Victory Parade

1935 Immaculata

There were 59 members of the 1935 graduating class of Immaculate Conception High School:

Agabiti, Beatrice Carol

Aitken, John Joseph

Bakter, Anna Marie

Belyung, Barbara Catherine

Brand, Francis Joseph

Brennan, Imelda Florence

Brighton, Robert Joseph Clarence

Bruen, Charles Michael Eric

Burns, Alice Mae

Cryan, Margaret Mary

Duffy, James Michael

Escher, Anna Catherine

Filipponi, Josephine Cornelia

Fisher, Richard Thomas

Fitzpatrick, Daniel Joseph

French, Anna Marie

Goeke, Francis Michael

Hahn, Matthew

Harcar, John Francis

Hart, Anna Marie

Holland, Joseph Sebastian

Hornyak, John Nicholas

Hoyer, Joseph Adolph

Ingling, Mary Isabella

Kale, John Edwin

Kish, Elizabeth Margaret

Koscher, Anna Mary

Lettiere, Michael Joseph

Maguire, Thomas Augustine

Mantel, Joseph Francis

Martin, Harry Dennis

McDade, Charles Francis

McDonough, Bernard Joseph

McKeever, Mary Patricia

Mizda, Julia Pearl

Modestini, Clement Anthony

Penkoske, John Joseph

Pimlott, Dorothy Lucille

Pitoniak, Mary Victoria

Ralph, Elizabeth Mary

Redwood, Ruth Joyce

Rightley, Anne Marie

Ronca, Gilbert Edgar

Scharer, Margaret Mary

Schill, Helen Valerie

Schrader, Gertrude Agnes

Sczesny, Jean Adele

Shelly, Joseph Francis

Smith, Marie Catherine

Stephan, Eva Frances

Wagner, Dorothy Mary

Wilno, James Joseph

Wolf, Eva Elizabeth

Wolf, Robert Albin

Yager, Robert Joseph

Yunger, Adam Peter

Zajaros, Joseph Michael

Zoda, Amelia Mary

Zokvic, Charles Francis

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