Victory Parade

1948 Cathedral

There are 177 members of the 1948 graduating class of Cathedral High School:

(These names are in the order they appear in the yearbook.)


Brodowski, Lois Jane (Class Officer)

Crawford, Lela Leona (Class Officer)

DeLozier, Frances Mary (Class Officer)

Esky, Delores Jeanette (Class Officer)

Giba, Helen Marie (Class Officer)

Goeke, Ruth Eleanor (Class Officer)

Magrelli, Patricia Ann (Class Officer)

Paster, Margaret Ann (Class Officer)

Ryan, Madelyn Frances (Class Officer)

Smith, Helen Grace (Class Officer)

Waldron, Moira Patricia (Class Officer)

Adams, Frances Marie

Auletta, Dolores Angela

Beatty, Joan Elizabeth

Bednar, Rita Marie

Belapetrowicz, Dorothy Barbara

Bergen, Mary Elizabeth

Berger, Wanda Marie

Betros, Therese Marie

Betz, Florence Marie

Bowden, Joan Ethel

Breza, Marie Helen

Britschge, Eileen Claire

Burchell, Mary Louise

Burns, Elizabeth Ann

Burns, Mary Elizabeth

Catana, Marilyn Anne

Chase, Mary Kathryn

Check, Anne Elizabeth

Chiappetta, Marie Lucy

Colletti, Antoinette Mary

Comfort, Rita Claire

Concannon, Patricia Margaret

Connell, Rosemary Anne

Connor, Mary Eileen

Cook, Joan Kathleen

Cornew, Mary Elizabeth

Crawford, Joan Delores

Curran, Josephine Cecelia

Czajkowski, Jean Ann

Daily, Madeline Rita

Daloisio, Rose Jean

Darragh, Alice Jean

DeLucia, Shirley Ann

Dempsey, Mary Ann

Dentini, Marie Bridget

Deorocki, Jane Frances

DePaul, Josephine Mary

Destribeau, Charlotte Marie

DeVitis, Rosemary

Dillon, Catherine Ellen

Dillon, Patricia Ann

DiNatale, Mary Rose

Dolton, Helen Marie

Dzurkoc, Helen Marie

Elko, Anna Mildred

Erbe, Alice Patricia

Erdie, Evelyn Mary

Feldenzer, Mary Elizabeth

Fiori, Margaret Claire

Fisher, Margaret Mary

Fox, Patricia Ann

Fredericks, Marilyn Elizabeth

Galager, Margaret Claire

Gallagher, Sally Rose

Gazda, Helen Anne

Gerro, Helen Irene

Gill, Bernardine Louise

Girman, Mildred Margaret

Gnacek, Irene Christina

Golden, Ruth Phyllis

Gordon, Mary Margaret

Gould, Lorraine Ellen

Grant, Joyce Anne

Gresko, Ruth Anne

Gresko, Susan Magdalene

Halpin, Mary Helen

Haluska, Elizabeth Joan

Haseman, Anna Mae

Hatrak, Joan Mary

Herron, Ann Elizabeth

Hiel, Elizabeth Joan

Hogarty, Elizabeth Ann

Holcombe, Agnes Marie

Hujber, Barbara Ann

Irwin, Elizabeth Ann

Jamieson, Lucille Eleanor

Kascik, Dorothy Marion

Kearney, Betty Jane

Kelly, Helen Lorraine

Kelly, Rheta Anne

Kmiecik, Helen Marie

Kohl, Patricia Ann

Kollatsch, Anna Mae Elizabeth

Konzcak, Blanche Victoria

Koschek, Eleanor Marie

Kosma, Agnes Irene

Kramer, Marilyn Anne

Krolak, Evelyn Dorothy

Kubielewicz, Agnes Helen

Lavinaro, Anna Christine

Leadem, Marie Theresa

Leyshon, Eileen Marie

Linker, Faye Alice

Mahan, Mary Elizabeth

Majeski, Geraldine Lorraine

Manning, Margaret Elizabeth

Mazar, Mary Anne

McAdams, Theresa Helen

McCormack, Patricia Carolyn

McDonough, Lucille Ann

McLaughlin, Mary Jane

Mierzwicki, Dorothy Lucy

Millin, Mary Elizabeth

Mooney, Miriam, Veronica

Mullen, Florence Ann

Mullen, Helen Patricia

Murphy, Doris Mary

Murphy, Dorothy Mary

Murphy, Mary Margaret

Musterel, Marie Catherine

Mydlowski, Anne Rose

Oakley, Dorothy Mary

O’Donnell, Elizabeth Ann

Olesak, Margaret Mary

Patelski, Marie Elizabeth

Petry, Joan Theresa

Price, Joan Ann

Raney, Theresa Marie

Rapciewicz, Dorothy Ann

Resch, Marie Katherine

Ringkamp, Barbara Jean

Ritzo, Mary Ann

Ronan, Mary Alice

Ronan, Patricia Leontine

Ruddick, Wilma Irene

Sabol, Ann Pauline

Schek, Jean Esther

Schek, Joan Elizabeth

Schuler, Dolores Theresa

Schwing, Helen Marie

Seitz, Patricia Anne

Serben, Phyllis Margaret Marie

Shaltis, Clare Catherine

Shelby, Ann Marie

Shelby, Dolores Margaret

Sheldon, Lorraine Ann

Sickles, Lorraine Gertrude

Sinka, Mary Ann

Sitko, Ann Marie

Sivak, Mary Helen

Skwara, Virginia Veronica

Smith, Catherine Jane

Smith, Joan Marie

Snyder, Mary Virginia

Strain, Pauline Margaret

Sweeney, Patricia Eileen

Thornhill, Rita Marie

Timby, Jeanne Elizabeth

Timko, Beatrice Mary

Tomas, Helen Cecilia

Tunney, Heln Marie

Tykarski, Rita Mary

Wall, Dolores Agnes

Walsh, Joan Frances

Ward, Gladys Mary

Webb, Mary Jean

Wesley, Claire Elizabeth

Wright, Elizabeth Ellen

Yaccarino, Charlotte Bernadette

Yasek, Frances Theresa

Young, Claire Margaret

Young, Dolores Eleanor

Yuschak, Doris Helen

Zajac, Rosalie

Zarzeczna, Marion Claire

Zeyack, Martha Theresa

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