A History of Trenton 1679 – 1929


List of Illustrations and Maps

Chapter 1: The Colonial Period

Chapter 2: Trenton and Trentonians in the Revolutionary Era

Chapter 3: The Two Battles of Trenton

Chapter 4: Some Notable Events of Post-Revolutionary Times

Chapter 5: Transportation

Chapter 6: Landmarks, Taverns, Markets and Fairs

Chapter 7: Municipal and Corporate History from the Charter of 1792

Chapter 8: Churches and Religious Institutions

Chapter 9: Charitable Institutions, Public Welfare and Social Agencies

Chapter 10: Industries and Trade

Chapter 11: Banks and Commerce

Chapter 12: Courts, Judges and Lawyers; Medicine and Doctors

Chapter 13: Trenton in the Mexican, Civil and Spanish-American Wars

Chapter 14: Schools and Libraries

Chapter 15: Journalism and Literature

Chapter 16: Trenton’s Recreations

Chapter 17: Social and Fraternal Organizations

Chapter 18: Trenton Citizens of Foreign Origin

Appendix A: Early Trenton Imprints and Maps

Appendix B: Chronology of Important Events

Appendix C: Borough and City Officials

Appendix D: Statistics of Population