Victory Parade












Compiled by the Reporter of the True American


1.          The New Year was ushered in with the usual festivities.  Our streets were more than usually crowded, and the hotels seemed to be besieged.  Several parties came off:  one at the house of Officer Brindley got up by a number of his neighbors.  A surprise visit took place at the house of the Sexton of the Front Street Church. 

2.        China set presented to Edwin Green by his friends.

3.   Kilroy Baker, infant son of S. T. Bellerjeau, died.  Andrew Lenox and Mrs. Emma Parrot were married.  S. Rosenberg and Miss Sarah Hillman were married.

4.   Board of Freeholders met and offered a bounty of $400 for volunteers. Thomas, infant son of Sarah A. Redfern, died.  Anniversary of the Children’s Home took place.  The first snow of any account fell.  Ice plenty and four inches thick.

5.         Lively times in military circles.  City filling up with volunteers.  Colonel Ryerson of the 16th and Colonel Sewell of the 5th, both in the city on the recruiting business. 

6.         Thomas H. Allen and Mary Catherine Bowne were married. 

7.    Recorder John Briest and Miss Marianna Barwis married.  The Fourth Regiment returned from the war and were handsomely entertained.  The Eagle Steamer arrived and was received and escorted by the Harmony and other companies. Fine skating on the Assanpink.  The gun-makers give their foreman, Mr. J. H. Smith, a grand entertainment. 

11.  New Eagle Steamer tried and gave great satisfaction.  James Bennett and Ella Robbins married.  City Bridge Company held their annual meeting.  Snowden A., son of Isaac Dunn, died, aged 2 years. 

12.      12. Legislature met.  Mercer Courts open.  Sociable of the Schiller Lodge took place.  James S. Sterling, died, aged 52.

14.       Meeting of Officers of Banks of this State held in reference to the increase of government tax.  Colonel Freese resigns his post as Assistant Adjutant General and takes up the pen.  

15.       Grand Jury presented twenty-four bills of indictment.  Margaret Mount died, aged 28 years.  Hunter L., infant son of George Burling, died. 

16.       Weather exceedingly cold. 

18.       Lydia, wife of Charles Burroughs, died, in her 56th year. 

19.       United States Court met.  Peter J. Hargous, U S N and Virginia H. Hunt married.

20.       David D. Denise and Lydia P. Taylor married.  Charles Fitzgeorge, Jr. and  Hannah McKeever married.  Jacob Wyckoff died, aged 18.  William F. Cox and Louisa M. Green married.  State Historical Society met.

21.       Joseph W. Vancleve died, aged 87.  Three persons escaped from the Mercer Jail. The Normal School officers and friends have an entertainment.  Felix McGuire and Catherine Boyle married.  Heavy flood in the Delaware. 

22.       Patrick Glynn died, aged 20.  Thomas Cooper died, aged 1 year.  “Clementine” issued a book of poems.  Water Power dammed up with ice, hundreds of men employed to remove it. 

23.              Silver tea set presented to Alfred Lloyd.  William Johnson and Mary Ann Brown married.

24.       Ann, infant daughter of Patrick Ryne, died. 

25.       Kate, daughter of Hezekiah Ronsasville, died.

26.       John F. Davidson died, aged 22.  State Military Congregation met and elected officers.  Very delightful weather.  Elias Oliver died, aged 20.

27.       Grand Division of Sons of Temperance met and entertained with a dinner.  Fair held for benefit of Saint Paul’s Church.  Frank M. Fowler died, aged 11 years.  The “Monitor” newspaper makes its first appearance.

28.       Annual Corporation Dinner takes place.  Pat’k Kenna died, aged 17 years. Edward A. Page and Mary M. Senderling married. 

29.       Kate, infant daughter of Robert O’Brian, died. 

30.       A soldier named George Weith, fell down stairs at the Rendezvous, corner of Front and Warren streets, and died in a short time.


1.  Fred Douglass addressed a meeting at Temperance Hall.  Peter Snyder and Mary      A. Reynolds married.  Pottery men have a grand ball at Washington Retreat.

 2.  Alexander Dunn and Maggie G. Brown married.  Court of Chancery and United States Court met. Professor Cook presents to the Legislature some interesting Geological facts.

3.  Mary Crawford, daughter of Thomas Crawford, died, aged 2 years.  Great sale of condemned government horses took place; there was great sport at the sale; they sold at an average price of $15.  Wm. Cooper and Jane B. Cooper married.  Emma Frances, daughter of John Chapman, died, aged 11 years. 

 4.  The Ninth Regiment and a portion of the Tenth arrived.  Effie Fillmore, daughter of John Chapman, died, aged 7 years.  Isaac Gould died at Williamsport, aged 58.
5.  Ann Brison, aged 5 years, and Edith Jane, aged 17 years, daughters of John Chapman, died:  this makes the fourth death in one family, all four were buried at one time; another died on the 6th, aged 14 years, making the fifth child since Wednesday the 3d.  The disease was spotted fever.
6.  Frederick Erren and Louisa Jane States married.
7.  Isabella Sweeny died, aged 43.  Annie E., daughter of Major Mershon, died, in her 17th year.  Walter Scott, son of Henry Taylor, died, aged 1 year and 10 months.  John Green died, in his 84th year. 
9.  Adam Segur, in prison for murder of his wife, committed suicide in the jail, by hanging. 
10.  George Moore met with an accident by falling about twenty feet from the trestle works.  Board of Freeholders met and reported the county quota filled.  William, son of Phares Campbell, died, aged 2 years.  Edward Steepy and Mary Jane Smith married.  Social of Concordia Lodge took place.  New Jersey’s quota of the 500,000 call is stated to be 16,759.  Rev. Blackburn installed Pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church. 

11.    Editorial Convention met and had a good time.  Exhibition of Warren Street Sunday School took place at Temperance Hall.  The Fourth Regiment, Colonel Ewing commanding, made a parade.   
12.    The Fourth Regiment left for the seat of war.  Annual meeting of stockholders of Trenton Bank took place. 
14.  Laura F., daughter of Gabriel Voorhees, died aged 2 years.  Henry N., son of Rev. Thomas S. Griffith died, in his 6th year.    
15.    Samuel Roberts and Mrs. Sarah Smith married.
16.    Donation visit to Rev. S. Y. Monroe.  Willie, son of Samuel Rogers, died.  Peter W. Crozer and Mary L. McKee married.
18.   The pottery men have a difficulty about wages.  Christopher R_ll died, in his 48th year.  Christian Wentz died, in his 57th year.  Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Charles H. Gray, died, aged 7 years.  Fred B. Lane died, aged 21.
19.    An extensive fire broke out in S. K. Wilson’s factory; loss about $15,000, insured.  Pauline, daughter of William M. Vansickell, died.
20.    William Stewart died, aged 58 years.  The Good Will Steamer arrived.
21.    George K. Lindall died, aged 14 years.
22.    Grand reception ceremonies of the Good Will Steamer, escorted by the Trenton Hose; large turnout.  The Trenton and Ewing Cavalry paraded and had a supper in the evening.  The Third Cavalry had a parade and received their colors.
23.    The Supreme Court commenced its session.  Rev. J. T. Tucker and Rosa Iszard married.  Jefferson Deemer and Eliza A. Hughes married.  Death of Chief Justice Whelpley announced in Supreme Court.  George Henry, son of Thomas Francis, died.  Mary, wife of James Higgins, died.  John Sebastin, son of Henry Breining, died. 
24.    Annual Ball of the Harmony Fire Engine Company.  Sylvester H. Phillips and Rebecca Anderson married.  Margaret J. Laird died, aged 23.  Christopher Compton died, aged 49.
25.    Discussion in the Legislature on the bill to protect the elective franchise from the presence of soldiers.
26.    The Reporter’s birthday---the military were not out.  Morris, son of Henry Rosenbaum, died, aged 1 year.  James A. Robinson died, aged 22.  Chandler W., youngest son of Benjamin W. and Elizabeth Titus, died, aged 6 months and 15 days.  Archey, son of William and Agnes Booze, died, aged 1 year, 9 months, and 15 days.  Annie, daughter of John and Sarah Allen, died, aged 3 years.  Sally Britton died.
27.    Genevieve Dillentush, daughter of Thomas C. Hill, died, in her 5th year. 
28.    The mission at St. John’s Church commenced.  Mrs. Sarah Roll died, aged 21.  A new lot of condemned government horses arrived.
29.    Willie B., son of John Davis, died, aged eleven months.  Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Wilson Rulon, died, aged 16 months.  William McKim died, aged 23 years. 


  1. Three inches of snow fell.  John B. Gominger and Rebecca A. Sears married.  Martha Smith died, aged 82. 
  2. Joint meeting of the Legislature held.  New Jersey Annual Conference met.
  3. James, son of John Fitzpatrick, died, aged 8 years.  Robert Field, son of Robert F. Stockton, died, aged 4 years.  John Harney, son of John Harney, died, aged 18 months. 
  4. Anna E., daughter of Charles Shilling, died.
  5. Joseph Pearson died, aged 59.  Robert Andrew, son of John F. McDonald, died.  John C. Parsons and Fannie Rainear married.
  6. Rebecca A., daughter of Snowden Moore, died, aged 15.  Daniel Minschwaner and Elizabeth Lawton married.
  7. Lillie, daughter of Andrew Hammill, died, aged 17 months.  Adam, son of the late William Exton, died, in his 12th year.  Susannah, daughter of the late William Cheeseman, died, aged 14 years.  Meeting of Germans held to start a school.  Elizabeth Pullen died, in her 17th year. 
  8. Committee of Board of Freeholders advertise County Volunteer Bonds for sale.  Maria, daughter of Robert Fairgrieve, died, in her 5th year.  Joseph, son of Schnetzer, died, aged 8 years.  Committee on Elections in the Legislature made a report in reference to soldiers voting in camps.  Mary A., daughter of John Davis, died.  Meeting held in the State House on behalf of the United States Sanitary Commission.  Governor Parker presided.  Navigation on the Delaware and Raritan Canal resumed.
  9. Elizabeth Howell died, aged 46.  Edwin R., son of Robert L. Hutchinson, died, in his 18th year.
  10. Appointments of the Methodist Conference are published.  Willie Ellsworth, son of William Shepherd, died, in his 3d year.  Ida Lueilla, daughter of Edward Rowley, died, aged 4 years.  Mary, daughter of Charles Hanser, died, in her 10th year.  Emma H., daughter of A. M. Vankirk, died, in her 21st year.  The Governor and officials have an entertainment at Major Cunningham’s.  Joseph M. Lewis and Anna L. Case married.
  11. Mary, daughter of John McDonald, died, aged 13 years.  Martha C., wife of Leonard P. Hyatt, died, in her 29th year.
  12. Weather very fine.  John Miller died, aged 56 years.  A cricket club formed.
  13. A frame dwelling house at the head of Warren street took fire.  John M. Swem, late of the Fourth Regiment, died, in his 27th year. 
  14. A fire broke out in the Chancery Building.  The First National Bank organized and open for business.  William, son of William Towers, died, in his 13th year.  Charles N. Stout died suddenly.
  15. An alarm of fire from the burning of a chimney at the Trenton House, no damage.  Debate in the House of Assembly on the bill to protect freemen at the polls from the influence of armed soldiers.  Cordelia, wife of Adam Pfeffer, died, aged 34.  The political ball for the Spring elections begins to roll.
  16. George English died, aged 53 years.  Professor Phelps resigned the Principalship of the State Normal School.  James R., son of George Mitchell, died, in his 10th year.  Governor Parker gave the members of the House of Assembly an entertainment at the State Street House.
  17. Miss Sally Ann Baker died.  Florence, only daughter of John G. Stout, died, in her 3d year.  About sixty members of the First New Jersey Cavalry arrived.  Anna H. Fox died, in her 19th year. 
  18. A fire broke out in a house near the Delaware Bridge, damage not serious.  Thomas H., son of Snowden Moore, in his 13th year.  Sergeant Hennessey died suddenly at Camp Bayard.
  19. Mary Josephine, wife of William V. Justice, died, aged 23.
  20. Emma W., daughter of Peter J. Kite, died, in her 4th year.  Mary, daughter of Julius Schloss, died, aged 3 months.  Jacob C. Maisch, of the Seventh Regiment, died, aged 37.
  21. Emily R., wife of J. Wesley Primmer, died.  Thomas, infant son of James Sampson, died.  Eugene Gernhart died, aged 9 months.  Edward Jones was burned to death at the lime kiln.
  22. Margaret Abolinio, daughter of Ernst Baker, died, aged 22 months.  Complementary concert given to Professor Fletcher.  James R. Snyder and Mary E. Manning married.
  1. Governor Parker issues a proclamation relative to the new call for two hundred thousand men.  Eliza D. Mershon, widow of the late John Mershon, died, aged 72 years.  Jacob Lenairs, convicted of shooting Mr. Hatch, at Camden, after several years of imprisonment, was pardoned.  Charles, son of Isaac Webb, died, in his 5th year.  Margaretta, wife of Isaac Sealey, died, aged 22 years. 
  2. Robert C. Belville appointed pension agent.  Thomas Carey died, aged 55 years.  Ralph Green died, in his 86th year.  Sarah E., wife of Samuel J. Keeler, died, aged 33 years.
  3. The officers of the Hussar Regiment had an entertainment.  A severe storm took place.  William, son of Edmund Holt, died, aged 14 months.  Mary Street, daughter of Joshua Jeffries, died, in her 6th year.  Alfred Morris, son of Richard McChesney, died.
  1. James M. Stephens, aged 18 years, was killed at the Rolling Mill.  Henry Wambough, died, aged 10 years.
  2. The Third Cavalry Regiment was reviewed by the Governor.  A very large number of persons were present.  The Regiment then left for the seat of war.
  3. A joint meeting of the Legislature took place.  Jane C. Vernam died, aged 30 years.  Mary A., wife of Zachariah Howell, died, in her 25th year.  James R. Rockhillman died.
  4. An elderly man, named John Young, was found in his own house burned to death; he had lain down in front of the fire.  Abraham G. Staats and Mary E. Parker married.


  1. Lewis M., son of John H. Brock, died.  The city quite lively with the MOVING world.  Ellen F., daughter of Richard W. Furman, died, aged 23 years. 
  2. Joseph N. Taylor, Speaker of the House of Assembly, died rather suddenly.
  3. Valentine, son of Valentine Bechtel, died, aged 7 years. 
  4. Democratic City Convention met and made nominations for city officers.  Council met to grant tavern licenses.  Death of Speaker Taylor announced in the House and speeches made by several members.  Sarah, daughter of John Bucknum, died, aged 19 years.  Samuel C. Harrington and Mary C. Horner married.
  5. Republican City Convention met and made nominations for city officers.
  6. Freeholders met and reported that the quota of the county had been filled at $283 a man, and that they raised 1050 at this rate.  P. F. Anderson and Sophie E. Taylor married.
  7. Frank Taylor and Roxanna Price married.  George Hough Middleton died, aged 8 years.  Politicians very busy canvassing for the Spring election.
  8. Ann, widow of the late John H. Ott, died, aged 76 years.
  9. New city ordinance passed relative to the police.  Anna Delia, daughter of Jams Covert, died, aged 9 months.
  10. Jane, daughter of Stephen McGlove, died, age 10 years.  George G., son of George T. Fox, died, age 8 months.  Mary Masterson died, aged 72 years.  William, infant son of Martin Speigle, died, aged 2 months.  Joseph O’Hara and Rebecca C. Ryall married.
  11. City election took place:  Democratic city and ward tickets generally elected; the whole city ticket carried by an average majority of 400; and ten out of twelve Councilmen elected.  Esther Catherine, daughter of William H. Groves, died, aged 8 years.  Chas. R. Cain died, in his 51st year.
  12. An extensive fire broke out in the hay press of Shurtz & Co.; Loss $10,000.
  13. Maggie A., daughter of Isaac S. Hutchinson, died, in her 8th year.  Lieutenant J. McDougall and Miss Lydia Kay married.
  14. The “Dickinson House,” in Hanover street, was opened.  The Legislature adjourned sine die. 
  15. Isabella W., daughter of the late James S. Sterling, died, in her 14th year.
  16. Charles Reading died, in his 84th year.  Mary, daughter of Daniel M. Rose, died, aged 2 years.
  17. A fine rafting freshet in the Delaware.  Elizabeth A., wife of Charles Trior, died, aged 20 years.  Shad have made their appearance.  Anna M. Smith died.
  18. Catherine Gants died, aged 68.  Jackson Vernon died, aged 53 years.
  19. Proclamation issued offering reward for conviction of persons in raising false alarms of fire.  Mercer County and Unites States District Courts open.  John P., only child of Hiram Mathews, died, aged 9 months.  Joseph Hartley died, in his 72d year. 
  1. The Reporter defends his military character against the assaults of those who did not go to the war and do not intend to go.  The new cricket club play their first match and get beaten by Newarkers.  Sarah Ann, daughter of Joseph Mather, died, aged 7 years. 
  2. Anti-monopoly meeting held at Temperance Hall.  Mayor Cunningham in the chair; lots of fun. 
  1. A court martial for the trial of several officers and privates assembled at Temperance Hall. 
  2. Fire broke out in the rear of Benj. S. Disbrow’s cabinet ware-rooms, in Warren street; the new fire steamers performed wonders.  Sunday School Convention of the West Baptist Association met in this city.  New Common Council met and organized.  Orders are issued for the draft in New Jersey. 
  3. Joseph W. Woolverton, M.D. and Miss Anna Maria Sims married.  James H. Scudder, Surrogate of Mercer county, resigned, on account of ill health.  A fire was discovered in the rear of the Phenix Hotel and put out without damage.  Colonel Freese presents his name for Congress.  Merrick Arundale and Catherine Martin married.
  4. Elizabeth, wife of John P. Nelson, died, aged 47.  Susan, daughter of Chester Embley, died, aged 2 years.  Ellie McEnally died, in her 15th year. 
  5. Abraham B. Stryker died, in his 24th year. 
  6. Benjamin Campbell and Rachel Jamison married.  Albert Powell and Elizabeth Coburn married.  Joseph N. Dixson and Amelia Briggs married.  Margaret A., wife of William M. West, died.


1.                  May came in rather a scolding mood---her brow was knit with clouds.  The Tenth Regiment was mustered for payment.  Almeda, daughter of William Cornish, died, aged 16 months.

2.                  Andrew Noble died, in his 84th year.  Thomas, son of Thos. Carr, died, aged 10 years and 9 months. 

3.                  Council met and appointed police officers under the new ordinance. 

4.                  Samuel Cook and Rebecca Dock married.  Robert B. Ely, U. S. N., and Eleanor A. Anderson married.

5.                 A silver tea set was presented to James M. Seymour, Superintendent of the Trenton Arms Company, by the employees.  Benjamin Shaw and Mary Smith married.  John R. Haines and Mary Stackhouse married.  Ely Cubberly died, aged 66.

6.                  The Superintendent of Public Schools reported the number of children of the school age taken in this month to be 1056.  Deborah, wife of Julius Johnston, died, aged 62 years.  Mary Keen died. 

8.                  An alarm of fire was caused by the burning of waste at the Saxony Mill.  James H. Scudder, Surrogate of Mercer county, died, in his 25th year.  John L. Gordon, aged 42 years, died in Lambertville, and was buried in Trenton. 

9.                  Catherine, wife of Thomas F. Wagoner, died.  Dolphus Y. Maynard and Martha Ely married.

10.              The draft was commenced, in the presence of a large number of people. 

11.              The new Board of Freeholders organized and appointed Sylvanus Hutchinson as Director.

12.              Republican State Convention met to appoint delegates to Baltimore.

13.              The military commission appointed by the Legislature met and organized.  Robert, son of Wilson Rulon, died, aged 9 years.  Ellinor F., wife of Henry D. Smalley, died, aged 22 years.

17.              A public meeting was held in front of the City Hall to raise men for the one hundred days service.  John Morris, of the Fourth Regiment, died.

18.              Democratic State Convention held to appoint delegates to Chicago.  John Staats, of the Fourth Regiment, died, aged 39 years.  Edward D. Babcock and Margaretta J. Gould married.

19.              The Board of Freeholders met and authorized the issue of $300 bonds to raise volunteers.  Carrie, daughter of Henry Case, died, in her 3d year.

20.              An alarm of fire created a race between the Eagle and Good Will Steam Fire Engines.  Robert S. Anthony, a member of the Good Will, was run over and killed.  Charles S. Webber and Kate Smith married.

21.              Margaret Gatzmer, wife of Thomas S. Allison, died, aged 53 years.

22.              Thomas I. Bennet and Catherine Evernham married.

23.              Governor Parker delivered a lecture at the Temperance Hall on the “History and Resources of New Jersey.” Thomas Edward, son of Thomas F. Kafer, died, aged 8 months.  S. B. Scattergood died at Hightstown. 

24.              Henry Davis, son of Isaac Davis, died, aged 4 years.  Emma, daughter of James Brooks, died, in her 8th year. 

25.              The death of Colonel Zabriskie, of the Ninth Regiment, was announced.

26.              The members of the Good Will Fire Company visited Easton, with their Steamer, to attend the Pennsylvania State Fair.  Washington Roe and Martha Watson married.

27.              Caroline, wife of Elijah Jones, died, in her 30th year.

28.              The Good Will steamer and party returned from Easton.  Abraham Voorhees and Louisa F. Rockwell married.

29.              James McLaughlin died, aged 35 years.

31.              Timothy Howell died, in his 50th year.  A boy was arrested for attempting to set fire to the Children’s Home. 


1.                  Frank L. Hale and Mary J. Tunison married.  A boy named John Thornton was drowned in the Feeder; he belonged to Brooklyn.  J. Hamlet Wood, of the Fourth Regiment, died of wounds. 

4.                  Isaac L. Pearson died, quite aged.  Wiard’s big gun bursted.

5.                 Catherine, wife of Charles Shafer, died, in her 44th year. Joseph B., son of U. T. Scudder, died, aged 9 years.  Joseph Hill died, in his 81st year.  The Second New Jersey Regiment passed through Trenton on its way to Newark.

6.                  Mary Ann, daughter of Martin Stryker, died, aged 7 years.  Elizabeth, wife of Robert B. Lanning, died, in her 50th year.  Ruth Mendham, daughter of Isaiah C. Smith, died, aged 9 years.  An anti-extortion meeting was held.

7.      The Supreme Court was opened – Judge Brown, after a long illness, resumed his seat.  Clarence, son of James Brook, died, aged 1 month.  Judge Charles Burroughs had a severe fall.  The First and Third New Jersey Regiments returned from the seat of war.  Thomas Williams died, aged 13 years.  William Tilton died, in his 47th year.  George S. Curtin, of the Tenth Regiment died, aged 22 years.

9.         William Henry Toney and Sarah E Raynor married.  Agnes, daughter of Thomas Marshall, died.

11.       A man named James Kelly was seriously hurt at the rolling-mill.  Derrickson stabbed in front of the rendezvous.  Ex-Chief Justice Joseph C. Hornblower died, in his 88th year.

12.       Adeline, wife of Lafayette Stradling, died, aged 37 years.

13.       First and Third Regiments are entertained with a collation at the Good Will Engine house.  Isabella R., wife of Andrew Grove, died, aged 22 years.

14.       Price of substitutes, six hundred dollars.

15.       Argument before the Chancellor in the township of Delaware case, where it was contended that to raise money to enable a man to pay the exemption of $300, was illegal.  Minerva, wife of Philetos S. Powers, died, in her 64th year.

17.       The Chancellor declined to interfere in the Delaware case, as it was one clearly of law.  William Henry, son of Jacob Maisch, died, aged 6 years.

18.       George W. Gordon, of the Sixth Regiment, died, in his 21st year.

19.       The Reporter spends a day in New York --- sees the sights, and writes about them.

20.       Henry Derrickson, the soldier who was stabbed on the 11th in front of the rendezvous, died.  Hattie A., daughter of John Taylor, died, aged 4 years.  Officers of the First New Jersey Regiment called in a body upon their old companion, Captain Vansickell, and had a good time generally.

21.       Numerous complaints against the conduct of the one hundred days’ men, in the Sixth Ward.  George, son of Victor Habig, died.  General Kilpatrick is in the city.  Intelligence received of the death of Captain H. H. Woolsey.  John Clemens, a soldier of the Fourth Regiment, died, in this 20th year.

22.       Ex-Mayor McKean, after suffering for many months, did, in his 61st year.  A sword was presented to Lieutenant Farrell, of the one hundred days’ men.  The Second Regiment was mustered out.  John Valentine was drowned at Burlington, aged 53.

23.       Jacob Valentine and Matilda Robinson married.  Weather intensely hot.  Sarah, daughter of Patrick O’Neal, died, aged 3 years.

25.       Funeral of Ex-Mayor McKean took place.  Catharine Lovett died.  Jennie, daughter of Charles Wooley, died.

26.       Lieutenant Peter Wilkes and Susie F. Britton married.  Mary, infant daughter of Samuel Mitchell, died.  Two small fires, one at McCall’s stable, the other at the Saxony mill.  Charles Joseph Trier, died, aged 10 weeks.  Charles Perrin, son of Charles P. Smith, died, in his 16th year.

27.       Thomas, son of Michael McCreevey, died, aged 11 months.  A sword was presented to Captain Geo. Smith.  Lizzie, daughter of Andrew S. Grove, died.  Elizabeth Pease died, in her 66th year.

28.       The Thirty-seventh Regiment of one hundred days’ men left for the seat of war.

29.       The Trenton and Newark cricketers play another match.  A fire broke out in the barn of Timothy Field, no damage.

30.       Thomas C. Lanning and Emma B. Neal married.  Mary Ann, daughter of Patrick O’Neal, died, the third child within five days.  The United States District Court met.  The Trenton and Newark cricketers had a match and a good time generally.  Wm. F. Crossley and Lydia A. Williamson married.


1. The “True American” appears in an entire new dress.  Marshal Starin has issued a vermillion edict against dogs.  Minnie, daughter of Victor Habig, aged 6 years.  Susan, wife of Allen Hough, died.

2. Ann Elizabeth, wife of Jesse Thornley, died aged 18 years.

3. On the eve of the Fourth everything was on the move for a great natal day.
4. The Fourth was celebrated with considerable spirit.  The Cincinnati Society spent the day in Trenton.  The Catholic Benevolent spent the day at Edge-hill Grove.  Company A, National Guard, made a handsome parade.  The Brickmakers Association spent the day at Evans’ Grove.  The children of the First Baptist Sunday School spent the day at Morrisville Grove.  The cricket club of Trenton played a match at Morrisville with the Franklin Club of Philadelphia.  George Lawton and Josephine Taylor married. Eli D. Furman and Mary Ann Stretch married.
7. A number of conscripts met and had a good time over their misfortunes.  Anna Margaret, daughter of Lemuel Lee, died, aged 6 years.
8. New of the death Colonel Ryerson, of the Tenth Regiment, reached this city.
9. Sergeant Alexander Green, of the Fourteenth Regiment, died.
10. Isabella Hendrickson died, aged 73.  Mary Moorehouse, wife of Simeon Moorehouse, was found dead in her bed.  People are excited at a rumor that the rebels are moving on Baltimore.  The steamer John Potter was burned.
12. John McKenny and Jennie R. Ashton married. 
13. Governor Parker issues a call for thirty days’ men for service in Pennsylvania, Maryland or the District of Columbia.  Officers at the State House open a musterroll; the Loyal Leaguers don’t.  Wm. F., son of William Reese, died, aged 3 years.  Patrick and Timothy Cheeseman were drowned near Roebling’s Mill.
14. Ann Mitchell died, aged 72.
15. Commissioners of Appeal in cases of taxation met.
17.  The “Gazette” and “Monitor” are fighting like cats and dogs.  The first political meeting for the fall campaign was held.
18.  The potters held a pic-nic at Evans’ Woods.
19.  Anna M., daughter of David Wilner, died, in her 29th year.  Susan C., wife of Timothy Abbott, died, aged 56 years.  Mildred F., son of Charles T. Allair, died, in his 15th year.  The segar makers had a pic-nic at Edge Grove.  George W. Lee, of the Fourth Regiment, died.
20.  The house carpenters held a meeting in reference to an increase in wages.  S. Sterling Gates, of the Fourth Regiment, died, aged 24.
21.   The gunmakers held a pic-nic.  Thompson McGowan and Debbie A. Rue married.
22.   Conrad Waffen Schmidt died, aged 72.  Edwin D., son of Dr. Davis R. Pratt, died.  Water very scarce.  Streams very low, and crops are suffering.
23.   The Reporter visits the newly erected barracks and discourses thereof.  Richard C. Mount died, aged 75 years.  John W. Primmer died, aged 54 years.
25. The State Library Commissioners met and resolved to erect a new wing to the State Capitol.
26. Grand Volks Festival took place at Edge-hill grove.  Eagle Fire Company’s pic-nic came off at Jackson’s Woods.  Lizzie, daughter of Aaron M. Phillips, died, aged 19 months.  Mary Ellen, daughter of John Young, died, in her 11th year.  Annual meeting of the Belvidere Delaware Railroad held.  Veteran bar-tenders had a pic-nic at Evans, Woods.
27.   The Star Association had a pic-nic at Edge-hill Grove.  The soldiers connected with the old detachments had a pic-nic at Jackson’s Woods.
28.   The Sunday School scholars of the Greene St. Church had a pic-nic at Edge-hill Grove.  Samuel, son of John F. Burroughs, died, aged 8 years.  Betty, wife of Edward Hart, died, aged 79.
29.   George Box died, in the 64th year of his age.
30.  A false alarm of fire.  John A. Rulon died, in his 21st year.  Mary C., wife of Richard Smith, died, aged 41.  Mary, daughter of Jacob F. Schwartz, died, aged 16 months.


1.   The Saint Vincent de Paul Society had a pic-nic at Edge Grove and the Harmony Fire Engine Company one at Evans’ Woods.
2.    Matthew Brown, City Clerk, resigned.  Henry Woodberry, son of H. W. George, died, aged 21 months.
3.    Six deserters were arrested.  Henrietta, wife of Charles Dippoldt, jr., died, in her 19th year.  The farmers rejoice at the fall of copious rains.
4.      Set apart as a day of humiliation and prayer, and very generally observed.
5.     Mary Magdalene, daughter of John V. Bischoff, died, aged 11 years.
7. Citizens are much exercised about going to war, and are holding meetings to raise a fund to purchase substitutes.  Kate, oldest daughter of Henry Hall, died, in her 17th year.

  1. James Walker, a butcher, committed suicide by cutting his throat.  The city’s quota of men wanted for the war is 477.  The Turners held a pic-nic.  The body of Ann Wilson, colored, was found in the Feeder.  Benjamin S. Colvell and Anna Lawton married.
  2. Levi J. Bibbins and Laurinda Smith married.  The Reporter goes to the State Prison and comes out again.
  3. Board of Freeholders met.  Ann Rethinan died, in her 17th year.  Miss Grace D’ Azevedo died.  Henry D. Johnson, of Princeton, lost $5000 in one package.
  1. Wm. B. Wilson, watchmaker, died very suddenly of typhoid fever.
  2. Hexamer’s Battery returned from the war and were entertained at the Lafayette House.  Anna Dickinson, daughter of Samuel R. Meredith, died, aged 2 years.
  1. Bertha, daughter of Julius Schloss, died, aged 3 years.  Sarah C. Jordan, wife of W. S. Yard, died.
  2. John Ellsworth, son of James H. Morris, died, aged 11 months.  Mary W. Cogill died, in her 73d year. 
  3. Thayer & Noyes circus arrived and created no little stir.
  4. The scholars of the Front Street Church Sunday School had a pic-nic excursion to Titusville.  Lewis Ayres, son of Samuel E. Brauin, died, aged 18 months.  Henry Biles and Anna R. Carman married.  Mary F. Kallam died, aged 24 years.  Council met and increased bounty for substitutes to $500.
  5. Sons of Temperance had a pic-nic.  Jacob, son of Jacob Rues, died, aged 13 months.
  6. Public meeting held in reference to dividing bounty money to wards; it was voted down.  Rev. Mr. Heisler appointed Pastor of the Green Street Church in place of Rev. Mr. Dobbins, appointed Presiding Elder.
  1. Marietta, wife of William Allibone, died, in her 39th year.  Jonathan Reed died, aged 42 years. 
  2. Council held a special meeting and adopted a resolution for a special election to ratify the raising of a loan of $170,000 for bounties to fill the city’s quota.
  3. Edward S. Thomas and Anna M. Vanderbeck married.  Governor Parker asks in a proclamation for two new regiments.  Annual meeting of the Trenton Iron Company held.
  4. Everybody is working to raise the city’s quota---there is considerable shaking.
  5. Special city election held to vote on the loan of $170,000; carried, 630 for and 2 against.  Joseph Justice, one of the oldest citizens, died, in his 79th year.  Colonel Freese withdrew his card offering himself for Congress.  Isaac M. Neal died, aged
  6. The Trenton Beneficial Society had a pic-nic at Edge Grove.  Felix Convery had his leg smashed up on a raft.  Joseph Gabriel and Elizabeth Flasch married.
  1. William McCall, son of Samuel Meredith, died, in his 7th year. 
  2. We had an extensive runaway of two grey horses attached to a lager beer wagon.  Barrels tumbled in every direction. 
  3. Benjamin F. Robinson and Eliza Jane Kite married.  Council met and increased the bounty to $600.  W. R. Albertson and Annie S. Thomson married.
  4. The Fifth and Sixth Regiments returned from the war and were entertained.  Governor Parker and others made speeches.


  1. Politicians are warming up, and flags are raising everywhere.  Mrs. Ann M. Slack, wife of the late Thomas Slack, died.  Samuel Bailey died, aged 55.
  2. The Democratic Association raised their flag at Headquarters.  Seymour C., son of Charles Souville, died.
  1. The newspapers are filled with notices of meetings and flag raisings.  Every night the people are called together at some point to help save the Union.
  2. Peter V.D. Manners and Rachael A. E. Sanders married.  Patrick Walsh died, aged 42 years. 
  3. A salute of 34 guns was fired by order of the Governor, and bells rung by order of the Mayor, in honor of the recent victory achieved by the Federal forces under General Sherman and Rear Admiral Farragut.  150 of the First N J Cavalry arrived from the war.
  4. Great Democratic Ratification Meeting held in front of Kay’s.  Rebecca Gordon, relict of the late Thomas Gordon, died, 88 years of age.  Edward R., son of Lewis Furman, died, aged 10 months.
  5. Governor Parker makes an appeal in favor of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions.  Fifth and Sixth Regiments were paid off and discharged. 
  6. Republicans held a Ratification Meeting in front of American Hotel.
  1. Anthony Balddaut and Mary Bennett married. 
  2. Good Will Pic-Nic came off at Edge Hill Grove.  Hannah Hester, wife of Isaac A. Hester, died.  Ann, widow of Joseph Hill, died, in her 85th year. 
  1. The Eighth N.J. Regiment returned from the war.  The Harmony Steamer arrived and was honored by a handsome parade.  John B. Anderson died, in the 48th year of his age.  (This is not our friend Anderson, the Hatter.)
  2. Mark Cooper and Sarah F. Morris married.
  3. The papers contain nothing and nothing seems to be going on except political meetings.  Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of John West, died, aged 10 years and 10 months.  Anna Hertzog, daughter of F. R. Wilkinson, died.  The great Democratic Jubilee of the Constitution held at Jackson’s Woods.
  1. The draft was made for Monmouth County.  Mercer County Courts opened.  Elizabeth Reese, aged 51 years, died.  Jacob D. Joslin and Emma Burchell married.
  2. Orrin Walker, son of Joseph Smith, died, aged 4 years.  Ann Mary, daughter of William Woottan, died, aged 1 year.  Samuel McCulley, Fourth Regiment, died, aged 30 years. 
  3. Republican State Convention held to make an Electoral ticket.  John L. Reynolds and Mary E. Clayton married.  Governor Parker had a national salute fired in honor of our victories in the Shenandoah Valley.  Gilbert A. Randall and Elizabeth Manners married.  Wm. H. Cook and Anna Pelts married.
  4. General Gershom Mott promoted to Major Generalship.
  1. Mary A. Winner, wife of Rev. I. Winner, died.
  2. David Ashmore died, in his 76th year. 
  3. Lewis Presno, of Fourth Regiment, died.  The Union Steamer arrived.  Three Companies of the Thirty-Eighth Regiment were mustered into service. 
  4. John Noble died, aged 79 years.  John Hendrickson died, aged 72 years.  Great Belvidere property case commenced in United States Court.  George Middleton nominated for Congress.
  5. J. Lindley and Mary Arundell married.  William Henry, son of Henry McCulley, died.


  1. Col. Freese is appointed Draft Commissioner, in the place of James Wilson, resigned.
  2. The 7th New Jersey Regiment returned from the war.
  3. The reception of the Union Steamer took place.  Great time, speeches, &c.  Florence, daughter of Edward Steward, died, aged 9 months.  The 7th Regiment entertained at the Lafayette House.  Daniel P. Lappeus and Mary E. Stafford married.
  1. Democratic State Convention held, to nominate Electoral Ticket.  Mercer County Republican Convention held.  Cornelius West killed at the Trenton depot.
  2. Gebhardt Wohnfarther died.  A boy named Stout was run over by a wagon.
  3. Mercer County Democratic Convention held.  Frank Street was killed in battle.
  1. City Camp Meeting commenced at Front Street Church.
  2. U. S. Courts met for the purpose of trying indictments.  Lieutenant Otis Fisher buried with military honors.
  3. Trial of Christopher Michaelis (called McEllis) for the murder of Henry Derrickson.
  1. Anna Mary, daughter of James C. Manning, died, aged 7 years.
  2. Trial of Christopher McEllis and political articles take up the papers.
  3. Adam Pfeffer found dead in a cellar-way.  John A. Weart re-nominated for the Legislature.
  4. Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander D. Jewell, died, aged 13 months.
  5. Major John S. Hutchinson nominated for the Legislature in the Third District.
  6. Messiah’s Church dedicated.  Mr. B. Ross, of the 14th Regiment, died from wounds, aged 22 years.
  7. John O’Hara, Co. B, 4th Regiment, died from wounds, aged 23 years. 
  8. The eighteenth anniversary of the Front Street Church celebrated.  Edward Fox and Mary Ann Streeper married.
  9. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas W. Mairs, died, aged 41 years.  Paul M. Tulane nominated for the Legislature in the First Assembly District.
  1. John Taylor nominated by the Republicans for the Legislature.  Isaac Howell died, aged 64 years.
  2. John D. Lloyd died.  Benjamin Bailey and Elizabeth Whitehead married.
  1. Charles Burroughs, an old and respectable citizen, died.  He was Mayor of Trenton for many years.  Marian, daughter of George E. Wallington, died in her 11th year. 
  2. Samuel Eastwood died, aged 30 years. 
  3. Theodosia Ashmore died, aged 70 years.  Capt. John P. Nelson and Mrs. Jane Osborne married.


  1. George W. Crossley, of the U. S. A., and Levenia Horne were married.  Supreme Court opened the November term.
  2. Proclamations issued for arrest of persons who disturb public meetings.  The First National Bank declares a dividend of six per cent for the last six months.
  3. Charles Fow is making splendid improvements in the Madison House, in Greene street.  Thomas H., son of Sarah and John Britton, died, in the 28th year of his age.
  4. Great Democratic Torch Light Procession came off.  A grand and imposing affair.  Accident occurred at the railroad crossing of Warren and Bridge streets.  A boat, containing 34 ladies, was capsized.  Several were injured.  The mob was so exasperated by the affair that they fell upon the signal agent, Stephen Tice, and beat him so badly that he died the next day.
  5. Col. Buchanan has been suddenly relieved from duty.  Col. Ely appointed in his place.
  6. William, son of William Mendham, died.  Thomas Mifflin Hall, son of Dr. John Hall, died, in Philadelphia.  Henry Wallace Coriell and Jennie M. Hargreaves married.
  7. John Noble, Jr., son of John and Ellen Noble, died, aged 2 years.  Flora McKeever, died, in the 20th year of her age.  An inquest is still in session inquiring into the circumstances connected with the recent death of Stephen Tice.
  8. This is the greatest and most important day of the whole year.  It is the day on which the people all vote for the President of the United States.  The day passed off very quietly.  The State, County, and City, goes Democratic. 
  9. George W. Wheeling and Miss Adelaid Post were married.  Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows held their annual session at Odd Fellows Hall.
  10. Odd Fellows elect their officers for the year.  William Ellis, son of Samuel E. Decou, died, aged 11 years.
  11. Boards of County Canvassers assemble in every county in the State to ascertain the result of the election.  Ida, daughter of Edward J. Smith, died.  Thomas Capner, Sr., died, in the 66th year of his age.
  12. Anna E., daughter of Thomas M. Kaw, died, in her 3d year. 
  13. The Inquest in the case of Stephen Tice, came to a close after eight days of session.  No clue found as to who committed the deed. 
  14. Sarah E., only daughter of Abijah Smith, died, aged 13 months.
  15. Court of Errors and Appeals met.  The Military Commission of the State met.  George Brearley, newly elected Sheriff, was qualified into office. 
  1. A supplemental draft for parts of Monmouth and Ocean counties took place.  John Lethwood, son of Steward Beatty, died.  Wm. A. Newell gave an ox roast at Allentown, on the occasion of his election to Congress.
  2. Mary Jane Cook died, in her 48th year.  Anna Maria, only child of John Slair, died, in her 5th year.  Segar makers hold a meeting.
  3. Anna Jones, died, aged 19 years.  Elizabeth Curns, died, in her 75th year.
  4. A new library opened at St. John’s church.  Benjamin Reed, of Hightstown, died in Philadelphia.
  1. A number of military men have a dinner at Kay’s.  Capt. Warner presided; a number of speeches were made.  Samuel Caminade and Henrietta Petherbridge married.  George Lacey, died, in his 65th year.  Donation visit made to the Children’s Home.  Military Commission again met.  Mrs. John A. Roebling, died, in her 47th year.
  2. Joseph, son of John W. Porter, died, aged 18 months.
  3. Thanksgiving day.  Mayor offers a reward of $100 for the arrest and conviction of the persons concerned in the death of Stephen Tice.  Thanksgiving dinners, and a very joyous time took place among soldiers at Camp Perrine, &c.
  1. Mrs. Catherine Bunstine, died, in her 71st year.  Emily Ann Foster, died, in her 57th year.  Lieut. J. M. Drake, arrived, after long imprisonment in rebeldom.
  1. Mrs. Johanna, wife of Professor A. Almuth, died, in her 26th year.
  2. The State Canvassers met and ascertained and determined the result of the election in this State.  Average Democratic majority, 7,299 1-7.  First sale of property, late of Henry M. Lewis, deceased, took place.  Eliza, daughter of Thomas Umpleby, died, in her fifteenth year.
  3. The body of William Southwick, formerly Overseer of the Poor, was found in the canal near the State Prison.  Mrs. Sarah Vandegrift, died, in her 95th year.  Ferdinand A. Zapf and Viola S. Burroughs, married.


  1. Several of citizens go to the Oil country, in the hope of “striking ile.”
  1. Kate, daughter of the late Joseph Pearson, died, in her 26th year.
  2. Joseph Tyrell, died, in the 89th year of his age.  Forty hours devotion begin at the Catholic church.  Thomas W. Allen, of Co. C, 11th Regiment, died, at Annapolis.
  1. David Witherup, died, in his 67th year.  Deborah Herbert, widow of Stephen Combes, died, in her 71st year.  William McDevitt, died, aged 45 years.
  2. The Ninth Regiment was paid off.  John H. Choyce and Lelilia Munday, married.
  3. Maj. William P. Robeson, of the 3d New Jersey Cavalry, received a commission as Lieutenant Colonel.  Anne, daughter of John Killdun, died, aged 3 years.  Mary E. Roe, wife of Gilbert Roe, died suddenly, in her 49th year.
  1. Elizabeth L., daughter of Aaron Furman, died, in the 42d year of her age.  Edward Franklin, son of James Kerlin, died, aged 3 years.
  2. Milton Burroughs, Co. B, 34th Regiment, died at Paducah, Ky, aged 18 years.
  3. The casualties in the 4th, 10th, and 15th Regiments, are published officially.  Frederick W., infant son of Thos. P. Marshall, died.  The Assanpink pond covered with skaters of both sexes.  Harvey, son of William Aldridge, died, aged 6 weeks.  Edward Gordon, telegraph operator, formerly of this city, died. 
  4. The Military Commission had another meeting.  James B. Keller, died, in his 35th year. 
  5. Atwood Irwin, son of Thomas S. Morris, died, in his fourth year.  Charles J., son of Hugh C. Hill, died, aged 2 years and 5 months.  Capt. Joseph A. Yard appointed Superintendent of Mercer Cemetery.  The Lafayette Hotel goes into the hands of Col. Nathan Richardson and L. S. Sutphin. 
  6. Margaret Everingham, died, in the 54th year of her age.  Clet R., son of Clet R. Wildey, died, in his 4th year.  Two sleighs upset at corner of State and Warren streets. 
  7. The Delaware and Raritan canal was closed for the season.  Daniel B. Ryall died at Freehold, in his 97th year. 
  8. Funeral of J. Burrough Keller, ticket agent at Warren Street Station, very largely attended.  Frank Christopher, son of Robert Wilson, died, aged 3 years. 
  9. Lydia, infant daughter of John M. Hough, died, aged 18 months.  Ann, wife of Robert Crawford, died, aged 28 years.  Charles H. Howell, died, in his 61st year.  Lieutenant Commander Watson Smith died.  John H. Lovett, died at Morrisville, in his 72d year. 
  10. Oscar, son of Julia E. Bluernel, died, aged 22 months. 
  11. Death of Hon. Wm. L. Dayton, Minister to France, announced.  Nathan Lewis, son of Abraham Solomon, died.  Sarah Sharp, died, aged 78 years. 
  12. Fair of the First Baptist Church opens at Bechtel’s Hall.  The Hall occupied for the first time.  The Committee to examine State Treasurer’s Account met.  Mr. S. K. Wilson’s horses run away, one of them breaks his forelocks and is killed.  Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Minchwaner, died, aged 20 years. 
  13. The Mayor and Marshal are presented with two large and beautiful cakes.  Some sleighing and everybody about. 
  14. The town and toy shops alive with people looking over the rich varieties presented by Kris Kringle.  Dr. Frank Paxon was presented a sword at the Trenton House. 
  15. James Butterworth and Miss Alice Wood married.  This being Sunday, Christmas was generally observed on Monday.  Some of the churches had interesting Sunday School exercises.  Lewis C. Cowell and Charlotte Wittle married. 
  16. The Christmas festivities came off today with much spirit.
  17. Thomas C. Sterling and Catherine Sterling married.  Common Council pass resolution in honor of the late Wm. L. Payton.  Malinda, daughter of Rudolph Prussen, died, aged 3 years. 
  18. Large sale of real estate, late of Captain Wm. E. Hunt, brought large prices.  Wm. Henry, son of Thomas Coclough, died, aged 3 months. 
  19. After a long and damp drizzling spell of weather, we have signs of clearing off.  Real estate is rushed into the market quite extensively, since the great sale.  John A. Hutchinson, one of the oldest and most respectable citizens, died.
  20. The weather quite sharp.  Ice is gradually accumulating.  Remains of Mr. Dayton arrive in New York City. 
  21. The last day of the year was closed up by a snow storm of considerable severity, which continued throughout the day.  The city authorities went in a body to New York City, and escorted the remains of Hon. Wm. L. Dayton, late Minister to France, to the City of Trenton, and deposited them in the Senate Chamber at the State Capital.  Gov. Parker met the escort at Jersey City, and received the remains from authorities of New York, and then accompanied them to Trenton.  The old year has gone and the Reporter’s annual duty has closed. 


     The number of marriages and deaths, of Trenton people, recorded in the above Index, sum up as follows:

                        Married                        Adults              Children
January 12                                6                      12

February          10                                5                      23

March              6                                  27                    30

April                 10                                24                    14

May                 10                                15                    7         

June                 6                                  16                    18

July                  4                                  20                    9

August              7                                  13                    9

September        8                                  13                    7

October           4                                  12                    4         

November        5                                  14                    10

December        4                                  18                    13

                        ___                              ___                  ___

                        86                                182                  156



     Whole number of deaths,                 338


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