Victory Parade

1930 Immaculata

There were 44 members of the 1930 graduating class of Immaculate Conception Catholic High School.


Arcioni, Constance Natalie

Bella, Natalie Helen

Bodnar, Anna Mathilde

Boney, Richard Joseph

Brennan, William Apgar

Bruen, Eleanore Patricia

Bruthers, Thomas Joseph

Clancy, Joseph Michael

DeMarco, Wilton Francis

Dorsey, Kathleen Francis

Duke, Catherine Mary

Fechter, Elizabeth Gertrude

Filipponi, Rose Frances

Hoffmann, Claire Cecilia

Jackette, Marie Helen

Jaruszewska, Clara Agnes

Keegan, Lawrence James

Kennedy, Daniel Joseph

Kennedy, John William

Krol, John Theodore

Larkin, Elizabeth Anne

McClain, Mary Margaret

McDade, Alice Claire

Maguire, Esther Alice

Miele, Clara Frances

O’Malley, Joseph Matthew

Perferi, Iolando Joseph

Pimlott, Lillian Mary

Pinelli, John Roland

Rausch, Catherine Mary

Salvatore, Joseph John

Sattler, Madeline Mary

Seidenglanz, Agnes Mary

Shelly, Esther Madlyn

Toft, Richard Joseph

Trimble, Mary Elizabeth

Valeriani, Firminia Cecilia

Venanzi, Ida Angeline

Walsh, Joseph Ridgeway

Walter, Miriam Ann

Wargo, Emma Dorothea

Wolf, Francis Joseph

Woods, Regina Marie

Zazzo, Rose Viola

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