Victory Parade

1945 Cathedral

There are 133 members of the 1945 graduating class of Cathedral High School:


Abel, Rose Marie Catherine

Ayres, Margaret Mary

Bartolozzi, Gloria Jean

Battersby, Claire Ann Marie

Bauerle, Clare Marie

Becker, Doris Barbara

Becroft, Doris Ann

Beers, Dorothy Agnes

Bernard, Eileen Marguerite

Berta, Gloria Patricia

Betz, Mary Jane

Bonanni, Emily Mary

Bossert, Regina Marie

Braun, Marie Anna

Burns, Patricia Margaret

Callery, Eileen Patricia

Cleary, Catherine Doris

Confoy, Margaret Mary

Conway, Catherine Veronica

Cortelli, Ruth Lena

Danaso, Dolores Marie

De Paul, Yolanda

Dill, Mildred Mary

Doherty, Eleanor Joan

Donoher, Elizabeth Rose

Doran, Dolores Louise

Dorsey, Helen Margaret

Downs, Virginia Helen

Doyle, Anne June

Driber, Eileen Theresa

Durr, Elizabeth

Eastburn, Claire Marie

Egan, Eileen Anne

Episcopo, Lorraine Marie

Erdie, Rose Frances

Fecak, Elizabeth Martha

Fechter, Elizabeth Marie

Fitzgerald, Miriam Lorraine

Fitzgibbon, Gertrude Ellen

Foley, Mary Elizabeth Agnes

Fone, Marion Dorothy

Fone, Shirley Virginia

Fox, Margaret Catherine

Frank, Regina Margaret

Frohling, Elizabeth Mercie

Gelak, Dorothy Irene

Goeke, Dorothy Theresa Mary

Goldenbaum, Margaret Mary

Groom, Helen Theresa

Grosso, Carmella Ann

Haggerty, Marie Ann

Haney, Elizabeth Kathleen

Hannon, Virginia Teresa

Harter, Helene Elizabeth

Hennessy, Marie Elizabeth

Hunt, Marguerite Catherine

Hussey, Mary Louise

Irwin, Carolyn Anne

Jackson, Marie Ellen

Johann, Alice Anne

Kale, Eileen Marie

Kandebo, Martha Elizabeth Margaret

Kelly, Barbara Joanne

Kelly, Kathleen Kavanaugh

Kelly, Mary Ann

Kelly, Theresa Adele

Kelty, Genevieve Ann

Kennedy, Marie Theresa

Kerins, Theresa Bernadette

Lambert, Vivienne Jeanne

Lansing, Janice Ann

Lapaglia, Edythe Theresa

Lenius, Constance Mary

Lind, Marion Dolores

Maguire, Elizabeth Anne

Maher, Kathleen Helen

Mahon, Dolores Ann

Maske, Marie June

Masterson, Margaret Catherine

Matysek, Agnes Veronica

McCormack, Jessica Marie

McGann, Roseann Virginia

McGroarty, Margaret Monica

McGarrity, Clair Margaret

McKee, Jeanne Helene

Megules, Johanna Barbara

Micheli, Iris Diana

Michko, Theresa Marie

Miller, Claire Cecelia

Miller, Mercy Ruth

Mooney, Kathleen Joyce

Murphy, Mary Patricia

Noon, Beatrice Marie

Nowicki, Leatrice Florence

Okum, Julia Catherine

Orpen, Mary Ellen

Paige, Marie Ann

Palinski, Helen Mary

Peterson, Margaret Maureen

Phelan, Grace Marie

Pitonyak, Helen Marie

Presti, Jane Hope

Price, Mary Dorothy

Procaccini, Ada Mary Dolores

Putorak, Miriam Frances

Repko, Catherine Constance

Ricketti, Lorraine Frances

Rosina, Anne Marie

Ruddick, Elizabeth Martha

Rugarber, Dorothy Anne

Ryan, Patricia Maureen

Schneider, Margaret Mary

Schriber, Rosemarie Elizabeth

Schuler, Isabelle Agnes

Schwartz, Rosemarie Frances

Sciarrotta, Josephine Mary

Serangeli, Corinne Claudine

Smith, Mary Marjorie

Stack, Patricia Elizabeth

Tallman, Elizabeth Barbara

Termun, Jean Ann

Thorne, Margaret Anne

Tonne, Mary Elizabeth Ellen

Van Doren, Claire Rita Maria

Ventello, Nancy Ernestine

Vickers, Melvina Magdalena Anna

Walsh, Alice Carol

Walton, Dolores Marie

Weber, Marilyn Anne

Whalen, Joan Marie

Weiger, Marie Theresa Ann

Williams, Anne Eileen Veronica

Wolfe, Mary Patricia

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