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Daily True American

Monday Morning, January 1, 1883

Chronological Index of Events in Trenton
During the Year 1882


1.      The New Year opens cold with a snow storm; thermometer 22 degrees.

2.      Colder – mercury 14 degrees; Company D, Seventh Regiment. Have their annual target practice at Schueisen Park; annual election of officers by the Good Will and the Ossenberg Hose Companies, and by the Liedertafel.

3.         Installation of officers of Aaron Wilkes Post, No. 23, and presentation of a sword by the Post to Past Commander R. A. Donnelly; the first good skating of the season.

4.      Another cold wave sends the mercury down to 10 degrees; hopes of an ice harvest.

5.      Burglars about; the coal office of Wilson & Stokes, Broad street, Chambersburg, entered and robbed of money and papers valued at $4,000; the wheelwright shop of W. C. Lanning on Broad street entered; only a few tools taken; the residence of Mrs. Davis, on Stockton street, entered; nothing lost.

7.      Thomas Horton severely burned by the explosion of a can of alcohol at Katzenbach’s hardware store.

9.      The residences of Charles W. Cromwell, Chambersburg, and J. H. Murray, Hanover street, were entered by burglars; the thieves secured very little.

10.    Meeting of the Legislature; annual message from Gov. Ludlow delivered; annual meeting of the City Railway Company and election of officers; Adam Exton president, H. B. Howell secretary, Charles Y. Bamford treasurer; annual meeting of the Union Fire Company; election of officers.

12.    Fourth anniversary and entertainment of the Union Mission Sabbath School in the Mission School Building.  Warmer weather.

14.    Burglars again at work; attempts made to enter several residences; the shoe making establishment of D. S. Green, on Perry street, entered and some stock stolen; residence of Lois Ives, corner of Washington and Peace streets, entered; the thief detected and escapes.

16.    Twenty-sixth annual meeting of the New Jersey Editorial Association held at the American House.

17.    January term of the Mercer Courts opened.  Presentation of old military arms to Aaron Wilkes Post by the Eagle Fire Company and Philip Freudenmacher and J. Palmer, of the 38th N.J. V., more snow.

18.    Twenty-fourth annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society at the State House.  Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of A. F. and A. M. of New Jersey opened at Taylor Hall Assembly Rooms.

19.    The 37th annual meeting of the New Jersey State Historical Society held at the State House.  The Masonic Grand Lodge elected and installed officers for the year and adjourned.

21.    The mutilated body of a man found on the Belvidere Railroad track; not identified.

23.    A high wind, which blows down signs and trees and does other damage to property.  Mercury falls to 16 degrees.  The body found on the Belvidere track recognized as John McKenna.

24.    Inquest on the body of John McKenna; the jury are unable to determine under what circumstances he was killed.  Extremely cold: 4 degrees below zero.  The Grand Jury returned twenty-one bills of indictment and were discharged.

25.    Fifteenth annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic of N. J. held at Washington Hall.  Timothy Tierney accidentally killed on the railroad near Trenton Junction.

26.    The sidewalks in a dangerous condition, and several severe accidents reported.  Several Princeton students indicted for malicious mischief.

27.    Prisoners arraigned in the Mercer County Court.  Inquest on the body of Timothy Tierney; verdict, accidental death.

29.    Fire at the residence of Mr. M. Gouldie, on Jackson street; damage $50.  The ice broke in the river, which was high.

31.    Snow, and first appearance of sleighs.


1.      Ninth annual meeting of the State Board of Agriculture held at the State House; address by the president, T. T. Kinney.  Commencement exercises at the State Normal School.  Concordia Lodge, No. 4, presented its retiring Trustee, G. W. Lanning, with a handsome cane.

2.      Cold weather, good sleighing, and skating on the sidewalks!  Charles Kitts, employed at the Rolling Mill, severely injured on the head by a piece of machinery.

4.      Potts’ old grist mill on Petty’s Run, burnt; the gas works slightly injured.  More snow, and detention of trains in consequence.

6.      An employee at Wilson’s Mill fell out of a window and dislocated both his wrists.  Asleigh containing two boys named Pittenger struck by a freight train while attempting to cross the Bound Brook Railroad on Willow street, and smashed to pieces; the boys badly bruised.

8.      The February term of the Court of Chancery opened.  The journeymen carpenters hold a meeting and resolve to demand an advance of fifty cents a day after the first of April.

9.      The long cold spell succeeded by a thaw.

11.    The stilt factory of Wm. H. Potts, at Millham, destroyed by fire; loss about $3,000.

13.    The Liedertafel celebrated their sixteenth anniversary with a masquerade ball at Washington Hall.

14.    St. Valentine’s Day observed in the usual way; 4,000 valentines sent through the Trenton post office.  Members of the old First Virginia Infantry visit the city and were received by a committee of Aaron Wilkes Post.

15.    The Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias in session.  The river high and filled with floating ice.

16.    Concert for the benefit of St. Francis Hospital at Taylor Hall, under the direction of Prof. Langlotz; largely attended; proceeds $501.  John Fox, employed in the Saxony Woolen Works, struck by a locomotive at the Union street crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and instantly killed; inquest and verdict of accidental death.

17.    Ladies League of the G. A. R. organized and officers elected.

18.    Fire in the match factory in Chambersburg; damage very slight.  Opening of the Eagle Bazaar at the Assembly Rooms.  Mr. J. D. Joslin, superintendent of the Globe Rubber Company, presented with a gold watch by the employees.

19.    Rev. Avelin Szabo, pastor of the St. Francis R. C. Church, presented with a gold headed cane by his congregation.  Explosion of gas in the furnace of the Trenton Vise and Tool Works; John Evans burned.  Fourth annual ball of St. Francis Pioneer Corps at Washington Hall.

21.         Fourteenth annual dinner of the Board of Trade at Earley’s Hotel.  Violent storm of thunder, lightning and hail; the brick smoke stack of the pump house of the water works struck by lightning.  Mr. Wm. H. Aldrich, superintendent of the Hamilton Rubber Works was presented with a gold-headed cane by the employees.

22.         Washington’s birthday observed as a holiday; celebrated in the legislature and citizens by exercises in the Senate chamber; parade of Company B, 7th Regiment, and their guests, Company D, 4th Regiment, of Jersey City.

24.    Another cold wave; thermometer dropped to 16 degrees.  Michael Andrews, employed at Fisher & Norris anvil works, caught in the shafting and severely injured.

28.    The Common Council resolved to remodel the City Hall.  Longfelow’s day celebrated at the High School.


1.      March comes in like a lion; a high wind demolishes signs, fences and trees.

2.      State Board of Education met and apportioned the reserve fund; Mercer county gets $2,353.32.  Weather warmer; mercury up to 64 degrees.

3.      Fire in the baker’s shop in the rear of Emlin’s confectionery store on Greene street; extinguished with slight loss.  The Delaware very high; a portion of the Bordentown branch of the railroad submerged.

6.      Thirteenth annual ball of the Harmony S.F. E. Company at Washington Hall.  The employees of the Trenton Rubber Works present Mr. Allen Magowan with a gold watch.  Navigation reopened on the Delaware and Raritan Canal.

8.      Fire in a frame building at the corner of Feeder and Montgomery streets; damage slight.  Collision between the hose carriages of the Good Will and Trenton Hose; the latter damaged.

13.    John McIvers fell from the roof of a three story house on Clinton avenue; he escapes severe injury.  The rafting season on the Delaware opened.

14.    The appointments of the N. J. Annual Conference announced and published in the TRUE AMERICAN.  First Delaware shad in the markets.

15.    A lad named Albert T. Stewart injured in attempting to jump on a freight train of the Belvidere railroad, and amputation of his leg necessary.

17. St. Patrick’s day celebrated by services in St. John’s Church in the morning, and at St. Mary’s Cathedral in the evening.

19.    A slight fire in the bakery of Joseph Fritz on Greene street; damage trifling.

21.         Yorktown, Va., trophy, a handsome silver vase awarded to the N. J. battalion at the centennial celebration of the battle of Yorktown, formally presented to the State in the Assembly Chamber.

24.    The roof adjoining the Trenton Vise and Tool Works caught fire; flames extinguished with very little damage.

25.    Louis Krieger, employed at the Terra Cotta Works, caught in the machinery, his clothing torn off, but the machinery stopped in time to save his life.  The horses suffering from pinkeye.

28.         Excitement in the legislature over Bill No. 167; public meeting in the Assembly Chamber to protest against it.

29.    The excitement in the legislature in connection with the railroad bills increased by a charge made by Assemblyman Shinn that an attempt had been made to bribe him; an investigation ordered and commenced.

31.    The legislature adjourned sine die; the committee on bribery presented a report that the charge of attempted bribery was sustained in the case of Mr. Shinn; there was no evidence of any other attempts; the House adjourned without action on the report.


1.      The dead body of a man named James Murphy found lying in the yard of the Terra Cotta Works with marks of violence upon it; Chief McChesney works up the case, and Dennis Donovan and Wm. Falkner are arrested.  Annual meeting of the Trenton Typographical Union and election of officers.

2.      A wagon drawn by a pair of horses and containing three men named Burroughs, LaRue and Fogle, of Titusville, plunged into the feeder at Rose street, between twelve and one in the morning; Burroughs and Fogle drowned, LaRue escaped.  Palm Sunday observed in the Episcopal and Catholic churches.  A thunder storm.

3.      Inquest on the body of James Murphy; Dennis Donovan admits that he killed Murphy; the jury found the verdict accordingly.  The work of tearing down the old Howell property on Greene street began.

5.      Inquest on the two men drowned in the feeder; verdict of accidental death.  Annual meeting of the Board of Excise, and granting of licenses.  Democratic primaries held.

6.         Democratic City Convention held; G. D. W. Vroom, Charles B. Yard and C. Shepherd renominated.  Republican City Convention held; Anderson Cochrane nominated for Mayor, John Muirhead for Receiver of Taxes and E. S. Ellis for School Superintendent.  Annual meeting of the Hand-in-Hand S. F. E. Company and election of officers.

7.      Good Friday observed in the Episcopal and Catholic churches.

8.      A young man named Frank Applegate, of Hightstown, killed on the Pennsylvania Railroad at the Union street crossing.  Fire in J. R. Chattin’s bleachery on North Greene street; damage trifling.

10.    City elections; whole democratic city ticket elected, and five of the seven wards carried by the democrats.  Sixteenth annual meeting of the New Jersey Union Officers’ Association and election of officers for the ensuing year.

11.    Firemen’s Convention; Charles A. Fuhrman elected chief engineer, John G. Walker assistant engineer north of the creek, and Geo. W. Van Horn south of the creek.  A retouch of winter and snow.

12.    Visit of Virginia veterans, and reception and entertainment by Aaron Wilkes Post.

13.    The Richmond visitors are shown over the city and publicly entertained at Taylor Opera House.  Contracts for remodeling the City Hall awarded.

14.    The new city officers sworn in.  Collision between the Trenton Hose carriage and the Union engine while crossing the bridge over the feeder at Booz’s Basin; the Trenton Hose carriage broken and the horse thrown into the water, but rescued alive; the alarm of fire was false.

19.    A violent storm of wind, lightning and rain.

21.    Fire at residence of Charles Wiegand, Perry street, caused by the explosion of a lamp; damage small.  Another fire at house in Pike alley, occupied by D. C. Banks; loss slight.

23.         Alexander Noble found lying in the alley adjoining No. 234 Allen street, bleeding from bruises and in an unconscious condition; he made an ante-mortem statement charging Martin Marnan with having beaten him; Marnan arrested.

24.         Alexander Noble died from his injuries; Marnan committed to jail.  Charles Tilton, a workman at Roebling’s mill, fell dead while at work, from heart disease.

25.    Inquest on the body of Alexander Noble; verdict came to his death from injuries received at the hands of Martin Marnan.

26.    A lad named Thomas Leaver died from falling into a vat of scalding dye in Wilson’s mill.  Schiller Lodge, No. 80, I. O. O. F., and Concordia Lodge, No. 4 celebrated the 63rd anniversary of American Odd Fellowship.  The work of tearing out the City Hall preparatory to remodeling commenced.  Twelfth annual meeting of the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society held at the First Presbyterian Church


1.      Fire at Weller’s boat yard on Brunswick avenue; loss $150.  A lad named Michael Dowd struck by the wheel at Golding’s flint mill and fatally injured.

4.      Rumors of smallpox about; the prisoners in the county jail vaccinated.  The residence of Samuel Stone, near Washington street, Chambersburg, almost entirely destroyed by fire, during the family’s absence; the origin of the fire unknown.

6.      The smallpox alarm increasing and sore arms from vaccination prevalent; the Board of Health taking action; a temporary hospital established.  Burglars about in the seventh ward; carpenter shop and a blacksmith shop entered, and an attempt on the residence of Matthew Moses.

8.      Closing meeting of the old Board of Freeholders.  Annual meeting of the Fireman’s Relief Association and election of officers.

9.      The May term of the Mercer Courts commenced.  Warmer weather; mercury up to 80 degrees.

10.    Meeting and organization of the new Board of County Freeholders.

11.    Ten cases of smallpox in all – five at the hospital and the rest elsewhere – reported to the Board of Health.

14.    The Forty Hours’ Adoration commenced in the Catholic churches.  “Temperance day,” and appropriate sermons in some of the Protestant churches.

15.    The corner-stone of St. John’s Church (German) of the Evangelical Association laid in Chambersburg, Bishop Bowman officiating.  The Mercer Grand Jury report twenty-six indictments.

16.    A report to the Board of Health shows an increase of smallpox cases; the Board of School Trustees resolved to close the Jefferson street and Grant avenue schools on account of the prevalence  of the disease in their vicinity.  A man named Daniel Sullivan buried under a wagon loaded with coal which he was driving and which upset, and killed.  Jumbo comes to town and a great rush to see him.

19.    Peter Weaver fell from a ladder a distance over thirty feet at the Rolling mill, into a tank and was badly hurt.  Slight fire at 338 Ewing street.

21.    A lad named Rumpf while playing at baseball had his eye knocked out by the ball.

22.    The City Physicians reported to the Board of Health that the smallpox was under control, and that there had been no new cases the past two days.

23.    Dennis Donovan, who plead guilty to the charge of manslaughter in the Mercer court, sentenced to eight years in the State prison.  Martin Marnan, indicted for manslaughter, sentenced to five years.  Entertainment by the pupils of St. Mary’s school at Taylor Opera House.

25.    Fire in the polishing room of the Rolling mill; the building badly damaged.  George Bancroft, a workman at the Wire mill, struck by the machinery and killed.

26.    An unknown man found drowned in the canal near the Perry street bridge.

29.    John Evans killed while crossing the railroad track at Germantown Junction to take the cars for his home in this city.

30.         Decorating Day; parade and memorial services by the military posts.  The Greenbackers had a convention in the day time and a meeting at night.  A colored man named Williams shot by Watchman Perry at Heath’s coal yard while prowling about, and painfully wounded; Perry arrested.  Annual meeting of Eagle S. F. E. Co. and election of officers.

31.    Election by the field and staff officers of the Seventh N. J. Regiment; R. A. Donnelly elected Lieut. Colonel, and John C. Patterson Major.


3.      The health inspector reports to the president of the Board of Health that the smallpox is virtually at an end here.  English’s grocery, corner of Spring and Calhoun streets, robbed of a few articles by burglars.  The pressers at Willets’ pottery presented W. H. Price with a watch.

4.      Thirty-third anniversary of the Third Presbyterian Church Sunday school celebrated at the church; address by Dr. Harris, of Princeton.  Trinity Sunday observed in the Episcopal and Catholic Churches.

7.      The roof of the wire mill on Hamilton avenue on fire; extinguished with a slight loss.

8.      Inquest on the body of an unknown man found floating in the Delaware; no evidence either as to his identity or cause of death.

11.          Children’s day observed in all the churches, which were all largely attended.

13.    Trenton Baptist Association met at the First Baptist Church.  Slight fire at the match factory on Hamilton avenue.

14.    Baptist Association concludes its work and adjourns.  Annual picnic of the Children’s Home.

15.    The Eagle Fire Company had their fourteenth annual picnic.  Hot; mercury up to 90 degrees.

18.    The anniversary of the Sunday schools of the Baptist Church celebrated.

19.    Very hot weather, succeeded by a heavy thunder storm.

21.    Two men, named James McCoy, a stonemason, and Thomas Martin, a laborer, struck by a locomotive while walking on the track of the Belvidere railroad; McCoy killed and Martin badly injured.  Commencement at Princeton.

23.    A brakeman named Tobias Soden struck by the express train on the Belvidere road and instantly killed.  Closing exercises at the Academy street public school.

25.    A violent tornado passes over the city at five o’clock in the afternoon, accompanied by severe lightning; buildings along the water power and vicinity of the river severely damaged; several buildings unroofed, and trees demolished in all directions.

27.         Commencement exercises of the Trenton High School at Taylor Opera House; twenty-three pupils graduate.

28.         Commencement exercises of State Model School at Taylor Opera House; seven pupils graduate.  A five-year-old daughter of Mr. John Cody fell through a skylight and was badly injured.

29.         Commencement exercises of the State Normal School; a large class of graduates.  Closing exercises of the schools of St. Francis R. C. Church on West Front street.

30.    Public schools close for the summer vacation.  Commencement exercises at St. John’s Academy.


2.         Ordination of young priests at St. Mary’s by Bishop O’Farrell.

4.      The National holiday observed; outdoor amusements interfered with by rain; the day passes without the regulation fire and with less than the usual number of casualties to the small boy.  The Society of the Cincinnati held its annual meeting at the Trenton House.

9.      Thomas Lacy shot in the side by the accidental discharge of a pistol being examined by a friend.  Mercury among the nineties.

10.    Too hot for items; thermometer registers 94 degrees.

11.    The children of the Greene Street M. E. Sunday School enjoyed a picnic at Morrisville Grove.  An employe at the Trenton Lock Works, named Charles Comfort, fell down a hatchway and was severely injured.

13.    The Sunday School children of the Central M. E. Church went on their picnic to the Grove.  Fire caused by a lamp explosion at the house of William Lovett in Decatur street; damage small.

15.    Thomas Collins, employed at the Crescent Pottery, fell from a ladder and dislocated his shoulder.  Fire at the candy factory of Charles Knoblaugh, on Perry street, caused by a defective flue; loss, about $100.

17.        An intoxicated man named McAvoy, fell from a window at the Central Garden and sustained severe injuries from which he afterwards died.  The Trenton Turn Verein, accompanied by St. Francis Pioneer Corps, went on an excursion to New Brunswick.  The early closing movement commenced.

18.    A young man named Joseph Coffield drowned while bathing in the Feeder.

19.    The Council received and confirmed the Mayor’s nominations for members of the new Board of Health.

24.         Organization of the new Board of Health with Dr. Woolverton for President.  Fire in the Etruria Pottery at Millham; loss, about $8,000; Chief Furman overcome by the heat; a kilnman named Emory Nelson fell from the roof of the four-story shiphouse and severely hurt.  The remains of Miss Parnell brought from Bordentown and placed in the receiving vault of Riverview Cemetery.  A little son of Pliny Fisk drowned in a canal basin near the works of the American Crockery Company.

25.    Laying of the corner-stone of the new State Street M. E. Chapel.

28.    Edward Kennedy, of Asbury street, while boarding a train at Blairsville, on his way home from the West, fell under the wheels and his left leg was cut off.

29.    A lad named William Whalen, aged 17, drowned while bathing in the canal near Greenwood Pottery.  A great many Trentonians away at the seashore and in the country.

31.    The corner-stone of the Millham school connected with the Cathedral parish laid by Bishop O’Farrell.


4.      Fire in the upper story of the new Dippolt building being erected on Greene street, caused by the ignition of rope from the tinmen’s fire-pot; extinguished before the flames spread.  The Board of Health took another look at and smell of Petty’s Run.

5.      Andrew Vanhise’s hand crushed while at work at the Terra Cotta yard; amputation of his fingers necessary.  Continued hot weather takes numerous excursionists to the shore.

7.      The Board of Health announces in a resolution its discovery that Petty’s Run is a nuisance.

9.         Locomotive sparks set fire to the cigar store, 117 Union street; loss small.  The Board of Health inspected and smelt the Water Power.  Sunday School picnic of St. Michael’s Clinton Avenue Church at Morrisville Grove.

11.    The Tariff Commission visit the city and visit the manufacturing establishments; they dine at the American House and are welcomed by Congressman Brewer.

15.    William Murphy, a brakeman on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, residing on Fowler street, while passing from car to car, fell between and was fatally injured.  The opening of Ocean Grove camp meeting attended by a large number of Trentonians.

16.    Louis Banks, aged seven years, drowned while bathing in Richardson’s basin.

21.    The Emmet Guards have a parade and picnic at Scheutsen Park.  Abatement of the summer heat; evenings and mornings growing cooler.

22.    The stabling and carriage house of Jonathan Steward, on Clinton avenue, destroyed by fire.

26.    The season opened at the Opera House, which had been much improved during the vacation.  Lamp explosion in Mrs. Case’s trimming store in South Warren street; fire extinguished without damage.  Dog days ended and pound statistics given, showing that 150 canines were slaughtered during the season.

28.    The new Sanitary Code adopted by the Board of Health.


4.      The First District Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania met in Christ Church on Broad street.  Annual meeting of the Board of County Canvassers met; taxable valuation in Trenton $508,669.

8.      Harty Grinrod, employed in Wilson’s mill, caught in the machinery and seriously injured.  The cupola of the Wire Mill on fire; little damage.

9.      James Williamson drowned in the canal; heard struggling in the water but an attempt at rescue by the bridge-tender fails; not known whether he fell or jumped in.

11.    A heavy rain after a protracted dryness; several washouts and cellars flooded in the lower part of the city; the railroad track near Clinton street station submerged for a short while.  The Harmony Company went on an excursion to Allentown.

12.    Twenty-fourth annual conclave of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar held here and officers elected.

13. Annual convention of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Jersey and election of officers; Brother Charles Bechtel presented with a Past Grand High Priest’s jewel by the Royal Arch Chapter.  Charles R. Allen run over on the Belvidere Railroad, between Greene and Montgomery streets, and killed.

15.         Democratic primaries to elect delegates to the Congressional Convention held.

19.    The Second District Congressional Convention, held at Atlantic City, nominated Lewis Parker, Jr.  The house of Edward Carroll, on Kossuth street, entered by burglars and robbed.  A touch of midsummer heat; mercury at 92 degrees.

24.    A three days’ equinoctial storm produces a great freshet in the Assanpink creek; a deluge which carried away the iron bridges, swept away the Water Power culvert over the creek, flooded mills and the Clinton street depot and did other damage to a large extent.

26.    Special meeting of the Board of Freeholders to take action in regard to the destruction of bridges in the county by the freshet; the damage in the county reported at about $28,000.

28.    Fire in the vault of Lalor and Mangold’s drug establishment; loss, about $40.


3.      October term of the Mercer Courts commenced.  The Seventh Regiment N. G. N. J. team won the State colors at the Brinton Range.  Charles Houghton, on trial in the United States District Court for defrauding the Government as Collector at Perth Amboy.

7.      The Republican County Convention held at Princessville; R. H. Moore renominated for County Clerk.

8.      William Clancy, a saloon keeper at the corner of Feeder and Montgomery streets, arrested for stabbing C. H. Grant in a quarrel.  A child of Hough Mc affrey, of Belvidere street, accidentally poisoned by swallowing atropia granuales.

9.      The Grand Jury returned thirty-three bills of indictment.

10.         Dedication of the new Second ward school house; address by Lewis Parker, Jr.  Meeting of the corporators of a city hospital and dispensary and election of officers.  Richard Williams fell from a scaffold on which he was painting and severely injured.

12.         Democratic primary meetings to elect delegates to attend the County Convention.  An insane man named Goodwin arrested at the Clinton street depot and taken to the Jail; attempted to commit suicide, which was prevented.

15.         Democratic County Convention at Princeton; Augustus MacDonald nominated for Clerk.

16.    John Dolan was struck by a train on the Pennsylvania Railroad, near the trestle works, and killed.  A colored woman named Jennie Conover committed suicide by drowning in the Feeder.

17.         Destructive fire at the Greenwood Pottery; loss, $29,000; the truck of the Washington Hook and Ladder Company, while running to the fire, upset, and was badly damaged.

20.    End of the Houghton trial; verdict of guilty with a recommendation of mercy.

24.    The Trenton Hose went to Philadelphia to participate in the Bi-Centennial.

26.    A large number of Trentonians go to Philadelphia to attend the Bi-Centennial; among them the Sir Knights of Palestine Commandery.

29.    The body of Edward H. Chase found in the canal near Ashmore’s Lock; case of suicide.  The Society of the Sons of St. George took charge of the body.

31.    The Third Assembly District Democratic Convention held; renomination of Wm. J. Convery.


1.      Second Assembly Democratic District Convention held; an adjournment without a nomination to the next evening.

2.      The Democratic District Convention reassembled and nominated Andrew J. Rider for the Assembly; the last day of registry.

7.      Election day; Moore re-elected County Clerk; Applegate (R) elected in 2d Assembly District, and Convery (D) re-elected in the 3d Assembly District.

10.    Board of County Canvassers met; Brewer’s majority in the county for Congress 372; Moore, for County Clerk, 517; Lewis, 1st Assembly District, 507; Applegate, 2d District, 296; Convery, 3d District, 417.  Governor Ludlow issues his Thanksgiving proclamation.  First National Bank stocks sells at auction at $141.50 per share.

11.    Adam Mather, of Lamberton street, fatally injured on the railroad near Princeton Junction.  Mrs Hannah Boyd, aged 89 years, died of grief caused by the imprisonment of her son.  Incendiary fire at Swan & Tattler’s decorating works; estimated loss $8,000; insurance $5,000.

12.    Mr. William Hankinson old resident of the Fifth ward, died.  Councilman Thomas assaulted by two ruffians in the Swamp.  Sneak thieves raid on two saloons.  Unknown man killed on railroad near Princeton Junction.  St. John’s Evangelical Church, Jennie street, Chambersburg, dedicated.

13.    John G. Stevens appointed by Governor Ludlow one of the Commission of Water Supply of the State.

14. Eagle hose carriage, while responding to an alarm of fire, driven into canal at Taylor street.  Grand Encampment of Odd Fellows holds its annual session and elects officers for the ensuing year.  Col. C. H. Houghton, Collector of Perth Amboy, fined $500, in the United States Court, for transmitting false vouchers to the U. S. Treasurer.  In the United States District Court Judge Nixon renders decision in the New Jersey and New York boundary case in favor of New Jersey.

15.    Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows commences its annual session.  John Vanspungburg, of Brooklyn, abducts his infant son from his grandmother’s house on Asbury street.  Fire in the cinder bank at the Rolling Mill creates some little anxiety for the officials of those works.

16.    Water in the Delaware very low; the Edwin Forrest is compelled to moor to river bank in Sixth ward.  Change in the hours of duty of police goes into effect; day and night relief have twelve hours duty each.  Two county prisoners at work on Stockton street bridge escape.  D. C. Allinson assaulted in Netter’s saloon on Warren street.  Grand Lodge of Old Fellows concludes its session and elects Grand officers for the ensuing year; in the evening the Grand officers visit South Trenton Lodge.

17.    The telephone patent case, Bell Telephone Company v. Ghegan, commenced in United State Circuit Court.  A scout of the Salvation Army arrives in the city.  Contract for ironwork of Stockton street bridge awarded to New Jersey Steel and Iron Company.

18.    James Dunn shot and fatally injured by Joseph Pullen, in the alley west of Washington Market.  Travel on the canal very brisk.  The detachment of the Salvation Army come to town.  Judge Nixon, in the telephone case, grants an injunction restraining Ghegan.

19.    James Dunn, who was shot by Pullen, dies.  Adam Mather dies from injuries received on the railroad at Princeton Junction.

20.    John Gale falls on Second street and breaks his arm.  John Crossley, a lad, narrowly escapes drowning in the Assanpink.  Timothy Abbott, President of the Mechanics’ National Bank, died.

21.    Imlah Moore, an old and respected citizen, died in his 73rd year.  Coroner Bucknum holds inquest in case of Adam Mather, who died from injuries on railroad at Princeton Junction; verdict in accordance with facts, exonerating company and employees, and recommending that a flagman be placed at Princeton Junction crossing.  The Court of Errors and Appeals begins its November term.

22.    The coroner’s inquest in case of James Dunn, shot by Joseph Pullen, begun at Court House.  Committee of the Court of Pardons visit the State Prison.  The funeral of James Dunn takes place and is largely attended.  The joint committee on State Treasurer’s accounts met at the State House; they examine the accounts and report them correct.  The widows of Major and Amos Hutchinson, sisters-in-law, die within a short time of each other from the effect of falls received.

23.    The jury in the inquest on James Dunn return a verdict that Dunn’s death was at the hands of Pullen; “who willfully, feloniously and of malice aforethought, did kill the said Dunn.”  The funeral of the late Timothy Abbot takes place.  The work of changing the Children’s Home into a Deaf and Dumb Asylum progressing.

24.    Sheriff Sickel renews his official band.  The funeral of the late Imlah Moore takes place.  A committee of the Board of Health inspect Washington Market, and find its sanitary condition to be good.

25.    Slight fire in the freight shed opposite East Trenton potteries; extinguished with little damage.  Frank McGovern, of Chambersburg, brutally assaulted in the Swamp.  Police Officer Pilgar rescues two children from drowning in the feeder.

26.    Snowing all day, sidewalks slippery and numerous falls reported.  Mrs. Elizabeth Fabian, over 80 years of age, fell and broke a limb.

27.    The remodeled City Hall inspected by the committee of Common Council.  The Salvation Army summoned before the Methodist Ministers Convention to give an account of themselves.

28.    State Board of Canvassers meet and declare the following Congressmen elected: First District, Ferrell, D., 1,7#6 maj.; Second District, Brewer, R., 1,069 maj.; Third District, Kean, R., 2,295 maj.; Fourth District, Howey, R., 632 maj.; Fifth District, Phelps, R., 1,620 maj.; Sixth District, Fiedler, D., 2,4#0 maj.; Seventh District, McAdoo, D., 3,581 maj.  Henderson G. Scudder falls dead on Academy street.  Annual inspection of Aaron Wilkes Post No. 23 G. A. R. takes place.  Judge Nixon confirms the sale of the Mechanics’ Bank building in Newark.  Cold weather, mercury down to 2 degrees.

28.    Thomas Harbour, of the Mercer Rubber Company, loses all his fingers by their being caught in the machinery.

29.    Another snow storm; slightly warmer weather.  A frozen tramp found in a new house on Centre street; he was thawed out.  Work on Warren street pavement suspended on account of the frost.  Conductor John South, of Kossuth street, has a leg fractured at Holmesburg, while coupling cars; he is brought home.  The police raid on tramps at the lime kiln.

30.         Thanksgiving Day; services in the churches; generally observed as a holiday.  The Hibernia Guard of New Brunswick, visit the city, and have a target shoot at Schuetzen Park.  Company B, 7th Regiment, N. G., have their annual target practice; private Randolph H. Disbrow, who had lost his arms, wins the prize.


1.      The new City Hall occupied; the effects of the several offices are being moved in.  Bishop O’Farrell, assisted by Fathers Smith, Doyer and Chuseman, confirm 75 convicts in the State Prison.  The funeral of Henderson G. Scudder takes place; it is largely attended.

2.      Wilson’s butcher shop, on Broad street, entered by burglars, and a quantity of meat stolen.  Skating in the city and vicinity excellent.  Weather getting warmer.  A man named Pownell jumps from a fast train near the barracks; he escapes with slight injuries.  The Police Headquarters are moved to the new City Hall.

3.      Advent Sunday celebrated in the Episcopal and Catholic churches.  Cold weather; making ice rapidly.

4.      A student of the Normal School named Arrison, has a narrow escape from drowning in Fish & Green’s basin.  The Court of Pardons meet at the State House.  Edward Sweeney, while at work in Bowman’s Terra Cotta Works ruptures a varicose vein in the leg and nearly bleeds to death.

5.      Warmer weather; mercury up to 48 degrees.  The new hose of the Fire Department used for the first time.  Common Council resolves to enforce the payment for street improvements.  The Forty Hours Devotion closed at St. Mary’s Cathedral in the evening.  Fire at the residence of James Murphy, on West State street; cause unknown; loss about $700.  Bayard and Wilkes Posts, Grand Army of the Republic, elects officers.  John Baker’s house, on Brunswick avenue, raided by the police; seventeen tramps arrested, and a large quantity of stolen goods recovered.  Insolveat Globe Rubber Works before Vice Chancellor Bird.  Charles H. Simmerman, Secretary of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, delivers a lecture on “Labor Organization” to the Trinity Church Workingmen’s Club.  The Transit of Venus takes place; telescopic, smoked, field and opera glasses of every description brought into requisition.  Coal receipt and shipments at Coalport unusually heavy.

6.      A lad named Rigney has his eye nearly torn out by a dog on Rose street.  Frank Ottinger, of Chambersburg, has his ankle crushed by a freight train at Kent station; he is taken home.  An unknown man found paralyzed near Coalport round house, and is taken to St. Francis Hospital.

7.      Another cold snap; mercury down to 25 degrees.  News of Mark Fisher’s death in Europe received; Joseph Baker, keeper of the “Tramps’ Resort,” held to answer for receiving stolen goods.  Martha Blurtin or Beatty, domestic in the family of J. J. MacPherson, Mercer street, found dead, poisoned by oil of Tansy; George Beatty arrested for procuring the poison.  Strong wind blows down a number of signs and fences; Edward C. Hottel has a narrow escape from injury from a falling sign on Greene street.

8.      The cold wave arrives; mercury down to 10 degrees.  Inquest in the tansy poisoning case held by Coroner Bucknum; verdict, death by her own hand, and exonerating all other persons.

9.      Canal is frozen over.  Good skating on Lady Pond.  Asher Swem, for many years messenger of the Trenton Bank, died suddenly, aged 84 years.  The paralyzed man found at Coalport dies at St. Francis Hospital; his name is supposed to Schaefer and his residence Philadelphia.  John Mullen, of Millham, is killed near Coleman’s creek on the Pennsylvania railroad, being struck by a passing train.  The Delaware river frozen over.

10.    Bridget Noonan falls headforemost down a wall in Millham, and is almost drowned; she is rescued by Freeholder Schmidt.  Warmer weather; mercury up to 40 degrees.

11.    Philip H. Wentz, ex-city treasurer, dies.  Health Inspector McGuire begins the sanitary inspection of school buildings.  The Board of Health hears statements in relation to the water power nuisance by officers of the company.

12.    Patrons of Husbandry in session at Temperance Hall.  Bayard Post, No. 8, G.A.R., inspected.  The hearing of the Globe Rubber Works case continued before Vice Chancellor Bird.  The Governor commissions H. Waldburg Coleman as surgeon, and Nelson B. Oliphant as assistant surgeon Seventh Regiment N. G.  Election of officers held by Fraternal and Column Lodges, F. and A. M., and Three-times-Three Chapter R. A. M.  State Board of Geological Survey meet and adopt their annual report.

13.    Common Council meets for the first time in the new Council chamber.  The Board of Chosen Freeholders hold their monthly meeting, and appoint a committee to confer with Council as to tramp nuisance.

14.    The eighth annual meeting of the State Sanitary Association is begun in the Senate Chamber, at the State Capitol.  Attorney General Stockton and family sail for Havana.  A committee appointed by President Margerum, of Common Council, to confer with the Freeholders’ committee relative to the tramps.  Mercer Lodge, No. 50, elect officers for the ensuing year.  An old lady named Kast falls on Willow street, near State, and breaks one of her legs.  Mrs. Henrietta Seaman found dead in her bed at her husband’s residence, on Montgomery street; death resulted from heart disease.  Several burglaries committed in Chambersburg.

15.    The New Jersey Sanitary Association concludes its session and elects officers.  Slight fire in the roof of the residence of bridge-tender Garrison, of the Broad street bridge.  Another cold wave; river frozen over again.

16.    Chicken thieves operating in the city and vicinity.  Mutual Fire Company, of Chambersburg, test their new hose.

17.    Water main on Greene street, between Perry and Academy streets, bursts.  Coal travel is so great on the Belvidere Division, P. R. R., that thirty trains, containing over 3,000 cars of coal, lie between this city and Lambertville.  An ice yacht sails on the Delaware.

18.    Young Men’s Democratic Association holds its annual meeting and election of officers.  Two kerosene lamp explosions occur; a grandchild of Mrs. Eaves slightly burned.  Isaac Saums severely injured by a fall from a wagon at P. Fell’s brick yard.

19.    A number of ice yachts building in the Sixth ward.  The Globe Rubber Company suit again before the Vice Chancellor.  The Christmas entertainments of the Central Baptist and State Street M. E. Churches held in the evening.  The panel of Petit Jurors for the January term of the Mercer Courts drawn.

20.         Navigation closed on the Delaware and Raritan Canal.  Several accidents occur; Frank Barr injured while jumping from a horse car on Broad street; Mr. Phillips, teamster, run over by his wagon and seriously injured; Thomas McKay, hand injured at Wire Mill; John Crowthers, hand cut by a planer at Green & Kennedy’s saw mill; a young man named Taylor had his hand cut at Craft’s saw mill.  John Smith arrested for larceny and attempted arson at Ott & Brewer’s pottery.

21.    Rain storm cleaned sidewalks and removed the ice.  Bishop O’Farrell ordains three students of St. Francis College as Sub-Deacons at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  Ashlar Lodge, No. 76, F. & A. M., elect officers at their annual meeting.  Aaron Wilkes Post pay a fraternal visit to Post No. 2, of Philadelphia.  Professor Steves is presented with a bronze medallion at the closing exercises of the Middle School.  Two county prisoners engaged in sawing wood escaped from custody.  The Christmas exercises of the Centre Street Public School held.

22.    The funeral of the late Mark Fisher, whose body was brought from Europe, where he died, took place from the Third Presbyterian Church.  Closing exercises of the Business College held.  Annual meeting of the Trenton Medical Association and election of officers held.

23.    Two more county prisoners escape.  The weather unusually fine.  State Prison Keeper Laverty presented with a diamond ring by the Deputy Keepers, after which a coliation was given, toasts drank and speeches made.  Bishop O’Farrell ordains Otto Keegan and Peter Scharonn as Deacons in the Catholic Church.

24.    The lamplighter’s wagon takes fire on Broad street; causes great excitement, but little damage.  Bishop Scarborough preaches at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.  The Society of the Cathedral Parish make their semi-annual communion.  Henry McCully robbed by highwaymen on Sweets avenue.

25.    Christmas celebrated; services in the churches largely attended, the decorations being very fine; a Christmas dinner to the poor at Temperance Hall, etc.; a merry Christmas.  Delightful weather.  The Delaware clear of ice.  Rev. Thomas W. Johnston, colored, assaulted on Willow street; his assailant arrested.  Christmas festival of the East Trenton Baptist Mission held.

26.         Committee of Common Council on charges against Councilman Severs take testimony in the matter.  Meeting of the Presbytery of New Brunswick held in the First Presbyterian Church.

27.         Concordia Lodge elects officers.  Christmas exercises of the First Presbyterian Church.  Meeting of the joint committee of Freeholders and Common Council in reference to tramp nuisance held.  Fire in the cellar of Snyder’s grocery, corner of Centre and Federal streets; loss about $#00; insured.  Jacob and William Rusk, twin brothers, deliberately drown themselves in the water power, after escaping from Philadelphia, where they had murderously assaulted a police officer.

28.    A sewage committee of Common Council visit the outlet of Petty’s Run.  Ex-Judge Hammill dies at Hamilton Square.  South Trenton Lodge No. 36, I. O. O. F. meet and elect officers.  Christmas exercises held by St. Paul’s Episcopal, Trinity Episcopal, the First Baptist, Fifth Presbyterian, Central M. E. and Messiah Sunday Schools.  The County Morgue visited by many citizens to view the bodies of the Rusk brothers, which were subsequently taken to Philadelphia for interment.

29.    James Van Horn falls from a hay loft in Dr. Rice’s barn and breaks one of his arms.  The Liberty Hose Company, of Millham, occupy its new house on Clinton avenue.  An unoccupied house belonging to the Star Rubber Company, in Millham, is damaged by fire to the extent of $100.  State Prison Keeper Laverty presents each of his deputies with a handsome cane.  John Gilpin injured by a heavy weight falling on him at Stapler’s cracker bakery.

30.    Opinions delivered in the Court of Errors and Appeals.  The Court of Pardons holds its final meeting in the November term.

31.    During the early hours of to-day the saloon of W. Beck, corner of Front and Warren streets, was broken into and money, cigars and other articles stolen.  John Crowley was wounded in the hand by the premature discharge of a pistol which he was loading.  The weather is exceptional for the season and the old year is dying with the bright stars beaming upon the earth in all their splendor.  The usual watch night services are being held.  Hark! The midnight hour – the passing bell is tolling! Hush! ‘Tis done, The year is dead.  A new year is born.  Reader, we wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR.



[published in the DAILY TRUE AMERICAN during the Year 1882.]


12.    At Olympia, Washington Territory, John Newell Jordan, U.S.N., to Eleanor V.D. Newell, daughter of Governor Newell.

16.    By Rev. J. R., Westwood, Thomas M. Claypool to Hattie Weeks.

21.    By Rev. J. F. Shaw, Richard W. Servis, of Skillman’s Station, to Mary A. Cramer, of Rock Mills.

29.    In Philadelphia, by Rev. William Greenough Walter West, of Philadelphia, to Ella R. Marshall, of Trenton.

30.    By Rev. J. Zentner, Jacob Roll to Anna Gary.


7.      By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, Levi Apgar to Matilda P., daughter of the late Wilson Blackwell; by the same, John Gardiner Apgar  to Matilda P. Blackwell.

9.      By Rev. J. R. Westwood, J. Frank Devereaux to Anna M. Yard.

14.    At Pennington, by Rev. Henry Belting, Charles C. Blackwell to Maria Blackwell.

15.    By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, assisted by Rev. S. T. Lowrie, D. D., Benjamin F. Hendrickson to Anna Mary Brook.

16.    By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, assisyed by Rev. Willis Reeves, Albert S. Jefferies to Jennie Davis.

21.    By Rev. Walter A. Brooks, John Mohrfeld, of Philadelphia, to Louisa Mohrfeld; by Rev. S. M. Studdiford, Reuben Rogers Carter to Estella Prussen.

26.    At New York, W. J. Mullin, of New York, to Tilly McClary, formerly of Allentown.


2.      By Rev. Dr. Hall, Walter E. Fenton and Isabella B. Benson, of Philadelphia.

14.    In Philadelphia, by Rev. Thomas Murphy, L.F. Wilson to Anna E., daughter of William Williamson, M.D., of Philadelphia.

15.    By Rev. Walter A. Brook, John A. Osborn of Norwalk, Conn., to Ella Frances, daughter of Mrs. H. F. and the late T. G. Perry.

18.    By Rev. Dr. Hall, Charles Cooper Polk to Helen, daughter of Jasper S. Scudder, of Ewing.

21.    By Rev. Dr. Hall, Stephen Pteil, of New York, to Ida, daughter of Henry Thomas.

23.    By Rev. Dr. Hall, John Lincoln Watson and Mary Ann Derbyshire Rickey of Bucks county, Pa.

26.    By Rev. J. Zintner, Allen Hough to Jane Freeh; by Rev. L. R. Hartman, Charles B. Graham to Emma P. Taylor, both of Philadelphia.


3.      By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, John O. Raum, Jr., to Allien T. Cubberley.

11.    By Rev. J. Zentner, John B. Kaczdrowski to Christina Schneider; by Friends’ ceremony, Fred. B. Yard to Ella H. Matlack.

12.    By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, G. Frank Shinn to Mary E., daughter of George E. Fell.

19.    By Rev. E. H. Stakes, D. D., assisted by Rev. J. Y. Dobbins, A. M., Robert H. Vansant, of Ocean Grove to Lillie D., daughter of James Yates; by Rev. J. Zentner, Necalaus Breckwolt to Lizzie Gerisch, both of Bordentown; by the same, Jacob Specht to Frederica Schultz; at Atchison, Kansas, by Rev. Abiel Leonard, John Lilly, of Lambertville, to Lavilla, daughter of George S. Smith

20.    In Philadelphia, Samuel C. Brown, of this city, to Rachel Sharp, of Philadelphia.

23.    By Rev. J. Zentner, William Burgner to Mary Taylor, both of Chambersburg.

25.    At Trinity Chapel, New York by Rev. Dr. Swope, George H. Coursen, of New York, to Charlotte P., daughter of the late Charles H. Higginson, of this city.

26.    By Bishop Scarborough, assisted by Rev. W. H. Neilson, Jr., Frank V. Harris, of Belvidere, to Mary Anna, daughter of the late O. W. Blackfan; by Rev. J. Zentner, John William Phele to Jacobina Hecht.

27.    At Camden, by Rev. J. F. Garrison, Dr. Charles P. Britton to Katherine G., daughter of John Kirby, M. D.

30.    By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, Willet H. Cooper to Sallie M. Strasser.


2.      By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, Robert L. Provost to Mary Dixon.

4.      By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, Wm. Ogden Britton to Emma B. Cubberley.

9.      By Rev. J. R. Westwood, P. M. Warren to Marrion T. Seeds.

14.    By Rev. W. H. Neilson, Jr., William W. Bersch to Carrie A. Vansant.

16.    In Ewing, by Rev. S. T. Lowrie, Spencer H. Cooley to Martha E. Perry.

18.    At Bergen Point, by Rev. Dr. Richardson, Daniel P. Forst, of New York, to Clara Bloodgood, of this city.

24.    By Rev. Dr. Hall, George E. Wainwright to Elizabeth Lear McGill.

29.    By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, Aaron Tunstall to Annie E. Brelsford.


7.      By Rev. F. H. Peabody, Frank P. Estellow to Mary A. Moorhouse.

8.      By Rev. C. F. Garrison, George Cowell, of Hazen, Warren county, to Carrie Hamilton, of Trenton.

15.    By Rev. E. Lucas, Albert B. Wooley to Fannie Lenox.

22.    By Rev. Willie Reeves, A. L. Clark to Susie L. Pierson; by Rev. S. M. Studdiford, George R. Ewan to Ella C., daughter of Andrew Quintin; by Rev. J. Y. Dobbins, Walter B. Pollock, of Boston, Mass., to Helen B., daughter of William S. Hutchinson.

26.    By Rev. Father Smith, Charles Clark to Annie Clark.

28.    By Rev. L. B. Hartman, Samuel Walker, Jr., to Laura R., daughter of Richard Hendrickson.

29.    By Rev. Wm. H. Neilson, Jr., George N. Doran to Mary Ann, daughter of Richard and the late Mary Ann Mendham.


3.      At Horse Heads, N. Y., by Rev. M. A. Bennett, G. A. Mangold, of this city, to Carrie A. Francis, of Horse Heads, N.Y.

26.    At Princeton, by Rev. Lewis W. Mudge, Frank V. Bodine to Mary Winner, daughter of the late James Kelly.


5.      By Rev. H. M. Barbour, Edward L. Stevens to Jennie E. Simmins.

8.      By Rev. Dr. Richardson, Joseph G. Havens to Katie A. Vaughn.

9.      By Rev. J. R. Westwood, Theodore Conover to Laura A. Carson.

17.    By Rev. J. Zentner, George W. Fagins, of Millham, to Katie Kraus, of this city.

28.    Adolph G. Beer to Annie B. Sutterley; by James Dignan, J. P., William E. Wheat to Asenath Bryce.


6.      In Brooklyn, N.Y., by Rev. D. C. Eddy, D. D., Edward McGarvey to Frances Woolsey.

20.    By Rev. L. B. Hartman, Austin W. Bennett to Ella Robertson, both of Philadelphia.

21.    By Rev. R. H. Richardson, D. D. A. P. Cliver to Julia Waldo, daughter of Jennie J. and the late Joseph S. Wesby; by Rev. J. Zentner, George Hoffman to Alvina Padderaz.


4.      By Rev. John Bakewell, D. D., Robert Spencer to Martha H. Brannin.

5.      By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, Thomas Craig to Eva Hawkyard.

12.    At Fairfield, by Rev. Henry Westcott, Levi G. Irwin, of Turkey, Monmouth county, to Mrs. Elizabeth H. Havens, of this city.

19.    By Rev. S. M. Studdiford, James B. S. Reed, of Mount Rose, to Ida Drake, of Ewing.

21.    By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, John Grant, of Utica, N. Y., to Stella S. Aaronson of Trenton.

23.    By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, Charles Holtz to Sarah F. Gunning.

25.    By Rev. A. Gosman, D. D., John V. C. Green, of Ewing, to Marion, daughter of the late George S. Potts, of Lawrence.


6.      By Rev. Walter A. Brooks, William Hibbs, of Morrisville, to Rebecca A. Fisher.

7.      By Rev. W. H. Nielson, Jr., Charles Simmons to Emma, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Meyer.

15.    At Ewing, by Rev. S. T. Lowrie, Joseph H. Golden, of Hopewell, to Sarah V. Howell, of Ewing.

16.    At Christ Church, Hackensack, by Rev. W. W. Holley, D. D., Robert A. Hewitt, of Trenton, to Mary, daughter of Henry F. Kent, of Hackensack.

21.    By Jesse E. Bodine, J. P., Joseph Klocke to Annie M. Schroth.

22.    By Rev. J. R. Westwood, Ross F. Lafaucherie to Mary A. Applegate; by Rev. J. Zentner, John W. Hicer to Anna C. Reeder.

28.    At New York, by Rev. Edward McGlynn, D. D., Charles A. Hardy, of Philadelphia, to Jennie C. Drummond, formerly of Trenton.

30.    By Rev. Walter A. Brooks, Thomas A. Levering to Lizzie L. Furman.


6.      By Rev. J. H. Harpster, Stephen H. Cloward to Rosa Getler; by Rev. Walter A. Brooks, Charles T. Carter to Julia Glatz.

7.      At Ewing, by Rev. S. T. Lowrie, D. D., Alfred M. Lanning to Ella G. Cox.

10.    By Rev. J. B. Kennedy, Edward A. Davis to Ella Powers.

12.    By Rev. George K. Morris, George R. Moore, of New York City, and Mrs. Angeline Chamberlain, of Trenton.

13.    By Rev. D. H. Scheck, William West and Emily W., daughter of Major William Tantum.

19.    By Rev. A. P. Potter, of Jersey City, Robert J. Miller, of Emilie, Pa., to Kate, daughter of Robert Banford, formerly of Philadelphia; by Rev. F. H. Peabody, B. H. Harker to Addie O. Morris.

20.    At Elmira, N. Y., by Rev. George H. Whitney, D. D., assisted by Rev. J. H. McCarty, D. D., Loren H. Batchelder, of Trenton, to Fanny, daughter of Rev. J. G. Gulick, of Elmira N. Y.

24.    By Rev. J. R. Westwood, Benjamin C. Davison, of Neshanic, Somerset county, to Esther E. Johnson, of Trenton; by Rev. J. Westwood, Thos. E. Roberts and Mrs. C.S. Burlew.

25.    By Rev. Henry M. Barbour, John Schneider, of Trenton, to Annie E. Conroy, of Atco, N. J.; at Chambersburg, by Rev. W. H. Burlew, Henry Glendening to Jennie Lawson.

28.    By Rev. J. F. Shaw, Emer Elsworth Wright and Annie Eva Hoffman; by the same, Peter H. Seman and Mary Fisher.


[published in the DAILY TRUE AMERICAN during the Year 1882.]


1.      Charles Phillips, aged 54 years; in Morrisville, Mary, daughter of William and Rebecca Jenkins, aged 20 years.

2.      Mary S., widow of the late George Thompson, aged 53 years; Mary, daughter of William and Mary Britton, aged 3 years; in Chambersburg, Louis, son of Peter and Mary Yager, aged 6 years.

3.      In Millham, Edward P., son of Edward and Ann Tallon, aged 19 years and 9 months.

5.      Anne, wife of Thomas Stanton, aged 49 years.

6.      Fannie, wife of Peter Howell, aged 37 years and 25 days.

7.      Frederick Hahn, aged 76 years; Margaret Kalir, aged 6 months; Patrick Priory, aged 45 years; William H. Thompson, aged 39 years.

8.      George R., son of Elizabeth M. and the late George R. Conover, aged 26 years.

9.      In Millham, Charles O., son of William and Ellen E. Dowd, aged 1 year and 6 months; in Chambersburg, Robert J., son of Robert J. and Mary E. Goodwin, aged 2 years and 6 months; in East Trenton, Abigail, wife of Henry Hulme, aged 36 years.

12.    Thomas, son of Thomas and Susan Lyons, aged 6 years and 7 months.

13.    In Chambersburg, Lizzie Hughes, daughter of William B. and Annie A. Britton, aged 1 year and 3 days; Mary E. Farley, daughter of the late Felix and Elizabeth Mullen, aged 21 years.

14.    Mary A., wife of Thomas Button, aged 30 years.

15.    James T. Astell, aged 31 years.

16.    Joseph W., son of John and Ann Fox, aged 20 years; Susan Green, aged 78 years; George, son of the late Job and Catherine Clayton, aged 39 years.

19.    Sarah Dunn, aged 85 years.

20.    William H., son of Charles H. and Anna M. Potent, aged 2 weeks; Walter N., son of Anne J. and the late James F. Starin, aged 28 years; Johnnie C., son of Thomas H. and Sallie E. Wilson, aged 7 years and 5 months; Caroline, wife of Amos Sickel, aged 60 years.

21.    S. M., wife of Thomas F. Bunnell; John McKenna, aged 32 years.

22.    Hiram Wells, aged 57 years; Rachel M., wife of Charles B. Snyder, aged 66 years.

23.    Jacob Minchwarner, aged 65 years; in Ewing township, Rose, widow of the late John Murray, aged 106 years; in Princeton, Minnie, daughter of C. Augustus and Mary J. Anderson, aged 20 years.

24.    Michael Cahill, aged 44 years; Harry, son of John H. and Delia Walch, aged 6 years; in Brooklyn, N.Y., Susannah, wife of Thomas Wallace, and widow of late D. Caminade; Charity, wife of Samuel J. Lenox, aged 64 years.

25.    Timothy Tierney, aged 42 years.

26.    Bernard, son of Caroline and the late Michael Price, aged 10 years; at Old Bridge, Lydia G., daughter of John and the late Mary L. Ashworth, aged 9 years.

27.    Nellie, daughter of William E. and Sabina H. Dippolt, aged 5 months and 24 days.

28.    Edward Vickers, aged 48 years.

29.    At Bordentown, G. H. Herzog, aged 48 years and 3 months.

31.    At Lambertville, Mrs. Sarah Probasco, daughter of Joseph and Mary Jones, of Trenton, aged 72 years; Mary, wife of the late Thomas Manning, aged 90 years.


1.      In Chambersburg, Isadore, daughter of Richard R. and Marietta Whitehead, aged 4 years; in Castleton, Md., Jacob Lupper, aged 42 years.

2.      In Morrisville, Pa., Mary, wife of Jesse White, aged 27 years.

3.      In Chambersburg, Clara A., daughter of John and Catherine McNaulty, aged 2 years and 8 months; Catherine T., daughter of Michael and Catherine Kane, aged 7 years and 5 months.

4.      Margaret C., wife of John C. Miller, aged 65 years; in Lawrence, Benjamin S. Johnston, aged 50 years.

5.      Peter, son of John and Bridget Coffield, aged 5 months and 23 days; in Chambersburg, Jayletts Vanzandt, aged 44 years; Barry A., son of Peter A. and Mary G. Bersch, aged 21 years; William Lohmeyer, aged 30 years.

7.      Mary, daughter of Martin and Mary Meaney, aged 10 months.

8.      At Stockton, C. C. M. Conkling, wife of Rev. C. S. Conkling; Frederick Hirsch, aged 30 years; Mary, widow of David Martin, aged 86 years; John N. Hullfish, aged 53 years.

9.      Lizzie, daughter of Martin and Lillie Hellmann, aged 24 years; in Chambersburg, Ellen, wife of Charles Patterson, aged 44 years; Thomas Burke, aged 59 years.

10.    James Sheenan, aged 66 years.

11.    At Clarksville, Caroline, wife of Lewis Gordon, aged 60 years.

12.    Robert J., son of George W. and Maria T. Hibbs, aged 13 months; Robert White, M. D., aged 24 years.

13.    Thomas Gannon; in East Trenton, Joseph, son of James and Sarah Lymer, aged 1 year and 9 months; in Ewing township, Mathew Mount, aged 65 years.

14.    In Philadelphia, Ann, sister of the late John Haney, aged 52 years.

15.    John Rapp, aged 61 years; Caroline, daughter of Henry and Annie Riker, aged 4 months; in Chambersburg, Elias F. Badell, aged 61 years.

16.    Theresa S. Clugston, aged 41 years; John Fox, aged 63 years; Mary, wife of Francis Schaidnagel, aged 59 years; Thomas A., son of Thomas A. and Mary E. Brown, aged 20 years; Caroline, widow of Thomas A. Daly.

17.    Near Princeton, Kate M., wife of Charles S. Conover.

18.    Kate J. Disbrow, aged 69 years; in Chambersburg, Patrick Crowley, aged 78 years.

19.    In Philadelphia, Elizabeth, widow of George L. Phillips; Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Haggerty, aged 19 days.

20.    Charles, son of Gottlieb and Dora Baumann, aged 23 years.

22.    In Chambersburg, Addie, daughter of Joseph K. and Mary A. Tantum, aged 1 year, 3 months and 23 years.

23.    Christina, wife of Matthias Johnson, aged 53 years; in East Trenton, Wilhemina, daughter of John P. and Minnie Stout, aged 5 months and 2 weeks.

24.    Rebecca, widow of Joseph Adams, aged 65 years.

25.    Edward Moore, aged 52 years; Mary Lizzie, daughter of David V. and Catherine L. Lloyd, aged 4 years, 5 months and 14 days.

26.    In Philadelphia, Clara, daughter of Samuel D. and A. E. Lingerman, aged 24 years.

27.    Sarah M., widow of John Milne, aged 51 years; in Chambersburg, Sophia, wife of Ernest Tessein, aged 54 years.

28.    Margaret, wife of Kyrn Cody, aged 70 years; Benjamin E., son of Joseph and Mary Ann Hingeley, aged 24 years; William T. Matthews, aged 10 years; In Germantown, Pa., Ann Moon, aged 70 years.


1.      Mrs. Mary A. James, aged 36 years; Hiram D. Gilbert, aged 65 years; Frank W., son of Joseph H. and Mary A. Appleton, aged 6 months; in Hamilton township, Martha, widow of Abijah Smith, aged 82 years; Anna Mary, wife of Frederick Landolt, aged 56 years; Richard Millington, aged 64 years; John Roede, aged 65 years.

2.      Mary McDonald, aged 102 years; Oswald Mayer, aged 10 years; in East Trenton, John Birch, aged 46 years; in Chambersburg, Clifford, son of Joseph R. and Sallie English, aged 4 months.

3.      Charles H., infant son of Benjamin B. and Elizabeth Disbrow; Phebe A., widow of Samuel T. Forman, aged 49 years; at Lawrence Station, Bridget Ledwith, aged 98 years; at Hamilton Square, Hiram A., son of Elizabeth and the late Elias Bowne, aged 8 years.

4.      Mrs. Matilda Connolly, aged 73 years; in Philadelphia, Mary E. Sponholtz, aged 29 years; at Waverley, Coffey county, Kansas, Howard P. Matthews, aged 30 years.

5.      Miss Jane S. Ominsetter.

6.      At Jersey City, Rev. M. E. Ellison, aged 64 years.

7.      In Chambersburg, Annie, wife of William Deimer, aged 23 years.

8.      John, son of John C. and Maggie E, Scullion, aged 1 year and 2 days; John Donnelly, aged ?35 years.

9.      Mary Ann, widow of the late Charles Parker, aged 84 years.

10.    In Chambersburg, Charles L., son of Thos. and Vilata Lawrence, aged 16 months.

12.    Michael Cox, aged 54 years; Ann, widow of John Coffield, aged 85 years; Nancy, wife of John B. Van Mater, aged 48 years; Robert M., son of John K. and Sarah A. Knowles, aged 9 months and 10 days.

13.    Ellen, widow of Thomas Scully, aged 46 years.

14.    Ann, widow of James Laird, aged 77 years; John R., son of Michael and Bridget Hurley, aged 2 years and 7 months.

16.    Mary Ellen, daughter of Daniel and Mary Culliton, aged 3 years and 7 months; George Heames, aged 55 years.

17.    Lottie May, daughter of George and Katie C. Bennett, aged 10 months.

18.    Edward, son of the late Edward and Ellen Kelt, aged 3 years and 9 months.

19.    James, son of Patrick and Ellen Hogan, aged 9 years; Mary A. P., widow of Napoleon P. Ferry, aged 73 years; in Chambersburg, Azariah Disbrow, aged 67 years.

20.    Maggie, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Moran, aged 1 year and 11 months; Edward Johnson, aged 57 years.

21.    Mary M. Armstrong, aged 95 years; Effie May, daughter of Charles and Emma C. Deck, aged 6 months and 1 day; in Chambersburg, Christina Elizabeth, wife of John M. Wolf, aged 54 years; John Clownes, aged 56 years; in Lawrence township, Caroline M., wife of Charles Potter, aged 33 years.

22.    Peter Dakin, aged 34 years; at Bristol, Pa., Mary Van Cleve Paxson, widow of Hon. Stacey A. Paxson, aged 79 years.

25.    Peter Morrison, aged 53 years.

26.    Ruth, wife of Daniel R. Bower, aged 66 years.

27.    At Lawrenceville, James B. Dumont.

28.    Charles W., son of the late Obadiah Howell, aged 38 years; Georgianna, wife of Joseph Christiff, aged 28 years.

29.    Louis C. Souville, aged 34 years; James Murphy, aged 23 years.

30.    In Ewing township, Elizabeth, widow of Theodore Cook, aged 70 years; in Lawrenceville, Daniel Mather, aged 65 years.

31.    John, son of the late Bernard and Rachel Gropp, aged 26 years; Joseph, son of George G. and Elizabeth Fenton, aged 13 months.


2.      Mary, daughter of John and Mary Donnelly, aged 4 months and 3 weeks.

3.      Jacob Van Hart, aged 53 years; in Lawrence township, Nettie E., daughter of William V. and Mary F. Penrod, aged 3 month.

4.      Eliza, widow of Charles Green, aged 83 years; Rebecca, wife of William D. Lanning, aged 68 years.

5.      In Ewing township, Thomas Kinane, aged 51 years.

6.      Joseph Oxley, aged 30 years.

7.         Catherine, wife of Louis Wenzel, aged 46 years; near Lawrenceville, George S. Potts, aged 75 years.

8.      Mary E., wife of William H. Groves, aged 43 years; Anthony Rowley, aged 76 years.

9.      Samuel W., son of Louisa K. and the late Philemon Teisaire, aged 23 years.

10.    John Schwarzwalder, aged 6 years; James, son of Thomas and Margaret Gargen, aged 2 years, 9 months and 12 days; in Hamilton township, Michael Carroll.

11.    Elizabeth V., daughter of Edward and the late Ann Dillon, aged 15 years.

12.    Barbral, son of Francis and Julia Hunold, aged 8 days.

13.    John B. Crowley, aged 32 years; Mary, wife of Valentine Marbaker, aged 67 years.

14.    Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham C. and Annie Whitlock, aged 2 months; David F., son of Katharine and the late David Baldauf, aged 22 years; in Chambersburg, Samuel Branin, son of William and Elizabeth Lambert, aged 8 months and 2 weeks.

15.    Patrick Carey, aged 38 years; at Lambertville, Theodore H. Studdiford, M. D.; Mrs, Ellen Lauer; Walter Lyman, son of Walter and Annie Whelan, aged 15 months and 16 days; in Ewing township, Miss Rosanna McCallion, aged 65 years.

16.    Eli Townsend, aged 54 years; Ellis Gamble, aged 63 years.

17.    Gertie, daughter of Morris J. and Sarah Cowell, aged 18 months; Jane, daughter of Jane and the late Peter Dechan, aged 3 years, 6 months and 5 days; Mrs. Nancy Scudder; in Chambersburg, Stephen West, aged 25 years.

18.    John Ryan, aged 23 years; William Seabridge, aged 78 years; Peter Schneider, aged 60 years.

20.    Henry Michael, son of Patrick H. and Mary Ann Malone, aged 14 months; Sarah, wife of A. W. English; Helen W., daughter of Algie T. and Maggie E. Covington, aged 10 months and 10 days.

21.    William, son of Bernard and Mary Sherrdan, aged 1 year and 3 months; in Ewing, George W., son of the late Abijah Smith, aged 59 years.

22.         Catherine, daughter of John and Catherine Grimes, aged 8 months; Samuel Edwards, aged 81 years; Thomas W. Noble, aged 50 years; in East Trenton, Ada Louise, daughter of Charles H. and Frances M. Fox, aged 1 month.

23.    Margaret, wife of Thomas Finn, aged 41 years.

24.         Frederica, daughter of Frederick and Mary Ann Knoblauck, aged 1 year, 7 months and 24 days; Philip, son of John and Ellen Murray, aged 18 months; Charles Tilton, aged 68 years; Catherine, wife of Hermann Paffe, aged 49 years.

25.    Joseph V., son of Levi W. and Annie T. Snyder, aged 20 years; in Chambersburg, Mary Holt, aged 29 years.

26.    William, son of Dennis and Sarah L. Brophy, aged 2 months and 24 days; Thomas, son of Robert and Sarah A. Lever, aged 15 years.

27.    George H. Anderson, aged 55 years; Sarah R., wife of Theodore Trimmer.

28.    Margaret S., wife of James Lawton.

29.    Thomas Goulding, aged 76 years.


1.      Michael, son of John and Annie Dowd, aged 16 years; in Chambersburg, Mary, widow of William Ryan, aged 76 years.

2.      In Philadelphia, Jonah, Ferris, aged 50 years.

3.      Stewart Beatty, aged 63 years; in Ewing township, Enoch G. Jones, aged 72 years; at Millham, Thomas Tyrrell, aged 83 years; in Chambersburg, Mary, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Collins, aged 1 year, 11 months and 23 days.

4.      In Chambersburg, John, son of John and Mary McCann, aged 1 year and 10 months.

5.         Catherine, wife of Craven, aged 41 years.

6.      J. Harris Cogill, aged 58 years; in East Trenton, Lillie, daughter of Albert M. and Elizabeth Shaw, aged 2 years and 1 month.

8.      Maggie, daughter of Edward and Ellen Riley, aged 1 year, 3 months and 12 days; William, son of William and Mary Clancey, aged 1 year, 3 months and 12 days; William, son of William and Mary Clancey, aged 3 years and 2 months; in Chambersburg, Anna M., wife of Stewart C. Hartpence, aged 26 years; in Millham, Thomas Cartwright, aged 67 years.

9.      In Birmingham, Emma S. Light, aged 21 years.

10.    Johanna, wife of William Beadar, aged 55 years; Margaret, wife of Patrick Diamond, aged 21 years; in Washington, D.C., William H., son of the late William C. Howell.

11.    Bertha, daughter of Louis N. and Mary Mark, aged 4 months and 8 days; William S. Belville, aged 30 years.

12.    John C. Miller, aged 65 years; Matthew M., son of James and Catherine Burns, aged 23 years; Anna C., wife of William Ford, aged 49 years.

15.    In Chambersburg, Catherine, daughter of William H. and Margaret Ivens, aged 7 years.

17.    Sarah, wife of Richard Booz, aged 79 years; Fannie, daughter of Louis and Lizzie Mathes, aged 5 months and 26 days.

18.    Sarah E. Stephens, aged 35 years.

19.    Helena, daughter of William S. and Maria Clark, aged 4 years.

20.    Eva, widow of John Cromwell, aged 76 years; at Ocean Grove, Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Edward Page.

22.    Frank H., son of Abel and Eliza B. Hague, aged 23 years.

23.    Elizabeth K., wife of Baltes Pickel; in Chambersburg, Margaret, wife of William H. Ivens, aged 39 years.

25.    Theodore C. Lanning, aged 40 years; George Bancroft, aged 35 years; Harry B., son of William C. and Jennie P. Mershon, aged 8 months.

26.    Mary Ann, wife of John Curry, aged 56 years; Martha A., widow John M. Van Cleve,         aged 70 years; Caroline M., wife of Harry C. Bumbaugh, aged 28 years.

27.    Captain William Taylor, aged 70 years; in Chambersburg, Charles E., son of Edmund and Emily Riedel, aged 12 years; in Tyburn, Pa., Helen, daughter of Thomas H. and Anna Nutt, aged 9 months and 18 days.

28.    John Willis, aged 63 years; William C. Ivins, aged 50 years.

29.    Lyman L., son of Joseph H. and Catherine Hibbs, aged 1 year and 2 months; Ellen, wife of James Chapman, aged 38 years, 8 months and 4 days; Michael O’Niell, aged 62 years; at Germantown Junction, Pa., John Evans, aged 63 years.

31.    Mary, wife of John McLaughlin, aged 63 years.


1.      Harry D., son of Austin M. and Annis P. Walton, aged 9 years and 4 months; James L. Jennings, M. D., aged 67 years.

2.      Frederick Callendar, aged 47 years; William H., son of William G. and Florence Maddock, aged 5 months.

3.      Algie T. Covington, aged 41 years; Emma, wife of John Kelly, aged 34 years.

4.      Benjamin Kelly, aged 84 years.

5.      William Murphy, aged 38 years; Lavinia, widow of William Gore, aged 73 years.

6.      Lewis S. Baker, aged 23 years; Albert R., son of Harry L. and Lillie M. Deutz, aged 3 months.

7.      Mrs. Catherine Morse, aged 81 years.

8.      Cornelius M. Howard, aged 38 years; William Henry, son of Henry and Harriet Grainger, aged 18 years.

11.    Edmund Roberts; Lewis B. Parker, Sr., aged 62 years; Elizabeth, wife of Isaiah Lloyd, aged 82 years; in Greensburg, N. J., Mary Naulty, aged 96 years.

13.    Hattie Remine, daughter of James W. and Annie P. Bennett, aged 5 years, 3 months and 13 days.

14.    Ann Hunt, aged 83 years.

15.    John, son of the late William and Martha Anderson, aged 22 years.

16.    Joseph O’Niell, aged 39 years; in Chambersburg, Mary T., daughter of John and Norah Rooney, aged 21 years; John, son of Robert and Mary Flannigan, aged 3 years.

17.    George Ely, aged 48 years.

18.    John Schmitt, aged 21 years.

19.    Rose, widow of John Noble; Thomas Green, Sr., aged 70 years; near Morrisville, Pa., Sylvester Dana, aged 76 years.

20.    In Camden, Reynold W., son of William S. and Lizzie E. Keen, aged 4 years, 1 month and 3 days; James W. Owens, aged 51 years.

21.    Agnes, daughter of John and Kate Tams, aged 3 years; Lawrence James, son of Michael and Ellen McGown, aged 10 months and 3 weeks; James McCoy, aged 28 years.

22.    Annie B., daughter of Abraham C. and Emma Skillman, aged 1 year and 3 months; in Hamilton township, Silas Mason, aged 63 years.

23.    Tobias Soden, aged 26 years; Thomas Bloclo, aged 51 years.

24.    Mary, daughter of Philip and Ellen Curry, aged 4 years and 6 months; George W. Crook, aged 6 months and 3 weeks.

25.    Lilly May Anderson, aged 17 months and 10 days.

26.    Patrick, son of Michael and Anne Horn, aged 1 year, 9 months and 10 days.

28.    Katie, daughter of Peter and Katie Keenan, aged 3 months.

29.    Voorhees Vannest, aged 73 years; at Asbury Park, William C., son of Israel and Anna Hendrickson, aged 2 years and 7 months.


2.      In Ewing, Eleanor, wife of James B. Green; in this city, John, son of James and Mary Burke, aged 4 years, 4 months and 13 days; John, son of Samuel and Julia Leight, aged 6 months and 9 days.

3.      Philip D. Ott, 58 years.

4.      In Chambersburg, Florence A., infant daughter of Charles A. and Ruth Henney; in Titusville, Cornelia, widow of J. Lamar Hay.

5.      Rebecca, wife of Jacob Abel, aged 42 years; in Camden, Rev. John T. Dwyer, aged 26 years.

7.      Lottie E. Schooley, aged 26 years; Waldburg W., son of Richard and Annettie A. Gilbert, aged 6 months and 23 days; in Chambersburg, Elizabeth Voss, aged 77 years.

8.      Joseph Ellis, son of Charles T. and Amanda N. Vansant, aged 11 weeks.

9.      Victor C., son of Victor C. and Catherine Souweine, aged 7 months.

11.    Katie, daughter of John and Sarah Kelly, aged 1 year and 7 months; John son of Edward J. and Katie Connelly, aged 1 month; Esther, wife of Elwood Jemison, aged 43 years.

13.    John Gottlieb Wirth, aged 33 years; in Jersey City, Eliza B., daughter of the late Joseph and Sarah Brittain; Eliza, daughter of William and Launia McDonald, aged 1 year and 2 months.

14.    Near Lawrenceville, Elizabeth S., daughter of William S. and Jane F. Dumont, aged 16 years; in Chambersburg, Wilhelmina, daughter of John and Wilhelmina Pflager, aged 3 years and 2 months; at Winchester, Indiana, Rev. Richard S. Hagerman, aged 78 years.

15.    At Scudder’s Falls, Edith E. Hewlings, aged 91 years.

16.    At Lawrence, Lewis A. Reeder; in Phoenixville, Pa., George Baddelley, aged 45 years; in this city, Annie J., wife of Walter Davidson, aged ?24 years; Flora, daughter of George and Anna Dotzart, aged 3 weeks.

17.    William, son of William and Ellen Rock, aged 9 months.

18.    Lillie F., daughter of James K. P. and Mary L. Phillips, aged 8 years and 9 months; John, son of Michael and Ellen McAvoy, aged 23 years; William James, son of Hugh and Mary Noble, aged 2 years and 4 months; Esther N., wife of John Butterworth; in Greensburg, Mary, widow of Thomas Henry, aged 73 years; Albert J., aged 14 months and 16 days, and also on the 19th inst., Frankie, aged 14 months and 17 days, twin children of Frank M. and Rebecca E. Lanning; Edward Corfield, aged 19 years; in New York city, James W. Norris, aged 32 years; at Red Bank, Ellen B., wife of Rev. F. R. Harbaugh.

21.    Freddie Stelle, son of Harrison F. and Mary A. English, aged 5 months and 17 days; John Joseph, twin son of Henry Arthur and Maria Walker, aged 4 months; Patrick J., son of Thomas and the late Mary D’Arcy, aged 25 years; at Asbury Park, Patrick O’Niell, aged 39 years; Sylvester O’Toole, aged 40 years.

22.    Sarah E., wife of Reoloff Van Dyke, aged 56 years.

23.    Mary Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Coward, aged 53 years; in Chambersburg, Harry, son of William H. and Mary Carson, aged 5 weeks; in Newark, Asenath, widow of Samuel A. Price.

24.    Sarah D’A., widow of David Naar, aged 80 years; Ella E., daughter of W. H. and Frances Mason, aged 3 years and 7 months; at Burlington, Margaret, widow of Thomas Capner, aged 85 years; in this city, Angelina H., wife of Charles A. Hargraves, aged 26 years; John Hall, son of Pliny and Elizabeth C. Fisk, aged 6 years.

25.    Charles M., son of Thomas M. and Julia E. Allibone, aged 4 months and 7 days; Sarah Ann Lanning, aged 69 years,

26.    In Millham, Eva, daughter of Adam and Mary Rein, aged 4 months and 23 days; in this city, Agnes, daughter of Samuel and Sarah S. McGill, aged 5 months and 24 days; Olive, daughter of John T. and E. Rebecca Leigh, aged 9 months and 11 days.

27.    Cornelia Dunn, daughter of Anthony A. and Rachel Skirm, aged 8 months; in Chambersburg, Carolina, daughter of Peter and Mary Battaglia, aged 10 months and 28 days; at Newark, Emil, brother of Jacob Wisner, aged 28 years.

28.    Henry, son of Louis and the late Catherine Wensel, aged 6 months and 25 days; Daisy, daughter of J. F. and Rena Morton, aged 2 years and 6 months; Freddie, son of Joseph and Mary Ketterer, aged 13 months and 2 weeks; Catherine, daughter of John and Sarah Caren, aged 11 months; in Camden, John Foster, son of Early and Lizzie R. Hancock, aged 4 months and 18 days; at Holmdel, Marianna, daughter of George A. Hutchinson.

29.    Mandy, daughter of William and Sally Gray, aged 1 year and 1 month; William T., son of Anne and the late Dennis Whalen, aged 17 years; Catherine, widow Samuel Schlegal, aged 53 years.

30.    Martha, widow of Emanuel Booth, aged 84 years; Martin, son of Richard and the late Mary Coleman, aged 10 years and 11 months; Rebecca, widow of John A. Weart, aged 84 years; Joseph, son of James and Louisa Webb, aged 9 months; Mary, wife of Michael Gannon, aged 98 years; David B. Fairbrothers, aged 58 years; Catherine, wife of Hugh Rogers, aged 65 years; in Chambersburg, William Kay, aged 52 years.

31.    Mercer Beasley, son of Charles and Kate W. Thorn, aged 3 years and 6 months; Ogden B., son of Peter S. and Emma D. Mutchler, aged 2 years and 5 months; John Edward, son of James and Mary Clare, aged 4 months and 8 days.


1.      Charles Cavanagh, aged 53 years.

2.      John H. Choyce, aged 64 years; Florence M., son of J. Howard and Mary E. Ronan, aged 6 months; Katie, daughter of Joshua and Ellen Daniels, aged 11 months and 15 days.

3.      John Nelson Newell, aged 35 years; Margaret, daughter of John and Mary Dowling, aged 10 months; at Boston, Mass., Mrs. Joshua Jones, of this city; at Tullytown, Pa., Horace B. Howell, aged 33 years, 3 months and 3 days; in Princeton, Ellen, widow of Patrick Travers.

4.      Samuel C. Wright, aged 28 years; Henry L. Estellow, aged 50 years.

5.      Mrs. A. M. Colby, aged 56 years.

6.      Carrie S., wife of Frank R. Jummel, aged 30 years; Esther, daughter of George and Emma D. Smith, aged 3 years and 9 months; Mercey W., daughter of Joseph M. and Mary Adms, aged 3 years, 9 months and 2 days.

7.      Joseph, son of the late Aaron and Eliza Cadmus, aged 3 years and 11 months; Elizabeth Gannon, aged 78 years; John Mullen, aged 5 years; Anna, wife of Daniel Oppermann, aged 26 years.

8.      Sarah A., wife of Joseph H. Caine, aged 32 years.

10.    Robert W., son of William G. and Laura Carlile, aged 6 months and 15 days; Aaron Furman, aged 83 years.

11.    In Chambersburg, Susan Haggerty, aged 80 years; Franklin Lloyd, son of William and Launia McDonald, aged ?8 years and 4 months.

12.    In Chambersburg, Emma J., wife of Thomas M. Hill, aged 25 years; in this city, Lizzie, daughter of Andreas and Elizabeth Ritter, aged 16 years; near Quaker Bridge, Lewis B. Hughes, aged 27 years.

13.    Mary, wife of William Donnelly, aged 82 years; in Lawrence township, Martha, daughter of Robert and Fanny Prior, aged 10 months.

14.    Margaret, widow of Patrick Murphy, aged 79 years; William Chambers, aged 69 years.

15.    William Murphy, aged 22 years; in East Trenton, Catherine Casey, aged 57 years.

16.    William George, son of Peter and Wilhelmina Neuls, aged 1 year; Lydia, widow of Isiah Lanning, aged 79 years.

17.    Mary, wife of Patrick McCaffrey, aged 70 years; in Chambersburg, Sarah, wifeof Arthur Kelley, aged 44 years.

19.    Joseph McGalliard, aged 85 years; in Chambersburg, Anna, daughter of Hugh and Sarah Mulholland, aged 15 years.

20.    Mary S., wife of George W. Willis, aged 34 years; William McLea, aged 59 years.

21.    Mary Anne, daughter of Michael and Bridget Quinn, aged 16 years and 8 months; in Chambersburg, Mary Wilmira, daughter of Hugh and Sarah A. Mulholland, aged 17 years; Laura Monroe, daughter of Wilson B. and Mary P. Lear, aged 16 years; in this city, Lizzie M., daughter of John B. and Mary Zisgen, aged 4 months and 24 days; in Plainfield, Barbara, wife of Conrad Hummel, aged 58 years; in this city, John F. Klein, aged 71 years.

22.    At Gay Head, Catskill Mountains, N.Y., John F., son of the late Anthony and Ellen Williams, aged 34 years.

23.    George, son of George and Catherine E. Taylor, aged 12 years; Bernard, son of Richard and Mary Coleman, aged 24 years; John Newbold, aged 78 years; in Chambersburg, Christopher Andrews, aged 45 years; John William, son of James and Mary E. Dillate, aged 3 years and 9 months; Charles J., son of Charles and Mary Jetter, aged 19 years.

25.    Clara E., daughter of William H. and Mattie E. Thomas, aged 10 months.

27.    At Dean’s Station, Jeremiah, son of Valentine and Sarah Palmer, aged 18 years; in Lawrence township, Charles R. Perrine, aged 36 years.

28.    William C., son of George and Emma D. Smith, aged 1 year, 2 months and 20 days; in Chambersburg, Julia Kelly, aged 81 years.

29.    Edward Dolton, aged ?83 years; John Haws, aged 63 years; at Ashland, Pa., Rhandena, daughter of Ellis A. and Elizabeth M. Smith, aged 10 years and 2 months.

30.    Elizabeth, widow of Washington Reed, aged 63 years; at Asbury Park, William Temple, aged 65 years.

31.    Louisa, wife of William Hankinson; in Chambersburg, John Francis, aged 43 years; Patrick O’Niell, aged 63 years.


1.      In Chambersburg, Louisa Augusta, daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth Stemhagen, aged 9 years.

2.      Philemon Dickinson, aged 79 years; Mary E., daughter of John and Annie McGuire, aged 7 years and 5 months.

4.      Teresa Jane, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Tyrrell, aged 18 years; at Yardville, Robert C. Hutchinson, aged 82 years; in Chambersburg, Clark T. Forman, aged 50 years; Gertrude, daughter of Mathew and Jane Frost, aged 2 years and 6 months.

5.      In Millham, Elenore, wife of Michael Martin, aged 36 years; at Titusville, J. Wesley Brister, aged 36 years.

7.      William Levi, aged 50 years.

8.      Francis B., son of Patrick and Elizabeth O’Hara, aged 11 months; John Klag, aged 69 years.

10.    Mary S., widow of Jasper S. Scudder, aged 85 years; in Chambersburg, Mary, daughter of Charles and Sarah Leedom, aged 7 months.

11.    In Ewing township, Lewis W. Harrop, aged 25 years.

12.    John Cartwright, aged 80 years; at Port Kalman, Oregon, Charles W. Parker, aged 24 years.

13.    Bertie, daughter of Joseph and Mattie Carman, aged 18? years; Alfred, son of Alfred and Ella Cuthbert, aged 4 months; Thomas, son of Michael and Bridget Doolan, aged 8 years, 5 months and 2 days.

14.    Bridget, widow of John Carrell, aged 84 years; in Chambersburg, Christian Morlock, aged 26 years.

15.    Henry Ashmore, aged 13 years; in Newton, Pa., Thomas Farley, aged 38 years.

16.    Catherine, widow of Anthony Lingamann, aged 65 years.

18.    John, son of Christian and Louisa Brockman, aged 2 years and 1 month; Harriet L., widow of James Gordon, aged 72 years.

19.    Kate, wife of Henry Hill, aged 35 years.

20.    Sarah, wife George Grover, aged 80 years.

21.    Catherine, wife of Michael Lynch, aged 42 years.

22.    Mary, wife of James Caren, aged 24 years; Mary E., wife of Herbert S. Emerson, aged 30 years; in Chambersburg, Ellen, wife of John McKenna, aged 39 years; in Millham, Adam Rein, aged 28 years; in Chambersburg, Peter S. Martinett, aged 39 years; in Ewing township, Emma Florence, daughter of Lewis W. and Emma Harrop, aged 5 months.

23.    In Greensburg, Elizabeth A., daughter of John W. and Elizabeth A. McCallion, aged 1 month and 8 days.

24.    Elizabeth T., wife of William M. Cook, aged 68 years; William G., son of Wm. G. and Anna Corilla Christopher, aged 16 years.

25.    Mary Louise, daughter of Lizzie C. and the late Lewis S. Baker, aged 9 months and 2 weeks.

27.    In Chambersburg, William Grumbley, aged 55 years.

28.    Mary, daughter of Judge B. and Mary E. Van Syckel; Elizabeth, widow of Michael Grugan, aged 46 years; Edward J., son of John and Mary E. Dailey, aged 2 years and 4 days; in East Liverpool, Ohio, Katie, wife of Harry Moore.

29.    Harry, son of Frank and Sarah A. Forker, aged 10 months and 12 days; in Chambersburg, Annie, daughter of John J. and Annie Innis, aged 2 years.

30.    In Morrisville, Pa., Richard R. Headley, aged 59 years.


1.      Hattie S. White, aged 30 years; in Chambersburg, Sarah A., wife of William Hammell, aged 48 years.

2.      Franklin C. Leland, aged 43 years, and Howard Leland, aged 30 years.

4.      Pemia, daughter of Frederick W., and Rachel Hammond, aged 7 months and 13 days; Elizabeth S., daughter of James and Sarah W. Murray, aged 4 years.

6.      William A., son of Caroline and the late John ?States, aged 27 years.

7.      In Deutzville, Amelia, daughter of Peter W., and Annie Zisgen, aged 13 months.

8.      Harrison W., son of George H., and Georgianna Bamford, aged 10 years and 11 months.

9.      Henry Garside, aged 58 years; in Chambersburg, Thomas McIntyre, aged 45 years; in Ewing, Randolph S. Hunt, aged 82 years; in Hopewell, Annie V., wife of Charles R. Burroughs, aged 36 years.

10.    Francis Henry, son of William G. and Kate F. Van Cleve, aged 10 months; in Millham, Martin M., son of Patrick and Sarah Joyce, aged 10 weeks.

12.    In Chambersburg, Mary Teresa, daughter of James H. Rosanna Tallon, aged 17 years; near Lawrenceville, Enoch H. Jamison, aged 78 years.

14.    In Chambersburg, Francis R. Wyley, aged 39 years.

15.    Richard McChesney, aged 49 years; at St. Francis Hospital, Thomas O’Brien, aged 50 years; in Chambersburg, Richard Millet, aged 30 years; in Philadelphia, Frances T., wife of John Parker, aged 38 years.

16.    John Dolan, aged 30 years; Mary, wife of Florence McCarthy, aged 54 years; in Millham, Frances, daughter of Henry and Kate Tonne; John Langley, aged 48 years.

17.    Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Mary Annie Thorn, aged 14 years, 1 month and 10 days; Mrs. Margaret Morgan, aged 91 years.

18.    James J., son of Patrick and Matilda Kelly, aged 22 years.

22.    At Asylum Station, Samuel P., son of Samuel and Eliza A. Bayron, aged 9 years.

23.    Patrick M., son of the late Michael and Margaret Dewan, aged 18 years.

24.    At Morrisville, Pa., Annie H., wife of James S. Cawley, aged 46 years.

25.    In New York City, Matthew Wald, aged 29 years; at Chicago, Ill., Arthur, son of Willet and Sarah W. Hicks, aged 20 years.

26.    At St. Francis Hospital, Jersey City, Joseph A. Seeds, aged 39 years.

30.    Elizabeth H. Decou, aged 24 years; Anthony Smith, son of Wyckoff and Elizabeth Hendrickson, aged 23 years.

31.    At Troy, New York, Jennie, daughter of Lewis and Julia McCully, aged 6 years and 7 months.


1.      Catherine C., wife of Patrick Cooney, aged 24 years.

2.      Hannah, wife of Amos Dowing, aged 41? years; in Philadelphia, Helen F., daughter of the late George Davis.

3.      Near Trenton, Stella, infant daughter of Charles M. and Sarah E. Titus.

4.      In Millham, Christian Frederick, son of Christian F. and Kathorda Pfaff, aged 4 years; in Yardleyville, Pa., Elizabeth, wife of James Devine, aged 54 years.         

5.      In Lawrence township, Freddie F., son of Nicholas and Margaret Mathies, aged 12 years.

6.      Bridget, daughter of Patrick and Mary Ann Stanton, aged 4 week and 3 days.

7.      In Millham, Maggie J., wife of Albertus Armstrong, aged 26 years.

8.      Lewis F., son of John F. and Amelia J. Walker, aged 2 years and 1 month; in St. Francis Hospital, Katie, daughter of Mary and the late Patrick Ward, aged 12 years; in Chambersburg, Katharine, wife of David Haas, aged 35 years.

9.      In Lawrenceville, Mamie A., daughter of E. L. and Ursula B. Howell, aged 19 years; in Chambersburg, Charles H., son of William E., and Mattie E. Reynolds, aged 2 years, 2 months and 7 days.

10.    In Brooklyn, N.Y., Eliza A., wife of John S. Noble, aged 72 years; in this city, Isabella,

daughter of Joseph and Mary E. Terry, aged 3 months.

11.         Alexander Fagin, aged 64 years.

12.    Joseph T., son of Mary and the late Joseph Hayden, aged 28 years; Mrs. Hannah Boyd, aged 89 years; William Hankinson, aged 78 years.

13.    Hugh Lynch, aged 64 years.

16.    Phebe, wife of John C. Branin, aged 57 years; in Chambersburg, Mary Elizabeth Mayer, aged 28 years.

17.    Elizabeth, widow of Michael Meyer, aged 85 years; in Millham, Charles A. Schmidt, aged 66 years; in Chambersburg, Joshua O., son of Jeremiah and Sarah Jane Walker, aged 16 years.

19.    Adam T. Mather, aged 86 years; Daniel, son of Daniel and Bridget Kane, aged 10 months; James Dunn, aged 29 years; in Lawrence township, Emma, daughter of William H. and Annie Vansant, aged 3 years and 2 months.

20.    Timothy Abbot, aged 74 years; Priscilla R. Siddall; Clara, daughter of William F. and Flora Paffe, aged 2 years and 7 months; in Chambersburg, George C., son of Edward P. and Jennie C. Knowles, aged 6 years and 6 months.

21. Imlah Moore, aged 73 years; Mary E., wife of Smith W. Keller, aged 33 years; In Philadelphia, Sarah A. Luke; Jane B., widow of John B. Grinslade.

22.    Hannah, widow of Major Hutchinson, aged 38 years; Rachel W., widow of Amos Hutchinson, aged 66 years; Emily D., wife of William H. Cook.

23.    In Morrisville, Pa., Patrick Fannin, aged 45 years; in East Trenton, William D., son of Joseph W. and the late Lina McGlaughlin, aged 2 years and 4 months.

24.    In Chambersburg, Mary, wife of William Miles, aged 31 years.

25.    Miss Ann Kinney, aged 71 years.

26.    In Lawrence township, Mary A., wife of William Murray, aged 56 years; in Birmingham,  Katherina G., wife of George Cromwell, aged 39 years.

27.    John Z#hner, Sr., aged 76 years.

28.         Henderson G. Scudder, aged 55 years; Bridget, wife of Francis Conlin, aged 62 years.

29.    Harry, son of Clark and the late Kate Shepherd, aged 6 years.

30.    Angelina, wife of Samuel Bennett, aged 74 years; Frances Caroline, widow of Matthew Wald, aged 26 years; Rachel, wife of John G. Bennett, aged 77 years.


1.      In Jersey City, Joseph E. W., son of Joseph and the late Lina McGlaughlin, aged 4 years and 1 month.

2.      Miranda Peters; Edna, daughter of Conrad B. and Sallie W. Bennett, aged 13 months.

5.      John, son of John G. and Katie C. Delaney, aged 2 years and 3 months; James H., son of James and Margaret Henry, aged 1 year and 7 months; Hannah Louise, daughter of John and Adelia Wombough, aged 7 years; in Chambersburg, Mary, wife of John Welsh, aged 42 years; in Paris, France, Mark Fisher.

6.      Maria, widow of George Heeley, aged 63 years; Catherine, wife of Charles H. Wardell, aged 44 years; in Providence, R. I., Andrew J. Lincoln, formerly of Trenton.

7.      George W. Kimball, aged 48 years; Martha, wife of George Beatty, aged 32 years.

8.      Lottie, daughter of the late Charles and Mercie Tilton, aged 23 years; in Millham, William Cliff, aged 29 years.

9.      Ellie, daughter of Edward and Annie Brown, aged 1 year 8 months and 2 weeks; John E. Barber, aged 40 years; in Chambersburg, Charlotte, wife of James Lawrence, aged 59 years; in Millham, Richard, son of William and Hannah D. Hutchinson, aged 15 years; near Trenton, John Mullen, aged 50 years.

10.    Joseph A., son of Enoch W. and Anna M. Ho#per, aged 3 years and 10 days; Asher Swem, aged 84 years; Jessie S., daughter of William S. and Emma Ginglen, aged 2 years and 2 months.

11.    Philip H. Wentz, aged 48 years; in Philadelphia, Clara P., wife of Edward A. Phillips, aged 35 years.

13.    Patrick Donnelly, aged 52 years; at Matawan, John Pope, aged 63 years; Edward, son of Lewis and Elizabeth Helier, aged 6 years and 2 months.

14.    Henrietta, wife of Frank Seman, aged 53 years; James Scullion, aged 62 years; Margaret E. Reynolds, aged 28 years.

15.    Michael, son of Hugh and Mary McCaffrey, aged 17 years, 6 months and 12 days.

16.    Mary, wife of Jacob Barnhart, aged 56 years.

17.    Rosa, wife of Gottlieb Schultz, aged 47 years.

19.    James S. Outrim, aged 53 years; in Chambersburg, Annie M., daughter of John and Veronica Quick, aged 9 years and 10 months; Abraham P., son of Edward F. and Annie A. Hill, aged 7 months and 12 days.

20.    Joseph Wooley aged 47 years; in Greensburg, Catherine, wife of Charles Holt, aged 42 years; Luella S., daughter of H. Augustus and S. Louisa Conover, aged 2 years and 5 months.

21.         Theodore, son of William M. and Betty Pierson, aged 14 years; in Millham, Catherine, widow of Lawrence Martin, aged ?81 years.

23.    Rose, wife of John Tyrrell, Sr., aged 86 years; Gertrude, daughter of James and Mary Burk, aged 1 year, 11 months and 12 days.

25.    Freddie, son of Charles E. and Susan E. Rittenhouse, aged 14 years.

28.    At Hamilton Square, John Hammell, aged 70 years.

29.    John Lilly, aged 56 years; Bertha, daughter of William H. and Sarah Jane Miller, aged 3 years and 6 months.

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