Victory Parade

1946 Cathedral

There are 150 members of the 1946 graduating class of Cathedral High School:


Agabiti, Rose Mary

Agin, Marjorie Mary

Arnone, Mary Josephine

Astore, Mary Grace

Ballone, Ida Grace

Banko, Theresa Dolores

Bernard, Kathryn Florence

Bernard, Suzanne Helen

Billups, Katherine Mary

Bishop, Roxane Georgia

Bossert, Mary Charlotte

Boytis, Priscilla Elsie

Brandani, Antoinette Agnes

Breen, Maureen Theresa

Browning, Elizabeth Jane

Burke, Mary Rose

Callahan, Dolores Rose

Callan, Madeline Marie

Callery, Mildred Rita

Caola, Alice Dorothy

Charneck, Elizabeth Joan

Chester, Emily Theresa

Cifelli, Margaret Mildred

Claffey, Mary Elizabeth

Coghlan, Helen Margaret Mary

Confoy, Rose Elizabeth

Cracker, Louise Marie

Crush, Evelyn Barbara

Delate, Joan Mary

Desmond, Dolores Jane

DiGuiseppe, Rose Marie

Dillon, Ann Bernadette

Dombroski, Dorothy Mae

Donnelly, Clare Theresa

Downs, Helen Matilda

Doyle, Mary Joyce

Duggan, Mary Louise

Dunham, Janice Mary

Durcanin, Ann Rose

Dusch, Annetta Catherine

Eleuteri, Madeline Theresa

Esky, Marian Alice

Falkowski, Doris Marie

Fantauzzo, Mary Stella

Ferrazza, Louise Marie

Fidanza, Jean Frances

Fink, Elinor Jean

Flynn, Florence Helen

Fox, Mildred Mary

Fox, Rose Marie

Frascella, Gloria Doris

Frohling, Lucille Joan

Fruscione, Lucille Elizabeth

Fulton, Grace Frances

Fyeski, Theresa Josephine

Gajdek, Helen Rose

Gallant, Monica Ulla

Gemsky, Mary Jane

Gillece, Catherine Marie

Giori, Olivia Katherine

Gnacek, Helen Angela

Gortat, Anne Marie

Guadagnoli, Virginia Grace

Guidotti, Jacqueline Theresa

Hall, Evelyn Theresa

Halloran, Jane Marie

Hampton, Lillian Mary

Harcar, Helen Marie

Harding, Marian Catherine

Harney, Joan Patricia

Henry, Mary Eileen

Hickey, Alice Marie

Hogarty, Bernice Katherine

Holcombe, Mary Louise

Hutchinson, Margaret Mary

Jablonski, Claire Ellen

Karns, Edna Rose

Kearney, Joan Elizabeth

Keffer, Rita Theresa

Kelly, Eleanor Madelyn

Kelly, Mildred Patricia

Kelty, Ann Marie

Kennedy, Charlotte Patricia

Kerwick, Rosemarie Elizabeth

Kissel, Doris Clare

Kite, Mary Barbara

Kosma, Mildred Barbara

Koval, Theresa Rosemary

Kramer, Rita Marie

Kucker, Elizabeth Marie

Lydon, Honora Theresa

Lyons, Violet Ann

Mangin, Jeanne Marie

Mannix, Beatrice Mary

Margicin, Mary Ann

Mastrogiovani, Mildred Ann

Mazurek, Marguerite Ann

McCarthy, Eleanor Theresa

McClain, Clare Teresa

McClain, Teresa Clare

McFadden, Martha Ann

McGlade, Ann Josephine

McGrath, Rita Veronica

McHugh, Ellen Clare

McKeever, Ann Louise

McLaughlin, Mary Gertrude

Meredith, Eleanor Frances

Messler, Mary Louise

Morley, Helen Marie

Mount, Mary Liberta

Nomejko, Helen Victoria

Orning, Marilyn June

Palmieri, Mary Frances

Palombi, Maryann Theresa

Parkinson, Lorraine Marie

Parrish, Mary Elizabeth

Patelski, Claire Anselm

Patton, Irene Catherine

Pazdan, Marian Ann

Prall, Jeanette Catherine

Rafalski, Elizabeth Ann

Rein, Elizabeth Ann

Repko, Josephine Beatrice

Rhodes, Patricia Mary

Rosina, Helen Barbara

Samonsky, Dolores Marie

Schroeder, Claire Lenore

Schroth, Helen Wagner

Schwartz, Carol Ann

Seaman, Mary Elizabeth

Seiler, Loretta Ann

Seydel, Lois Marie

Shaw, Eileen Ann

Slaboda, Florence Jean

Slover, Alice Eleanor

Smith, Kathleen Caroline

Starin, Virginia Frances

Staub, Doris Veronica

Thompson, Margaret Anne

Tillinghast, Esther Veronica

Trumphon, Marguerite Frances

Tunney, Sally Agnes

Volz, Rosemarie Clare

Weger, Jean Mary

Weigand, Shirley Ann

Wyszynski, Lottie Clare

Yeager, Carolyn Mary

Zealen, Shirley Ann

Ziegler, Anne Lucille

Zielonka, Eileen Mary

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