Victory Parade

1933 Immaculata

There were 62 members of the 1933 graduating class of Immaculate Conception High School.


Andicsko, Mary Kathryn

Benney, Mary Cecilia

Boyle, Marie Ann

Burns, Margaret Cecilia

Calisti, Angelo George

Carlucci, Vito Anthony

Carmody, Alice Kathryn

Carr, Margaret Agnes

Cloney, Marie Patricia

Cloney, Martin Michael

Colton, Victoria Therese

Connolly, Mary Rose

Cullather, Catherine Elizabeth

Curry, Esther Anna

De Angelo, Mary Elizabeth

DePuglio, Michael

Dundala, Margaret Mary

Feldenzer, Anna Marie

Fitzpatrick, Margaret Anne

Foley, Harry J. Patrick

Giesguth, Mae Elizabeth

Hahn, Mary Kathryn

Haney, William Joseph

Henry, Kathryn Frances

Konnyu, Michael Joseph

Kurtz, Margaret M. Mildred

Kushner, Helen Marie

Link, Margaret Terresa

Maloney, Rose Marie

Matthews, Naomi Joan

McClain, Veronica Agnes

McDade, Margaret Agnes

McGee, Marie Frances

McGinley, Mary Louise

McLaughlin, Stanley James

Murl, Helen Gertrude

Nemchik, Theresa Monica

O'Neill, Helen Elizabeth

Paterson, Caroline Kirkham

Pauline, Rose Elizabeth

Persi, Ilio Peter

Petrus, Eleanor Ann

Pieslak, Florence Rose

Pietrus, Andrew Joseph

Pimlott, Thomas James

Pollard, Joseph Horace

Priory, Mary Beatrice

Rodgers, Edward Bede

Sheridan, Edward Harold

Smith, Marie Ann

Stephan, Norman Peter

Szabo, Helen Valeria

Testa, Joseph

Thiel, Mae Emma

Toft, Frances Miriam

Wagner, Charles Edward

Walsh, Mildred Marie

Welsh, Margaret Mary

Weninger, Mary Julia

Yuhasz, Susan Theresa

Yuhase, Stephen Emery

Zazzo, Edmund Joseph

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