Victory Parade








Daily True American

Franklin S. Mills, Reporter.

Index to the Year 1863.



1. Ground covered in snow.  The day was spent in hilarious enjoyment.  Edward Hartzell died, aged 48.  Emma Elizabeth Dessinger died aged 9 years.

2. Fire broke out in the Orleans Mill.  President Lincoln’s Negro Proclaimation subject of general discussion.  Meriam, wife of Tilton C. Branin, died, in her 49th year.

3. Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson, widow of the late Amos Hutchinson and mother of John A. Hutchinson, died, aged 94.

4. Some of the preachers become enraptured over the President’s Negro Proclaimation.  Elizabeth daughter of Alfred R. Lloyd, died, aged 13.

5. Weather very mild.  John Miller (third Ward) died, aged 54.  War Committee Threaten to cane the Reporter; bets are made that they are not able.  The celebrated trot came off between the Second Ward Pony and the Fourth Ward Bay Horse-time 3:04.  Anniversary of Children's Home held at Temperance Hall.

6. Small change notes issued by the city.  Wm. T. Carman elected Janitor of the City Hall.

7. Elazer Kenworthy died, aged 25.

8. Major Mulford resigned his position in the army.  The war committee propose to appoint the Reporter commander-in-chief.  Lydia, wife of Wm. H. Tatum, died, aged 36.

9. Vincent Mazzucchi died.

10. Fire broke out in the coffee and spice factory of Mr. Jones: it was extinguished with but little damage.

11. Weather unusually mild.

12. General George B. McClellan and staff arrived in Trenton, and received with great enthusiasm.  Louis Furman died, in his 64th year.

13. Mercer Courts and New Jersey Legislature convened.  Colonel Wall nominated for the U.S. Senate.  Emma E, wife of John R. Beatty, died, aged 36.

14. Legislature elects a Senator to fill vacancy occasioned by the death of John R. Thomson; the vote stood, Wall 53, Field 22, Newell 2 Gen Cook 1.

15. Annual meeting of the New Jersey Historical Society.  Susan Brown, widow of Abraham Brown, died, aged 83.  Margaret, daughter of Thos Hines, died, aged 5 years.

16. Charles Lewis indicted for the murder of Jas Rowand.  Richard S. Field appointed United States District Judge.  John Houghton died suddenly, aged 67.

17. Mary Mundy, wife of John Mundy, died, aged 26.  Martha Moses died, in her 67th year.

18. Lucy E. Comly, wife of Jonathan T. Comly, died, aged 50 years.

19. Presentation of a Bergen county hickory cane to Hon James W. Wall; the Colonel left to assume his duties at Washington as Senator.

20. Joel Parker innagurated as Governor; fine display of military, and a good time, generally.  State Agricultural Society met.  Office of the True American Honored with a salute by a military company from Freehold.

21. Charles Lewis arraigned on the charge of the murder of James Rowand.  A very severe storm has been raging.  Clara, daughter of George and Ann Parker, died, aged 12 years.

22. Annual communication of Grand Lodge of Free Magons closed.

24. Motion to postpone the trial of Lewis to the next term denied.  Wilhelmina, wife of John Purden, died.

27. State Military Association met.  Mary Emma, wife of Elwood Lippincott, died, in her 21st year.

28. Annual session of the Grand Division of Sons of Temperance held.  Severe snow storm.  A horse attached to a hearse ran away.

30. Annual corporation dinner held.

31. Senatorial question is exciting much interest.


1. Rumors afloat that Colonel Cook, with a large sum of money, had fallen into the hands of Rebels.

2. Colonel Cook arrived with $100,000.  Elen, wife of Francis L. Snyder, died, in the 30th year of her age.  William Clifford Briggs, son of Benson S. Briggs, died, in the 3d year of his age.

6. The thermometer made a change of 45 degrees within twelve hours.

9. The trial of Charles Lewis for the murder of James Rowand commenced.

11. Charles H. Gray died, in the 36th year of his age.  The Court House densely crowded each day with ladies and gentlemen.

12. William S. Gould, son of Isaac Gould, died, aged 26.

13. Benjamin Williamson, son of Jos H. Hough, died, in his 6th year.

14. Harvey, son of Moses T. Hopping, died, in his 25th year.

15. A disgraceful fight in Cooper street.  Louisa A, wife of Isaac H. Hutchinson, died, in her 28th year.  Joseph Cunningham, son of Benjamin and Mary Titus, died, aged 16 months.

17. Sarah A. Britton died, in her 14th year.

18. Robert F. Stockton appointed Major General of Third Division New Jersey Militia.

19. Trial of Lewis was concluded, having occupied ten days; the jury, after an absence of one hour, returned a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree.

21. Charles Lewis sentanced to be hung on the 3d day of April.  Mary Taylor died, in her 75th year.

22. Although this is the anniversary of the birthday of Washington, the wisest and purest of men, there was no demonstration to remind us of his virtues.  A severe storm set in in the morning and continued throughout the day.

23. Fine sleighing, and the merry jingle of bells is heard in all the streets.  Thomas S, son of Thos J. Hyatt, died, in his 8th year.

24. John E, infant son of John Higginson, died.

25. Democratic caucus held, and nominated Wm. Wright, of Essex, as candidate for U.S. Senator.

28. Julius Sparks, daughter of Wm A. Langdon, died, aged 2 years.


4. Great Democratic meeting held at Temperance Hall, addressed by Judge Naar, Daniel Holsman, C C Burr, Colonel Emmons, Charles Skelton, Jas Brooks, A J Rogers and Thomas Dunn English.  Mrs. Keziah Furman died, aged 85.  State Treasurer advertises for bids for $200,000 in State Bonds.

7. Motion for writ of error denied in the Lewis murder case.

9. Body of Job Brooks found murdered near Vincentown.

10. Democratic cancus met and nominated R M Smith for State Treasurer and Joseph B Walker for State Prison Keeper.

11. Joint Meeting held and Democratic nominees elected.  George, son of George W Disbrow, died, aged 1 year.  Daniel Harrison died, aged 46.

12. Jacob S Clemdening died, aged 37.

13. Simon K., son of Gustavus Cane, died, age 6 weeks.

15. Rosanna, wife of John Travers, died, aged 37.

17. St. Patrick's day.  Debate in the House of Assembly on the Union Resolutions.  P T Barnum lectured on the "Art of Making Money."

18. The Democrats of Mercer county have secured a majority in the Board of Chosen Freeholders for the first time since the formation of the county.  New Jersey Annual Conference commenced its session at Burlington.

19. Bids for the State Loan opened; aggregate amount of bids was $4,000,000; the loan was taken at about 13 per cent premium.

20. It was discovered that Charles Lewis had attempted to escape.

21. The Democrats of the Fourth Ward open the Spring campaign.

22. Thomas Daniel, son of Jacob Maisch, died, aged 2 years.  Several boys were bathing in the water power.

23. Mrs. Anna Pettit, died, aged 20 years.  Laura, duughter of George Wildey, died.

24. United States Circuit Court met; the cas of Backalow finally disposed of by the release of prisoner.  William Closson died, aged 59 years.

25. Legislature adjourned nine die, after having passed (278) acts and several joint resolutions.

26. Andrew Jackson, son of Andrew Quintin, died.  Heavy freshet in the Delaware River.  Elmina M, wife of John H Choyce, died, aged 45.  William P Lloyd died.

28. Presentation of a gold watch to A H Vancleve by the workmen in the Locomotive Works.  Chas Lewis attempts to commit suicide.

29. A boat load of hay burned in the canal.

30. Rev. Geo W Batchelder died, aged 28.  Sarah, wife of William Johnson, died, aged 33.

31. Snow fell.  Journeymen tailors are holding meetings for the purpose of increasing their wages.  Thomas Bamber died, aged 69 years.


1. There was much good humor during the day.  Many people were "sold".  While everybody is trying to shave, the barbers have resolved to shave no more for less than eight cents a face.

2. John T Yard, youngest son of Joseph A Yard, died, aged 18 years.  Funeral services of the late Rev Mr Batchelder took place.  Democratic Association formed; Theo. W Baxter chosen President.

3. Charles Lewis pays the fearful penalty of death for the murder of James Rowand, of Princeton.  Great excitement prevailed in the city during the day.  The culprit made no confession, and met his fate with great courage.

6. Ann, wife of Evan Evans, died.

7. Democratic City Convention held.  Mary, wife of George Emlyn, died, aged 44 years.

13. City election held, F S Mills elected mayor and all the city officers, by an average majority of 438; ten out of twelve Democratic Councilmen elected.  Ellen Q, daughter of Matthew Brown, died, aged 27.

15. Eliza H, daughter of Amos K Clinton, died, aged 5 years and 6 months.

16. Meeting of the State Union League held at Temperance Hall; speeches were made by Joseph C Potts, F T Frelinghuysen, James M Scovel and John Y Foster.

20. A fire broke out in the fourth ward, destroying part of the stable belonging to D Caminade.

21. Mercer Courts were opened; also the United States District Court.  A fire broke out in the True American  Office.

22. Catherine, daughter of John Caufield,died, aged 23.  Mrs Alice Scott died, in her 83d year.

23. Livingston, alias Stillwell, was arrested for collecting money for charity under false pretences.

27. Edwit, son of Charles Covert, died, aged six months.  An unknown woman was killed on the Railroad in this city.

28. The new Common Council was organized.  Albert W, son of Furman Matthews, died, aged 3 years.

30. A day of fasting and prayer, as recommended by a resolution of the U S Senate.  It was generally observed, and service sheld in all the churches.


1. The first day of May opened with a clear sky and most delightful atmosphere.  Everybody was in good humor-even the War Committee were seized with an excessive degree of politeness.

3. The Reporter visits the State Prison and is lighted with the good order and cleanliness of the institution.  Jacob Warner, one of the oldest citizens, died, in his 77th year.

4. Levi, son of Alfred Covert, died, in his 13th year.  Henry Hill, an old and respected citizen of the Sixth Ward, died, in his 66th year.

5. Lieutenant Colonel Ridgway, of the Fourth Regiment NJ Volunteers, resigned.  The contract for building a workhouse in the State Prison yard was awarded to Samuel C Kerr.  Council elects police officer.

6. Mrs Margaret Bellerjeau died, aged 75 years.  There is a general gloom over the results of the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

7. The Adjutant General of the State reports the number of men liable to do military duty as 71,697.

9. Mary Ann, wife of David C Carson, died, in the 33d year of her age.

11. An official list of the killed, wounded and missing of the 1st, 2d, 3d, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 15th, and 23d Regiments of New Jersey Volunteers at the Battle of Fredericksburg is published.  John Vanderipe died, in the 80th year of his age.  The great store-house at the east end of Front street fell with a tremendous crash.

12. The Reporter takes a ride with a Doctor and returns as well as could be expected under the circumstances.  Old Board of Chosen Freeholders held their last meeting.  Margaret Kallam daughter of J M Davis, died.  Frederick Shuster, son of Lewis H Brown, died, aged 6 years.

13. New Board of Chosen Freeholders organized.  James B Green, of Ewing, elected Director, and William Southwick Clerk.  Alfred Perrine elected County Collector.

14. Anniversary of the Eagle Fire Company was held.

16. Official list of the killed and wounded in the 24th, 25th, and 26th Regiments in the battle near Suffolk, Va., is published.

17. William Dougherty died, aged 24.  Ann Maria B Dennis, died, in her 56th year.  Rev Mr Yeomans of the Fourth Presbyterian Church accepts a call to St Peters Church, Rochester, NY.

18. Aaron, son of Samuel L Carlisle, died, aged 11 months.  Ann Smith, mother-in-law of Rev H B Chapin, died, aged 65. Kyran Cody died, in his 47th year.

19. Military funderal of William Snyder, sergeant of Company B, First Regiment, took place.  Curtis Vansant died, in the 63d year of his age.

20. The Jamesburg races took place.

21. Thomas Ledworth drowned near Crosswicks creek.  Walter, infant son of James Seeds, died, aged 11 months.

22. Charles Carson was injured in Hutchinson's saw mill, and died on the 24th.

23. Mary McCall died, in the 66th year of her age.

24. Reporter goes up country in search of “butter and eggs.”

27. The State Gazette came out in favor of the nomination of Abraham Lincoln for the next presidency.  Emma P, wife of Alexander Priestly, died, in the 32d year of her age.  Eugene McLaughlin died, in the 4th year of his age.

28. Angeline Fox died.  A man was arrested for false pretences: he had picked the pocket of a New Brunswick editor.  Ruth Reed died in the 67th year of her age.  Sallie B, daughter of A K Clayton, died, in the 8th year of her age.

30. Edward W. Stewart, died, in the 15th year of his age.

31. A fire broke out in the pottery of Wm Taylor in the Third Ward.  $640 were collected in the Catholic Church in this city to build a chapel to be connected with Seton Hall College, an institution for the education of students for the Preisthood.


1. The First Regiment of the Mercer Brigade had a drill and parade.  Wm K Faussett died, aged 29 years.

2. Michael Nicholson was killed on the railroad near Baker's Basin.  James Rulong died, aged 21.

3. A small row occurred in the fourth ward, originating in an attempt to enroll the names of persons for the war.

4. A fire broke out in the freight depot of the Camden and Amboy Railroad, but was extinguished without much damage.

6. Democrats of Hopewell had a rousing meeting in the village of Hopewell.

8. Mr. Faas school of children spend the day in Moses' Woods.  Lillie, daughter of James Smith, died, aged 5 years.

10. State Convention and grand pow wow of the Loyal Leaguers was held.  Fair and festival for the benefit of the Central Baptist Church in progress.

14. 21st Regiment of 9 months' men arrived, numbering 425 men, 25 of whom were wounded and sick.  Joseph S., son of John A. Major, died, aged 2 years.

15. Grand Reception of the 21st Regiment.  A collation was spread in the market house.  The Governor of Pennsylvania calls upon the Governor of New Jersey for troops.

16 A son of William McDonough was drowned at the wharf of the Edwin Forrest.  Rachel A. Swem died, aged 27 years.

17. A fire broke out in the patent roof manufactory in Allen street.  John Plumley died, aged 85.  William Lee died, in the 86th year of his age.  Co. A, National Guard, volunteer for the Pennsylvania campaign.  A tornado passed northeasterly over the city with great violence.

18. Two girls, daughters of Reuben Hottell, were drowned, aged respectively 9 and 8 years.  Christopher Dun, a boy 12 years of age was killed by a short rod or piece of wire thrown at him by another boy.  Co. A, National Guard, and the company of gun makers left for Harrisburg to aid in defending the State from invasion by the rebels.  Lewis Botwell, son of John P. Hutchinson, aged 4 months died.

19. Captain J. C. Manning’s company left for Harrisburg.  The 22nd Regiment of 9 months’ men arrived.

20. Mrs. Esther Reed, wife of Abraham Reed, died, aged 43.

22. Grand picnic of the St. Francis Beneficial Society held.

24. Grand ovation to the 22nd Regiment of 9 months’ men, given by Common Council of Trenton; long tables were spread in the market house.

25. Sarah E. Gordon, died, aged 17 years.  Ida, daughter of Charles A. Anderson, died, aged 8 months.  Anna B. Lowthrop, wife of Francis C. Lowthrop, died.

26. Lewis R. Justice, formerly of this city, died in Philadelphia, aged 41.

27. An accident occurred to a funeral procession, by horses getting frightened at the whistle of a locomotive, and one carriage, was entirely demolished.  Ann C., wife of William N. Cook, died.

29. Large Democratic meeting held in the fourth ward, addressed by Mr. Tharin, of Alabama.  City filled with all kinds of rumors, with regard to the advance of rebels in Pennsylvania.  The quotas of township and counties for filling up the regiments of New Jersey volunteers in the field are published by the Adjutant General.


2. A despatch was received from Gov. Curtin, calling on the Governor of New Jersey for more troops.  A large public meeting held in front of the City Hall to talk measures to raise troops.  Virginia S., daughter of Charles Burroughs, Esq., died.  A man named Headly was so badly injured by a fall at the Rolling Mill, that his leg was amputated.  A child belonging to Mr. Hogart, near the feeder, was drowned.

3. Captain Joseph A. Yard was the first to open a muster roll to raise company.  Walter, son of Abraham Brokaw, died, in the 4th year of his age.  Mrs. Maria B. Stapler, formerly of this city, died in San Francisco.

4. The "Fourth" was celebrated in this city, principally by juveniles.  Trenton Beneficial Society and American Hose had picnic.  A child of Mr. Thorn, ticket agent, was severely injured by the explosion of a pistol in the hands a boy.

5. Charles H. Whittaker died, aged 24 years.

6. News of the death of Lieutenant Clark, son of David Clark, of this city, was received.

7. Captain Yard's company was mustered into the service for Harrisburg.  An impromptu meeting was held in front of Jas. Keeler's store to celebrate the victory at Vicksburg, and in Pennsylvania.  Rockets were sent up, and speeches were made by several gentlemen.

8. A national salute was tired in honor of the victory over the rebels at Vicksburg and Pennsylvania by order of Governor Parker.  Mary, wife of Peter Gaffney, died, aged 71 years.

9. A sword was presented to Lieutanant Charles Boyd, by members of the Eagle Fire Company.  Sarah Ann, wife of Nathan Long, died, aged 38.

10. Captain Yard's company started for Harrisburg, Colonel Karge commences the formation of the 2d NJ Cavalry.

13. Official list of the killed and wounded of the New Jersey Regiments at the battle of Gettysburg, published.  A rendezvous opened for enlisting colored recruits.  Josephine B., daughter of Emanuel J. Wright, died.  Charles Stout met with an accident on the Belvedere Railroad, by which he lost four fingers.  The Trenton Horse Car Railroad Co. met and elected Directors.

14. A call was made by the Governor of New York upon the Governor of New Jersey for troops to aid in putting down the riot in that city.  A riot occurred in Newark.  Wm M. Gouge, died, in his 64th year.

15. Governor Parker issues a Proclamation in relation to acts of violence, and advises against the assembling of citizens to engage in angry discussions.  The war committee takes the hint and has a slim meeting.  The District Provost, Marshal, in consequence of sign of riot, issues a notice that no orders have been received for a draft.  Catharine M., infant daughter of James H. McGuire, died.

16. The thirty days' volunteers, who went to Harrisburg, returned, and were received by the Governor and State officers.  The reception was cordial, and the affair a pleasant one.  Funeral of Lieutenant Henry R. Clark, aged 21 years took place.

17. A house in Ewing street, occupied by James Fletcher was struck by lightning.  The clapboards were torn off to the ground.  A break in the Delaware and Raritan Canal occurs at Griggstown, flooding the farms in the vicinity.

18. Negroes in this city very greatly excited in consequence of fears of a riot.  Many of them leave the city.

19. Hannah Tiarnay died, aged 28.

20. A stranger was killed on the railroad between Trenton and Bordentown.  He was walking on the track.  The disunionists are holding fewer meetings for the purpose of producing angry discussions.  Governor Parker is after them.   Willie Rockhill, son of Thomas Biddle, died.

21. Grand Council of the Independent Order of Red Men was held.  Betty Ann, wife of Captain John W. Neal, died, aged 42.

22. Detachment of 24 men from the First New Jersey Brigade, arrived in the city, for the purpose of recruiting.  The State Battery from Rahway, detailed by the Governor, made a handsome parade.

23. A sword and belt was presented to Lieutenant John B. Faussett, of the 11th Regiment by citizens of Trenton.

25. Dr. Thomas L. Woodruff, of Ewing, died, aged 26 years.

26. A little boy, aged 7 years, son of a widow named Fitzpatrick, was drowned.

27. The Eagle Fire Company held a picnic at Jackson's woods.

28. Governor Parker issues a Proclamation announcing that do draft has been ordered, and urging volunteering.  A colored waiter named Richard, employed at the Trenton House committed suicide by hanging.  The fear of a riot against colored people upset his mind.  The bill for construction of the Horse Car Railroad is passed by Council.  Gov. Parker issues a proclamation for the observance of a day of thanksgiving and prayer.

29. Willie Lawson, son of James Chamber, died,  in his 11th year.  Willanna, daughter of George Veruem, was drowned in a rain cistern, aged 19 months.

30. Commissioners meet to open Woodruff street.

31. Catharine, daughter of Wm. Booz.  Ralph, youngest son of James Keeler, died.


1. Captain DeRue arrives in the city, and commences the teaching of fencing.

2. The Gazette comes out the champion of the War Committee.  The committee are in ecstacies over their convert.  Corinda Moore, daughter of Hiram Landin died.  Ruth Ann Barry, aged 19 years, died.

3. The Harmony Fire Company had a picnic at Moses' Wood's.  The Adjutant General Publishes the quotas required from the township and counties, to make up the requirement of 8,783.

4. Common Council meet and agree to give $200 for recruits.  Anne Bauxwell died, aged 28 years.

5. Common Council hold another meeting and agreed to the arrangements of the Freeholders to raise the bounty to volunteers for the whole county.  An unknown man was found drowned at the junction of the canal and Feeder.  A fire broke out in the freight depot, but was extinguished with the aide of buckets.

6. Thanksgiving and prayer day not well observed - less then usual.  Hugh Lawler, formerly driver of the express wagon, died suddenly from sunstroke.  Major Mulford and Captain Joseph A. Yard appointed to recruit men to fill up the quota.

8. The Freeholders met and offered a bounty of $200 for volunteers.  Weather excessively hot.

9. Mrs. Louisa V. Krewson died, aged 74 years.

10. Mr. James Field was effected by sunstroke but not seriously.  Mary Frances, daughter of Samuel H. Meaks died, aged 5 months.  Mary Johnston widow of David Johnston, died at an advanced age.

11. For the past ten days the thermometer has stood among the nineties.  A fire broke out in the building adjoining the American Hotel, occupied by Henry Cox, destroying a large quantity of liquor.  Jacob S, son of Jacob Clendenning, died aged 4 years.  The Trenton Banking Company resolved to take $50,000 of the bonds of the county to aid in volunteering and paying bounties.  Priscilla Adelaide, daughter of John Johnston, died in her 17th year.

12. The picnic of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul takes place in Moses' Wooks.  Celebration of the release of the prisoners in Libby Prison was held at Kay's Hotel.  Resolutions were adopted and speeches made.  Willie, son of Theodore Closand, died, aged 16 months.

13. The Front St. M.E. Church Sunday School held a picnic at Edge Grove.15. Elizabeth, daughter of Martin Stryker, died, aged 14 months.  Elizabeth B., daughter of Lewis Nutt, aged 14 months.  Miss Mary Ann Wolley, Miss Eliza Wooley, and Miss Maria Wooley fell into the canal at the Lamberton Lock.  Miss Mary Ann Wooley sunk to rise no more; the others were rescued.  Two travelers, a man and woman, were killed on the Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad.

15. Alexander bound, son of Charles Bound, was drowned in the Water Power.  Daniel Bower, con of John Hargood, died.

16. Samuel McIlvoy was run over by the Good Will engine, while running to the fire at Saxony Mill.  The fire at Saxony Mill did but little damage; it was extinguished with the aid of buckets.  Willie, son of George M. Cogill, died, aged 7 months.

17. Numbers of desertions take place daily from the 2d cavalry regiment.  Guards are thrown out in all parts of the city, and officers are started in pursuit.  Lizzy, daughter of John Crance, died, aged 15 months.  Christopher, son of Edward Dyer, died.  The Delaware Fire Engine Company had a picnic in Jackson's Woods.  John R., Infant son of John R. West, died.

18. A large number of deserters were captured between Trenton and New Brunswick.  They were "bounty jumpers."

19. A second fire broke out in the roofing establishment of D.S. Anderson.

21. One of the editors makes a grand splurge in describing the Editorial Convention at Cape Island.  An alarm of fire proceeded from the Rendezvous opposite the True American office.  The soldiers were greatly excited but the affair turned out to be all smoke.

22. A fox in Decatur street is complained of as a nuisance.  The Marshal of the city goes in search of the cunning offender.  The recruits in the different parts of the city were removed to Camp Perrine.

23. Doubts are expressed as to whether Lager will intoxicate.  Subject was referred to the Reporter, who decided that “it depended altogether on circumstances.”  Elizabeth Pearce died, aged 83 years.

24. Large numbers of recruits arrive from different parts of theState.  Row occurred on Mill Hill between cavalry men, citizens and a police officer.  Colonel Karge arrested the police officer.  Henry M. Lewis, formerly President of Common Council, and a large manufacturer of paper, died, aged 48 years.

25. Abagail Ryall died in her 72d year.

26. Lillie E., infant daughter of Hamilton Rulong. Mary, only daughter of Christian Selger, died, aged 13 months.  The workmen at the Rolling Mill make a handsome present of mathematical instruments to Mr. Thomas Palmer.

27, The funeral of Mr. Henry M. Lewis takes place.

28. Julia V, wife of John A. Conover, died in her 34th year.

29. Several deserters were marched to a blacksmithshop and ironed or "iron-clad."  The Reporter visits the Arms Company's works, and is delighted with the manufacture of guns.

30. Rev. T. Walker closed his labors as pastor of First Baptist Church.  Mary W. K. Smith, wife of Lieut. Com. Watson Smith, and daughter of F. Kingman, died, in her 23d year.  Mary Nicholson, died at Millham, aged 76 years.

31. The German Lodge had a picnic at Moses Woods.


1. Mary, wife of Chas. Smith, died, aged 26 years.  Samuel L. son of Thomas D. Hutchinson, died, in his 22d year.  The State Treasurer issues for a call for bids for $500,000 State bonds.

2. Two children aged 5 and 7 years, belonging to a family named McGuire, from California, were drowned in the Feeder.  Cornelius V. Moore, died, aged 34 years.

3. The Delaware and Raritan Canal and C. & A. R. R. Company appropriate $30,000 to promote the raising of volunteers.

4. A court martial convenes at Temperance Hall in pursuance of orders from the War Department.

5. A gold snuffbox is presented to Thomas Palmer, one of the Superintendents of the Trenton Iron Company.  Elizabeth, wife of Major Wm. B. Paul, aged 72 years died.

6. Sarah Elbis died.  Lizzy M. Robinson, daughter of Linford L. Robinson, aged 2 years.  Good Will Fire Company had a grand picnic at Moses' Woods.

7. The papers get into a controversy about the disorders created by the 2d Cavalry Regiment in the streets.  The Gazette thinks the complaints come from "Copperheads."  Council authorizes the appointment of extra police officers.

8. The Reporter visits the Trenton Car Company's works, and describes the same.  A choice, old-fashioned party is held at Fischer's Summer Retreat.  Hannah Kilson, wife of George L. Kitson, died.  Frank, son of Henry V.A. Veghte, died, aged 1 year.  A fight occurs between some cavalrymen and citizens in Warren street; a cavalry man's saber is captured by James Coleman.

9. Common Council selects the True American as official paper.  The Trial of Slocum for murder of his wife, commenced at Freehold.

10. The "Loyal League" are bad off for speakers, and are offering the questionable honor to Democrats, who are entirely too loyal to "see it."  A son of David W. Lennox was drowned.

12. Several distinguished individuals go a fishing and make a "water haul".

13. Montraville, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Neeld, died, aged 18 months.

14. A member of the Fifth Battery, named Willie, was run over by a train of cars at Camp Perrine.  John Engleton died, in his 63d year.

15. The Mercer and the United States Courts open in this city.  Mercer county fills up her quota of volunteers.

16. The writ of Habeas Corpus is suspended by Proclamation from the President.  Every man feels degraded.  John Flanagas died, in the 52d year of his age.

17. People are talking about the Proclamation, and nothing else.

18. A grand military and civil sociable was held at Temperance Hall.  The Grand Jury of the county presented fifty bills of indictment.

19. Peter Slocum was found guilty, at Freehold, of murdering his wife.

20. Ada infant daughter of Nathaniel Laning, died.

22. John H. son of E. E. Hooker, died, in the 7th year of his age.  The trial of Ridgway for the murder of Job Brooks, was commenced at Burlington.

23. Lucy, daughter of Charles Temple, died, in the 8th year of her age.  Trenton City Mission held it's first anniversary at the First Presbyterian Church.  Atrocious assault and battery made upon Margaret Sands by a soldier at Camp Perrine.

24. Stillwell, alias Livingston, is held for swindling people by pretending to collect money for hospitals.  He was found guilty.  A smooth fellow pretending to come from Belvedere to purchase goods for a firm there takes down several of our merchants.

25. Ely Moore, a prominent citizen of Hopewell, died.

26. This was an important day at the Mercer Courts.  It was the day of which all persons convicted were sentenced.

28. The Cavalry Regiment under the command of Col. Karge was reviewed by the Governor.  They made a handsome parade.

29. William Henry, son of Robert G. Provest, died, aged one year.

30. The Veteran Association had a grand Sociable at Temperance Hall.


1. Mr. Elizabeth Starkey, died.  A marriage took place at Camp Parker, and quite an interesting affair it was too to all concerned.

2. Dan Rice's Show exhibited in the city to an overflowing house.  Several gentlemen were relieved of their pocket books.

3.  Charlotte, wife of Frederick Augustus Wolf, died, aged 26 years.

4. Workmen were engaged in removing the centres from tunnels on the railroad near Broad.  John Morris Sr., died, aged 75 years.

5. The trains passed through the tunnel on the Railroad at Broad Street for the first time.  The 2d New Jerey Cavalry, started for the seat of war.  A sword, sash and belt were presented to Lieutenant Stanniford, at the Delaware Engine house.  City camp meeting begins at the Front Street M E Church.

6. Three persons escaped from the Mercer County Jail by digging under the foundation.  One of the number, a boy, was arrested before night.  Samuel Hougtaling, died, aged 26 years.  The 34th Regiment is removed from Beverley to Camp Parker.

7. Hannah, wife of Morgan Beaks, died.

10. Elizabeth Kennedy, died, in her 85th year.

11. Patrick Swan, died, aged 65 years.

12 Large number of quail take refuge in the city.  Frank R, son of Wm H Norcross, died, in his 11th year.  John Owens, son of Mrs. Ann Owens, died, 16 years.

14. The Adjutant General gives notice that the draft will take place on the 26th instant.  Peter Obert, died, aged 63.  Charles Brooks, convicted of the murder of his father in Burlington County, was sentenced to be hung on the 11th day of December.

15. Great talk and blowing about the Pennsylvania election.  The Republicans as usual are making large claims.  Susan, wife of Daniel S. Cowell, died, aged 5 years.

16. Republicans are shaking in their shoes about their bets on Pennsylvania.

17. Mrs. Dan Rice's National Circus gives an exhibition and attracts crowds.

18. Frank son of Elizabeth Dennis, died, aged 22 months.

19. John T., son of George W. Appleton, died, in his 13th year.

20. Second Assembly District Convention held at Andrew Wier's.  John A. Weart nominated for Assembly.

21. The casualties of Jersey Regiments at the battle of McLean's Ford are published.  John G. Stout appointed Superintendent of the Trenton Horse Car Railroad.  He resigns the office of Overseer of the Poor.  Edmund Y, son of Peter I. Kite, died, aged 15 months.

22. The first care was drawn over the Horse Car Railroad.  General John S. Darcy died at Newark.

23. Governor Parker succeeds in getting the draft postponed to the 5th of January.

24. Democratic County Convention held at Temperance Hall.

25. Willie son of William T. Foster, died in his 21st year.  Mrs. Stoll, a soldier's wife, was killed on the railroad near camp Parker.

26. Funeral of General Darcy took place.  Timothy Field nominated by the Republicans of the Second Assembly District for the Assembly.

27. War Committee haul General Meade over the coals.  They were all in high glee over the rumors of his removal.

28. Mary Ann, wife of Spencer Emmons, died, aged 52 years.  A fire broke out in the pottery of Millington Asbury & Co. on Perry street.  Entire loss about $8,000.  Insurance, $4,000.

20. Timothy Hurly, died, aged 56 years.


1. Politicians are quite busy, notwithstanding the Sabbath.  Accident on the Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad, by which Mr. Skidman of New Brunswick, had both legs broken, and the engineer.  William Barton, had one broken.

2. The last and rousing meetings are held by the political parties.  The Republicans, however, have mostly relied upon the secret movements of the Leagues.

3. The election day.  Democrats carry the Trenton Assembly district and the general ticket (Coroners) in the county.  Republicans carry two Assembly Districts.  Democrats carry both Houses of the Legislature by large majorities.

4. The Democratic papers open with rooster embellishments.

5. A fire broke out in the building formerly occupied by Elias Cook as a lumber yard office, in Stockton street.  Very little loss.  Eleanor Langstein died, aged 73 years.

6. County Canvassers met and made the official vote in the county.   Democratic majority on the aggregate vote for the Assembly, 282, and on the Coroners, 272.

7. Henry C. Howell died in his 54th year.

9. Thomas Hughes died, aged 48 years.  The Governor issued a Thanksgiving proclamation, to take place the last Thursday in the month.

10. Argument between the Joint Railroad and Canal Companies and the Delaware Bay Railroad Company began before the Supreme Court.  Remonstration against double track in Warren street for the horse Car Railroad was presented to Council.

11. Board of Chosen Freeholders met and resolved to offer a bounty of $200 to fill up the quota of 565 men.  Emily, daughter of Frederick Landulet, died, aged 5 years.  Odd fellows held their annual meeting.

12. The War Committee start out spies to ascertain what traitor betrays their secrets.  Charles Brook died, aged 40 years.  A boy at Page's sash factory had his hand mutilated by a circular saw.  The remains of Benjamin S. Carter, of the 14th Regiment, brought to Trenton for burial.

13. Several small robberies were committed the County Clerk's office was robbed of nine dollars.  Lucy Ann, wife of Christopher Compton, died.

14. The coal monopoly excites a good deal of attention; dealers are asking $8.50 per ton.  Mary W, wife of Capt Joseph A. Yard, died, in her 69th year.  Joseph Sterling, Sen. died aged 72.  Mary E. infant daughter of Charles H. Skirm, died.

15. Abraham C. Bogart died, in his 70th year.  Peter W, son of Thomas Upton, died, in his 24th year.  Martha, daughter of Dr. Davis R. Pratt, died, aged 4 months.

16. A little girl,  daughter of Emanuel Peters, was run over by the cars and so badly hurt that both legs were amputated.  The 34th Regiment left for the seat of war.

17. Court of Errors and appeals met.  Five funerals took place today in the city.

19. Harvey Enos, son of Joseph Stokes, died, aged 10 months.  Thomas O'brien was killed on the railroad near Clinton street, he was intoxicated, and on the track.

21. Some of the preachers are asking the Lord not to give them "a dishonorable peace!"  Chas Fow sells his interest in the Lafayette Hotel.  Elizabeth, widow of Kenneth Hankinson, died, in her 81st year.

22. Mary O'kane, died, in her 28th year.  Alexandre Hendry, died, aged 56 years.

24. The workmen at the Trenton Arms Company serenaded Mr. A M Burt, at the Trenton House.

26. Thanksgiving day generally observed.

27. Peter Slocum hung at Freehold for the murder of his wife; he denies his guild.

28. Prominent Republicans are charged with taking away negroes and selling them for bounty, giving to their families a part thereof.

30. Complaints are made of conduct of soldiers at the rendezvous in Warren street, by residents there.


1. Riot at Amboy.

2. Ladies of the Central Baptist Church held a festival. Riot at the rendezvous in Warren street., two men wounded with pistol shots.  Mrs. Mary Tunison, died, aged 37 years.

4. Company A, National Guard, returned from Amboy.  Close of the argument in the case of the Delaware Bay Railroad and Joint Companies.

7. War Committee held an important meeting to figure up the men and means contributed by them for a vigorous prosecution of the war, result 000-000.

8. Congress assembled.  Cornella B., daughter of the late Wm H Scudder, died, aged 17 years.

9. President's Message delivered - everybody sees the nigger in the fence.

11. Steamer Edwin Forrest discontinued her trips for the season, Benjamin F. Britton of this city, drowned at Kingston.  Brooks executed at Mount Holly.

12. Companies A and D, of Essex, visited Trenton.  Georgiana, wife of Wm Watson, died.  Joel Parker, infant son of Francis White, died.  Owen Curney died, aged 83 years.

14. City Mission held meeting in 2d Presbyterian Church.  Miss Julia Daymond fell over the embankment near the railroad tunnel and was killed.  Margaret Compton died, aged 25 years.  John Davison, died, aged 85 years.

15. Joint Committee of last Legislature met to examine Treasurer's accounts.  Accident on new railroad near Trenton; two men injured.  Milton S Ryder died, aged 27 years.  Henrietta, wife of Henry Onyx, died, aged 21.

16. Henry D., son of Capt W H Rossell, drowned in the Water Power, near the State House, aged 9 years.  Charles Franklin, son of Charles McKeaver, died, aged 14 months.

17. Ruth R. wife of Isaac W. Lanning, died, aged 52 years.

18. Hannah, wife of Andrew Thompson, died, aged 84 years.

19. A silver tea set presented to Mr. O Waterman by the workmen of the Trenton Car Works.  Jane, wife of Wm Powers, died, aged 34 years.

20. Company A returned to Amboy.

21. Sword presented to Lieut. C C Vansyckel of the Fourth New Jersey regiment..   Minnie, daughter of Daniel T Lanning, died aged 3 1/2 years.

22. Meeting of the Board of Freeholders county bounty advanced to $300.  Mrs Elisabeth Croft, died, aged 77 years.

23. Second grand Sociable of the Odd Fellows.

24. Cold weather; skaters all agog.  Mrs. Sarah McMakin, died, aged 85.

25. The day devoted to pleasure seeking; the Assanpink crowded with skaters.  Navigation on the Delaware and Raritan Canal closed.

26. Annual supper of the Masonic fraternity; a military company from Elizabeth visited Trenton en route for Amboy.

27. William, son of Wm Neff, died, aged 8 years.  First winter storm set in.

28. A man was killed on the railroad, between Trenton and Bordentown, named Frederick Krouse.  He had lost his reason from fear of the draft.  Folks about town jubilant over the idea of Gen. McClellan's nomination for the Presidency.

29. Excitement in the Third Ward, Mrs Madaline Seeger hangs herself, or is supposed to have done so.  Her husband is implicated and arrested.  Tabitha, wife of Benj. McMakin, died, aged 63 years.

30. Inquest on the death of Mrs Seeger bring in a verdict, finding that her husband was in someway accessory to her death.

31. The last day of the year opened cloudy and dull.  A cold drizzling rain also at ended the obsequies of the dying year.  The Good Will Fire Company held their eleventh Annual Ball.  "Watch nights" and prayer meetings were held in several churches.  The outsiders are ringing bells, shooting off guns, and enjoying themselves generally.   All people are rejoined that a year so full of wrong and outrage, and so little of the true and virtuous, has at last died.

Interments at Mercer Cemetery

























































Interments in the River View Cemetery, for the Year 1863

Adults,                         55

Children,                      53


Public Schools in Trenton

The population of Trenton is about 20,000.
Number of children in the city of the school age,
Number of colored children attending school, 
Average daily attendance, 
Amount raised for the support of public schools, 
Amount received from the State Fund 
Total amount raised and appropriated,

Number of teachers employed – male, 5, female, 23; total, 28.

The average amount paid to male teachers is $687 per annum, female teachers, $264.


Building Permits Granted in 1863

FEBRUARY—To Samuel Forman for building brick house between Montgomery and Green sts. for Mark fisher.

To same, for building two houses in Academy street for Mr. J. Owen.

To same for building two houses on State street, near Calhoun’s lane for Mrs. Southard and Mrs. Eberly.

To Evert & Robbins, for a frame house on Second street, near Bridge.

To Morris Matthews, for building two frame houses corner of Union and Ferry Streets.

To same for a frame house in Clay street, for Mrs. Hill.

To Deacon Brook, for a house on Quarry st.

APRIL--To Charles Hough, for a frame house in Warren street, below Bridge.

To Samuel Furman, for F. Kingsman’s Office in State street.

To Samuel Stead, for Three brick houses in Jackson street.

For a brick house on lot No. 24, on Market street.

To George Kalzenbach, for house on lot No. 19 State street.

To John N. Lindsay for house on Lot no. 77 South Warren street.

MAY--To Forst & Taylor, for a large store house in Academy street.

To Central Baptist church, for addition to said church.

To Everett &Robbins, for a house on Market street, for P Kemble.

To C. Fischer for improvements to his brewery.

To Trenton Car Company for improvements.

To 3d Presbyterian Church for improvements.

JUNE—To Deacon Brook, for a house on State street near Calhoun’s lane.

To Stillwell Smith for a house on Central st.

JULY—To E. Dolton for a house on his lot.

September—To James S. Sterling, for houses on the point of Second and Broad streets.

To T C Hill for additions in Hanover street.

OCTOBER—To H B Chumar, for improvements on State street.

NOVEMBER—To Philip H Wentz, for additions to building in Broad and Market street.

© 2000 Char Coles

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