Victory Parade

John A. Roebling and Sons Employees

Personnel Records, Dept. #50, c.1919-1930

The Trentoniana Room of the Trenton Public Library has the personnel records
from one of the departments of John A. Roebling and Sons. A sample is shown
above and the list of available records follows. Information on how to order
copies of these records can be found on our Research Services page.

Adrian, Frank 1019 New Willow Street
Ahrendt, Fred 73 Liberty Street
Albertson, Howard 21 Logan Avenue
Albertson, Howard 1041 Liberty Street
Albertson, Walter 1041 Liberty Street
Alexander, William 1145 Chamber Street
Allegretti, Nicholas 420 Roebling Street
Anderson, Andrew 43 Grand Street
Andras, N. Whitehorse, NJ
Angel, George 1402 S. Clinton Avenue
Angel, George 327 Genesee Street
Arthur, Harle 534 Genesee Street
Aslen, Nick 631 Cass Street
Backer, John 427 Genesee Street
Baker, John 21 Grand Street
Bakos, J. No Address
Balko, George 919 S. Clinton Avenue
Ballas, John 551 South Broad Street
Balzer, John 76 Jersey Street
Banding, John 860 Beatty Street
Banker, George 935 South Broad Street
Baoust, Edward 312 Hayton Street
Baranchan, F. 9 Hirsch Alley
Barber , Thomas 1023 Division Street
Bargholz, John 820 Centre Street
Bargholz, W. 32 Schiller Ave
Barkard, Jacob 247 Ashmore Avenue
Barkholz, Chas C. 226 Morris Avenue
Barne, George 103 Hills Alley
Barnett, J. 160 Connecticut Street
Barthe, John 1016 Deutz Avenue
Bartoli, Costantino 3 Emory Avenue
Bartyka, J. 749 Beatty Street
Basick, Michael 23 Howard Street
Baum, G. 37 Jersey Street
Bauman, John 606 Whitaker Avenue
Bayer, Michael 86 Woolverton Avenue
Baygot, John 18 Furman Street
Bayko, Phillip 818 South Warren Street
Beck, David 367 Cummings Avenue
Beck, John 211 Hudson Street
Becker, Herman 330 Tyler Avenue
Beers, M. 29 Virginia Avenue
Behlert, Herman 155 Old Rose Street
Benesh, Mitro 19 Second Street
Bengie, John 2 Adeline Street
Beres, Jos(eph) 100 Wooverton Avenue
Berg, John 308 Gibbs Avenue
Bergen, James 646 E. State Street
Bergen, Michael 224 Perry Street
Berger, Frank 1849 Chestnut Avenue
Berger, V.M. 43 Hancock Street
Bergesz, Vilhem 43 Hancock Street
Bernath, Conrad 1118 Chestnut Avenue
Bezek, Mihael 520 Federal Street
Bialota, Felix 136 Kent Street
Bibarcz, George 817 Chestnut Avenue
Bibarscz, George 16 Clark Street
Bighe, John 709 Hudson Street
Bilarscz, George 220 Emory Avenue
Binkofski, Frank 1613 Chestnut Avenue
Blamer, J. 303 Third Street
Blamer, Joseph 248 Grand Street
Blanar, Josef 1868 N. Chestnut Avenue
Blanar, Michael 39 Adelaine Street
Blanche, F. 1596 Chestnut Avenue
Blassejewski, Boleslaw 237 Breuning Avenue
Blaszak, William 234 Home Avenue
Blaszczyszyn, Albert RFD #3 Trenton, NJ
Blenski, Thomas 44 Elm Street
Bodnar, E. 202 Home Avenue
Bodnar, John 414 Federal Street
Body, Andrew 860 Beatty Street
Bogon, John 708 Second Street
Bojkon, Joe 72 Division Street
Borkisz, Martin 135 Turpin Street
Borsos, George 56 Jersey Street
Borsos, George 36 Jersey Street
Bossman, Nik 177 East Franklin Street
Bossmann, F. 1609 So. Clinton Avenue
Bower, A. 345 Morris Avenue
Bowman, Elmer 123 Copper Street
Brady, Albert 530 Chestnut Avenue
Brady, Frank 503 Chestnut Avenue
Brady, George E. 16 Samuel Street
Branler, J. 417 Genesee Street
Bratsko, Anton 11955 Chestnut Avenue
Braunsteon, Mike 710 Division Street
Brausch, Louis C. 17 Barbara Street
Breitenbach, Andrew 13 Asbury Place
Brelsford, J. 1104 Genesee Street
Breza, John 1637 Chestnut Avenue
Brown, Russel 526 Centre Street
Brown, Sigmund (Zigmund) 51 Jersey Street
Brushler, Jonet (Joe) 1334 Deitz Avenue
Buckheid, Nick 4 Hewitt Street
Buckman, Samuel 151 Cooper Street
Bulavcrak, M 919 Hudson Street
Bumbera, Mike 9 Huston Alley
Burns, Lawrence 528 Federal Street
Busch, Joe 712 Anderson Street
Busea, Geo 2 Adeline Street
Butcher, Paul 443 Genesee Street
Butcher, Paul 610 Whittaker Avenue
Cain. George 2209 S. Clinton Avenue
Cannon, John 718 Genesee Street
Carici, Pasguale 223 Mott Street
Carroll, Patrick 749 Franklyn Street
Cassidy, Louis 423 Emory Avenue
Charry, Joe 408 Genesee Street
Cheeseman, Michael 426 Genesee Street
Cheeseman, Raymond 1412 Deitz Avenue
Chicarelli, Franci 824 Anderson Street
Chinela, Joseph 1855 Chestnut Avenue
Chmiel, Maik 272 Hills Alley
Chordas, Stepan 1809 N. Chestnut Avenue
Christopher, C. 13 Hampton Avenue
Chupega, Mike 23 Elm Street
Chupik, John 352 Union Street (2)
Chuyaik, John 352 Union Street
Cicarelli, Franci 824 Anderson Street
Cichetti, Odarico 7 Hewitt Street
Cirson, Thedoer 822 Anderson Street
Collins, Patrick 605 South Warren Street
Collins, Patrick 605 South Warren Street
Conners, Frank 403 William Street
Conti, Adelmo 223 Mott Street (copy)
Craig, Earl J. 42 Parklane Avenue
Crango, Step 40 Hancock Street
Crispolito, Cerri 129 Ĺ Mott Street
Cronin, John 1026 Anderson Street
Csopko, Mike 21 Adeline Street
Csuma, Jno 37 Hills Alley
Czajkowski, Stanley 823 Division Street
Czap, Joseph 19 Water Street
Czapik, Michael 125 Howell Street
Czetto, Paul 654 Beatty Street
Dangeler, George 203 Roebling Avenue
Danko, Joe Hamilton Township
David, David 103 Fulton Street
De Fillippi, Guiseppe 712 Roebling Avenue
Deasoar, Abner 517 Centre Street
Dec, Pit. 825 Lamberton Street
Del Bargo, Prefarzio 801 Roebling Avenue
DeLucia, Peter 108 Genesee Street
Demco, John 445 Genesee Street
Demenaz, Nik 115 Genesee Street
Demeter, Demyan 66 Hancock Street
Demyan, Lewis 210 Home Avenue
Di Miele, Sabatino 115 Butler Street
Dienes, Steve 42 Hancock Street
Dill, Ernest 1165 Bunting Avenue
Dillon, Peter 207 Morris Avenue
Doba, Lajos 19 Hancock Street
Dombowski, A. 224 Jersey Street
Domnonaski, Stanley 121 Randall Avenue
Doran, Edward F. 85 Mulberry Street
Dorotor, A. 449 Center St.
Dotter, Geo. 1215 South Broad Street
Downey, Patrick 929 South Broad Street
Dringus, Stephan 396 Hewitt Street
Droch, Edmund 526 Lamberton Street
Druzbacky, J. 21 Elm Street
Duda, John 318 Home Avenue
Dudas, Ludas 6 Coates Street
Dudich, Mayk 68 Power Street
Dunn, James 1314 S. Clinton Avenue
Durham, Benjamin 1023 Division Street
Durol, Frank 517 Lamberton Street
Dussault, Henry O. 218 Oberlook Avenue
Dziwok, George 301 Union Street
Ecker, Frederick 1402 South Clinton Avenue
Edwards, Leonard 202 Franklin Street
Edwards, Leonard 208 Franklin Street
Elchek, Stepehn 437 Genesee Street††††††††††††††
Ellcher, Stephen 506 Whittaker Avenue
Ellhof, William H. 532 Lamberton Street
Engler, John Randall and Smith Streets
Engler, John 921 Beatty Street
Engler, Julius 9 Randall Avenue
Engler, Peter 448 Emory Avenue
Engler, Stanislaus 163 Randall Avenue
Engler, Theodore 163 Randall Avenue
Esposti, James D. 2107 S. Broad Street
Fako, George 151 Hills Alley
Falkowski, Frank 49 Jersy Street
Farber, G. 1592 Chestnut Avenue
Farber, John 686 Lamberton Street
Farkan, W. DON'T HIRE
Farkas, Stephen 22 Hewitt Street
Fegli, Paul 625 William Street
Feller, Joseph Mercerville, NJ
Fellinger, Josef 250 Jersey Street
Ferko, George 585 Second Street
Ferko, Jan 315 Home Avenue
Fidorciak, John 248 Home Avenue
Filsonzeak, Kasmer 166 Home Avenue
Finocchio, Pantaleone 443 North Montgomery Street
Firdak, Andi 856 South Broad Street
Fischer, Charles 1064 Franklin Street
Fischer, Gregor 11 Morris Avenue
Fischer, Joseph 112 William Street
Fischer, M. (Miquel?) 654 Washington Street
Fish, Thomas 1420 Liberty Street
Fisher, George 154 Harrison Street
Flack, Arthur 668 Second Street
Flood, John 610 Chestnut Avenue
Forter, John 77 Jersey Street
Franckoviak, John 319 Fair Street
Frank, Carl F. 5 South Olden Avenue
Fraub, A. R.F.D. #5 S. Olden Avenue
Fraumhoffer, Nick 425 Cummings Avenue
Frey Jr, Morris 34 West Street
Friday, J. 179 Randall Avenue
Fronley, Roy 553 Emory Avenue
Fumga, Mike 44 Cove Street
Furdak, Andi 856 South Broad Street
Furman, Frank 637 Garfield Avenue
Gabma, John 571 So. Broad Street
Gadecky, Anthony 277 Hills Alley
Gafgen, Howard M. 10 Rusling Street
Galli, Domenico 123 Fulton Street
Gang, John 304 Roebling Avenue
Gannon, John J. 222 Durant Avenue
Gannon, Theo 37 Ewing Street
Garici, Pasquale 223 Mort Street
Gazaffi, Louis 466 Hudson Street
Gazeck, Joe 332 Lamberton Street
Gazeffi, Sebastian 344 Morris Avenue
Geck, P. 312 E. Franklin Street
Geissner, G. 122 Swan Street
Gelak, Stanley 504 Centre Street
Gentz, Charles H. 627 Second Street
Gerber, Johan 304 Roebling Avenue
Gerenyi, Alex 613 Adeline Street
Getz, Adam 69 Randall Avenue
Gill, J. 111 Steamboat Street
Gilsdorf, John 120 Deutz Avenue
Ginder, John 518 Genesee Street
Gino, Innocensi 405 Division Street
Goldrich, Gus 267 Morris Avenue
Goodmen, Jack 468 Hamilton Avenue
Gowelski, Felix 815 Beatty Street
Graner, William 2020 Partridge Street
Granger, Henry 1421 Genesee Street
Green, Sloan 721 Greenwood Avenue
Greenwald, Frank 1444 So. Clinton Avenue
Greiss, William 719 Beatty Street
Griycar, Andrew 253 Grand Street
Groh, F. Mill Street, Morrisville, PA
Grzempsky, Valentine 126 Swan Street
Gumbas, Steven 412 Genesee Street
Gus, Nick 402 Dayton Street
Hall, Julius 128 Jersey Street
Haltmayer, Anthony 55 Jersey Street
Haltmeier, Jacob 309 Ashmore Avenue
Hamilton, Thomas 228 Overlook Avenue
Hannon, James 57 Tucker Street
Hanson, Neal 705 Hamilton Avenue
Harazaro, John 135 Virginia Avenue
Harkie, Harry 38 Adeline Street
Harkil, Harry 38 Adeline Street
Harkins, Neil 717 Beatty Street
Harle, Arthur 534 Genesee Street
Hart, John Mercerville, N.J.
Hart, R. 125 Hoffman Street
Hartz, G. 170 Jersey Street
Hartz, Harry 1157 Chamber Street
Harvard, L. 206 Emory Avenue
Haugland, Haakon 63 Hills Alley
Havula, Mike 20 Houston Alley
Hawk, Adrian 717 Centre Street
Hazer, John 646 Beatty Street
Hegedus, John 19 Randall Avenue
Heller, Theodore 1148 Franklyn Street
Hellis, George 223 Hewitt Street
Henery, William 720 Centre Street
Henry, William 740 Centre Street
Hill, Frank 825 South Clinton
Hillmeyer, Joseph 510 Bridge Street
Hirsch, Carl 157 E. Front Street
Hirschman, Mike 364 Rusling Street
Hlavacik, George 116 Landing Street
Hmill, Josef 60 Asbury Street
Hoffman, Frank P. 1639 Chestnut Avenue
Hoffman, J. 448 Emory Avenue
Homa, Joe 180 Hancock Street
Horcin, Edward 412 Home Avenue
Hornyak, Stefen 19 Barnt Avenue
Horvaith, John 60 Hancock Street
Horvatt, Mike 551 Lambert Street
Horwaith, K. 15 Roebling Avenue
Huddy, Robert E. 70 Liberty Street
Husoski, Yokan (J.) 365 Second Street
Husosky, George 127 Bory Avenue
Hustak, Frank 549 Emory Avenue
Imle, Simmins 302 Roebling Avenue
Jackson, Clarence 30 Tyler Street
Jagel, Charles 1863 New Chestnut Avenue
James, Thomas 320 Franklin Street
Jarneaski, Stanislaw 827 South Warren Street
Jasko, John 61 Jersey Street
Jones, George 207 William Street
Jones, Williams 332 Maris Avenue
Jonson, John 315 Home Avenue
Joss, Louis 944 Beatty Street
Judge, John 627 Second Street
Kahn, John 226 Home Avenue
Kaiser, Paul 305 So. Clinton Avenue
Kaiser, Paul 305 South Clinton Avenue
Kalenewsky, C. 13 Furman Street
Kalman, Mike 121 Randall Avenue
Kamiath, Jacob 928 Liberty Street
Kamiath, Jacob 928 Morris Avenue
Kamp, Henry 846 Franklin Street
Kandrach, Georg 331 Second Street
Kantos, Rudoff 906 Division Street
Kasiszak, Jacob 357 Thurd Street
Kasonye, A. 178 Hancock Street
Katala, Adam 155 Barnt Avenue
Katona, Mike 219 Home Avenue
Kazior, Martin 782 Second Street (2)
Kazor, M. 782 Second Street
Kele, St 818 Beatty Street
Kele, St 1709 East Washington
Keller, Nick 316 Woodland Street
Kelly, David 780 Field Ave
Kenepeci, Louis 8 Jersey Street
Kengerski, John 773 Beatty Street
Kennedy, Joseph 402 Union Street
Kenny, Martin J. 369 Third Street
Kershaw, Clarence 528 William Street
Kershaw, Clarence 528 William Street
Kianka, Michael 259 Schiller Avenue
Kisinko, Michael 368 Union Street
Klein, Frank 520 Centre Street
Klink, Albert 2453 Genesee Street
Koch, John 419 Ferry Street
Koessler, Andrew 5 White House
Kohl, John 328 Rusling Street
Kokowski, John 782 Beatty Street
Kolman, Peter 23 Asbury Place (2)
Koltun, John 16 Coates Street
Koltun, John 16 Coates Street
Konecsni, Mayk 26 Turpine Street
Konyu, G. 43 Adeline Street
Koper, Peter 412 Washington Street
Kopf, John 26 Morris Avenue
Kopis, Louis 125 Dye Street
Kopis, Mike 88 Asbury Street
Korwzski, Stanley 74 Asbury Street
Koscho, Mike 21 Schauk Street
Koscho, St 779 Beatty Street
Kosher, M.
Kosica, Frank 615 Second Street
Kososky, Peter 16 Asbury Place
Kososky, Peto 16 Asbury Place
Kostura, Mike 619 Williams Street
Kotso, John 154 Tremont Street
Kovach, Andrew 628 Franklyn Street
Kovack, Louis 434 Adeline Street
Kovack, St. 233 Genesse Street
Koval, Andrew 152 Tremont Street
Kovaly, Andrew 65 Hillís Alley
Kowach, M. 225 Rasling Street
Kowalski, T. 13 Elm Street
Kozner, Allix 490 Genesee Street
Krakowsky, J. 18 Coates Street
Krakowsky, Paul 18 Coates Street
Kremk, Edward 832 Genesee Street
Kremp, Edward 654 Adeline Street.
Krier, Phillip 2145 Liberty Street
Kriesick, John 316 Genesee Street
Kriger, Albert 279 Third Street
Krisack, Larry 239 Federal Street
Krisak, Vincent 515 Bridge Street
Krivan, Frank 130 Warren Street
Kropinsky, John 363 Greenwood Avenue
Kroschwitz, Chas. 673 Second Street
Kroschwitz, F. 675 Second Street
Krueger, Fredr RFD #5 Whitehorse
Krycsik, John 144 Second Street
Kudelka, Joseph 76 Huston Avenue
Kukeyes, John 122 Jersey Street
Kuklenski, F/Felix? 134 Barnt Avenue
Kuluger, John 251 Grand Street
Kun, Geo 209 Fulton Street
Kundrat, Mike 458 Lamberton Street
Kurrhals, Sebastian 212 Deutz Avenue
Kushmier, Prokop 352 Adelaine Street
Kuti, N. 13 Grand Street
Laber, Frank 425 Cummings Avenue
Lambert, Edward 53 Jersey Street
Lasson, John 8 Hancock Street
Laudenback, And. 345 Rusling Street
Leathum, J.F. 924 Melrose Avenue
Legenfelder, John 525 Emory Avenue
Lenski, M. 924 Grand Street
Leonowicej, Michael 71 Randall Street
Leonowicej, Michael 55 Randall Avenuie
Letkiewicz, Clement 1615 Chestnut Avenue
Libis, Joseph 608 Whittaker Avenue
Liep, Clarence 1020 Chestnut Avenue
Liesch, Nicholas 221 William Street
Lis, Frank 111 Steamboat Street
Loffler, Wendel 212 Deutz Avenue
Lorisz, T. 343 Morris Avenue
Lovett, John 304 Genesee Street
Lubiewski, Frank 21 Roebling Avenue
Luegen, John 8 Jersey Street
Luethke, August 708 Division Street
Luethke, W. 708 Division Street
Lukas, J. 127 Turpine Street
Macususki, John 1711 Redfern Avenue
Magna, Andrew 1811 N. Chestnut Avenue
Maite, John DONíT HIRE
Malck, Geo 7 Hayes Avenue
Malinski, Walter 23 Ewing Street
Maliske, John 57 Hills Alley
Maliske, John 57 Hills Alley
Mallon, John 550 Centre Street
Malloy, John 407 Deutz Avenue
Malmar, Peter 652 Beatty Street
Mandzuk, Anthony (Tony) 136 Cass Street
Marankovski, Katando 701 Lamberton Street
Margitan, John 112 Turpine Street
Marris, Peter 1403 S. Broad Street
Martin, J.H. 209 S. Clinton Avenue
Marut, W. 22 Asbury Street
Maryock, Steve 347 Morris Avenue
Masick, John 223 Grand Street
Masika, George 513 Second Street
Mathesz, Auton 707 Anderson Street
Matkowski, Jan 767 Beatty Street
Matoski, A. 101 Ferry Street
Matusz, Paul 647 Franklin Street
Matzer, Frank 1922 So. Clinton Avenue
Maurer, Karl 246 Academy Street
Mauss, F. (Michael Mouza) 1407 S. Clinton Avenue
Mausto, Frank 114 Butler Street
Mayer, Geo 21 Jersey Street
Mayher, Martin 826 Lamberton Street
Mayher, Peter 228 Fulton Street
Mazur, Stanley 231 Randall Avenue
McCormick, John 47 S. Stockton Street
McGarrity, Peter 52 Hudson Street
McManamon, James 895 Anderson Street
McMenamon, James 805 Anderson Street
Meaney, John 557 Emory Avenue
Megules, Joe 16 Roebling Avenue
Meisel, Charles 86 Liberty Street
Melroy, William H. 207 Hamilton Avenue
Mergel, Joseph 1102 Lamberton Street
Mergl, J. Paul 9 Howell Street
Mesco, Matthew 7 Jefferson Street
Messeryan, Andrew 6 Adeline Street
Meyher, Albert 826 Lamberton Street
Michalko, John 505 DeKline Avenue
Michalski, Frank 72 Jersey Street
Michalski, George 204 Jersey Street
Michalski, Tony 773 Beatty Street
Mihalko, John 126 Turpin Street
Miklos, Musrte 211 Elm Street
Milhlov, Jon 31 Coates Street
Miller, Frederick 517 Market Street
Miller, John 122 Rusling Street
Miller, John 221 Woodland Street
Millerick, John 400 South Clinton Avenue
Mislan, John 128 Grand Street
Mislan, John 106 Virginia Avenue
Mittmann, Benee 567 N. Clinton Avenue
Mizik, S. 28 Coates Street
Moldwren, George 1441 South Clinton
Molesky, Josef 69 Jersey Street
Moretti, Silvio 262 Elmer Street
Morieoni, Mattie 35 Emory Avenue
Mucka, Aston 18 Asbury Place
Muehl, George 337 Woodland Street
Mullen, Frank 440 Emory Avenue
Murphy, Wallace 221 Lauding Street
Myers, Jacob 21 Cooper Street
Nace, Claude 3 Third Street
Nagay, Andrew 132 Home Avenue
Nagy, A. 27 Orange Street
Nagy, George 23 Emory Avenue
Namiestruk, Paul 201 Federal Street
Nawrocik, Martin 152 Home Avenue
Nawrozik, Andrew 1616 Chestnut Avenue
Nemcik, Andrew 215 Third Street
Nemeth, Joe 140 Turpin Street
Nemeth, John 229 Second Street
Nemeth, Joseph 124 Hancock Street
Nicholau, Fillip 742 Beatty Street
Nicolai, Paolo 185 Division Street
Nnuk, Joseph 139 Liberty Street
Nosko, Stanley 17 George Street
Nothum, Hevy/Henry 343 Cummings Avenue
Nunzy, Oresti 27 Emory Avenue
Oeschak, L. 137 Cass Street
Olynyk, Andrew 460 Centre Street
O'Malley, Lester 390 Third Avenue
Omer, James 340 N. Clinton Ave.
Omer, James/Janos 63 Hancock Street
Opsities, Andrew 23 Orange Street
Oswald, Andrew 220 Hewett Street
Ott, Mathias 361 Hewitt Street
Pagzna, Trina(?) 302 Roebling Avenue
Palkovics, J. 111 Fulton Street
Pamkola, C. 355 Third Street
Pandak, John 184 Home Avenue
Papendick, Richard K. 625 S. Warren Street
Papp, Daniel 677 Lamberton Street
Parelli, John 1303 Genesee Street
Parkeson, Felix 821 S. Warren Street
Parviky, John 128 Ferry Street
Paston, Tony Woolverton Avenue
Pavlicin, Andrew 391 Second Street
Payter, John 148 Tremont Street
Pecht, Frank 732 Chambers Street
Penic, Joe 171 Ashmore Avenue
Peomtokski, Adam 231 Randall Avenue
Peontokski, Adam 119 Lalor Street
Peters, Herman 588 Centre Street
Petras, Andrew 38 Coastes Street
Petroinko, John 377 Second Street
Petroman, G. 10 Woolverton Street
Petrovitz, John 61 Grand Street
Petruska, Mike 35 Turpin Street
Phelan, Michael 590 Centre Street
Picloicry, Jos 611 Washington Street
Piovanik, Michael 111 Adeline Street
Pisalkski, S. 133 Jersey Street
Pitomiak, William 515 Bridge Street
Pogletski, George 839 Lamberton Street
Poli (Loli), O. (Mario) 615 Whittaker Avenue
Poli, Ottavio 615 Whittaker Avenue
Polom, John 606 S. Clinton Avenue
Poloni, Geo 27 Steamboat Street
Posetor, St. 31 Emory Avenue
Potocki, Luke 254 Union Street
Potts, Harry R. 38 Walnut Avenue
Powell, Joseph 1446 S. Clinton Avenue
Prareli, John 614 Chestnut Avenue
Pritchard, Thomas 933 Beatty Street
Pulaski, Adam 139 Liberty Street
Pulaski, Adam 139 Liberty Street
Pumyea, Willard 101 Chestnut Avenue
Puzy, M. 244 Grand Street
Rabitie, Henry 353 Rusling Street
Rabitie, Leon 345 Rusling Street
Rabitie, Mathijas 353 Rusling Street
Ramsey, Robert 553 Woodland Street
Ratz, Vasilie 29 Adeline Street
Rauch, John 428 Bert Avenue
Rauth, Conrad 529 Emmett Avenue
Rech Jr., John 577 S. Clinton Avenue
Reighardt, A. 345 Rusling Street
Rentner, Charles J. 664 Second Street
Rentner, Gus 621 Genesee Street
Rentner, Leon 1211 Chestnut Avenue
Renz, Frank J. 768 Beatty Street
Renz, Frank J. 159 Locust Street
Repas, John 55 Jersey Street
Rietzinger, James 52 Durham Street
Rischar, Martin 205 Ashmore Avenue
Rischar, Martin 205 Ashmore Avenue
Ristow, Charles 659 Second Street (2)
Ritter, John C. 1002 S. Clinton Avenue
Ritter, John C. 1002 South Clinton Avenue
Rodezen, Antoni 624 Ĺ Second Street
Rodzen, Andy 624 1/2 Second Street
Rohayde (Kohajda), S. 89 West Street
Rohayde, S. 89 West Street
Ronmer, Stephan 506 Emmett Avenue
Ronner, Stefan 506 Emmett Avenue
Rubino, M. 12 Hamilton Avenue
Rubino, Morris 12 Hamilton Avenue
Rura, Steve 581 Second Street
Sabat, John 31 Jersey Street
Sabat, Joseph 29 Jersey Street
Sabo, Joe Weber Avenue
Sabo, Joseph Weber Avenue
Sabo, Louis 324 Genesee Street
Sacker, Steve 107 Lexington Street
Sagon, Adam 1702 Fairmount Avenue
Sahon, Stefan 114 Mary Street
Salay, Joseph 65 Houston Alley
Salefsky, Frank 175 Jersey Street
Sall, Joseph No address
Salyga, Joe 2257 William Street
Salyga, Joe 2257 William Street
Salyga, Joseph 1107 William Street
Santilli, Ameleto 140 Adeline Street
Santilli, Amleto 35 Emory Avenue
Santillo, Amleto 35 Emory Avenue
Sapik, Michael 125 Howell Street
Sarga, Mike 233 Hills Alley
Sargo, Mike 233 Hills Alley
Sargo, Mike 233 Hill's Alley
Sarvadzki, John Jr. 73 Jersey Street
Satterthwaite, Linton 912 Riverside Avenue
Sawadski, John 73 Jersey Street
Sawadski, John 73 Jersey Street
Sawadzki, John Jr. 73 Jersey Street
Sazz, Alex 115 Dye Street
Schaeffer, John 149 Ashmore Avenue
Schaeffer, N. 132 Ashmore Avenue
Schaffer, John 149 Ashmore Avenue
Schiltz, R. R.F.D. #5 Trenton
Schlottmeier, Theodore (Ted) 1045 Liberty Street
Schlottmeier, Theodore (Ted) 1045 Liberty Street
Schmeltz, Anton 337 Morris Avenue
Schreier, Nick 162 Lafayette Avenue
Schreier, Nick 232 Cummings Avenue
Schreir, Sebastian 335 Woodland Street
Schreir, Sebastian 335 Woodland Street
Schroeder, Joseph 627 Chambers Street
Schu, Frank 532 Genesse Street
Schultz, Frank 256 Jersey Street
Schultz, Henry 670 Second Street
Schultz, Henry 670 Second Street
Schultz, Joe 15 Elm Street
Schultz, Joe 15 Elm Street
Schultz, Jos 617 Second Street
Schultz, Michiel 849 Beatty Street
Schultz, Michiel 213 Third Avenue
Schultz, R. RFD#5
Schultz, William 670 Second Street
Schultz, William 670 Second Street
Schur, Frank 532 Genesee Street
Schwartz, E. 1628 N. Chesnut Avenue
Scidl, Fred 602 Federal Street
Scully, William F. 136 Anderson Street
Scully, William F. 136 Anderson Street
Seamon, Jon 311 Federal Street (2)
Seber, George 208 Jersey Street
Sedor, George 778 Beatty Street
Sedor, George 1851 Chestnut Avenue
Sedor, George 1851 Chest Avenue
Seidber, Steve 162 Jersey Street
Seleski, Michael 856 So. Broad Street
Selestki, Michael 856 South Broad Street
Seltducat, Domenico 203 Mott Street
Selteducati, Domenico 203 Mott St.
Senator, Steve 843 Beatty Street
Senkow, Mike 38 Huston Alley
Serack, George 423 Cass Street
Serack, George 423 Cass Street
Serlian, Mike 176 Hancock Street
Serlian, Mike 176 Hancock Street
Sevator, Steve 309 Cumming Avenue
Seve, Tony 2 Doanes Alley
Shelalo, Thomas 436 Ingham Avenue
Shelalo, Thopmas 436 Ingham Avenue
Shipsky, John 46 Randall Avenue
Shon, George Field Avenue, Lydia Street
Shourts, T 246 Tioga Street
Shourts, T. 246 Tioga Street
Shrier, Max 172 Jersey Street
Shuber, F. 305 Elm Street
Shuber, F. 305 Elm Street
Shuber, Fred 305 Elm Street
Shweder, G. 2412 S. Clinton Street
Shweder, G. 230 Hewitt Street
Sidl, Frederick 311 Cummings Avenue
Sidl, Frederick 311 Cummings Avenue
Sidorak, John 706 Second Street
Sidorak, John 1027 Smith Street
Sidorak, John 706 Second Street
Siket, D. 724 Division Street
Siket, D. 724 Division Street
Simko, Joseph 203 Ashmore Avenue
Simko, Joseph 203 Ashmore Avenue
Sinak, Frank 16 Elm Street
Singler, St 603 Roebling Avenue
Singler, St. 603 Roebling Avenue
Sintek, J. 229 Randall Avenue
Sitke, James 623 Whittaker Avenue
Sitke, James 623 Whittaker Avenue
Skodowsky, Alex 315 Second Street
Skodowsky, Alex 315 Second Street
Slaboda, J. 161 Randall Avenue
Slaboda, J. 161 Randall Avenue
Slaboda, Michael 223 Second Street
Slama, George 206 Genesse Street
Slama, George 206 Genesee Street
Smado, L. 12 Cummings Place
Smalley, Jos R. 418 Genesee Street (2)
Smisko, John 458 Lamberton Avenue
Smith, Andrew 143 Perry Street
Smith, Andrew 143 Randall Street
Smith, August 134 Jersey Street
Smith, August 134 Jersey Street
Smith, Joseph 114 Centre Street
Smith, Joseph 114 Centre Street
Smith, Joseph 182 Greenwood Avenue
Smith, Josepha 182 Greenwood Avenue
Smith, Leon 113 Cass Street
Smithard, Joseph 617 Chambers Street
Smithard, Joseph 617 Chambers Street
Smoliger, Michael 158 Emory Avenue
Smoliger, Michael 458 Emory Avenue
Smoligo, Janos 74 Woolverton Avenue
Snyder, Harry 216 Pearl Street
Solma, Jos 6 Doanes Alley
Solma/Solyme, Jos 6 Doane's Aslley
Sondej, Peter 11 Barnt Avenue
Space, Erigiin (Eugene?) 54 Lafayette Street
Spanowich, Parvel(?) 597 Second Street
Spanowict, P. 624 Ĺ Second Street
Specht, Jacob 11 Orange Street
Specht, Jacob 11 Orange Street
Srahola, Frantisek 1856 Chestnut Avenue
Stam, William 240 Emory Avenue
Stan, John 2 Elm Street
Stark, Gustave 1411 Liberty Street
Stark, Gustave 1411 Liberty Street
Stepano, Ardry 767 Beatty Street
Stepano/Stefano, Ardry 767 Beatty Street
Stern, Steve 317 Hewitt Street
Stern, Steve 317 Hewitt Street
Stern, William 240 Emory Avenue
Steward, Ray
Steward, Ray none given
Steward, William 244 Henry Street
Stewart, Duncan 1186 Deutz Avenue
Stewart, Duncan 1186 Deutz Avenue
Stoy, Joseph 119 Exton Avenue
Stoyla, Mike 154 Hancock Street
Strovinckos, George 1058 South Broad Street
Stryker, Garret G. 703 Division Street
Stubenazy, Charles 1514 S. Clinton Avenue
Stubenazy, Charles 1514 South Clinton Avenue
Sulowski, Andrew 29 Randall Avenue
Sumar, Justin 213 Perry Street
Sumar, Justin 213 Ferry Street
Supan, Josef 401 Franklyn Street
Sutack, Nick 927 S. Clinton Ave
Sutack, Nick 927 S. Clinton Avenue
Sutack, Nick 927 South Clinton Avenue
Sutack, Nick 927 South Clinton Avenue
Symansky, Joseph 33 Randall Avenue
Symcak, Alex 697 Second Street
Szabo, J. 78 Woolverton Avenue
Szakacs, L. 54 Hancock Street
Szakacs, L. 54 Hancock Street
Szambaty, K. 40 Hancock Street
Szeweur, Karl 141 Lexington Street
Szilagyi, John 158 Hancock Street
Szololcski, A. 404 Genesee Street
Szololcski, A. 324 Genesee Street
Szubrowski, Antony 520 Lamberton Street
Takacsy, John 824 South Warren Street
Talarowski, Anthony 425 Cass Street
Talarowski, Anthony 425 Cass Street
Talarowski, John 425 Cass Street
Talarowski, Josef 425 Cass Street
Tarneaski, Stanistaw 827 S. Warren Street
Taylor, Frank 148 Hamilton Avenue
Taylor, Frank 148 Hamilton Avenue
Terkeski, J. 807 Lamberton Street
Thomas, George 828 Roebling Avenue
Thomas, George 828 Roebling Avenue
Thompson, Grant 230 Overlook Avenue
Thompson, Medford 629 Williams Street
Thompson, Medford 1276 South Broad Street
Thompson, Medford 1276 South Broad Street
Timko, Geo 856 Lamberton Street
Titka, A. 442 Centre Street
Todd, Ross 59 Franklin Street
Toli, Omaire 615 Whittaker Avenue
Tomchik, Andrew 152 Tremont Street
Tomko, Joseph J. 341 Centre Street
Toth, John 402 Fair Street
Toth, John 700 Franklin Street
Toth, John 156 Hancock Street
Toth, K. 539 Emory Avenue
Toth, Loyos 757 Beatty Street
Toth, St 182 Home Avenue
Toth, St. 182 Home Avenue
Toth, Steve 763 Second Street
Tracey, John F. 228 Second Street
Tracy, Martin 208 Second Street
Trank, August R.F.D. #5, So. Olden Avenue
Traub, Carl F. R.F.D. #5, So. Olden Avenue
Trautman, Fred R.F.D. #5 White Horse, NJ
Trautman, Fred R.F.D. #5, White Horse
Tressansky, John 64 Barnnt Avenue
Tronkos, John 12 Emory Avenue
Troukos, John 12 Emory Avenue
Trupp, John 443 Emory Avenue
Turner, William 555 Woodland Street
Ungradi, John 34Coates Street
Ungradi, John 34 Coates Street
Ungradi, Stefan 830 Hills Alley
Vanderver, Chas B. 736 Center Street
Vandewer, Charles 736 Centre Street
Vanhise, George 1070 Franklin Street
Vanhise, George 1070 Franklin Street
VanSickell, Rusell 745 S. Warren Street
VanSickell, Russel 745 So. Warren Street
Vash, Julius 213 Mott Street
Vaslin, John 66 Hancock Street
Verdes, Charli 147 Grand Street
Verdes, Chas (Chali) 147 Grand Street
Vial, George R.D.F. #5
Vioder, Charles 122 Jersey Street
Voresky, J. 63 Hill's Alley
Voresky, Jo 63 Hills Alley
Wagner, Jacob 331 Cummings Avenue
Walz, Jacob 756 Franklin Street
Warger, Mike None listed
Washko, M. 244 Grand Street
Wasily, Steve 1043 South Clinton Avenue
Wasily, Steven 1043 So. Clinton Avenue
Weber, Peter 491 Chestnut Avenue
Weber, Peter 491 Chestnut Avenue
Weber, Walter 723 Greenwood avenue
Weber, Walter 723 Greenwood Avenue
Weibly, Leopold 828 Roebling Avenue
Weisgarber, Frank 606 Franklin Street
Weisgerber, Emil 32 Turpin Street
Weisgerber, Emil 211 Morris Avenue
Weisgerber, Emil 211 Morris Avenue
Weisgerber, John 211 Morris Avenue
Weisgerber, John 211 Morris Avenue
Weisgerber, Nik 268 Cummings Avenue
Weiss, Joseph 623 Adeline Street
Weiss, Joseph 623 Adeline Street
Weiss, Joseph P. 134 Barnt Avenue
Weiss, Joseph P. 134 Barnt Avenue
Wells, William J. 2125 S. Clinton Avenue
Werrski, A. 1860 Chestnut Avenue
Wesna, H. 55 Randall Avenue
Wesna, St. 55 Randall Avenue
West, Nick 1014 Deutz Avenu
West, Nick 1014 Deutz Avenue, Deutzville
Whaze, Andrew J. 744 Beatty Street
White, George 428 William Street
White, Michael 64 Howard Street
White, Robert 64 Power Street
White, Robert 64 Power Street
Wiacek, Anthony 966 Lamberton Street
Wiacek, Anthony 966 Lamberton Street
Williams, Harry 1210 Chambers Street (2)
Williams, Raymond (Robert) 1851 N. Chestnut Avenue
Williams, Raymond C. 1851 No. Chestnut Avenue
Wilson, Frank 127 Second Street
Winiarski, St. 813 Beatty Street
Wioniewski, 225 Home Avenue
Wisnewski, St 248 Home Avenue
Wisnewski, St. 248 Home Avenue
Wisniewski 829 Beatty Street
Wisniewski, T 155 Randall Avenue
Wisniewski, T. 767 Beatty Street
Wisnioski, Peter 40 Elm Street
Wisniwski, Peter 40 Elm Street
Wnuk, Joseph 139 Liberty Street
Wolf, M. 337 Cummings Avenue
Wollert, Paul J. 635 Second Street
Wollert, Paul J. 635 Second Street
Woolf, Lewis 1109 S. Clinton Avenue
Woolf, Lewis 1109 So. Clinton Avenue
Worthington, Sylvester 113 Tyler Street
Worthington, Sylvester L. 113 Tyler Street
Wshosky, Piota 213 Ferry Street
Wuensch, Nicholas 111 East Washington Street
Wysosky, Theodor 1589 Chestnut Avenue
Yager, John (Joe) 1610 N. Chestnut Avenue
Yager, John (Joe) 1610 No. Chestnut Avenue
Yanusz, Christopher 27 Levans Court
Yanusz, Christopher 27Levans Court
Yarmar, Andro 349 Morris Avenue
Yates, Stephen 613 Beatty Street
Yeger, Louis 138 Genesee Street
Zacek, Zigmont 721 Beatty Street
Zacek, Zygmond 721 Beatty Street
Zaha, George 631 Cass Street
Zahar, Joe 631 Cass Street
Zak, Charles 52 Daymond Street
Zdanowicz, St. 836 Lamberton Street
Zebroski, R. 815 Lamberton Street
Zebroski, Roman 815 Lamberton Street
Zebrosky, Martin 30 Coates Street
Zeis, Frank 153 Brown Street
Zeis, Frank 229 Woodland Street
Zeko, J. 169 Ashmore Avenue
Zeko, John 169 Ashmore Avenue
Zeko, John 169 Ashmore Avenue
Zera, E. 351 Third Street
Zera, E. 351 Third Street
Zera, Edward 239 Breuing Avenue
Zera, Joseph 827 Beatty Street
Zidworny, Wojgiech 4 Coates Street
Zimmer, Martine 438 Adeline Street
Zimmer, Martine 438 Adeline Street
Zsinseri, F. 103 Hancock Street
Zsinseri, F. 103 Hancock Street
Zudworny, Wojqiech 4 Coats Street
Zupko, Andrew 458 Lamberton Street
Zupko, Andrew 458 Lamberton Street
Zupko, Andrew 458 Lamberton Street
Zygneski, John 393 Durmant Avenue
Zysko, George 829 Beatty Street


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