Stop the Wrecking Ball 2017

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1 Ticket including THS membership = $105.00
2 Tickets including THS Membership = $210.00

1 Ticket for THS member = $75.00
2 Tickets for THS Members = $150.00

1 Ticket for Event Patron = $150.00
2 Tickets for Event Patron = $300.00

1 Ticket for non THS members= $85.00
2 Tickets for non THS Members = $170.00

Fifteenth Annual Stop the Wrecking Ball

137 North Broad Street
Saturday, November 18th, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Catering by Settimo Cielo

“We’re using our past to build our future”

Mercer County Community College was established in 1966, as the successor to Trenton Junior College. The new school set about building a suburban campus, moving in 1972 to West Windsor Township. That same year, work began on the James Kerney Campus on North Broad Street. Fifty years later, the growing downtown campus began to expand across North Broad Street with the acquisition of three buildings. Trenton Hall reuses a historic commercial building, adding art and fashion design programs, as well as classrooms for computer instruction and a fourth floor multi-use loft space. The project was completed in two phases, starting with the renovation of several floors and the exterior of Home Furniture (previously Fischer Shoes and a five & dime). In the second phase, two smaller adjacent buildings were razed and replaced with Trenton Hall Annex. The new space includes a ground-floor art gallery, an open air courtyard irrigated by stormwater and maintained by horticulture program students, as well as classrooms for new technology classes and labs for nursing and medical technician programs. Clarke Caton Hintz’s design adds more than 28,000 square feet to the downtown campus, in this $7 million project.