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Self-Guided Tours of Trenton’s Revolutionary War Battlefields

Learn more about the events that put Trenton at the center of a crucial turning point in America’s struggle for independence as you walk the streets where American, Hessian and British forces fought. You can download audio files of each battle tour or read the text of the tours. A map outlines the stops on the tours.

First Battle (December 26, 1776)

  1.  Trenton Battle Monument
  2.  N. Warren & Bank Sts. (Site of Stacy Potts House)
  3.  N. Warren & W. State Sts. (Site of Abraham Hunt House)
  4.  140 E. State St. (First Presbyterian Church)

Second Battle (January 2, 1777)

  1.  140 E. State St. (First Presbyterian Church)
  2.  S. Broad St. at Assunpink Creek
  3.  220 S. Broad St. (Original Site of Douglass House)
  4.  Download The Tour Materials Below.

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First Battle Audio Tour

Second Battle Audio Tour

Guide Map

Readable Tour Script

This project was assisted by a grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State.

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