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Trenton Times

Wednesday, December 31, 1902

Twelve Months Just Passed Have Been Marked By Many Important Happenings In History of the City.



2.   John P. Dullard elected president of Board of Assessors.

3.   Office of state treasurer tendered Frank O. Briggs.

4.   Frank O. Briggs enters state treasurership contest.

6.   Police department issued orders for permanent removal from sidewalks of all obstructions.

7.   Pennsylvania Railroad Company granted increase of wages to trainmen.

9.   Inter-State Telephone Company began work on new exchange building.

10. Counselor James Buchanan argued in Mercer Court for decree of insolvency for estate of Samuel K. Wilson.

14.   Annual opening of the State Legislature. John P. Murphy put on trial here for the murder of his wife.

15.   Twelve ground men of Inter-State Telephone Company struck.

16.   State Board of Agriculture concluded annual session.

20.   John Moses died.

21.   Governor Franklin Murphy inaugurated.

22.   Murphy murder case goes to jury.

23.   Funeral of John Moses.  John P. Murphy found guilty of murder in the second degree.  John F. Dryden nominated for New Jersey Senator.

24.   Edward M. Rusling selected leader of Mercer County Democrats.

25.   State Librarian Henry C. Buchanan asks Legislature for more library room.

29.   Grand Lodge F. and A. M. met in annual session.

31.   February class graduated from State Normal School.

31.   Elihu A. Allen, one of the most prominent Friends in this section of the country, died.


  1. Freight train of eight cars thrown down thirty foot embankment on Trenton cut off by collision with standing car.  Governor Murphy and family moved to Trenton from Newark for Legislative session.  Frozen body of John Ertle found in Cedar Lane.
  2. John P. Murphy sentenced to seventeen years in State Prison for murder of wife.
  3. Joseph F. Lash buried.
  1. Edward Taylor held in court for atrocious assault on Charles Hyde.  Christina Zorola held for death of husband.  George Hettrick arraigned in Mercer Court for murder of John Kraus. 
  1. Charles Hyde, who was stabbed by Edward Taylor, died.
  1. Edward Taylor held for murder of Charles Hyde.
  2. Charles Rowley found dead at Enterprise Lodging house.  Frank O. Briggs elected State Treasurer by joint session of Legislature.
  3. Ash Wednesday and opening of Lent.  Ninety-second anniversary of Lincoln’s birth observed here.
  4. Trenton’s coal supply begins to grow short.  Family of Willis P. Bainbridge narrowly escaped asphyxiation by gas.  Harry Loveless of Cheaspeak City killed here by trolley car.
  5. Roebling school destroyed by fire.
  6. Funeral of Mrs. Robert Emmet Godshalk.
  1. Trenton in throes of severe blizzard.  General W. H. Cooper died suddenly in Camden.  John Tattersall dropped dead while at telephone.  Captain Charles F. Snowden, for many years keeper of state arsenal, died suddenly.
  2. February term of Supreme Court opened.  J. Willard Morgan, of Camden, elected State Comptroller by joint session of Legislature, to succeed William S. Hancock.
  3. Annual session of Knights of Pythais opened.
  4. Funeral of General Cooper.
  5. Delaware river threatened to flood South Trenton because of ice jam.  Fearful storm of snow and sleet began tonight and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property.
  6. Hettrick placed on trial in Mercer Court for murder of John Kraus.  Edward Taylor arraigned in Mercer Court and charged with murder of Charles Hyde.
  1. The Delaware river, bound with ice, threatens great damage to South Trenton.


  1. Hettrick case in hands of the jury.  Hettrick jury returned verdict of murder in first degree after fifteen minutes deliberation.
  2. Mrs. Henry P. Green, of Ewing, died.
  3. Benjamin Gee died.  Was one oldest employees of Pennsylvania railroad.
  1. George O. Osborne named as head keeper of state prison.  George Hettrick sentenced to die April 4.
  2. John B. Swayze named as private secretary of Governor Murphy.
  1. Burglars in First M. E. Church.
  1. Store of Urken & Cohen destroyed by fire.
  2. Mrs. Mary Jane Emmons dropped dead.  The Rev. Father Conway buried.
  3. T. A. C. arraigned in Mercer Court and pleads not guilty to charge of conducting prize fights.
  4. Funeral of Mrs. Charles T. Rielly.  Lawyers annual banquet.
  5. Joseph B. Wright died.
  6. Andrew Sweeney, police sergeant, died.
  1. Annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
  2. Funeral of Andrew Sweeney.  Funeral of Joseph B. Wright.
  1. United States Circuit Court opened.
  1. Memorial services in honor of the late General Sewell by joint Legislature.
  1. Mrs. Eliza A. Ashmore, mother of ex-Sheriff Ashmore, died.  Thomas S. Cadwalader died.
  1. Funeral of M. V. Taylor, who was killed by the caving in of a well at the American Cigar Factory.
  2. Trenton Heat and Power Company chartered.


  1. Dennis Roe died.
  2. John T. Moore drowned in water power.
  3. Chief Justice David A. Depue died today.
  4. George Hettrick hung for murder of John Kraus.  Funeral of Dennis Roe.
  5. Tenth anniversary celebration of disbandment of Volunteer Fire Department.
  1. Funeral of Chief Justice Depue.
  2. Annual meeting of Presbytery of New Brunswick held in Fourth Presbyterian Church.
  3. Second Brigade Veterans’ Society held annual meeting.  Joseph Parker beaten and robbed, died at Broad Street Park.  Governor Murphy signed voting machine bill.

14. Crematory investigation instituted.

15. Funeral of Albert Brandt, Sr.

17. George Davis, who robbed Y. M. C. A., sentenced to two years in state prison.

18. James Neill, who was killed at the Perry street crossing, buried.

19. Ex-Governor Voorhees gives $25,000 to Rutgers College.

22. Steamer Elko burned in canal; loss, $80,000.

  1. Jessie Swope found dead in bed at his home on Warren street.

25. Coroner inquires into death of James Neill.

28. New city charter agitation started.  County Physician condemns Perry street crossing.

  1. Thomas Taylor placed on trial for murder of Charles Hyde.  Coroner’s jury blames Pennsylvania railroad for the death of James Neill.


  1. Taylor murder case went to jury. 
  2. Jury disagreed in Taylor murder case after 22 hour session.
  1. Twelfth annual convention N. B. O. P. opened.
  2. Common Council asked for new city charter.
  1. School Board increased salaries and employed additional teachers.  Lafayette Lodge No. 65, A. O. U. W., instituted.
  2. Mayor Katzenbach vetoed heat and power ordinance of the Trenton Heat and Power Company.  Dr. Cecelia A. Brown died.
  1. N. B. O. P. decided to lessen number of executive committee.  Sommers Blackman, an Atlantic county prisoner, found dead in the state prison.
  2. President Hughes is re-elected leader of N. B. O. P.
  3. Board of Freeholders re-elected old officers.
  4. Twelfth annual convention state division.  S. of V., adjourned.
  5. Irena Nigliaecia stabbed Gennaro Chianesse.
  6. Annual outing of school children at Cadwalader Park.
  1. Second trial of Edward Taylor for killing Charles Hyde opened.  Vice Chancellor Reed issued injunction against South Jersey Gas and Electric, which stopped work of laying pipes on White Horse road.  Baptist Ministerial Union met.  Irish mass meeting at Taylor Opera House.
  2. Insane convict at state hospital attacked Keeper Jacob Hunsinger.
  3. Exempt firemen met in Association Hall in sixteenth annual session, and elected John J. Ready, of Orange, president.  Society of Sons of Revolution held annual meeting at Princeton.  Edward Taylor found guilty of manslaughter. 

23. Flying drill and an engine in collision on Trenton cut off killed J. D. White, of Harrisburg.  Local health board asked school commission to assist in compulsory vaccination.

25. New chapel of Evangelical Lutheran Christ Church dedicated.

27. City authorities decided on ten cent raise in tax rate.  Captain M. C. Runyon died.
28. Mrs. Sarah Ann Young, wife of the Rev. George Young, died.

29. Moses Taylor Pyne declined the candidacy of the Republican party for Congress.

30. Annual observance of Memorial Day.  Annual picnic of the Brotherhood of the Union.


  1. John W. Kelly placed on trial for killing of Andrew Morrell.  Carpenters strike for half holiday settled.
  2. Motion in Supreme Court for reinstatement to the New Jersey Bar of Horatio N. Barton.  Death of Chief Justice Depue formally announced in the Supreme Court.
  3. Empire Rubber Company purchased by C. Edward Murry, C. Harry Baker, and John W. Cornell for $46,640.  John W. Kelly acquitted.
  4. Street Commissioner Ginder stopped street pavement by Inter State Telephone Company because of botched work.
  5. Senior class of State Schools observed Senior Friday.
  6. The Rev. Father Joseph Thurnes died.
  1. Trenton Free Public Library dedicated.  Supreme Court denied application for retrial of Thomas G. Barker, assailant of the Rev. John Keller, of Arlington.
  2. Father Thurnes buried.  Counselor James Buchanan presented to the Supreme Court his argument testing the validity of council’s anti-sign-awning ordinance.  Dr. Patton resigned as president of Princeton University, and Woodrow Wilson elected to succeed him.
  3. Annual commencement at Princeton University.
  4. Miss Eleanor Simpson Studdiford married to Austin Craig Cooley. 
  5. City Engineer Haven condemned Centre street pavement.
  6. Flag Day observed.
  1. Normal graduating class celebrated class day.  Litigation instituted against Globe Rubber Company by Robbins Conveying Belt Company for infringement of patent.
  2. State Schools closed and Normal class of 175 graduated.
  3. Mystic Shrine celebrated Shriners Day.
  4. General Skirm’s friends saved his rubber stock.  Symmes B. Hutchinson died.
  5. Wife and daughter of Patrolman William Higgins frightfully burned in gasoline fire.  Mrs. Higgins died at St. Francis Hospital.

23. Class day exercises at the High School.  Symmes B. Hutchinson buried.

24. William Jamieson resigned from City Democratic Committee.  Mayor Katzenbach’s veto of State street paying ordinance carried to Supreme Court.  Annual meeting trustees of Pennington Seminary.

25. State abandoned condemnation proceedings involving property of Mrs. Charles Green.  Mrs. William Higgins buried.  Mrs. Susan T. Bryan married to Charles Minnigerode.

26. Colonel Quincy O’M. Gillmore appointed brigadier general of the Second Brigade N. G. N. J. by Governor Murphy.

28. William Henry Koons died.  Serious fire at Willits pottery.

30. First service held in Grace Baptist Church.  Philadelphia, Bristol and Traction Company laid tracks at midnight and beat out Pennsylvania railroad.


  1. Health office started movement for compulsory sewer connection.
  2. Baptist Missionary Society won suit for $20,000 against Joseph Bruere and Charles Cook et. al.

5.   City won first suit in compulsory connection case.

7.   Finally decided to asphalt and widen East State street.

8.   Thomas Thropp resigned as county collector.  Funeral of George Bechtel.  “Poke” Hutchins sentenced to one year in the State Prison.

  1. Council took steps for expert examination of the crematory.
  2. Johnson trolley syndicate merged Trenton Princeton and Yardley lines.
  3. “Poke” Hutchins taken to prison.  Mrs. Mary Garwood buried.  Building Inspector William H. Lee died.
  1. Burlington shoe strike ended.
  2. Nevius Brothers purchased the Southwick stores.  Steamers John A. Warner and Quaker City collide in the Delaware river.
  1. Ebenezer Mackey selected to succeed Supervising Principal Gregory.
  2. Certorari granted Trenton Street Railway Company against Camden & Trenton Company.
  3. Elmer Lake hung himself.  One hundred thousand dollar fire at Roebling’s.  Camp Murphy opened.
  1. Cable splicers of Home Telephone Company struck.  Elmer Lake buried. 
  1. Two severe rain storms visited Trenton.
  2. The Rev. Joseph H. Howell instigated litigation against Inter-State Fair for alleged liquor selling.
  3. Camp Murphy ended.  Mayor Katzenbach signs ordinance against expressmen.  Engagement announced of Karl Roebling to Miss Blanche Estebrook.
  1. John Vanness, inmate of State Hospital, drowned.
  2. Mrs. W. W. I. Phillips died.  The thermometer at 90 degrees.  Heavy thunder shower flooded the city.  School Commission finds $80,000 too much for Fillmore school.
  3. Reading station wrecked by runaway freight train.  Ex Judge William Lanning selected by primary delegates as choice of Trenton Republicans for Congress.
  4. William J. Bryan in Trenton.


  1. New Jersey started movement to get $4,000,000 interest on civil war debt.  William Margerum drowned in Delaware river.  Engineer Herring began crematory investigation.
  1. Samuel H. Bullock named to nominate ex-Judge Lanning as Mercer’s Republican candidate for Congress.
  1. Ex-Judge William Lanning nominated by Republicans for Congress.  Johnson trolley company offered three cent fares in return for franchise.
  2. Girls at American Cigar Factory struck.
  3. Vice Chancellor Reed set aside sale of Wilson mills to Alfred H. Ryan.  Crazed National Guardsman terrorized Sea Girt.
  4. Policemen required to prevent violence at American Cigar Factory during strike.
  5. Trenton potters accused custom officials of fraud.
  6. Cyclone damages $150,000 worth of property in Trenton.
  7. William J. Lee arrested for threatening life of State Treasurer Frank O. Briggs.
  8. Edward P. Mount succeeded Thomas Thropp as county collector.  William J. Lee sent to State Hospital.  Olden avenue bridge collapsed. 
  9. Benefit arranged for cyclone sufferers.
  10. Cyclone relief committee asks for $1,000.
  11. Morris Cunningham and Frank Schlicher attempted to escape from the county jail.
  1. State Federation of Labor opened convention.  Price of coal advanced $2 per ton.  United States Garbage Reduction Company made an offer to dispose of Trenton’s garbage.  Fire of William Cady’s barn at Hamilton Square threatened that village.
  2. State Federation of Labor asked for removal of State Factory Inspector Ward.  State Federation of Labor adjourned.  Board of Assessors decided to tax building loan of Trenton $50,000 more. 
  3. Engineer Herring’s report condemns crematory.  Exhibition building No. 1 at the Fair grounds demolished by wind.
  1. Coal advanced to $10 a ton.
  1. Germans of Trenton celebrate Swabian day.  James J. Cahill appointed receiver for the Melbourne Glass and China Company.
  2. Charles L. Miller drowned in the Delaware river.  Board of Health took steps to keep streets free of litter.  Arthur Nicklin, white, William Robinson, negro, engaged in a stabbing affray.
  3. United States Steel Corporation filed denials in $200,000,000 bond conversion suit.  Mrs. Nellie Cubberley’s body found hacked and minced, and Bartholomew Zdanowicz arrested for murder.  The famous Harding baby died. 
  4. President John Dullard of the Board of Assessors asked full taxation on building and loan assessment matter.
  5. Annual convention of Sons of St. George.  Trolley committee of council barred conditions of Johnson company’s entrance to Trenton. 


  1. Labor Day.  New Jersey K. of G. E. in annual session.  Lewis Lawton awarded contract for building new Senate chamber.
  1. Record breaking initiation of the Mystic Shrine in Taylor Opera House. 

5.   Professor Ebenezer Mackey assumed charge of the Trenton city schools.

6.   A. M. Pycraft died suddenly.

  1. Bartholomew Zdanowicz held by coroner’s jury for murder of Mrs. Nellie Cubberley.  German Lutherans of South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware, held convention.
  2. Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, widow of John M. Cook, died.
  3. Mrs. Martha B. Leavitt, wife of Dr. Lyman Leavitt, died.
  4. The Rev. Henry Collin Minton D. D., accepted call of First Presbyterian Church.
  1. Brotherhood of the Union held annual convention.
  2. Adjutant General Alexander C. Oliphant died.
  1. Colonel Lewis Perrine nominated for Congress by Democrats.  General Oliphant buried.
  1. Camden and Trenton trolley ordinance passed by Common Council.

25. C. Harry Baker nominated as the Republican candidate for county clerk.

  1. Thomas H. Thropp nominated by Republicans for sheriff.  Governor appointed Colonel Heber Breintnall adjutant general to succeed General Oliphant.  
  2. E. Furman Hooper nominated by the Democrats for county clerk and Joseph S. Hoff for sheriff.  Mercer County Teacher’s Club held annual meeting. 
  1. Inter-State Fair opened.


  1. Jewish New Year celebrated.  Politician’s day at the Inter State Fair.
  1. Trenton Street Railway Company secured right of way concessions to Pennington.
  1. Trenton Art School opened. 
  2. William T. Hall failed.  Council fixed tax rate at $2.20.
  3. Prominent Trentonians injured in railroad wreck at Menlo Park.  Admiral Schley guest of P. R. R. Y. M. C. A.
  1. Gilbert S. Davison died.
  1. Lord Charles Beresford, of London, visited here.
  2. New Jersey Librarians held their thirteenth annual meeting.  Alfred Foster began suit for $35,000 against the Samuel K. Wilson estate.
  1. Home of Lewis Parker burglarized.
  2. Camden and Trenton company accepted South Trenton Franchises.  William Hutchinson and John Demmer died suddenly.
  1. Sentence suspended on Thomas Edward Taylor, convicted of killing Charles Hyde.
  2. Bishop James A. McFaul celebrated eighth anniversary.  Johnson Trolley Company, Willow and West Hanover street ordinances passed by Common Council.
  3. Jr. O. U. A. M. of New Jersey held thirty-fourth annual session.  Bishop McFaul dined by Knights of Columbus. 
  1. Art School Commissioners elect officers.
  2. Insolvency suit against the Munger Automobile Company began.
  1. Mayor Katzenbach signed Johnson trolley ordinances.
  1. New wing of Mercer hospital dedicated.


  1. John S. Smith, of Beaver street, died in Matthew Miller’s barber shop.  Robert M. Conrad buried.
  1. Opening of Trenton New Brunswick trolley road.
  2. Annual local election.  Success of entire Republican ticket.
  1. Board of Education institutes crusade against Bellevue avenue disorderly houses.
  1. Anacletus Kessler died.
  1. Supreme Court heard argument for Shrievalty recount.  Court of Errors decides signs and awnings ordinance constitutional.  Anton Weidel died in Denver.
  2. Sheriff Thropp takes oath of office.  Funeral of Anacletus Kessler.  New Widows’ and Single Women’s Home opened.
  1. First Presbyterian Church improvements completed.  Supreme Court allowed shrievalty recount.
  2. Trenton employees of Pennsylvania Railroad receive ten per cent increase in wages.  New Excise Board sworn in.
  3. Princeton defeated at football by Yale, by score of 12-5.
  1. Disorderly house proprietors plead in Mercer Court.  John Scammell buried.
  2. Annual session of Grand Lodge I. O. O. F. of New Jersey opened in Masonic Temple.
  3. Recount of Sheriff vote opened in Mercer Court.  Local trolley raises wages of employees.  Miss Jennie Cornell and Benjamin Dinsmore married at State Street M. E. Church.  Common Council gets interest on city deposits.
  4. Annual session of Mercer County Teachers’ Institute opened at High school.  Annual session of New Jersey Sunday School Association opened in First M. E. Church.  Carl G. Roebling and Blanche G. Estabrook married in Chicago.
  1. State street paving finished.  Monthly meeting of Mercer County Teachers’ Club.  Mrs. Lewis C. Taylor died.
  2. Body of Michael McGarrigle found.  Missing since November 5.  Funeral services of Mrs. Lewis C. Taylor held this evening.
  1. Quarterly meeting of Burlington Frier is held here.
  2. Democrats abandon sheriff recount.  Oscar Bishop Raynor killed on State street by trolley car.
  1. Disorderly house keepers sentenced.
  2. William Farrell buried.


  1. John P. Cleary died.
  2. Forty hours devotion services closed at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  Annual session of State Secretaries of Y. M. C. A. opened in State House.
  3. Annual meeting of New Jersey State Grange in Y. M. C. A. hall.
  4. Funeral of John P. Cleary.  State Grange elected officers.
  5. First severe snow storm of the season struck Trenton.

7.   William J. Brewer died.

  1. Board of Estimate appropriates $10,000 for Fillmore street school.
  1. Reading Railroad Company sends 1,000 tons of anthracite to this city and relieves the coal famine.  Trenton business men declare for trade museum.
  1. Concordia Lodge I. O. O. F. celebrated seventieth anniversary.
  2. Patrolman William Warren dismissed from local police department as result of charges preferred against him by his wife.
  3. Briefs filed in $200,000,000 steel case.
  1. Thornton G. Metz killed in railroad collision in Morrisville.
  2. Olden avenue bridge collapsed.  Loss of $15,000 to Dublin Construction Company.  Three hundred and fifty structural iron workers struck at the American Bridge Company because the company refused to reinstate a fellow employee, discharged for refusing to work overtime.  Albanus L. Worthington died.
  1. Seventy moulders strike at Trenton Malleable Iron Company.  Interstate Railway secures control of local trolley system. 
  1. Tony Ronan found dead in a hut in the rear of 54 Escher street.  Trenton Malleable Iron strike settled.
  1. State Teachers Association in session.

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