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Chronology of Important Events


1679          Mahlon Stacy settles at the Falls of the Delaware and builds a grist mill.

1684          Chesterfield Monthly Meeting, Society of Friends, formed.

1703          April 20. Deed given for property, Hopewell Episcopal Church (Breese farm), of which St. Michael's Church is the successor.

1704          April 3. Death of Mahlon Stacy.

1714          Hunterdon County created.

1714          August 16 and 17. Mahlon Stacy, Jr., sells 800 acres to William Trent.

1719          Bloomsbury Court built by William Trent.

1719          Hunterdon County Court House erected; first public building in Trenton.

1719          The name of Trenton first comes into general use about this time.

1719          Township of Trenton formed.

1719          March. County courts held at Trenton for the first time.

1724          December 25. Death of William Trent, at Bloomsbury Court.

1726          First Presbyterian Church built.

1732          September. First stage line runs from Trenton to Philadelphia.

1739          November. Friends' Meeting House on Hanover Street completed.

1745          First steel mill in New Jersey operated by Benjamin Yard.

1746          September 6. Trenton becomes a borough under the Crown.

1747          February 8. Union Fire Company organized.

1747-48    St. Michael's Church erected.

1750          Trenton Library Company established by gift of Dr. Thomas Cadwalader.

1750          April 7. Royal charter surrendered to the Crown.

1753          First common school erected on present site of First Presbyterian Church.

1758-59    Old Barracks erected.

1773          First Methodist Church building erected, corner of Broad and Academy Streets.

1775          May 23. First Provincial Congress of the Colony of New Jersey assembles in Trenton.

1776          July 2. Provincial Congress of New Jersey, meeting at Burlington, proclaims Colony's independence of Great Britain and adopts constitution.

1776          July 8. Declaration of Independence and Constitution of New Jersey read from steps of Court House.

1776          December 12-14. British and Hessian troops occupy Trenton.

1776          December 25. Washington and his troops cross the Delaware.

1776          December 26. Battle of Trenton and defeat of the Hessians.

1777          January 2. Second Battle of Trenton; Washington withdraws to Princeton.

1778          March. Isaac Collins establishes first printing press in Trenton.

1782          Trenton Academy opened.

1784          November 1 - December 24. Continental Congress meets in French Arms Tavern.

1784          December 10 - 13. Lafayette in Trenton. Takes leave of Continental Congress, December 11.

1786          July 27. John Fitch operates first boat to be propelled by steam on the Delaware.

1787          July 4. Trenton Lodge No. 5, of the Masonic Order, granted dispensation.

1789          April 21. Washington's reception by the people of Trenton.

1790          November 25. Trenton becomes capital of New Jersey.

1792          September 4. State Gazette first published.

1792          November 13. Trenton incorporated as a city.

1793          Original State House first used by Legislature.

1793          August 26. Cornerstone of first Masonic Temple laid.

1799          August 26 - November. Public offices of the United States removed to Trenton.

1801          March 10. True American first issued.

1803          November 26. First Baptist meeting house opened for worship.

1804          Trenton Banking Company organized.

1804          February 29. Trenton Water Works incorporated.

1806          January 3o. First bridge over the Delaware opened for travel.

1814          June 12. First Roman Catholic Church, "Chapel of St. John the Baptist," dedicated.

1824          September 25 - 27. Lafayette's second visit to Trenton.

1829          First public schools organized and opened.

1834          Delaware and Raritan Canal between Trenton and New Brunswick completed.

1837          Horse cars first run from Hanover Street Railroad .Station to Morrisville, connecting with trains to Philadelphia.

1837          Old City Hall, northeast corner of State and Broad Streets, built.

1837          Trenton township incorporated with city of Trenton.

1837          April 1. New city charter adopted.

1838          Camden and Amboy railroad station built at East State Street and the canal.

1838          February 22. Mercer County created; Trenton selected as County seat.

1839          Mercer County Court House erected.

1839          January 1. Camden and Amboy line between New York and Philadelphia opened.

1847          Trenton Iron Works incorporated.

1848          John A. Roebling erects a mill for the manufacture of wire rope.

1849          First Lutheran Church organized (German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity).

1851          Borough of South Trenton, consisting of Mill Hill and Bloomsbury, annexed to Trenton.

1852          Taylor and Speeler's pottery established.

1856          Lamberton annexed to Trenton.

1856          Young Men's Christian Association organized.

1859          March 9. Trenton Horse Railroad Company incorporated.

1860          Calhoun Street Bridge opened for travel.

1860          First Jewish Synagogue organized.

1867          March 18. Taylor Opera House opened.

1874          May 31. St. Francis', Trenton's first hospital, dedicated.

1874          October. First high school building on Mercer Street opened.

1876          Postoffice building, at State and Montgomery Streets, completed.

1882          Trenton Times established.

1883          Sunday Advertiser first issued.

1884          June 25. Calhoun Street Bridge destroyed by fire.

1888          Cadwalader Park acquired.

1888          March 30. Borough of Chambersburg and township of Millham annexed to Trenton.

1888          July. Inter-State Fair Association organized.

1891          December 26. Cornerstone of Trenton Battle Monument laid.

1892          May 22. First electric railway in Trenton.

1893          October 19. Trenton Battle Monument dedicated.

1898          February 28. Borough of Wilbur annexed to Trenton.

1899          September 20. New city reservoir opened.

1900          Part of Hamilton township annexed to Trenton.

1900          March 23. Portion of Ewing township annexed to Trenton.

1901          April 8. New High school building at Hamilton and Chestnut Avenues dedicated.

1901          December 26. Woodrow Wilson speaks at the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Battles of Trenton.

1902          Old Barracks Association formed.

1902          May 14. Cornerstone of new Court House laid.

1902          June 9. Free Public Library dedicated.

1903          State armory built.

1903          Young Women's Christian Association organized.

1910          November. New City Hall opened for official use.

1911          Municipal Colony established.

1911          March. School of Industrial Arts occupies new building at State and Willow Streets.

1911          June 20. Commission government adopted. Five commissioners elected, August 15, 1911.

1914          Filtration plant placed in operation.

1916          October. Junior High School No. 1 opened.

1917          March 28. First Trenton troops, Second Regiment, National Guard, mobilized for World War.

1919          March 29. Trenton Historical Society organized.

1919          May 11. Municipal wharf and warehouses dedicated.

1921          Portion of Hamilton township annexed; site of sewage disposal plant.

1921          September 21. Stacy-Trent Hotel formally opened.

1924          Junior High School No. 3 opened.

1926          Junior High School No. 4 opened.

1926          October 9. Cornerstone of New Masonic Temple, South Willow Street, laid.

1926          December 29. President Calvin Coolidge makes address at dinner of the Trenton Historical Society in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Battles of Trenton.


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