Victory Parade

1936 Immaculata

There were 49 members of the 1936 graduating class of Immaculate Conception High School:

Abel, George Charles

Ammann, Madeline Margaret

Arnheiter, Carl Joseph

Bartolomei, Elmer James

Carr, Robert Patrick

Conte, Angeline Mary

Crescenti, Robert Ernest

Curry, Paul James Aloysius

Dennish, Helen Jacqueline

Dotter, Marie Elizabeth

Driber, Marie Claire

Fischer, Dorothy Marie

Fletcher, Mary Helen

Foy, Donald James

French, Catherine Patricia

Gorman, Charles Thomas

Gronikowski, Mary Patricia

Holland, Arthur John

Jackette, Hubert Joseph

Keller, Jacob Anthony

Killilea, Cecilia Joan

Kramer, Elizabeth Margaret

Lawrence, Andrew Joseph

Lipcsey, Alexander Julius

Mantel, Madeline Margaret

McClain, Helen Theresa

McElroy, Robert Edward

McGarigle, Grace Jean

McGlone, Martina Veronica

McManimon, Edward Joseph

McManimon, Elizabeth Claire

Meehan, Bernadette Sabina

Murl, Leonard John

Murray, Barbara Anne

Ott, Matthias Joseph

Penkoske, Blanche Dolores

Peoples, Charles Bartholomew

Perilli, Louise Agnes

Sawyer, Eileen Marie

Schnorbus, Virginia Louise

Schrader, Frances Jean

Schwartwalder, Evelyn Mary

Seidenglanz, Mary Jane

Shelly, John Michael

Slaboda, Mary Antoinette

Tomaseck, Mildred Anne

Trionfetti, Matilda Joan

Wagner, Ferdinand Martin

Willoughby, Madeline Audrey

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