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Get Involved!

  • Join┬áthe Trenton Historical Society and become one of a growing number of people around the region committed to preservation and the belief that Trenton can build its future on its past.
  • Stay in communication: We need your contact information, especially Email.
  • Ask a friend to join the Trenton Historical Society. Membership forms can be obtained by calling 609-396-4478.
  • Tell us about buildings that are in danger. If possible, send photos.
  • Advocate! We’ll let you know about opportunities and committees as they are formed.
  • Contribute to the Trenton Preservation Committee. Contributions will go toward funding outreach and advocacy efforts, as well as specific preservation projects. Checks can be made out to the Trenton Historical Society. All correspondence can be sent to PO Box 1112, Trenton, NJ 08606, attn: Trenton Preservation Committee.
  • If you own or are aware of artifacts related to Trenton, please contact us at
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