Victory Parade

1942 Cathedral

There are 117 members of the 1942 graduating class of Cathedral High School:


Arbitell, Martha Marie

Astore, Lucille Antoinette

Atchley, Virginia May

Barry, Helen Agnes

Beetle, Elizabeth Caroline

Binz, Margaret Frances

Bodell, Betty Ruth

Bogden, Eleanor Theresa

Braun, Caroline Mary

Bryant, Patricia Miriam

Butler, Louise Mary Georgieanna

Butrym, Constance Barbara

Butrym, Victoria Barbara

Callahan, Elizabeth Gertrude

Camerota, Mary Alice

Carbone, Margaret Eleanor

Cassidy, Catherine Marie

Catana, Doris Mildred

Cavanaugh, Eileen Rose

Cleary, Ruth Helen

Connor, Margaret Mary

Convenio, Jennie Mary

Culliton, Rita Marie

Curry, Mary Anne

Daily, Kathleen Marie

Dargay, Dorothy Mary

De Freytas, Catherine Estelle

Dennish, Elizabeth Dorothy

Donnelly, Anne Claire

Doran, Ruth Virginia

Doyle, Mary Frances

Drotar, Margaret Elizabeth

Dutko, Mildred Ann

Erb, Mary Frances

Fares, Lillian Imelda

Fecak, Mary Frances

Ficci, Rose Marie

Foden, Mildred Theresa

Froehlich, Pauline

Fuch, Gloria Ann

Furman, Virginia Valentine

Geller, Kathryn Margaret Mary

Gilbert, Elizabeth Agnes

Goeke, Winifred Kathryn

Gresko, Margaret Mary

Gronikowski, Frances Theresa

Hart, Irene Maria

Hartline, Elizabeth Jane

Hartnett, Laura Eva Ann

Hasney, Nan Marie

Henry, Helen Margaret

Hodanish, Helen Marie

Horan, Margaret Patricia

Houlenbeek, Mary Grace Teresa

Hufnell, Erma Anne

Humphrey, Thelma Marie

Hutchinson, Mary Jane

Hvisdock, Evelyn Marie

Kanda, Elizabeth Theresa

Kane, Elizabeth Ann

Keegan, Claire Mary

Keegan, Eileen Catherine

Kontura, Florence Loretta

Kosma, Evelyn Martha

Krempecke, Bernadette Helen

Kriebel, Pauline Marie

Kuzniewski, Irene Dolores

Lavan, Mary Isabelle

Leadem, Frances Marie

Margicin, Susan Magdalen

Martin, Virginia Mary

Marut, Leona Catherine

McDonough, Helen Rose Marie

McGee, Elizabeth Ann

McGlone, Catherine Anne

McLaughlin, Helen Margaret

McLaughlin, Loretta Marie

Meyer, Chauncey Veronica

Miller, Mary Alice

Mohr, Leona Agnes

Moore, Madelyn Elsie

Morgan, Rosalie Barbara

Morse, Grace Carmela

Murphy, Gloria Murphy

O’Brien, Eileen Marie

Olex, Helen Imelda

Owen, Mary Josephine

Paparella, Helen Theresa

Plumeri, Vivian Grace

Pollard, Dorothea Clare

Pratico, Marion Theresa

Price, Loraine Ann Marie

Putorak, Margaret Elizabeth

Rahilly, Virginia Margaret

Regis, Frances Catherine

Richter, Mary Margaret

Robison, Virginia Mary

Rock, Frances Elva

Rupprecht, Helen Elizabeth

Sasso, Catherine Veronica

Sasso, Lucy Catherine

Sawyer, Kathryne Veronica

Schipske, Loretta Theresa

Slavin, Mary Rose

Stocker, Elizabeth Virginia Mary

Sultanowski, Helene Bernice

Tress, Ruth Constance

Vormwald, Marie Ernestina

Wagner, Dolores Rose

Wagner, Freda Marie

Walicke, Dolores Agnes

Warfel, Irene Ann

Wargo, Ann Magdalen

Williams, Dorothy Elizabeth

Wolf, Joan Regina

Yuncza, Florence Jane

Zelli, Adelaide Theresa


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