Victory Parade

1937 Cathedral

There were 97 members of the 1937 graduating class of Cathedral High School:

Ammann, Catherine

Anchak, Therese

Barry, Mary

Bayan, Mary

Belyung, Catherine

Belyung, Marion

Bresnen, Florence

Burns, Virginia

Butts, Elizabeth

Byrne, Lorraine

Carroll, Nellie

Cavanaugh, Marian

Cicchetti, Antoinette

Coburn, Gertrude

Connolly, Catherine

Conway, Margaret

Corrigan, Anne

Cunningham, Adelaide

Duignan, Catherine

Eccles, Virginia

Ehmann, Margaret

Eldracher, Bernice

Everitt, Catherine

Fesko, Elizabeth

Filidora, Anna

Firth, Dorothy

Fischer, Adelaide

Flynn, Marie

Frascella, Carmella

Gaydos, Margaret

Gerber, Helen

Glennon, Rita

Grondzki, Helen

Gropp, Ellen

Guadanola, Philomena

Haggerty, Kathleen

Haggerty, Virginia

Hedigan, Mary

Henry, Mary

Hindley, Virginia

Hosszu, Irma

Jamieson, Ann

Janus, Anne

Johannes, Loretta

Jusko, Anna

Kalisch, Anne

Kelty, Margaret

Kennedy, Grace

Kerwick, Catherine

Koscher, Teresa

Kozma, Mary

Kucker, Adelaide

Kucker, Eleanor

Kucker, Rita

Lansing, Mary

Magee, Elizabeth

Majeski, Margaret

Malone, Anne

Manley, Julia

Manley, Margaret

McCarthy, Marjorie

McCullough, Mary

McGovern, Mary

Miller, Mary

Morelli, Anne

Mras, Claire

Mulryne, Cecilia

Nealon, Mary

O’Brien, Marguerite

Okal, Agnes

Oswald, Elizabeth

Paszkowska, Stella

Perrine, Dorothy

Radice, Helen

Radziwon, Hedwig

Rausch, Eva

Reither, Catherine

Rively, Madeline

Rogers, Marie

Sattler, Winifred

Scott, Marion

Seville, Ruth

Sirovetz, Elizabeth

Smith, Catherine

Straka, Kathleen

Tress, Dorothy

Wagner, Dorothy

Walter, Margaret

Walters, Catherine

Warwick, Ruth

Weier, Marie

Weiss, Mary

Wilno, Mary

Zajaros, Florence

Zamerowsky, Mary

Zazzo, Barbara

Zita, Mary

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