charles W. Larzelere to Carrie L. Douglass.  By Rev. A. U. Stanley, Thomas S. Hattersley to Carrie Foster.

20. By Rev. C. S. Vancleve, William J. Haddock to Mary L. Conlon.

28. By Rev. Dr. Abeel and Dr. Hall, John Alexander Hall to Annie Abeel.


17. By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, William A. Winters to Emma H. Keeler.  By Rev. G. W. Lasher, Joseph Dabbs to Matilda Bird.

23. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, George Thompson to Mary E. Phares.

25. By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, Isaac S. Hutchinson to Anna V. Field.


7. By Rev G. W. Lasher, William Ivine and Mary E. Mershon.

8. By Rev. Dr. Lehlbach, George W. Weidenmeyer to Mary M. Becker.

9. By Rev Daniel R. Foster, Tenadore Woodward to Emma L. Ashmore.

16. By Rev. James McDonald, Albert R. Thomas to Kate B. Duiryee.

19. By Rev. J. C. Brown, Joseph Anthony to Jane Mendham.

22. By Rev. H. C. Fish, James C. Coleman to Mary R. Andrews.  By Rev. J. L. Watham, Alexander B. Green to Mary Cook.

28. By Rev. W. H. Pearne, Herman Schafer to Mary M. Howell.

30. By Rev. W. H. Pearne, James F. Rusling to Emily E. Wood.


3. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, Michael Haws to Kate Nolan.  By Rev. R. T. Frankel, Jacob Straus to Sarah Kahnweiler.

5. By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, William H. Prouty to Mary E. Riddle.

12. By Rev. Mr. Lefturch, George Taylor to K. E. McKay.

21. By Rev. R. V. Lawrence, J. Henry Story to Annie C. Cheshire.

24. By Rev. G. F. Gardner, Peter Blauss to Mary J. Diamond.


2. By Rev. J. C. Brown, Thomas H. Wood to Maggie J. Jamieson.

4. By Rev. G. F. Gardner, Charles Clemons to Mary B. Lingerman.

8. By Rev. Oscar Geener, Edward S. Cook to Mary S. Vandyke.

10. By Rev. W. C. Robinson, J. F. Moore to Mary V. Martino.

14. By Rev. John G. Atterbury, William S. Stryker to Helen B. Atterbury.

21. James W. Irving to Grace J. Naar.


19. By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, A. L. Worthington to Lydia E. Aitken.

20. By Rev R. B. Buane, Rev S. J. Fisher to Annie Shreve.  By Rev. John Hall, Joseph T. Welling to Helen Kingman.


1. By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, D. W. Borden to Kate L. Hutchinson.  By the same, William H. Quick to Hannah P. Hargood.

2. By Rev. S. Rosenberg, A D’A Naar, senior, to S. F. De Leon.

3. By Rev. S. C. Conkling, Lewis Anderson to Laura B Alpaugh.

7. By Rev. J. E. Adams, Edward T. Barton to Margaret A. Coleman.

9. By Rev. E. Sheppard, Joseph E. Sheppard to Ella E. Cornell.

10. By Rev. G. W. Lasher, David C. Bowne to Eureka Frazer.  By Rev. George F. Brown, Rev. J. V. W. Schenck to Caroline N. Yard.

16. By Rev. D. H. Miller, Francis W. Rockhill to Ida M. Reeder.

17. By Rev. E. S. Widdemer, E. F. Woodruff to Hattie M. Thorp.

30. By Rev. G. R. Snyder, J. F. Snyder to Anna Cook.  By Rev. G. F. Gardner, John Zehner to Emma Nutt.


1. By Rev. R. S. Manning, Clarence Smith to Julia Ivins.

11. By Rev. G. F. Gardner, Charles Henseler to Eliza Hauser.

14. By Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler, Thomas M. Scott to Josephine A. Keeler, By Rev. A. Gosman, Charles H. Baker to Joanna Cook.

20. By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, Joseph M. Smith to Annie M. Walker.  By Rev. D. Elwell, John Pope to Catharine Hill.

21. By Rev G. W. Lasher, George F. Butterworth to Mary E. McCullie.  By Rev. Dr. Hall, Israel Henderickson, junior, to Annie Rulon.

22. By Rev. T. S. Griffiths, Spencer Blackwell to Emma F. Thorn.

25. By Rev. R. S. Manning, George R. Robbins to Anna Mary Watson.



3. John Marshall, Son of Jacob and Jane Reinhart, aged 2 years 1 month.

4. Elwood, Son of George and Emma Jane Smith, aged 18 months. Mary A., widow of Samuel Backus.

5. Lillie, daughter of B. S. and A. A. Bodine, aged 4 years.

8. Thomas McGuire, aged 45 years.  Thomas Upton, aged 55 years.

10. Bridget Fee, aged 82 years.

14. Mary Catharine, wife of James G. J. Campbell, aged 32 years.

16. Clara, daughter of Samuel Leake.

17. Harry Edmund, son of Dunbar and Jeannie Prall, aged 2 weeks and 3 days.  David, son of John Riley, aged 30 years.

18. Mary Taylor, aged 81 years.

22. Charles Allison, infant of James W. and Mary E. McNeely.  Martha Carr, wife of David Williams.

25. James Erwin, aged 74 years.

26. Joseph Henry, son of Mary Large, aged 7 years.

30. Amos V. Heed, aged 21 years.

31. Willana, infant daughter of Samuel and Anna E. Wooley.  G. Hillman, aged 70 years.


3. Ann M., wife of Samuel W. Foster, aged 25 years.  Jonathan D. White, aged 42 years.

6. John Glathan, aged 26 years.  Margaret, wife of Michael Kurthner, aged 71 years.

9. Elaie, daughter of Rev. G. W. and Lizzie E. Lasher, aged 2 years and 6 months.

10. Peter L. Ashmore, aged 35 years.  John J. Fell, aged 69 years.

11. Clara Moke, aged 74 years.  Catherine, of Henry Clarke, aged 76 years.

13. George W., son of Margaret C. and Pierson Hart, aged 25 years.

16. Edith Thorn, aged 72 years.

17. Angeline, infant daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Webb, aged four and a half months.

19. Rebecca, window of James Skirm, aged 71 years.

20. Jacob M. Taylor, aged 75 years.

23. Mary, wife of John Trimble, aged 36 years.  Mrs. Elizabeth Bangs, aged 57 years.

24. Margaret Jaques, wife of David R. Brister, aged 37 years.

26. Robert, son of James and Annie Kerlin, aged 2 years.

28. John, son of Dennis and Mary McTammany, aged 14 years.  Catharine, wife of Patrice McCabe, aged 76 years.


2. William M., son of Robert B. and Elizabeth Cane, aged 15 months.  Ann E. Bond, widow of James F. Bond, aged 73 years.

3. Henrietta, daughter of John and Hannah Lindsay, aged 2 years.  Anna V., daughter of Abraham and Cornelia Barlow, aged 11 months.  Eva, wife of Conrad Tonne.

4. Alfred Mathews, aged 26 years.  William, son of B. F. and Kate M. Coles, aged 11 months.

6. Lydia, widow of Joseph Pierson, aged 58 years.

7. Elizabeth, daughter of Allen and Sarah Mogowan, aged 11 months.  Abigail, widow Heathcote Disbrow, aged 78 years.

8. Anna Emery, daughter of Rev. S. M. and Mary C. Studdiford.

10. Abraham Thomas, son of Zachary Walker, aged 19 months.  Margaret, widow of George F. Furman, aged 85 years.  Morris Fitzgerald, aged 34 years.

11. Sarah A., wife of Samuel Mentz, aged 48 years.

16. Mrs. Hannah E, wife of Thomas Wildman, aged 32 years.

17. Peter S. Briest, aged 34 years.

21. Rosie, infant daughter of Louis and Gottlieben Brand.

22. Samuel Randolph, son of John R. and Virginia R. Hamilton.

23. J. Harvey Studdiford, M. D.

24. Sarah, daughter of John and Catharine McDonough, aged 11 months and 13 days.  Benjamin X., son of Benjaminm and Anna M. Meyer, aged 14 years.

25. George D. F., son of Anthony A. and Michael Skirm, aged 3 years.

26. Mary Ann, wife of William Young, senior, aged 73 years.  Margaret, widow of Abraham Sipler, aged 76 years.

20. Humphrey D. Rinehart, aged 52 years.


1. Clara, daughter of David and Ann Lawson, aged 2 years.  Mrs. Susannah Whildey, aged 72 years.

3. .Alfred Harbourt, aged 24 years.  Charles Frey, aged 58 years.

5. Laura Murphy, aged 9 years and 6 months.

6. Mary Francis T., daughter of Phillip and Ellen T. Farrell, aged 24 years.  Maria L. Voorhees.

7. Agnes Ann, wife of John Turpin.

8. Samuel B., infant son of Charles E. and Maggie Lee.  Ann Coogan, aged 55 years.

9. Ellen, wife of Michael Kelly, aged 33 years.

13. Sarah Virginia, wife of Albert Thompson, aged 25 years.  Charles Ambrose Lilly, aged 24 years.  Jacob Knowles, aged 51 years.

15. Robert Jackson, aged 70 years.

17. Nettie, daughter of William West aged 8 years.  Margaret, wife of John Beatty, aged 34 years.

18. Hiram Howell, son of William J. Sarah Yard, aged 4 years. Catharine, widow of Henry Katzenbach, aged 80 years.

20. William Fielding aged 60 years.

22. Mary F., wife of Robert Prior, aged 22 years.

24. John Dayton, aged 35 years.

27. Elizabeth, wife of William Callis, aged 72 years.  Jane Gillday, aged 28 years.  Edward Ragan, aged 80 years.

29. Jane, daughter of John and Catharine Connor, aged 1 year.

30. Mary A., wife of Seth Stevenson, aged 62 years.  Virginia S., wife of Lewis H. Brown.


2. Catharine, widow of Thomas Tantum, 80 years.

3. Edward Davies, aged 70 years.  Mrs. Susan Johnson, aged 80 years.

9. Mrs. Sarah Potts, aged 80 years.

10. Enos, infant son of Raphael L. and Annie Cake.  Clara infant daughter of Henry and Rebecca Horn.

11. Joseph H., son of Edward and Parmelia S. Stokes, aged 9 years.  John Beatty, aged 42 years.

12. Anthony Lingerman, aged 55 years.

13. Thomas Blackburn, aged 61 years.

14. Margaret, wife of John Nugent, aged 38 years.  Anthony R. Sickles, aged 53 years.

15. George Taylor, son of George and Josephine Lawton, aged 5 years and 3 months.  Pheebe Elvis, aged 77 years.  Adeline A., widow of Dr. Francis A. Ewing, aged 58 years.

16. Sarah E., wife of William J. Matthews, aged 38 years.  Captain N. D. Thompson, aged 45 years.  Mrs. Jane White, aged 71 years.  Enoch R. Borden, aged 49 years.

17. Mary E., wife of John B. Lewis, aged 32 years.  Charlotte, daughter of John B. and Margaret Gribbin, aged 6 years.

19. Caroline, wife of Amos A. Randall, aged 32 years.  William Henry, son of David and Margaret James, aged 2 years.  Catharine S., wife of James A. Phillips, aged 71 years.

22. Miller H. Warren, aged 50 years.

23. Josephine E., daughter of Frank E. and Anna M. Stratton, aged 2 years and 9 months.  Henry W. Lefferts, aged 50 years.

24. Joseph H., son of Jacob P. and Catharine Fell, aged 17 years.

26. Margaret Kehoe, aged 23 years.

28. Ann, relict of John Hewitt, aged 85 years.

29. Elizabeth, wife of John Lynch, aged 30 years.  Mary E., daughter of Mary and David Hulet, aged 2 years and 10 months.

30. Gilbert A. Davison, aged 31 years.  Caldwell K. Hall.

31. James Tomkinson, aged 45 years.


1. Francis, son of Samuel and Mary McCarty aged 3 years and 11 months.

2. Anna, wife of Lewis Furman, aged 30 years.

4. Michael, son of Martin and Rose Keegan, aged 9 years.

5. Linda L., adopted daughter of Thomas and Fanny Barton, aged 2 months.

6. Herbert, son of George W. and Sarah B. Vanatta, aged 9 months.

7. John, son of James and mary Dugan, aged 16 years.

10. Hannah, wife of James Corcoran, aged 22 years.

11. Edward Hart, aged 77 years.

12. Henry Convery, aged 48 years.

15. George A. Walker, aged 57 years.

17. Emma, wife of Charles H. Walker, aged 31 years.  Joseph A., son of James S. and Roseane Dowling, aged 9 months.

18. Isaac Ashton, senior, aged 72 years.

24. Christian Bossart, aged 39 years.  Edward, son of A. and F. Kesler, aged 7 months.

26. Marianna Barwis, wife of John Briest, aged 33 years.  Elwine, daughter of August and Pauline Levi, aged 1 year and 20 days.


1. Marian Rossell, daughter of John and Phoebe A. Dobbins, aged 10 months.

2. Peter Stoarts.

3. Emma Louisa, daughter of Aaron Ely and Sarah Mathews, aged 2 years and 7 months.

6. Charles Wesley, son of William and Anna M. Britton, aged 5 years.

8. Jane Ann Bertele, aged 5 years.  Charles, son of C. and B. Zickwolf, aged 1 year and 2 months.

10. John Henry, son of Henry D. and Mary V. Phillips, aged 15 months.

12. Robert H., son of Frederick and Helen D. Dellicker, aged 11 months.  Samuel Morris, aged 71 years.

13. Neal, son of Michael and Ann O’Neil, aged 10 months.  Fannie, daughter of Baleer and Ann Gross, aged 15 months.

14. Horace S., son of Clet and Ann E. Whildey, aged 14 months.  Joseph Smith, aged 77 years.  Rebecca Hamell, wife of James Cubberly.

16. Cora S., daughter of William and Hattie M. Taylor, aged 8 months.  Susan, wife of Benjamin Nelson, aged 62 years.  Abraham Voorhees, aged 30 years.

17. Eva Jane, daughter of Robert N. and Mary E. Vold, aged 3 years.  Enoch Jones, aged 66 years.

19. Teresa, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kale.  Lyman W., son of Jonathan P. and Sarah M. Price, aged 8 years.  Henrietta C. infant daughter of Joseph S. and Mary V. Thorn.  Eddie, infant son of John and Bridget James.  Anna Clayton, aged 85 years.

20. Augusta, infant daughter of M. Augustus and Sarah E. Meyer, aged 8 months.

23. Alexander M., son of Alexander V. and Sallie M. Manning, aged 16 months.

24. Howard Walter, son of Wilson B. and Mary P. Lear, aged 9 months.  Sarah, wife of James S. Stevens.

25. Harry, son of Anthony and Mary Schlegel, aged 1 year.

26. Mrs. Mary Laning, aged 72 years.

27. Henry P. Hawthorne, aged 56 years.

28. John, son of Furman and Mary Evernham, aged 7 months.

30. Joseph, son of Edward and Annie Jennings, aged 2 years and 5 months.

31. Carrie Louisa, infant daughter of John and the late Marianna Briest.


1. Willie, infant son of Willim. T. and Caroline Foster.

2. Nellie Sherrad, aged 85 years.   Elizabeth Blicher, aged 85 years.  Joseph W. son of Enoch W. and Roxana Case, aged 14 months.

7. Mary, wife of Andrew Brown, aged 50 years.

9. George Tyson, aged 88 years.

10. Edward, infant son of Thomas and Emma Cornish.  William Gough.

13. Maggie L. Daughter of Daniel B. and Elizabeth S. Bodine, aged 14 years.  Eseck, son of William G. and Charlotte Middleton, aged 14 years.

14. Amanda L. wife of George W. Norton, aged 45 years.

15. Elijah Howell, aged 36 years.  Charles Opperman, aged 47 years.

16. Kate, daughter of Peter and Sarah J. Rafferty , aged 20 years.

17. Josephine, wife of Lewis Duinn, aged 19 years.

18. Anna, daughter of J. and H. Maurer, aged 7 months.  Levi, infant of Dr. E. H. and Sallie E. Reed, aged 15 months.

21. John H. Ivins, aged 87 years.  James Jones, aged 51 years.

23. Thomas Marsh, son of David A. and Elizabeth C. Clarke, aged 9 years.  Clara B. daughter of John H. and Anna M. Dumont, aged 1 year.

24. Margaret Updyke, aged 76 years.

28. Margaret Freck, wife of Parker W. Stout, aged 25 years.

31. Mary Pauline, daughter of John and Rosanna Gompper, aged 10 months.


2. Emma J. daughter of Aaron Lawshe.

4. William Brannin, son of William E. and Sallie A. Gilbert, aged 8 months.

6. Catharine, daughter of Patrick and Ann Canfield, aged 1 year.

7. Kate E. daughter of Adam and Catharine Young, aged 1 year 7 months.

9. Jane, infant of George M. and Harriet E. Mitchell, aged 5 months.

11. Rudolph Prussen, aged 60 years.

12. Elizabeth M. wife of Edward P. Mount.  Rebecca E. wife of George G. Kinney, aged 25 years.  Henry, son of William and Mary Johnson, aged 13 months.  Sarah E. daughter of the late John Dobbins.

13. Julia A. daughter of Isabella Drake, aged 6 years.

16. Joseph, son of Daniel and Margaret Cahill, aged 10 years.  John P. son of Bernard and Jane Smith, aged 21 years.  Louisa T. wife of William D. Clayton, aged 52 years.

18. William Clark, aged 68 years.  James C., son of William and Ester Smith, aged 36 years.

19. Willie R. son of William and Kate Granett, aged 5 months.

20. Rebecca L. Worthington, aged 22 years.

22. John J. Probeck, aged 49 years.  Mary wife of Samuel M. Barclay, aged 37 years.

23. Ralph W. Porch, aged 35 years.

25. Wm. O. infant son of Stephen O. and Mary Lanning.

26. Charity, wife of Charles Kerlin.

30. Sarah S. wife of Jacob J. Creveling. Frances Louisa, daughter of George and Eliza Ettleman, aged 12 years and 9 months.


2. James F. Cochrane, aged 35 years.

4. Carrie E. daughter of Jacob and Wilhelmina Kafes, aged 7 months.

5. Diadamina Butler, aged 83 years.  John Chamberlain, aged 70 years.

6. Katrina, wife of Philip Munschwaner, aged 57 years.

8. Harry C. son of Samuel and Mary E. Heath, aged 10 years.  Mary, daughter of Mary and the late John Sweeney, aged 9 months.  Anne Louisa, daughter of Edward H. and Annie Tunnicliff, aged 4 months.

10. George B. M. son of Benjamin W. and Louisa V. Davis, aged 2 years.

11. Catharine Shiffler, aged 55 years.

13. Aline Scofield, infant daughter of Wm. T. and Julia H. West.

15. John Ashmore Loyd, aged 34 years.  Ann, wife of Joshua Matlack, aged 64 years.

18. Amanda, wife of Peter Rogers, aged 47 years.

21. Thomas Groom, aged 84 years.

24. Mary Ann, daughter of John and Bridget King, aged 7 years and 4 months.  William Lovett, aged 65 years.

25. William Rosler, aged 36 years.

27. Susanna, daughter of William and Mary A. Rust, aged 9 years and 3 months.  Edward, son of Edward and Lucinda Dyer, aged 3 years and 8 months.  James Franklin, infant son of James B. and Charlotte Matlack, aged 5 months.

28. Wm. McDonough, aged 63 years.

29. Thomas W. Taylor, aged 61 years.

31. William Howe, Margaret Leonard, aged 21 years.


1. Sallie J. wife of John Bodine, aged 30 years.  Samuel B. Gaston, aged 61 years.

2. Benjamin, osn of Edward and Lucinda Dyer, aged 1 year and 1 month.

3. Florence D. daughter of William W. and Marie Mershon.

4. Steward Beatty, aged 90 years.

6. Mary, widow of the late Benjamin Gee, aged 58 years.

7. Margaret Matilda, daughter of Michael and Annie O’Neill, aged 6 years.

8. Hannah, wife of Dr. S. E. Allen.

11. Joseph, infant son of Christian and Louisa Huber.

14. Mrs. Rebecca Ely, aged 32 years.

15. Mary Jane, daughter of Patrick and Ann J. M. Fadden, aged 3 years.

19. Edward Ambrose, son of William W. and Marie Mershon, aged 4 years.  Marcus W. son of Francis and Susan R. Roberson, aged 5 years.  Ada, daughter of Wesley E. and Allie E. Whittaker, aged 2 years and 5 months.

21. Alice,,  infant of Patrick and Maria Burns.  Anna S. Wait, daughter of John B. and Jane Beatty.

23. Willie, son of John and Catharine McDonough, aged 8 months.

25. Gouverneur Rutgers Vroom, aged 22 years.  Ann, wife of Bernard Develin, aged 40 years.

26. Warren Francis, son of Peter and Susan Wilkes, aged 4 years.

27. Miss Sarah Southwick.  Annie F. daughter of Dr. p. McCaffrey, aged 35 years.  John H. Leary aged 26 years.

29. Maggie, infant of Alexander and Maggie E. Dunn, aged 4 months.  Mary Laing, daughter of Crowell and Mary B. Marsh, aged 1 year and 3 months.


2. Sarah Florence, daughter of E. B. and Alice Hendrickson, aged 2 years and 2 months.

5. William Henry, son of Thomas and Sarah Whittaker, aged 4 months.

6. James S. Nevius, aged 36 years.  Alfred Daniels, aged 19 years.

13. Frederick, son of F. and E. Baker, aged 2 years and 7 months.

16. Lizzie M. daughter of George E and Francis A. Wallington, aged 9 years and 5 months.  Mrs. Ann Whelan, aged 65 years.

19. John Firth, aged 26 years.  Willie W. son of Nicholas and Ann R. McCarthy, aged 1 year and 10 months.  Maggie Teresa, daughter of John and Catharine McDonough, aged 3 years and 10 months.

20. Rebecca Yetman, aged 70 years.  Mrs. Elizabeth Stinson, wife of Samuel Stinson, aged 51 years.

22. Amanda L. youngest daughter of Henry M. and Jane W. Lee.

23. Jennie, daughter of Albert and Labina Rulon.

24. Mrs. Ann Goodinge, aged 79 years.  Mrs. Catharine L. Beaty.

25. Miriam, daughter of A. L. and Anna Brearley, aged 23 months.  Thomas McDonough, aged 81 years.

26. Aloysius, infant son of John B. and Margaret Gribin.

27. John, son of Martin and Rose Keegan.

28. Emma, daughter of John and Maria Springhard, aged 20 years.  Eliza, daughter of Daniel Steele, aged 3 years and 10 months.   John, son of Joseph and Mary Loveless, aged 2 years and 3 months.

31. Mrs. Mary Roony, aged 76 years.

© 2001 Char Coles

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