Victory Parade



The 1920 Trenton Directory:

Ads, Table of Contents, Advertiser Index (Pages 1 - 36)

Government, Church & Club Info (37 - 80)

Business Directory of Trenton (Pages 81-159)

Wards, Streets, etc. (177-210)

Individual Listings (Pages 211 - 888):

  A - B (Aaronson thru Bywater)
  C - D (Cabage thru Dzwinn)
  E - G (Eack thru Gyurisin)
  H - K (H & K Porcelain Co. thru Kyle)
  L - M (Laarz thru Mystrene)
  N - R (Naar thru Rzo)
  S - T (Saams thru Tysosky)
  U - Z (Uchkuronvs thru Zymarowitz)

Business Directory of Mercer County outside Trenton (Pages 889 - 904)

Rural Free Delivery & Mercer County Farmers (Pages 904 - 928)

Business Directory of Yardley & Morrisville, Pa. (Pages 929 - 932)

ABBREVIATIONS-Ab, above; adv, advertisement; agt, agent; assn, association; asst, assistant; attendt, attendant; av, avenue; bel, below; bet, between; bldg, building; bkkpr, bookkeeper; blk, block; Bd St Pk, Broad Street Park; cor, corner; clk, clerk; condr, conductor; corp, corporation; ct, court; dept, department; do, ditto; E, East; elect, electrician; emp, employe; ft, foot; h, house; ins agt, insurance agent; mach, machinist; mech, mechanic; mfg, manufacturing; mgr, manager; mkr, maker; n, near; N, North; opp, opposite; pl, place; pres, president; prin, principal; propr, proprietor; P R R; P & R Ry; r, rear; rd, road; rem, removed; res, residence; S, South; sec, secretary; sq, square; supt, superintendent; tchr, teacher; telegraph opr, telegraph operator; phone opr, telephone operator; ter, terrace; treas, treasurer; v-pres, vice president; W, West; wid, widow.

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