Victory Parade

1934 Immaculata

There were 50 members of the 1934 graduating class of Immaculate Conception High School.


Abel, Mary Teresa

Angelini, Philomena Rita

Bednar, Catherine Agnes

Bilancio, Louis

Boney, Edward Leon

Bruen, Francis Joseph

Burkert, Joseph John

Callery, Dorothy Frances

Connolly, Margaret Helen

Day, Walter Thomas

De Carlo, Adele Johanna

Dotter, George Michael

Dundala, Anna Helen

Eichman, Edward James

Fechter, Francis George

Fechter, Matilda Gertrude

Firko, John Paul

Ginther, Lewis Anthony

Graycar, Michael Joseph

Hahn, Michael John

Hindley, Vincent Bernard

Hornyak, Phyllis Barbara

Keane, Anna Marie

Kisco, Edward Francis

Koczak, Stephen

Kotz, Mae Gertrude

Lauble, Anna Pauline

Maguire, Mary Josephine

Markgraf, Dorothy Margaret

McDonough, Rodger Henry

Meany, Arthur William

Murphy, Gerald Francis

Oslovich, Teresa Elizabeth

Ott, Francis Joseph

Petrus, Edward Joseph

Pollard, Louis Paul

Raulf, Freada Alice

Raywood, James Joseph

Richart, James Anthony

Sattler, John Joseph

Schnorbus, Joseph Adam

Schnorbus, Margaret Rita

Scott, Elsie Joan

Soltesz, Valeria Marie

Sorento, Fred Bernard

Stearle, Charles Henry

Trimble, George Joseph

Van Hise, Dolores Elizabeth-Ann

Wagner, Ethel Marie

Wagner, Joseph Richard

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