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Artifacts Committee

The Trenton Historical Society created the Artifacts Committee to identify and acquire items relevant to Trenton and its past. While any photograph, document or article related to the city’s history is of interest, there are six special areas of focus:

1 – Trenton Schools

Trenton’s educational institutions, especially through their publications (yearbooks, newspapers, etc.), provide an invaluable record of the many generations of Trentonians who have passed through their doors.

2 – Trenton Industries & Businesses

The slogan, “Trenton Makes, The World Takes” reflects the importance industry played in the growth of our city. Industrial catalogs, along with other records, provide a glimpse of not only what was made here, but how we lived.

3 – Middle/Working Class Families

The stories, images and words of members of Trenton’s elite families are well represented in collections of historical material. Photographs, letters and other documents that reveal ‘ordinary’ living are needed. We’re looking for snapshots of kids at play, letters from mom, church bulletins, etc.

4 – Ethnic Groups

Items that shed light on the contributions different ethnic groups have made to Trenton, such as records or publications
of community, religious or social groups will help present a complete picture of our city.

5 – City Neighborhoods

While some city neighborhoods are strongly tied to a specific ethnic group, others are not; they are communities with an independent identity. Their stories, told in civic association records or photos of neighborhood activities (picnics, clean-ups, meetings, etc.), reveal the vibrancy of urban life.

6 – Historic Structures

Certain buildings have become monuments to Trenton’s past. Structures like the New Jersey Statehouse, Broad Street Bank Building or the Battle Monument loom large on Trenton’s skyline. Any information on these and the many other homes, offices or businesses that create Trenton architectural fabric is important.

The Trenton Historical Society does not maintain its own archive or library, therefore items obtained by the Artifacts Committee are entrusted to the Trentoniana Room of the Trenton Public Library on Academy Street. This climate-controlled facility provides a secure home where current and future generations can access and use these materials.

If you own or are aware of artifacts related to Trenton, please contact us at or (609) 396-4478. We can provide them a good home or if you don’t wish to part with the item, we’ll make arrangements to copy it.

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