Victory Parade

1931 Immaculata


There were 47 members of the 1931 graduating class of Immaculate Conception High School.


Aitken, Mary Narcissus

Alfano, Mary Mildred

Alfano, Jennie Grace

Arbitell, Philomena V.

Backes, Theodore Joseph

Backes, John Leo

Boyle, Margaret Mary

Buker, Leon Edward

Carr, Joseph Patrick

Cooney, Francis Thomas

Damiani, Clara Helene

DeLis, Florence Mary

Farley, Thomas Joseph

Fiorelli, Vera Mary

Firko, Michael John

Fisher, Jane Louise

Gary, Edward Francis

Henry, Mary Anita

Hornyak, Joseph Andrew

Jaruszeski, Margaret Marie

Kickinko, Paul John

Kontura, Joseph John

Kramer, Stephen Philip

Mackenzie, Fred Robert B.

Makranzi, Anna Rosella

Massari, Victor Peter

Matthews, Veronica K.

McGrath, Florence Frances

Miller, Florence Patricia

Oswald, Elizabeth Evelyn

Peoples, Thomas Charles

Priory, Thomas Edward

Raby, Mary Elizabeth

Salvatore, Thomas A.

Schuck, Madeline Mary

Schuck, Rosalie Marie

Schweder, Ruth Margaret

Simisak, Elizabeth V.

Staub, Mildred Marie

Stearle, Winifred Mary

Swan, Elizabeth Marie

Thomas, Ethel Yolanda

Toft, Elizabeth B.

Trossbach, Edmund Francis

Venanzi, Jennie Mary

Zazzo, Lawrence Benedict

Zeleniak, Josephine E.

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