Victory Parade

1947 Cathedral

There are 174 members of the 1947 graduating class of Cathedral High School:


Schwab, Elaine Anna (President)

Goeke, Margaret Rita (Officer)

O’Rourke, Jeanne Carol (Officer)

Johnson, Frances Demery (Officer)

Kearney, Sally Anne (Officer)

Markgraf, Claire Marie (Officer)

Addante, Angela Virginia

Andrzejak, Dolores Alberta

Ashmore, Rosemary Joan

Ballone, Carmela Josephine

Bambrick, Patricia Kathleen

Barrett, Theresa Ellen

Bartolomei, Clara Concetta [Photo Damaged]

Bentz, Marion Elizabeth

Berger, Marie Catherine

Bogda, Doris Mary


Bresnen, Patricia Marie

Brian, Dorothy Mary

Brodowski, Elaine Adele [Photo Damaged]

Brophy, Mary Honora

Buckalew, Mercedes Ann

Burke, Ann Theresa

Burke, Lillian Lorraine

Burke, Mary Ramona

Butler, Therese Celeste

Calu, Helen Ida [Photo Damaged]

Calu, Jacqueline Catherine

Camerota, Marianne Judith

Campbell, Rosemarie Patricia

Cavanaugh, Margaret Anne

Chester, Joan Mary

Cleary, Marie Caullet

Coleman, Mary Patricia [Photo Damaged]

Conklin, Madeline Jane

Constance, Marie Violet

Cook, Norma Elizabeth

Coulter, Theresa Celestine

Cunningham, Marietta Grace

Curran, Eileen Marie

Debosky, Jean Cecilia [Photo Damaged]

DeFreytas, Valerie Theresa

Demko, Elizabeth Margaret

Dentini, Florentine Corine

Di Antonio, Dina Mary

Dietrich, Anne Margaret

Dillon, Margaret Mary

DiMaria, Rose Biagia [Photo Damaged]

Donnelly, Jeanne Marie

Downs, Joan Barbara

Doyle, Katherine Margaret

Duncan, Lillian Agnes

Elias, Mary Ann

Fearen, Winifred Ann

Fitzgibbon, Josephine Ann [Photo Damaged]

Fitzpatrick, Ellen Ann

Flaherty, Theresa Claire

Flynn, Marie Doris

Foley, Elizabeth Jane

Furda, Florence Marie

Furry, Patricia Marie

Gabriele, Theresa Marie [Photo Damaged]

Gallagher, Gene Marie [Photo Damaged]

Gallagher, Mary Jane

Gandolfo, Phyllis Vita

Getz, Jacqueline Ruth

Giancola, Clementine Nancy

Goodman, Sally Ann

Grogan, Marie Veronica [Photo Damaged]

Gunning, Bernadine Catherine

Halloran, Eileen Margaret

Hannon, Claire Marie

Hartmann, Rosemarie Anna

Hauck, Sara Ann

Healy, Margaret Mary

Hearney, Marilyn Davis [Photo Damaged]

Heitzman, Joan Marie [Photo Damaged]

Hewitson, Cynthia Adrian

Higgs, Vivian Inez

Hornyak, Anne Mary

Hudik, Marjorie Ann

Hughes, Anne Margaret

Hunt, Dolores Ann [Photo Damaged]

Immordino, Jean Elizabeth

Innes, Patricia Ann

Kandebo, Florence Elaine

Kamrad, Marie Catherine

Keefe, Margaret Mary

Keegan, Geraldine Claire

Kelly, Janith Marie [Photo Damaged]

Kelly, Madeline Eileen [Photo Damaged]

Kelly, Rosemary Margaret

Kennedy, Ann Marie

Kennedy, Lorraine Katherine

Kerlin, Helen Jane

Kerr, Catherine Mary

Knapp, Dorothy Gloria [Photo Damaged]

Knock, Florentine Mary

Kocsak, Rose Marie Julia

Kosco, Vilma Elizabeth

Kowalski, Rita Frances [Photo Damaged]

Krause, Lillian Mary

Krewson, Claire Haney

Kroschwitz, Bernice Margaret [Photo Damaged]

Kulczynski, Regina Marie [Photo Damaged]

Kuzneski, Doris Josephine

Lakomski, Joan Rosalie

Leary, Marie Madeline

Lindenthal, Dorothy Marie

Little, Alice Jeanne

Mahon, Jule Maureen [Photo Damaged]

Maliszewski, Josephine Joan

Maloney, Ann McNichol

Mancuso, Antoinette Dolores

Mancuso, Ramona Joan [Photo Damaged]

Marren, Jean Claire

McCluskey, Valere Helen

McDonald, Mary Jane [Photo Damaged]

McFadden, Laura Teresa

McGann, Eileen Regina

McGrath, Anita Joan

McKee, Barbara Ann

McMahon, Margaret Jane

Mercantini, Helen Louise

Migliarese, Mary Eleanor [Photo Damaged]

Molner, Margaret Anne

Mount, Sarah Agnes

Mras, Theresa Marie

Mrazik, Eleanor Ann

Murphy, Elizabeth Anne

Nicholson, Catherine Anne

Norton, Margaret Elizabeth [Photo Damaged]

O’Brien, Patricia Alma

Parkinson, Joan Claire

Paster, Barbara Mary

Picciolo, Grace Mary

Pilla, Dorothy Louisa

Przemieniecki, Eugenia Helen

Reed, Claire Romayne [Photo Damaged]

Repko, Julia Rose

Riggs, Rosemary Elaine

Rossi, Theresa Kathryn

Rue, Ruth Marie

Sabo, Dorothy Irene

Salen, Dolores Ann

Santitoro, Mary Joseph [Photo Damaged]

Schell, Mary Magdalen

Scherer, Marie Veronica

Snincsak, Dorothy Ann

Snyder, Rosalie Ann

Sofchak, Claire Mary

Stankwitz, Dorothy Hedwig

Stanton, Grace Mary [Photo Damaged]

Stephan, Mary Ann

Stewart, Margaret Ann

Stillger, Marilyn Edith

Tataranowicz, Thersa Anna

Testa, Louise Roth

Timby, Marie Theresa

Tonne, Bernice Regina [Photo Damaged]

Trainor, Ann Bridget

Tresansky, Helen Theresa

Vagnozzi, Catherine Victoria

Van Ness, Elizabeth Lorraine

Walsh, Marie Teresa [Photo Damaged]

Walsh, Catherine Mary

Wagonowicz, Irene Josephine

Walsh, Rosemary Catherine

Westall, Sally Ann

Winston, Mary Alice

Woods, Mary Katherine Alice

Yurcho, Elvera Ella

Zajac, Ethel Mary

Zoda, Dorothy Louise [Photo Damaged]

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